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    A reference guidebook, delivered as a brief account of all things Colonial Charter.


    By estherhb, in Housing,

    Wooden Houses are one of the original Banished houses. While one of the least fuel efficient houses, it is also relatively inexpensive to build, requiring no advanced materials.  There are several variations of Wooden Houses; use the “F” key to select the model you want to use.  Wooden Houses may be upgraded to Stone Houses.
    Family Size: 5 Building Size: 4 by 5 Construction Requirements: 16 Logs, 8 Stone, and 30 Work Fuel Rating: 60 Storage: 1000

    By estherhb, in Other,

    Wool is a natural fiber from the fleece of a sheep or llamas.  It's obtained from Sheep and Llama Pastures, and the Wool Animal Pen.
    Wool has several uses:
    Wool Coats can be made from Wool by the Tailor, Clothier and Seamstress.   The Weaver and the Fiber Watermill use Wool to make Rugs.   
    Flag/Limit:  Textiles  (Prior to CC 1.72:  Dry Goods) Trade Value:  5 Weight: 10

    By estherhb, in Clothing,

    Wool Coats help keep your citizens warm in the winter.  They are made by a Tailor, Clothier, the Tailoring Company or Seamstress, using Wool. 
    Flag/Limit:  Clothing Trade Value: 15 Weight: 10

    By estherhb, in Animals,

    The Wool Pen is a small pen holding sheep that produces wool and occasional leather.  
    The pen comes with one decorative sheep. You can place additional decorative sheep (or other animals) in the pen by using decorative ghost animals. Choose Decorative Items > Ghost Decorations > Decorative Animals.
    Construction Requirements: 12 log, 4 domesticated animals (purchased from a dry goods merchant), 20 work.
    Size: 3 by 4 Profession: Herdsman Number of Workers: 1 maximum.

    By estherhb, in Fort & Palisades Set,

    The military is not just about warfare. construction and development of the infrastructure have always been part of the military's responsibilities in times of peace. This Work Camp requires pay and tools for your garrison and produces some basic resources.
    Requires: Silver Pfennig and Iron Tools
    Produces: Random assortment of Iron, Glass, Coal, Brick, and Pottery
    Size 7 by 4 Construction Requirements: 40 Lumber and 60 Military Supply, plus 90 Work Profession: Garrison Maximum Workers: 2