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  2. Ok here are the pics. Red markings in the map = the bridges I've built.
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  4. the seasonFX mod doesn't do much but doesn't cause issues.i use it to give different texture to the crop fields.EB's irrigation icon has been problematic. you can check on WOB or try putting it below his other mods.there are several versions of that mod.the decoration mods i would recommend trying the compoatable buildings mod. search under WOB home page.there is a linkk from KRAY for it.if you have DS stockpiles that might be causing the icon issue there.try using any stockpile mods above CC including more wood,UI mods,etc.once you have the icons fixed. try checking my post @WOB under tricks for help with mod orders.never hurts to double check things before starting a game to be safe.
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  6. Could you post a picture of your map and Town Hall?
  7. The custom items refer to the new flags that are included in CC 1.75 and other mods made for Banished 1.0.7. I believe that 0 = Crafted, 1=Forged, etc. (I could be referring to an old list.) HOWEVER, the Debug Menu doesn't really work for these new flags. If you press "0" you get more Crafted items (no way to specify which ones) and if you press "1", "2", etc. you also get Crafted Items. Red Ketchup brought this up to the Developer, but it was not fixed. The rest of the DeBug Menu works as it did before.
  8. Hey, just wondering if anyone knows how to use the 'add custom items to storage' buttons? I cannot figure it out, thanks 😊
  9. I have played 65 years already... No nomads. And the Town hall has been there several decades. I built some bridges cross streams some years ago and I don't see any reason why nomads wouldn't be able to walk across the map. It is a very watery map though - a swamp map.
  10. I'm happy that Banished 1.0.7 is out of Beta but I'm sad that only "major" bug fixes will be released and modding will no longer be officially supported, making the buggy debug menu (which has certain buttons not working) more frustrating.

  11. So, I've been checking daily to see if Kralyerg decided to shine his jade quarry light upon me. And guess what? He just added it to his Kave of Krazy Kontraptions! Thank you so much. I'm so excited!
  12. Version 1


    The Jade Quarry lets you excavate Jade. When it runs dry, you can upgrade it for more resources. After upgrading it twice, it will not run out again.
  13. Version 1


    The Marble Quarry lets you excavate Marble. When it runs dry, you can upgrade it for more resources. After upgrading it twice, it will not run out again.
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  15. In Journey, you no longer need a Market or a Trading Post to get Nomads - just the Town Hall. It can take several years for Nomads to come. Note that Nomads can enter the map from all sides. If their way to the Town Hall requires them to cross streams or rivers that don't have bridges, they won't come.
  16. I don't have a regural trading post. I have an "Old town trading post." Should I have a vanilla game trading post? I have several kinds of markets.
  17. did you build a market and trading post? the mini mod will allow you to use just the mini townhall.normal
  18. Since I have updated CC to Journey I haven't got any nomads. I have played two different maps with this mod version. Same problem in both of them. I have build a Town hall a long time ago.
  19. From the album Silvern

  20. Oh my god ! I've got an account at the bootleggers place…
  21. Good... well, morning now I guess. Thanks again for all the suggestions. While I haven't managed to fix everything, I've been able to correct the most irritating dot issues. For anyone who may be having the same issues, here's what I did and what is still an issue: - Reordered cc and megamods as suggested - Opted out of 1.07 beta so I'm running the regular updated version of Banished now - Double checked to make sure I was using the current version of Colonial Charter:Journey. - Deleted rsc & sub files (I had no idea these weren't required!) - Deleted SeasonsFX since I've not used it in a while - Checked mods for duplicates. Found that I had two versions of EB Loghouses - disabled older version - fixed issue! -------- Now here's what's still going on: - EB town services - still have a dot but clicking it brings up the above-ground irrigation canals instead of more dots, so good enough - Still have dots on Decorations --> DS fences --> 3rd town stone wall option. I think this may be a megamod deco issue, since DS Fences & Decorations is included in the deco mod. I'm not sure what I have installed that would interfere with one of the stone walls and not the other two in the same set. - There is still have a dot in transparent stockpiles between iron & materials. Not a big issue since I don't usually use material-specific stockpiles, just moderately irritating. -------- Thanks again for the help! Now... to finish fencing in those critters...
  22. Perhaps @Kralyerg would like to take a look at it when he has a chance?
  23. I checked mine out. In my Banished>WinData Folder, it is called ColonialCharterJ and has a file size of 1509810 KB (1.71 should be smaller). In my Mods List in the game, it is called CC 1.75 Journey. Be sure to delete 1.71 from your Banished>WinData folder. If you're using Steam, you also need to unsubscribe to V1.71 from the Workshop. After you make the changes, make sure you check the items in the Mod list and then exit the game completely. Then go back and start a new game. It helps prevent crashes. Please let us know if that doesn't work.
  24. Hello everyone, I downloaded Colonial Charter 1.75. But in the game taht mod is listed as V1.71. Is this intended?
    Thanks for this split, a good variety of bridges is really great to have
  25. Much obliged, thank you so much!
  26. Added Google Drive download link to the bottom of the post.
  27. You can also remove all the *.rsc and *.sub files... they're not harmful but just bloat your mod listing :-)
  28. Once again I'm not having luck again trying to DL this... After about 50% it fails... is there an alternative dl anywhere?
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