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    Wild Trees


    These are located under Decorative Items > Wild Trees

    This tap allows you to place in your town any of the trees that are found in a forest on any of the terrains available. These cannot be chopped down by a Woodcutter. To build: each tree requires 5 Logs.  (Note:  in MegaMod, requires seedlings from the Greenhouse instead.)

    Wild Trees are also available as Ghost Decorations (select Decorative Items > Ghost Decorations > Wild Trees).

    • Town Pine - Use the ""F"" key to select the version you want to use.

    • Town Birch - Use the ""F"" key to select the version you want to use.

    • Town Oak

    • Town Maple

    • Town Buckeye

    • Town Purple Beech

    • Town Tall Greenboy

    • Town Rough Wispwood

    • Town Skinny Birch

    • Town Thick Meanderwood

    • Town Rough Evergreen

    • Town Jasmine Blossom

    • Town Green Jacaranda

    • Town Tall Spindlewood

    • Town Rubber Tree

    • Town Oldwood

    • Town Tree Stump

    • Town Stump

    • Town Palm - Use the ""F"" key to select the version you want to use.

    • Town Yucca
    • Town Willow

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