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    A reference guidebook, delivered as a brief account of all things Colonial Charter.

    The Brickworks, as the name suggests, makes Bricks; it can also make Charcoal and Coke.  It can be built as an upgrade of the Stacks Burner or directly as a new building.


    It uses Clay from the Shore House, and Furnace Fuel from the Fuel Refinery to make Bricks.

    It can make Charcoal from Logs. 

    It also can make Coke from Coal.

    To build: 40 stone, 15 lumber, 60 Clay, 85 work.
    Size: 9 by 5
    Profession: Kilnman
    Number: 2 maximum

    By estherhb, in Roads & Bridges,

    There are many bridges to choose from depending on the function and aesthetic you want to create:
    Type of Bridge


    Cost per Unit of Length

    Wooden Bridge

    Made primarily of wood with some stone

    4 Logs + 1 Stone

    Stone and Wood Bridge

    Primarily made of stone with some wood supports

    4 Stone + 1 Log

    Brick and Wood Bridge

    Made of red brick with some wood supports

    4 Bricks + 1 Log


    A bridge that raises to let tall ships travel by (unfortunately no animation)

    5 Logs

    Stone Bridge

    Wider bridge made entirely of stone

    5 Stone

    Brick Bridge

    Wider bridge made entirely of red brick

    5 Bricks

    Covered Bridge

    Picturesque covered bridge

    4 Logs + 1 Lumber

    Creek Plank Bridge

    Rustic bridge designed to go over small streams but can be used over rivers too

    1 Log

    Rock Bridge

    Made of large rocks set in the stream; designed to go through small streams but can be used on rivers too

    1 Stone

    Old Creek Bridge

    Complete small bridge with rail on one side to place over small streams

    12 Logs for complete bridge

    Dock Bridge

    Wooden bridge built in the style of the Dock Set

    1 Log

    Stone Bridge Split

    Set of 4 pieces for making wider bridges:

    ·        stone bridge with only right hand railing

    ·        center stone bridge with no railing

    ·        stone bridge with only left hand railing

    ·        End railing piece (use F-key to cycle)


    1 Stone + 1 Log

    1 Stone + 1 Log

    1 Stone + 1 Log

    No Cost


    By estherhb, in Refined Food,

    Cheese is brined to protect from bacteria and enhances the flavor of the cheese. Feta, Gruyere and Munster are all brined cheeses.
    Brined Cheese is made at a Saltinghouse, using Cheese + Salt, with Barrel to store it in.
    Classification: Edible, Protein Trade Value:  4 Weight:  1

    By estherhb, in Crafted Resources,

    Bronze is a metal alloy consisting primarily in Copper with some Tin and sometimes traces of other metals.
    It can be obtained from a Foundry or Forge by smelting Copper Ore + Tin Ore, using Furnace Fuel.  
    Bronze has various uses:
    It can be used directly at the Foundry or Forge to make Bronze Statues used to decorate the town Bronze Tools can also be made a the Foundry or Forge, using Bronze. Bronze + Stone + Hardwood is needed to build a Gazebo (Town Services tab).  
    Flag/Limit:  Forged   (Prior to CC 1.72:  Materials) Trade Value:  10 Weight:  10

    By estherhb, in Crafted Resources,

    Bronze Statues are a series of elegant and powerful statues that may be traded or placed in your community as Decorative Items.
    Placement of a decorative Bronze Statue requires Stone for the base of the statue plus a Bronze Statue. You can “F” key through the series to choose which statue you prefer.
    The Forge and the Foundry require Bronze + Furnace Fuel to make Bronze Statues.
    Flag/Limit: Crafted   (Prior to CC 1.72:  Dry Goods) Trade Value:  270 Weight:  3

    By estherhb, in Crafted Resources,

    Tools are used by every profession. Some professions, like Miners, use up tools faster than others. So if you have a lot of mines, you may want to have more durable tools. These are the best tools - even better than Steel Tools. 
    They have the highest rating for usage/durability: 265. This means they will last over 2 1/2 times longer than Iron Tools.
    Bronze Tools are made at a Forge or Foundry, using Bronze + Logs.
    Flag/Limit: Tool Trade Value:  8 Weight:  10

    By estherhb, in Clothing,

    Coats help your citizens stay warm during cold weather.  Buff Coats are warmer than Wool or Hide Coats.
    Buff Coats can be made by a Clothier or the Tailoring Company, using Cured Leather.
    Flag/Limit:  Clothing, Warm Clothing   Trade Value:  20 Weight:  10
    The Building Supplier prepares Building Supplies by packing together various items that are needed in the construction of advanced buildings.
    It can use a combination of different resources in order to fit with your town's established industry. It mainly uses Bricks or Glass and a combination of joists, copper pipes, iron, stone, logs or lumber
            To build: 10 log, 12 stone, 60 lumber, 100 work.         Size: 6 by 6         Profession: Packer         Number of Workers: up to 2
    Building supplies are made at the Building Supplier and used to build or upgrade existing buildings, especially homes. 
    They are made by combining different building materials, with enough options to fit with whichever way a town is expanding:
    v  Bricks + Joists + Logs
    v  Bricks + Joists + Stone
    v  Bricks + Copper Pipes + Logs
    v  Bricks + Glass + Iron
    v  Bricks + Lumber 
    v  Glass + Lumber + Iron
    v  Glass + Bricks + Logs
    v  Glass + Copper Pipes + Stone
    v  Glass + Joists + Stone
    Flag/Limit:  Construction   (Prior to CC 1.72: Materials) Trade Value:  155 Weight:  10