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  3. Nice! Downloading now. I haven't played for a long time, might do a plain CC game again.
  4. now that new cc 1.7 finaly arrived i stop playing this city..and because it havent been any land left for development.....last update for this city.....final population 24068
  5. Oh boy... time to start up my addiction again
  6. Always a good way of spending your time ;-)
  7. Most, if not all, of the decorations do not flatten the terrain, because it is trivially easy to do it yourself, and sometimes people don't want them to, and it would be much more work to have 2 versions of everything.
  8. A quick question: what are the fruit tree foresters for? Are they making wood or fruit or both?
  9. OK I looked again and I still can't find the old texture versions of the chandlery or glassmaker. They aren't appearing ass F variants and they aren't in the old buildings set. Please tell me where they are hiding. Also, there is a graphical glitch with the old town market, at one end (and only one end) on the eaves. Also also... normal town trees (not ghost trees) aren't flattening the ground. They float if you build them on a slope near water. This would actually be a good thing if the trunks went lower than ground level, so then they wouldn't flatten but they wouldn't float either. But it wouldn't work with trees that have a ring of roots modeled at their base.
  10. OMG I would see this when I'm about to head in to work. I know what I'm doing later. :-)
  11. Very good job devs. I really like the rustic look of the new buildings, and the new starting condition. The new city wall bridge, when built long enough, seems to have some texture issue for me at the back of it though, is it z-fighting? I will try to reproduce it later when I am back home.
  12. I must have missed them, will have another look. I did see more buildings in the "old buildings" themed set but I can't remember exactly what was in there. After playing for about an hour I do find your bird noises a bit too loud, and strangely they are loudest around buildings. I thought you mentioned that they are a forest noise? If I go into the forest there are other bird noises (from vanilla game, I think) but if I go back to town the bird song really ramps up a notch. The problem is if I turn the ambient sounds down so the birds are quieter I don't hear much of the other ambient sounds. They even drown out the music quite a bit. They are nice, don't get me wrong. But maybe they should be a bit quieter or perhaps a standalone mod so people can decide whether to use them or not. Or can we have a mod that restores the original ambient sound set? Maybe that would be easier.
  13. I don't know if this is due to other mods I have but I'm inclined to think that they aren't responsible for this - the new Carver (from 1.7) and the old one (found in the Themed Sets --> Old Buildings menu) look to be exactly the same? And I too cannot find any textures other than the new 1.7 ones for the Glassblower and Chandlery However I definitely have the new and old models/textures for the Old Dairy and the Weavers.
  14. hahahahahahaha. Just, no.
  15. theyre already in
  16. I'm guessing there will be a 1.71 soonish. Could you please add back in the old textures for buildings like the glassmaker and chandlery? I'm not saying the new ones are bad, just that it's nice to have a choice. Also the inn and garden. An F variant of the previous version would be nice, preferably without the ground texture which always looked a bit stretched and blurry. Or maybe old versions of buildings should be an add-on pack?
  17. aww i thought i fixed that, thanks will get on it soon.
  18. I will say one thing, one look at all the new buildings, at it is plain as day how much you guys have improved since you first started doing this. Just looking at all these makes me more and more excited to see your game when you are actually ready to unveil it.
  19. Ostriv?
  20. I've had a browse through the new stuff. Too much for me to take in all in one session but someone might like to take a look at the eaves on some of those new houses, and also the smoke point on the tower house thingy. Someone in the basement of that tower is doing something they shouldn't! Thanks for the update. I think it's gonna be fun.
  21. Find your Steam folder (this will depend on where you installed Steam, for me it's on a secondary drive and not in the Program Files folder i.e. E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Banished\WinData You install any non-Steam mods into the WinData folder. Once you have done that you use the ingame menu to locate the Mods list. From the Mods list you activate the mod you want to use. Load order is important if you have more than one mod installed. The following link has some specific details http://banishedinfo.com/mods/resources/installingmods There's also this video guide
  22. So I have never used any mods from outside of the steam workshop and I have no clue how to get it to load in game.
  23. Ehehe, yeah, it can be a little weird. These days I usually play with a mod that, while it doesn't change when they're considered "adult" for work purposes, does at least delay when they can get married and breed.
  24. I like hitting the random name gen until I get really long names, lately. My most recent successful town (until I flubbed it up) was called Scobelvederick. Newest town is named Oshkoshkosh (there is a real town in the US called Oshkosh, but the game decided it needed another Kosh). Not a long name, but I got a town called Lemon once, from the generater.
  25. I just recently learned (after years of playing) that in Banished, kids are considered adults at 10-12 years old. Creeped me out as a 22 year old had a baby with a 12 year old...
  26. It should. Just place this above MegaMod on your modlist and it should work. Previous versions of CC shouldn't not be loaded with MegaMod, but this version should work fine.
  27. New here, will this run with Megamod without issue?
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