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  2. It doesn't work on it's own, but there are plans to fix that. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Kralyerg has a long To Do List he's working on.
  3. When you buy livestock, you need to build a Pasture, assign a Herdsman to it and choose which kind of livestock will live there. The animals will eventually walk into the Pasture. If you have a Pasture that is partially filled and you buy more of the same livestock, they will join the others in that Pasture as long as there is room. Livestock get old an die. If you leave them at the Trading Post too long, they will die. If you move them after they have been at the Trading Post a long time, they may be old and die before they have babies. So, it's a good idea to have an empty Pasture already built. If you don't know how big it should be, take a look at this calculator GO HERE. Like Styles mentions, it's not a bad idea to have a small (10x10?) Pasture where you can put your livestock while you build a bigger Pasture. Hope that helps.
  4. i build a small holding pen near the trade post. this is a way to keep them while a pasture is cleared. when you click on the pasture there is a "?" for the animal,you need to select the type based on what you have. click the "?" mark and there will be a list.then set a worker,be sure he goes to the pasture.depending on mods he might go elsewhere. it does take some time for the animals to move themself but the count on the pasture menu should show the # of animals. even 1 animal will breed.soon you will have more.the herdsman will collect eggs and milk. the pasture will have to fill up before you see meat and leather. animals will die if there is no worker for a long time or if you buy them and don't allot a pasture to them.1 worker can handle large pastures of 30x30. be advised this info pertains to regular animals in pastures. there are also "domestic animals" required to build some buildings, trade animals, as well as a chicken,goats,rabbits pens and cow sheds.those do function differently.i won't even try to confuse you with how many "cow" types there is by now.
  5. give the bannies more ale.make sure they have a wife or husband,be sure they aren't crowded in thier houses. a cematary. don't forget the few citizens hiding in the forest areas. they need grain.without a market nearby they will not stock it.they will take the fruit,roots,and deer meat but have no grain. it could also be the game itself. mine will show 99% clothed,even if i have 1000 coats. when you get done,try the Norseman mod by TOM SAWYER. he has made it so happiness has more influence to the game. the bannies start with 3 stars.
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  7. I'm always careful to keep houses out of unhappiness radii, but I do need to consider this for work areas. I guess I just assumed that work places didn't have a happiness factor... i mean, how many people have said: "I hate my job" IRL?
  8. There are so many options now that I suppose that was bound to happen. I'm actually liking the menu organization in the latest version of CC and of Megamod. I do still forget where something is every now and then, but for the most part things are where I expect them to be.
  9. I always start medium. I don't do anything to move them. Is that where it goes wrong? Do I have to go into the inventory of the trader to move them? I have had success with my cows, thankfully. But why did my chickens and pigs die?
  10. There already is such a list. Second from the top thread in this section.
  11. is there any way to run this mod separately? //i have the same problem with @stiles, it crashed when i click the button
  12. Dear BL, I have some proposal. can BL make a master list for all items. Such as buildings, items that required to build a buildings, product that produce for each building. Sometimes i dont know what is the final product for some building. just make some list or better make like organization charts
  13. If you select an Easy start, you get 8 livestock. Best to always put them in a pasture that holds at least 10 animals - the minimum amount to be able to split a herd. If you don't start with any livestock, you need to buy some from a Merchant at the Trading Post. Best to already have an empty pasture to put them in because if the animals are left at the Trading Post too long, they will start to die. Then when you move them to the pasture, they may still die. I would try to buy at least 4 animals although 2 is sometimes enough to get started. Keep in mind you can always buy more of that same livestock to go into the pasture if there's room. You don't need Oats or any other "feed". One Herdsman should be fine as long as your pasture size holds 10-20 animals - maybe more.
  14. Last week
  15. The building upgrade process has been the biggest hurdle. Figuring out which building produced what I need. Also finding the menu that a building is on. Many of the common things have been moved way out from where they were in vanilla for some reason, like Herbalist Shack, so it is not really intuitive where something might be on the menu.
  16. I have tried leghors (chickens) and pigs. Neither grew more than 1. For the pigs I even had 2 herders incase something was eating them. Do I need oats for them? I just got cows and I'm afraid I will kill them. Once you buy the animal, is it yours even if they die? In other games like Forest Village life is fuedal- if your animals get killed, you just destroy the pasture and start a new pasture and you get 1 new animal. Is it the same here? Thanks
  17. What I do is figure out what I want to produce, and what I want to acquire by trade. Building supplies can be traded for, and I usually do. Also homewares and fancy homewares. To be able to afford all these expensive trade goods, I produce some of the following: perfume, charcoal, statues, wool coats, and herbs. I've found that I rarely need herbs to keep my people healthy, and even if I do, I don't need nearly as many as I collect via clearing land and harvesting. I tend to prioritize acquiring oat seeds, so I can build a stable which gets me domestic animals. One sheep pen and four milk pens will give me enough warm coats for my Bannies, with plenty of wool to trade away directly or make into wool coats for trade. Those pens will also give me plenty of milk, which I can use directly or make into cheese, butter, cream, etc. Also, even if I trade for all the building supplies I will ever use, I do tend to make bricks. Stone is a finite resource, so I don't waste it on roads. Instead I make my advanced roads out of brick.
