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  4. There is nothing in this mod that would keep you from getting Nomads. It must have been a coincidence.
  5. I hope to update Narrow Rowhouses to use individual materials, not 'building materials' and add candles as a requirement for the last 2 tiers.
  6. download this file put in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Banished\WinData
  7. how can i get this to work when my game is on steam?
  8. Last week
  9. Wonderful work! I really love these houses. However, I tend to play with smaller sized items and wish you had some smaller sizes of these beautiful houses.
  10. the 1.75 has a stable in it and is 1.07 version.the mod order i gave should have fixed the issue.the error on save and exit could be unrelated. i am wondering if it is between the stable and the inedible mod.other than mod order,the only thing then will be upgrade to 1.07.or drop the stable mod.
  11. i do believe with the MM, CC recommends using the compatability 1.07 mod with it.and it must be above CC.
  12. I tinkered with storage, and with pickup/non-pickup. While having the laborers pick it up certainly cleared a field faster, the production remained at 310 (I even ran one plantation with pickup and the other without, at the same time. Commute to deposit goods is literally right next to the field, with plenty of room in those storage spaces, but doesn't matter, the cotton plantations still only produce 310 a year, each. So weird. :-\ Fortunately, my town's economy isn't built around cotton or anything, and I just picked up flax seeds for an alternate fabric as well, but I'm mystified as to the why of this. If it starts happening with some of my staple crops, I probably will have to start a new town. In the meantime I guess I'll just keep going with this one, it's 45 years in and I'm fond of it...
  13. Are you using the option where farmers harvest the cotton and laborers pickup the harvested cotton? Or are you using the option where farmers harvest and then also take cotton to storage? It's the pickup option button on the field dialogue box. If the farmers are doing it all that does slow them down quite a bit, and that can lower yield. But I wouldn't expect it to be so consistently lowered year after year. This is a strange problem. You might want to start a new game and see what happens.
  14. I have only Colonial Charter: Journey and have never installed, or even DL'd, any other mods. Like I said: I've noticed no severe weather, and in any case this is a multi-year issue... I think this is year 5 or 6 of the reduced cotton (and only cotton! I have a dozen other crops growing and everything else is fine). Farmers have a short commute to the field. I have a big surplus of laborers and haven't been assigning them far-off tasks anyway. Again, this problem has persisted multiple in-game years, not just one cycle. The farmers are educated, and it's not a limits cap. The fields are wide open on all sides and not blocked. The only thing brought up so far that I haven't doublechecked is the storage-- I have some lean-to storage directly adjacent to the fields, but it might be getting overwhelmed and forcing them to a longer commute... still, I have a storage barn that's a relatively short distance, so I'd be surprised if it's a storage issue. I'll run a year through and check, though.
  15. you need to take care which megamod you will use because it is possible the last one is for 1.0.7 and not for 1.0.6 but i can be wrong the one who can help you the most on this is @QueryEverything she has alot of knowledge about this.
  16. Oh, no I had been doing that and starting a new map as well. I did know about that little bit. It looks like your last suggestion worked though, it didn't crash this time. So, if I wanted to add in Mega Mod, where would I put that, and where do you find out what order to put mods in so I know in the future? Also, thank you so very much for your help.
  17. when you change order you need : change order, quit totally the game , reload the game and then start a new map not quiting entirely the game before launching a new map will cause that kind of error, whatever the mods you use. this is because the game write into your windows registry file only when you close totally the game since you didnt quit the game and started directly a new map, then the game found that the windows registry didnt match what was in your memory and caused a crash (this is a problem with the game itself and it was never been fixed) so ... when you do a change order, you need to always close the game entirely and restart the game to give the game the opportunity to update your window registry. EDIT: in fact that was my fault to have forgot to tell you to exit the game completly after each changes of order
  18. My first though was similar to Red's. Have you added any new mods (are there any other than CC that have cotton?) and even if you haven't, what other mods are you using?
  19. Okay, well not that order of mods, what you had said before. Let me try again with this order and see if that works.
  20. Hmm, so I put the mods in that order and made the watermill and it seemed to be working fine, so I quit out of the map. Then I got a fatal access. I'm not sure if that was from me exiting out or from the watermill.
  21. ok change your order of your mods. Note that maybe your old town will be maybe a desperate cause. place CC on top, and the other ones below it : use the arrows "v" and "^" to move them. there is also a "Top" button to put that one directly on top. you will surely find the best order. test with a new one (a new map), and then test your old map by loading it, pause, and go in mod window to change the order and then unpause and open your windmill
  22. Ah, okay. Well, when I ran just the CC, the watermill worked just fine. So I guess it's a mod incompatibility somewhere.
  23. it is marked old because now the latest version is Colonial Charter 1.75 : Journey
  24. mod order:stable population, inedible meat above CC,stable needs to be below CC. do you have it that way?
  25. Ah, I had bought the game and downloaded CC: The Forge, Mega Mod, and Stable Population from steam. Let me start a new map and see what happens.
  26. When I went to look at what version of CC: The Forge Awakens on steam, the version number is the same as the current one on the website, but the one on Steam is marked old. It looks like the one on Steam was updated earlier than the one here on the website. If they are different versions, then I'll download the newer version and see if that fixes it.
  27. question 1 : are you with Steam ? did you bought your game from Steam ? or from a website like gog, SRS, or other ? and if you are with Steam, did you got the mod from steam, or from this website ? Test 2: i want you to start a very new map with ONLY 1.62 enable, just that nothing else. and build a lumber to get some lumbers, and build a watermill. i want to know if it has something to do with the mods you have enabled with 1.62 or not. or it has something to do with your 1.62 file. i subscribed with the 1.62 from Steam Workshop and i built 2 watermill and i am not crashing at all.
  28. Hmm, tried to test it and it crashed once I tried to place the second building. So, tried it a different way this time. Apparently, the building hadn't quite finished being built when I saved the game, so I let it run, while it was off the screen. Game crashed once the building was done being built.
  29. if everybody would crash from it : it would be clear thats something to do with the mod and the building. since you are alone with the problem, we need to find out why you, specifically, have a trouble with it (unless it was a trouble which has been patched in 1.62xx versions and you didnt updated it) if all your watermill crash then it has something to do with your version and/or the mods that are loaded with 1.62 if only that specific watermill and the other ones built further down the river are ok, then it would have something to do with that specific one and they way you built it (its relations with the ground and the river; this watermill placement)
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