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    How To Use Decorations


    Many Decorative Items cannot be deleted until they have been fully constructed. If items never seem to be completed, you may not have the materials required. For example, if you want to place an Apricot Tree, you must have at least 5 Apricots and 5 Logs in storage.

    Not all Decorative Items can be removed using the Removal Tool. 

    If you click on the item, there may be a ""+"" sign or a trash can in the window.  If you don't see either, you should be able to remove the item using the standard Remove Structures Tool.

    If there is a trash can, click on it to remove the item.

    If there is a + sign, click on it to make the item impassible. After it is destroyed and rebuilt, use the regular Remove Structures tool to remove it.

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    User Feedback

    Hi ShockPuppet!

    So, which items can be made impassable, anyway? I have tried soooo many and can't find a one! I am playing CC 1.71 Journey.

    Here is why I ask...

    I am playing a shipwreck start (and it must have been an incredible storm, my poor ship is smack dab in the middle of the largest land mass, far from any water!) and I have built up enough that I am importing some luxuries and even producing some (ale, wine, pipe tobacco).

    HOWEVER... whenever I import any luxuries, the trader ignores my Inn and Garden; walks right past the Inn and takes everything next door (literally, less than 10 squares from the Inn) to the shipwreck storage. This also happens with about half the luxuries I produce; laborers take them to the shipwreck. Once the luxuries are in there, Lorance, my ale wench assigned to the inn, completely ignores them even if the inn is empty. (I watched her walk all over the map "picking up resources" with an empty inn and lots of rum in the shipwreck.)

    To get the luxuries, I had to schedule the ship for destruction. The workers emptied it, took most things to other warehouses and storage yards, and dropped the luxuries off at the inn. Yay! Then I reclaimed the shipwreck, because I want to keep it; I have turned it into a monument, with hedges, flowers, planters and trees, and both red and white brick roads all around it (though not touching it).

    And now the traders and laborers are stocking it with new/imported luxuries again. :P Poor Lorance doesn't know what to do!

    SOOO... I want to build an impassable SOMEthing in front of it to keep those pesky Banis from ever using the shipwreck again. Right now they ignore the hedges and flowerbeds, and tromp all over my flowers to get to the ship! I have tried both regular and ghost decorations; so far I have not found one that I can turn impassable. (Build, check, remove, repeat...)



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    Welcome to the board @GenV

    You will be interested in this little mod :)  It's just a square.  No, really - that's all it is. 

    It's an anti-pathing square - essentially blocks your Bannies from where you don't want them to be, and forces them to where you want them to go. :)



    As for the luxuries storage bit - I remember Kral posting something about it earlier in the year, if you do a search on 'shipwreck' or 'luxuries' etc you may find the post.
    But - for now, I would be a new luxuries storage unit closer to the trader (even a small basement storage), and see if that also helps reset their pathing. :)

    Good luck!! :D

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    Whoa, only two hours and I get not one, but TWO people responding! Y'all are awesome!

    Query, thanks for the welcome and the response. I will definitely have to check that one out, sounds like exactly what I need! I'll see if the luxuries storage closer to the dock works too, but didn't I read somewhere that the ale wench doesn't gather from those? Don't know, could be wrong.

    Esther, thank you for your response as well. So, 1.75, hmm? Sadly, I have even seen posts referring to 1.75, but yet it did not even occur to me that I was on an older version. Any idea when 1.75 will be available on Steam? I mean, yes, I could download and install it manually, except I am feeling *ahem* lazzzzzyyyyyy. :P (Just kidding, if it isn't going to be available on Steam soon I will just go ahead and download it.)


    Again, thank you both so much for your responses. This is obviously a much better community and board than SOME I have been on, which shall remain nameless...

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    Hmm, okay, I found that Kralyerg mentioned something about uploads possibly being disabled while the game is in beta mode, in his post about CC 1.75.

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    Unfortunately as Banished is in 'beta' mode, the Steam developers workshop is currently not accepting new uploads to the mod section, which means having to install mods manually from download content, forums etc. :)


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