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  4. Hello Everyone, I just got into Banished a few days ago (and already spent 47 hours playing it lol) and came here for helpful mods (particularly the MegaMod that groups a bunch of mods together). That's pretty much it!
  5. I'm really glad you persevered and was able to sort this out. I've had trouble with remembering to unsubscribe to mods too. That's why I stopped doing it. I keep a folder with all of the mods I've downloaded and move some into my WinData file if I choose to use them.
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  7. Hmm..ok build and things are the one you said and I removed them from windata...except my mods had megamod disabled and journey was still there and selected? Every time I restart banished cc journey keeps coming back... I don’t know how and I don’t know why. I’ll check my saved game once the game reloads(because for some reason journey and not mm was selected) edit: I got fed up enough that I just made a personal hotspot to unsubscribe. Once the game reloads I’ll be testing the to see if the toolbar is fixed or not Edit: after a very frustrating 2-3 hours, the problem is fixed. There is only the single buttons that don’t crash on a new game(woulda started my previous game up but I think I’m gonna start over anyway.)
  8. See my comment that's just above your post!
  9. Hello really in love with the MOD, but I want it in Spanish I need the translation in steam this but the game is downloaded by MEGA .. is there any site to get the translation of this MOD into Spanish?
  10. You can delete them from your WinData file for now but will need to unsubscribe once you are playing on-line. You have all MM 8.01 files activated and only those and you verified you are using Banished 1.0.7 and BUILD 170910? If this doesn't clean up the toolbar. Try a new town.
  11. Oh..see I am subscribed to them but I can’t unsubscribe because I don’t have internet access this week...but they aren’t activated. Would removing them from the windata folder do the same as unsubscribing for the time being? I’ll check the build and such next time I drag my comp out to play but I know I have cc and megamod from before I download 8.01 but they aren’t activated in my mods.
  12. Thanks for letting us know. Kralyerg will take a look at the code for this mod and, if needed, will fix it for MM9. I will let you know what he will do.
  13. Make sure you are using Banished v. 1.0.7, build 170910 (you can find this at the bottom of the start screen). Then make sure you are using Megamod 8.01 (all 3 files). And then make sure you aren't using another copy of MegaMod or Colonial Charter (which is included in MM) nor have you subscribed to them (if you are using the Steam Workshop). If all of that is OK, please provide a picture, showing the menu.
  14. There are duplicate buttons for the themed sets and refined resources (that I have noticed) where one of the buttons when pressed will cause the game to crash to desktop and it’s getting annoying especially with the load times of the game with this mod edit: border houses are also causing crahses(I think they are thare vanilla ones? Idk I’ll need to check) the only other mod I have enstalled is the cc no smoke thing. Would that be what’s causing it? I noticed in some videos no one else has the duplicate buttons(and one video was as recent as 3 weeks ago) edit2: there is also a second decorative items button...and I’m scared to click on it for fear it will crash my game...
  15. if you have any question about making models / mods with blender, ask on worldofbanished.com there are many modders that use blender as 3D program. i personally use 3dsMax
  16. You can't really check the values used in other mods. There's no way to unpack a pkm and peek inside. But you're in luck. CC doesn't alter that section at all. So nothing you do to that section would be overwriting CC at all.
  17. 8.1, latest banished version, only other mod is "1 Year = 1 Year" placed above MM8.
  18. We provide the string tables for Colonial Charter to anyone who would like to create a translation. Those are usually made available on the Steam Workshop and other sites where mods can be posted. However, we do not keep track of which translations are available.
  19. Are you using MegaMod 8.1 or an earlier version?
  20. Yes and no. You can add people, plop buildings at no cost and the named categories (flags) work, adding resources: including Food, Logs, Stone, Firewood, etc. However, Ihave never tried to new flags and I understand only the works. Luke, the developer of Banished, was advised but he never fixed it.
  21. Not sure if this has been fixed or reported yet but the "DS Housing and accommodation" tents are causing crashing, specifically when it comes to upgrading from the small tents to the warmer tents, maybe something to do with the 'bare bones' construction stage of the building? The crashes happen without failure during the upgrading process just after the resources have been delivered.
  22. Sorry in advance if I'm just being a bit thick but can anyone tell me what scale they use for building their buildings? I assumed it was 1-1 in Blender but the tutorial from WOB I was following did an "Oops, we made a mistake" and altered the scale of the building after the fact, shrinking it by a percentage amount which obviously throws that 1-1 scale right out of the window. I've been wanting to get on with a little project I've decided to call "Major's Victorian Slum" but I'm a bit lost for getting the scale right if the only tutorial I can find doesn't set out the scale it uses clearly. You know, if I'm not just being thick again. EDIT: Turns out I WAS being a little thick if this other tutorial I found is anything to go by, you make the model at the normal 1 unit - 1 block scale, then size it by 0.66 units to get the correct scale in-game.
  23. Hallo zusammen, ob MM 8.0 oder MM 8.1 mir vergeht die Lust zu Spielen, in dem Labyrinth (ohne Englisch Kenntnisse) kann ich mich nicht Finden. Bitte um ein Tipp, welche Mods soll ich benutzen, das alles in der Deutsche Sprache ist, und wenn möglich CC Danke.
  24. Does this still work?
  25. Hello together, with some help I managed to create a minimod that changes just one value (float _agePerSecond) in Citizen.rsc. How can I check which were the original values of CC so I don't overwrite CC while loading the modified section? Are these values somewhere found in text/charts? Is it possible to 'unpack' a '*.pkm' file to check for myself? Regards, XSamatan
  26. Hello All, I live in North Wales, started playing Banished in January 2019 and am now addicted. Just started with Megamod. Many thanks for all the work by the modders (and original creators).
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  28. Welcome!
  29. Hello everyone... Sorry that I didn't introduce myself back in November. I only came here to ask about MM 8.01. I got an answer. :-) I am Oathknyght. I have no idea what else to say. :-)
  30. Hello Just got back on playing after a long break and went to check for an update on CC was ecstatic to see this went to download it and google drive refuses all it says when i try(after the preview page of course) is: This site can’t be reached The webpage at https://doc-00-8s-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/rhse16e16dstmmm17ahpgeantopd0f5h/g3eud5rispes7blokva2vrfp8dlcs0ip/1552442400000/07412861551926226204/12846545658955557043/1mqtqL8EnyjC46OzjSXbOzBxhJrhE4tfq?e=download might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE I have tried chrome firefox IE and edge they all say the same thing was just wondering if i was the only one with the issue EDIT: Its not just this mod i have discovered it is on any google drive download i try *smh* of all the luck
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