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    An Abbey is a place where monks gather to pray and study.  In their spare time, they will produce your choice of Ale, Blueberries or Herbs. Citizens living near the Abbey, say they are happier!

    There are two variations of this building; use the ""F"" key to select the one you want to use.

    • Size:  7 by 7

    • Construction Requirements: 10 Logs, 24 Stone and 30 Lumber plus 60 Work.

    • Profession: Monk

    • Maximum Number of Workers: 2

    • Happiness Radius:  20

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    User Feedback

    Does the alcohol the monks make get moved into a tavern?  Do the Bannies drink it there as if the monastery is like a tavern?

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    It gets moved to a Tavern. Only the Monks are allowed to drink alcohol at the Abbey as part of religious services.


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    Thanks, Estherhb.  Do you know if Abbey provides spirit happiness, the way churches do, or is it one of the other happiness factors?

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