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  3. yes thats important , but the info that is more important than that ... is the build number. you absolutely need "build 170910".
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  5. It shows I’m running version 1.0.7 I have tried running the mega mod and I’ve also tried just running CC 1.76. No matter which I use I can generally make it through the startup screen and attempt to create a game. When it gets to the loading screen that usually hangs up the game and it freezes
  6. Could be several things. Unfortunately crash dump files aren't very useful. Have you tried subscribing to the mod from the Steam Workshop or by downloading it yourself? Which mods are you trying to use (include version). Are you using Banished version 1.0.7? When you load the mod, at what point does the game crash? When you make any changes to the mod list, be sure to exit the game completely before starting a new town. It helps prevent crashes.
  7. Can only play vanilla game, every time I try to load a mod I get one of these. Any help would be great
  8. ММ работает с около 100 новыми модами и никаких проблем!
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  10. Make sure the current version of Banished - v 1.0.7 build 170910. The version is shown at the bottom of the opening screen. As Red Ketchup says, you must extract the 3 .pkm files from the .rar file you downloaded using a program you already may have that willl do that or one like 7-Zip (which can be obtained free from the internet). The 3 .pkm files need to be moved into your Banished > WinData folder; they can't be in a subfolder. The WinData folder must contain 4 other files: data0.pkg, data1.pkg, patch0.pkg and patch1.pkg. When you open Banished, the 3 MegaMod files should appear in Mods. It shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes to get to the opening menu. Make sure the 3 files are in the correct order (1, 2, 3), and check each one. Then exit the game completely before starting a new game. That will help prevent crashes. If you are completely new to mods in Banished, I would recommend that you start by using something that isn't as complex (and HUGE) as MegaMod which includes Colonial Charter 1.76 plus 200 or so additional mods.. Since you are on the BlackLiquid forum, of course I would recommend Colonial Charter 1.76, but Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice (RKEC) mod is really nice too plus there's a "light" version you might want to try 1st. Both CC 1.76 and RKEC are available on the Steam Workshop (if you use Steam) or CC 1.76 can be downloaded from here and RKEC can be downloaded from WorldofBanished.com.
  11. wait wut ? not showing in the mod section ? lets try this again. i want you to go in your windata folder and tell me the complete name of all files and all the folders there... did you unzipped it ? did you unzipped it and put in another folder like \windata\colonialcharter\ ?
  12. I put the MegaMod 8.1 in the windata folder and opened Bannished to the Mods and left open for several hours while I slept. Woke up and still not showing in the Mod section.
  13. yeah. on some pc if you can go surf during that time.... it speeds up things.
  14. Same issue here MegaMod 8.1 not show up at all in the Mod UI when I log in. I read comments above about the size and the possibility of it taking a while to load. Confusing for me as I am completely new to Mods for Banished. Are you saying after I copy and past it into the windata folder it will a long time to load into the game before it shows in the list. If so does that mean I need to open Run Banished and leave it running while it loads the Mod?
  15. Hi all, I have been playing Banished for years without any mods at all, but have finally decided I need something more! I play all sorts of games; strategy and city building mostly. I have heard good things about CC so have come here looking for it, and found this awesome community as well, bonus! I am in New Zealand.
  16. i tend to use about 5 save files & just cycle thru saves. no i didnt leave any of the changes i made around the bridge in, when i found that it didnt work i reloaded the same save file i made before i tried to "fix" the issue. when i think back now the only change i did make was a corner that i noticed that i hadnt yet flattened, i dont always watch the bridge so how long after i did this that it fixed itself im not totally sure
  17. Banished was developed by a single person and I think it's really important to support him by BUYING a game he spent so many hours developing. Banished normally retails for $19.99. Several times a year, it goes on sale, sometimes for 66% off - $6.68. To me, there is no reason to pirate any games, much less this one. Personally? I'm glad you can't get it to run!
  18. Hello. So I just downloaded CC 1.76 version. I have Banished ver. 1.0.7. The game without mods runs just fine (I sort of pirated it but everything seems to be in order) but the thing is, everytime I try to run CC, the main menu doesn't reload. I stare at a black screen for a long amount of time, the game stops responding, and I'm met with that image I've already tried lowering the graphics, going windowed mode, switching from 9 to 11, running the 64 version...
  19. Thanks stiles but I think I can kill enough of them by freezing and or starving them.
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  21. it woud take re-inventing the pasture. make the pasture a workplace, randomly gives say beef and dead cows or a 0 output some years. this random output would simulate losses due to theft.the assigned worker would die randomly from gunshot.
  22. Thanks you ! It is perfect😀
  23. Which version of CC are you using, is it 1.76 or an older one, and which version of Banished? There might be a mix up in the flag/categories if you have the latest version of Banished but your CC is not up to date.
  24. I think only the frequency/chance of existing disasters can be modded.
  25. your field option might be doable with some twists. RED has orchards set to fruit in the RK mod.this separates 1 from the 3 crop types.you could make a field mod with a shed to grow the grain.thenuse the fields to grow veggys. the mod would function as a work building but can be coded. it might grow food all year long thou. CC did design the plantation field texture.they might be abe to give you input on developing a 3rd option. another option would be to create new seeds. a veggy seed exists to grow a mixture of veggys in 1 field and then a sorter separates them after harvest. KID did that. you could cre3ate a grain and a fruit seed and resort them after harvest as well. instead of buying all the many seeds you would only need to buy the grain,veggy,and fruit seeds.this way does take more workers. it wont by itself change the field ground texture.
  26. Here. have a look :
  27. Hello I am french and I would like to translate your mod in french. Do you agree ? How can I translate your mod ? I never do it but I am motivate for my stream. Thanks for your answer Kaliadon
  28. yeah but you know. we cannot modify the game. the game is set in a way and we need to deal with it. make mods is not programming. many people has hard with this, they imagine we can change the game. The game has good and has flaws, we have no choice but live with it as Luke did. Hopefully his* 2nd game will be better.
  29. To my way of thinking, adding categories in the towns inventory where you can already choose between quantity and normal would work to change the inventory screen to view the food separate from the resources, or the resources from the crafted, etc... and I would love for this to happen, cuzz when searching for your food to see what needs what can take a very long time. Sorting by category would by far change the scope of searching for various things. I would love to see the inventory follow the new categories given in the game.
  30. Merci à toi si tu a besoin d'aide pour un projet ou une trad n’hésite pas !
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