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  2. Not sure I understand... is it because they are not all the same size? If so, then it might be because they have different UI codes because some of the names are quite long. If you look at the finished building's UI, then some will be longer than others, because otherwise their names don't fit! Also, I went through the Pine Set and standardized the UI size as much as possible (apart from where the names are longer) but didn't get around to doing it for the other sets yet, so they use a UI I made that is far too large for them. I don't think it is due to the build requirements, I didn't play with those, so i am guessing it is because it is using the 'maritimesdialog' which has a bigger UI.
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  4. I have two so far (very large, lakes) that I like because of the rivers, streams and lakes. The top one because you can almost get like a 'coastal city' in the Northwest part of the map and almost every lake is connected to the main river so no canals needed for traders. Some inconvenient hill locations but I don't mind those. And this second one has a pretty decent sized island in the river bend.
  5. hmmmm looks like someone made some experimentations with the 6 building requirement window and forgot to replace everything back to normal lol
  6. Russia, Moscow
  7. It is not causing any problems in-game, but I happened to notice this when I started a new map the other day. I use, in this order: Ridiculous Storage Maritimes modular sets D20 medieval houses Wildlife tree growth and life Natural Diversity hot crops Compatibility 1.0.7 CCJ 1.75 (beta enabled in steam) MM 0.07 Mega Deco 0.07 I'm thinking that the only ones that could create duplicate nuevo arbol starts in the new game menu are CCJ 1.75 and MM 0.07, since i'm using CCJ 1.75 but MM 0.07 also has a copy of CCJ 1.71, could that be it? this doesn't seem to be causing me any performance issues, i just noticed them listed twice...
  8. The mature person inside says ... possibly, the other more rebellious self says "and where is the fun in that?" ... But, glad you asked cos I couldn't find those 2 either for days, and the ones I did find weren't what I was expecting.
  9. Sorry, I'm out - I cannot help any further, morally or technically. Please get a licensed copy.
  10. Thank you @despo20 Looking great! Can't wait to see what happens No pressure from any of us @Necora Take your time
  11. Uploaded wrong pic, sorry. Let me explain - or hope that this pic shows you what I mean. Not sure if it's a glitch, or it's by design, the odd sizing in the build UI. It's not in all the buildings, but the ones with orange ovals, so far. The blue rectangles are ok. I've checked most of the buildings, but haven't finished all the mods yet. If it's not a glitch, I'm cool
  12. They are the shore rocks and should be right next to the older CC rocks in the ghost deco menu. If I remember right there are three buttons, large rocks, small rocks, and shore rocks.
  13. That's what I'm talking about! Awesome stuff! What level water did you use for it? That has inspired me to get the update to this set finished and get it released.
  14. I never forget a good advice! Thanks @QueryEverything And this is a possible synergy with Necora's work Maybe I should raise up the wheel a little...
  15. Thanks @Paeng! I couldn't find them... I probably have to stop drinking while playing
  16. You find them in CC, decorations plain and ghosted...
  17. I found a hint for this (2560x1440p and 3840×2160p) - https://www.reddit.com/r/Banished/comments/5n4dbt/til_how_to_change_the_windows_size_to_fit_2560_x/
  18. @Paeng from what mod this rocks and plants come from?
  19. I've got family living in Christchurch and I still haven't made it down there to visit them
  20. Thanks guys! @Necora's riffle is awesome. He really had a brilliant idea! Now I'm experimenting with his water squares. As @Necora himself suggested a small mill like this can fits better in a little stream
  21. I spent a month in Christchurch ages (20 years!) ago. The North Island is still on my list of places to visit
  22. Looks great indeed ! I also love how well it fits together with @Necora's riffle!
  23. looks awesome
  24. I paused for a while the Medieval Houses project to dedicate myself to a small building that I saw in the Natural Diversity discussion. Thanks @taniu for the inspiration A pair of Work in Progress screenshots:
  25. The Netherlands here! Don't worry about living on a drowned continent @catty-cb, I'm currently residing at 0.8m below sea level, and everything's fine .
  26. Am looking to buy a new laptop. I play Banished on Steam and am wondering if I go for the gusto on a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution, what will that do to the game? Steam has said they don't currently support 4K, but are working on it. I've read so much about this screen resolution making everything so tiny (with Windows 10) that I am wondering if I should even go this way. I'm trying to "future proof" the computer, but not sure I should do it...Does anyone have experience with this that could offer advice please? Thanks for such an awesome game you devs!
  27. Haggis is better than it sounds, it's great in burgers!
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