  18. For me, this was the most difficult "hurdle" in the CC until I read somewhere that I can do whatever construction tree I wanted, or didn't want. That's true but I still need to make iron tools and clothing. For clothing, I made simple leather coats to keep the bannies somewhat warm and later I wanted warmer coats which means I need sheep's wool. I can continue to produce leather or make wool coats - my decision. For tools, bannies collect iron ore. I could have them make rough tools forever but they'd break and need replacing quickly. For them to make iron I'd need a smelter AND produce furnace fuel which burns hotter than plain firewood. And for furnace fuel I need to decide what basic materials I want to produce around the map, including firewood, coal, reed bundles, etc. My decision. I may keep housing at a basic level or make advanced housing, my decision. I may build the standard cabins found in the vanilla and later upgrade them a single step to stone housing and for that I need lots of stone which means I may need a quarry. Or for more advanced housing, I'd need the basic housing supplies. It took several games to figure this one out but what helped most was to build the building supplier, select which items I wanted to produce and then build those other support buildings. (Such as, I may want glass, bricks and lumber so I need glassworks, brickworks and lumber. The first two items are in the production buttons. But to produce glass and bricks I may need furnace fuel.) I felt I needed to play the game without cheating but to learn I needed the debug and select zero cost building. I could tinker without wasting a lot of time and learn the production tree whenever. Don't forget to save first or, like me, you'll wish you could return to a previous save. For food, bannies could live on plain lettuce, fish, walnuts, milk, beef, etc or I could build a bakery for better foods. Or flowers and water to make perfume. Or root beer from roots. Or mead from honey. The bannies would be happy grinding their own wheat or drink milk and never complain about only getting basic food stuffs. In closing,I hope I've said everything correctly but very willing to learn more from other players. I'm not 1000% knowledgable or don't always say things correctly but I think I've stated what I've learned here and from others.
  19. In this section you can find several information from CC building and production chains http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/forum/11-resources-charts-information/ Regarding other mods contained in MM i don't think there is a single place with information.
  20. Thanks for the excellent work. Still missing the under-building quay wall inside piece tho, that would be awesome City Wall Storage is still not built by the workers either. Fixing that was probably not in the scope for this update, but the building looks so awesome that i would love to have it fixed someday The Lumber Yard now produces "Timber", even tho the Product it should produce is "Lumber". Just a little confusing typo there I reckon, as the item produced is the same.
  21. Hello all. I just went from vanilla to mega mod and I am finding it a bit of a learning curve how everything works. Has anyone put together some sort of list/diagram of how to set up production chains for the new buildings? For example, I found it really cool that you can upgrade houses, but when I went to upgrade from stone to the next one (colonial house I think), I discovered that I need materials that I didn't have. It took me around an hour to find all of the buildings needed to get these resources. I am pretty sure there will be a lot more buildings like that in MM as I discover them. Thank you for your time.
  22. I started with King's Quest myself!
  23. Well, I have an i7-2600 3.4 gHz, with 16 gb of ram. Minimized, the game takes perhaps a minute to load. If I don't minimize it, I'm looking at minimum 5 minutes, depending on what I have loaded besides megamod. Without mods, the game loads quite quickly. Maybe 2 seconds for the loading screen to come up, and 10 seconds for the menu.
  24. Hello all. Here from Orlando, FL. 45 years old. Been a gamer since Pong. PC gamer since King's Quest I. Registered here in order to understand Megamod. I have lots of annoying questions to ask
  25. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I mean at startup, before even starting a map. Just to run the game with the mod.
  26. thats because we can get alot more trees, grass and animals moving in a very large map to compare the large one. we are providing very large map because people ask for it... but i think we shouldnt. thats not a good service to give to people ^^
  27. but i will still up my 30x30 pasture maximum workers to 3 (i mean for my RK Ed mod ^^)
  28. I have 16gb but an older i7 processor. Once I get above 300 population on a very large map, the frame rate becomes intolerable. On a large map I can get to 500 before that happens.
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