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    A reference guidebook, delivered as a brief account of all things Colonial Charter.


    By estherhb, in Fort & Palisades Set,

    The Blockhouse represents a vital strategic point garrisoned with militia. With adequate supplies it should generate a small income of pfennig and guilders as you tax travelers and levy tariffs on merchants.
    Requires: Military Supplies and Salt
    Produces: a random assortment of Silver Pfennig and Gold Guilders
    Size: 5 by 5 Construction Requirements: 80 military supply, 16 musket, 2 cannon, 120 work Profession: Garrison Maximum Workers: 2

    By estherhb, in Unrefined Food,

    Blueberries are produced by the Abbey, foraged by the Gatherer's Hut, or grown as a
    Crop, using seeds purchased from a merchant.
    Blueberries can be used as a food, or used to make various other products:
    The Brewery and Quay Brewery can use Blueberries to make Ale
    The Preservist can make fruit Jam  using Blueberries + Sugar + Glassware
    Fruit Tinnery can make Tinned Fruit using Blueberries + Tin
    Classification: Edible, Fruit Trade Value:  1 Weight:  1 Price for Seeds:  4000  
    The Boarding House is the original Banished home for the homeless.  This is where people go when their home has been destroyed by a disaster or by an upgrade. Nomads will move in here until homes are available.  
    There are other buildings that function as boarding houses such as the Town Lodging, Barracks in the Fort Set, and the Bed & Breakfast (upgrade to the Colonial Homestead).
    Family Size:  5 Families of 5 Building Size: 14 by 7 Construction Requirements: 90 Logs and 25 Stone The Boarding House may be upgraded to a Coaching Inn.

    By despo20, in Housing,

    Boarding House is the original Banished boarding house. It provides a temporary place for the homeless to live.
    Boarding House may be upgraded to Coaching Inn.
    Family Size: up to 5 families of 5 people each Building Size:  14 x 7 Construction Requirements: 25 Stone and 90 Lumber. Work: 150

    By estherhb, in Other,

    Bonemeal is a byproduct from livestock being slaughtered.
    USES:  The Apothecary makes healing poultices using honey + bonemeal + cloth.  The Tropical Warehouse uses Bonemeal to grow tropical fruit.
    Flag/Limit: Miscellaneous  (Prior to CC 1.72: Dry Goods) Trade Value:  3 Weight:  1

    By estherhb, in Markets & Trade,

    (Previously called Back Alley)

    The Bootleggers' is a place to meet shady characters to get some goods that are difficult to acquire. 

    Provide coins of the realm and it will produce various alcohol and other items.

    To build: 20 logs, 1 Building Supply, work 20
    Size: 2 by 2
    Number: 2
    Work time: 400

    By estherhb, in Markets & Trade,

    A Bootlegger can provide all manner of bootlegged items, if you can pay for his services with a good number of Silver Pfennig.
    Below is a list of the transactions you can make at the Bootlegger - if there is an educated worker (uneducated workers give you less); SP stands for Silver Pfennig:
    v  68 SP buys either 10 Ale, 10 Mead or 10 Wine
    v  80 SP buys 11 Pipe Tobacco
    v  12 SP buys 2 Iron Tools
    v  540 SP buys 200 Venison
    v  10 SP buys 3 Herbs
    v  19 SP buys 22 Onions
    v  53 SP buys 2 Ropes
    v  50 SP buys 7 Leather
    v  23 SP buys either 2 Dress Coats or 2 Full Coats      
    ·        Construction requirements: 20 log, 1 Building Supply, 30 Silver Pfennig and 20 work.
    ·        Size: 2 by 2
    ·        Storage Capacity:  15,000
    ·        Profession: Bootlegger
    ·        Maximum Workers: 1 maximum

    By estherhb, in Roads & Bridges,

    Brick Roads are made from gray brick; there is also a Red Brick Road you can select. They're faster than Dirt Roads and are more attractive. They can make the urban areas of your colony look more like the cities of your homeland.
    ·        They require 1 brick per square to build.

    By estherhb, in Crafted Resources,

    Bricks are a building material.
    Bricks are made by the Brickworks  using Clay + Furnace Fuel.
    Bricks can be used in construction and to make other products:
    Bricks are used to build Brick Roads and Red Brick Roads.
    Several Bridges require Bricks.
    Bricks can be put together with other items to make Building Supplies. 
    Flag/Limit: Construction   (Prior to CC 1.72:  Materials) Trade Value:  6 Weight:  10