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  3. I see that Banished is on sale on Steam for 75% off - just $4.99!! No reason to still use a bootleg copy or to refuse to buy your spouse and kids their own copy
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  5. you are welcome yeah to be able to share resources between mods..... we need to put the resource files in both mods (and this is from that originally red conflicts happends, because same files need to be inside both mods)
  6. I need your town and textiles mod that has been removed from everywhere from internet. please upload or send me, i will be very grateful. Pleasr give me if anyone can Send me the download link or mail me

  7. I need your town and textiles mod that has been removed from everywhere from internet. please upload or send me, i will be very grateful. Please give me if anyone can

  8. i think it would be a good addition to receive shipment orders from the motherland 1 it would add a new layer to the colonial charter concept a reason for sending your bunch of pioneers out 2 a random shipment request system with rewards based on value of requested items or on the loading of the shipment you can request specific resources 3 could make it so you have to make the ship at the shipyard to give it an added feature would like to hear other players thought on this concept
  9. Hmmm... the thread is here - http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=1663.75 Now that you mention it - I'm not sure if that set is already out of beta... if not, it will be soon I guess :-)
  10. Ok, thank you very much for your response. Yes, i am aware that the medieval tailor is part from your mod (NMT), but i didn't know that some necessary files are missing. Everything is clear now and make sense. Thank you again for your response and for all the great mods!
  11. ^^ CC crew really need to give me all their code LOL joking of course !
  12. yeah thats normal the medieval tailor cannot do it. the medieval tailor is not from the CC1.75 mod but it is from NMT2.04. in order to have the medieval tailor being able to do it, it would need the CC team give me the reeds files and the survival coats files so i can include them in my Medieval Tailor
  13. Hello all and thank you for all the great mods. I have noticed a bug when using the medieval tailor. Although he can produce hide coats (using leather), it seems that he can't make any survival coats (feathers & reeds). I am not sure for the other kind of clothing since i am still in the beginning of my playthrough. I am using the latest beta version of Banished (1.0.7) along with CC 1.75, NMT, the NMT3.0 Series: Clay Chain, and the 3.1.1 version of the Canal Mod. Mod loading order: NMT3.0 Series: Clay Chain Canal Mod CC NMT
  14. I found an interesting one. My first thought was using the castle & fort stuff in those mountain bowls at the bottom.
  15. ...still maybe not much difference in quality than what's on the idiot box these days... give me a good book any day. i was so happy when libraries came out to serve banished the same way shrines and churches do. i love libraries: reading, learning, imagining - so good for you.
  16. Red's fodder is basically hay. You can grow fodder in a crop field or you can build the fodder farmer, which is sort of like a grass forester. Red's stables use fodder and water to make fertiliser (manure). Then Red's greenhouse takes fertilizer and water to make food all year round. There is a flowers/perfume production chain in there too. The fodder could easily be used by the animal pens, too.
  17. I think it would be a bit of a distraction while you're trying to watch TV to have the horse's "other" end in your living room!
  18. Back in Colonial times, it was traditional to have a quince tree in your yard. One quince tree. Not a whole orchard. Apparently they couldn't figure out what to do with them either.
  19. How does red's fodder work?
  20. oh, and jellies. yeah, i've never planted 'em
  21. Last week
  22. Great link. Bit of a pain not being able to have all the mods gathered up and available on Steam. Hopefully comes out of beta status pretty quick and all the fantastic modders get all their goodies posted there quickly.
  23. Lighting (fixtures), Advanced Building Materials, and Fine Building Materials could be new requirements for advanced buildings while less advanced colonial buildings could require wood (or lumber), stone, glass, iron, and possibly even bricks (5 materials).
  24. same thing happens with foundry and small blacksmiths. foundry can have up to 6 workers (i think), and starts with default 3 or 4 (i think.) so suddenly no one is making tools because the small blacksmith worker has left for the foundry. you have to set foundry staff to smaller number, or stop it working until you have enough folks. same with large pastures, if you have a huge sheep yard and set the staff number to 5 or 6 folks tending, while also building domesticated animal pens that only have a staff of one, they will fill the pasture first, or you can lower the larger staff number until you get more folks available to assign. hope that makes sense? took me a while to figure out that water well workers are under the market vendor category, so the huge urban market that i set a staff of 12 for, kept taking all available workers, and the wells went without...
  25. no self-respecting window treatment is complete without the equine touch...
  26. i thought of that too, but wondered if i was conflating it with mince, as in mincemeat pie... anyways, they are not my favorite game crop.
  27. Started a new game last night, didn't notice any difference in zoom. New debug seems to work the same as old, I'm using MM 0.07 and CC 1.75. I confess I did not try out the new options, as they are labeled custom0, custom1, custom2, etc. and I don't know based on their icons what they will make (mostly, the icons look like crop baskets...) Is it that I have to go somewhere and set what I want them to be? 'cuz sometimes I would give my eye teeth for some hemp...
  28. thanks, ketchup
  29. Always find myself gazing at my stockpiles when starting game, great work!
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