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    The humble Bakery – where powder covered Bakers toil in front of hot ovens creating delicious baked products for your people to eat. The food they make in their recipes is much healthier than just eating raw food from the harvest, and also becomes more abundant than just the raw ingredients.


    The wonderful smell of baking goods increases the happiness of those living near the Bakery.


    Newly designed for CC 1.7; the previous Bakery models are still available under Themed Sets > Old Buildings. 



    Workers Max/Default

    Happiness Type/Radius

    5 x 6




    Construction Requirements:

    Work Required

    60 Logs

    40 Stone




    • 20 Hardtack from 5 Flour
    • 40 Bread from 5 Flour + 10 Butter
    • 40 Cheese Bread from 15 Flour + 10 Cheese
    • 40 Fruitcakes from 15 Flour + 12 Apricots
    • 40 Nut Bread from 15 Flour + 12 Walnuts
    • 40 Sugar Cookies from 15 Flour + 10 Sugar

    Work Time = 8; Work Required = 10

    Edited by estherhb

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