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  3. OK, thanks .... yup, dl'd again and bug is corrected and tickety-boo - wonderful!!
  4. Pretty sweet lake indeed!
  5. You need to pick the "ghost" version of the decorations, and once they are built you get that option. (It's also the step you must take if you want to delete them). I'm not sure that's something that's available for all the decorative things from MM, but should be in CC.
  6. So, some nitty gritty details. When I was merging all of the mods together for MM, ran I to a little issue. The EB Production Set had charcoal used as an Industrial Fuel, just like Furnace Fuel is. But other mods were using it as a fuel to heat homes. So I made a new resource called Industrial Coal, so that the production chain in EBs set was preserved without people stealing it for their houses. So, in MM, Coal is used as an intermediate production resource. Charcoal is used to heat homes, and Industrial coal is used in EBs chains as an industrial fuel supply. Although, I might be persuaded to put in the Industrial Coal as an option in the iron smelter.
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  8. This issue has already been fixed, but you need to redownload the mod and overwrite the files you already installed. It shouldn't give an issue to do this in a game you already began with the mod, I did it myself with no problems.
  9. Greetings all, I'm an old Banished player who has decided to give it another go after some time off. I'm playing on CC 1.75 now and I was looking for some help if anyone can provide it. I remember I used to be able to build decorations (like hedges, for example) on roads, and then on the decoration itself convert it to "impassible," thus allowing me to place 'permanent' obstructions on the roads. I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Has that been removed? Was it a separate mod (I'm only using CC 1.75, plus 1 year = 1 year)? Am I just completely missing it?? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. When I go to 'small covered yards' and click on the icon in the toolbar, the game crashes with the fatal access violation notice. I am on PC and on Steam. I tried it in two different maps, one with a fairly well established town, the other just beginning. I restarted and tried several times with the same result. Wonderful Mod though - thank you team!
  11. Ahhh ok. So industrial coal can be burnt in hoomes for warmth or something?
  12. It makes sure you can have your fuel refinery working with something that doesn't risk stealing "home" kinds of fuel from your people. You can safely have both something your people will burn to stay warm, and something you will be using exactly where your want to, without people stealing it. It can save you a bit of a micro-├╣anagement headache.
  13. Oh, I thought it also worked as a fuel refiner to get furnace fuel. What purpose is industrial coal for?
  14. You need to get a fuel refinery to produce the thing called precisely Furnace Fuel. The "Industrial coal" you're making is called this way to differenciate it from something that could be taken into houses as regular fuel would.
  15. @TuffDwarf Wow! That is impressive A really good map for those who want to try the challenge of a water village with minimal use of land.
  16. Beta and main should be the same version by now on Steam, I just think Luke forgot to disable the beta thing.
  17. I feel privileged that you bothered to do this just because I asked, a big thank you! I shall do as you say - hugs ( this is an old lady hug so you are OK) and is it also Kralyerg that does the all the wild things forester? That too is a must for me in every game I play. And is it Ketchup that gives us the garden walls? Wonderful stuff. You are all such treasures!!
  18. as title said ,i got a small iron smelter , i got industrial fuel from the charpit fuel refinery(specifically the resource is called industrial coal), i got iron ore, but the blacksmith wont work. im using megamod release candidate 5, any help? edit: i think its an issue with the charpit. the industrial coal it produces isnt a proper industrial fuel, unlike the small refinery and other such things.
  19. is this for the beta version of banished, accessible through steam properties, or the standard, default version? i assume beta because the latest CC is for the beta, no?
  20. this is funny though after so many people whinned about too much flowers.... and now they are gone... people are missing them
  21. There's definitely 2 Fig seeds. If I was paying more attention, it would already be fixed in the most recent download. But I forgot. So it's fixed for next time.
  22. ExtraFlowers.pkm So, I made this. It should make it so that the flowers grow lots and lots in the forest. There's only one little issue. It might not work right on an already started game. If you load your game and then turn this on, all of the flowers that are already growing in the game will still be the old flowers, that don't grow extra. But during the game, new flowers will eventually appear in the forest, and *those* new flowers will be the kind of flowers that will overgrow your forest. So try it out and see.
  23. I don't use any other mod(pack) other than MM that adds seeds, hence why I nudged Kralyerg in my post...
  24. Last week
  25. if you have a double tag,check to see if you have another mod that brings it also. if so, you can try to move the other mod below CC. this won't always work.i have double mapple sap and eggs from the pine mod.both same names but can't be interchanged. there are chicken eggs and duck eggs.can't use pine "eggs" to build a dock chickenhouse.
  26. really? wow.. that would be wonderful - but if not, life goes on - in which event I shall just destroy my town, save the empty map so I can return to it and hope it still overspawns when ever I want to start again
  27. pretty sure he can do a very very little patch you can place ontop of your mod that will contain his old numbers of spawn rates.
  28. I do not suppose this is possible, but I would like the 'glitch' back which spawned too many flowers on some maps when using MM6 (I think). I am on MM8 R5 now and very happy with it, it is lovely, but too-many-flowers was a feature I really enjoyed - it was like gardening in paradise! I still have the world in which this glitch presented itself, but sadly I did not keep the early saves, and it never happened again on subsequent use of that map seed, or any other. so the only way I can get back to start that map again is by destroying my town of 18 years growth. I hoped you might be able to say to me 'if you just go into the .ini and tweak this line..... (or something) all your maps will overgrow flowers - I do not suppose it is as simple as that - but it is worth an ask
  29. Mentioned that re-upload in the Steam thread so if anyone came from there to get the file earlier, hopefully they'll see it too and update.
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