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  2. @Bartender thank you very much for your answer I know I appreciated it, it makes sense, and am relieved it's not a bug Don't be in too much of a rush fix the Blueberries, we may never find out who wins the Battle of the Poyens, then what will @KevinTheCynic be able to regale us with, and what will his pumpkins do? The suspense... the drama ... we must know that battle ... !!
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  4. There are several examples of food producers (or other producers) being overpowered. But no need to let any of them "ruin" your game. There's a simple fix - diversify by only placing one of those structures in your game.
  5. Crop fields use the Food limit to determine whether a crop can be harvested. Plantation fields use the Textile limit to determine whether a crop can be harvested. The Flag associated with the crop doesn't change - Wheat is always a Grain. It is recommended that non-food crops be grown in Plantation fields - crops like Cotton, Flax, Bamboo, etc., so they will still be harvested even though you've reached your Food limit. However, any crop can be grown in Plantation fields.
  6. I thought it might be a mod feature, and it's certainly not a deal breaker. Considering how much grass is on the map, higher polygons might make the mod unusable for those with lower end systems and make large/huge maps impossible in bigger cities. Your mod makes for much more challenge in an early game-coming up with the thatch-so it's definitely a keeper for me.
  7. I'd just like to say once again, that while the abundance of blueberries is due to the interaction of a few mods that includes Natural Diversity and appears to be unique to my specific mod collection/load order, this is not because of Natural Diversity. The root cause seems to be with the Pine mod and Natural Diversity has simply allowed a dormant problem within the Pine mod to became noticeable. If I ran my game without the Pine mod, the blueberry problem would probably not exist. @Bartender is being very generous & considerate of us, the players, by offering to fix a problem that is not even in his mod.
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  9. Thanks to you all. I will try the different load order. The North works ok on its own with no problem.
  10. Wow, that's a lot of things to reply to ! Thank you for I'm sorry that we haven't been that active currently. @despo20 is having a very busy time at his job, and I'm spending my summer trying to find a new one. Essentialy we're both a bit caught up in this game called Real Life. Ultimately it's the one that beats all other games, so please forgive us for neglecting the modding a tiny bit these days. I'm sure we'll be back in full strength soon, though probably after the summer . This is an issue I'm aware of, and unfortunately, it's the best I could do given the circumstances. The problem is that the grass needs to be detailed enough at the closest zoom level in order to look good. If you zoom out however, it becomes smaller and ultimately dissappears. This was the case in v1.0 of the mod. From a visual perspective this wasn't that bad, you wouldn't be able to see every single blade of grass when looking from an aeroplane either. Gameplay wise I found it a problem however, since it's quite important to see what resources are available in a certain area without having to zoom in. *This next paragraph gets a bit technical, my apologies.* My solution was to create several detail levels for the grass textures. There is only one way in which this 'MipMap' type of solution can be made to work in Banished as far as I am aware, which is to assign them to specific LOD (Limit of Detail) models. This is what you see when the grass suddenly reappears: at that point it transitions to a new LOD model with a less detailed texture so that it shows again in the game. Ideally, I would make enough LODs so that these transitions would go smoothly and unnoticable. However, Banished only supports a maximum of three detail levels. If you look closely, you will see that the grass goes through a transition twice, from one to two and from two to three. I tried to make these transitions go a bit more smoothly by making different instances of the grass that shift at different zoom distances, so that the change is not too abrupt. Unfortunately, there isn't really any perfect solution that I see at the moment. I chose for the current approach because I feel that gameplay quality should be more important than visual quality. If the general opinion however would be that the grass fading out after some distance is not a problem, then I wouldn't mind changing it back. Another possibility would be a complete redesign of the grass, for example in the way that Red made his grasses. This would add a lot of polygons to the models however, and would probably make the already existing performance issues much, much bigger. As Query correctly pointed out, there is no link between the berries and the rebellious crops mechanic. We've already determined before that the Berries are caused by a conflict with Necora's Pine mod (the berry bushes you see in his screenshots are from that mod, not from NatDiv). This will be fixed in the final release of NatDiv.
  11. Hello, I think I've found a bug, I have wheat as a plantation option. I also have it as a crop option. In fact, it is the only option I have in both cases. The strangest thing is that the plantation wheat appears as limited by the textile stat. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you Version: CC 1.75 (manual install) on Banished 1.07 EDIT: Was not sure where to post this, move if not in the right section. EDIT2: I unlocked new seeds and it is still the same, they show at both crop and plantation menu. Also tried with a new game and it is the same.
  12. So, put two Hunting Blinds on the river, and a year later they will produce over 2k duck meat each season! Nice huh? 2 people hunting ducks - over 2200 units of duck meat, hell of a hunting season. I dont need anything else just to put Hunting Blinds all over. I mean - this is ruining my gameplay. I remember we had similar problem with domesticated animals spawning everywhere. I have no other mods, just CC1.75, please help me solve this problem, or is this intended?
  13. As I understand the North is only for Banished 1.0.6 and won't work with 1.0.7 beta - Tom has been waiting until 1.0.7 to come out of beta before updating.
  14. For help with The North mod, you could go to Tom Sawyer's website, BanishedVentures.com.
  15. From what I gathered, The North and CC don't work well together. Maybe it can work though. In any case, you absolutely must change the mod order of the last 4 mods to this: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.75 MM 0.07 MM decopack 0.07
  16. It is an access violation error
  17. Hi I recently added The North mod, and left CC1.75 and Mod pack 007 which I had off here, but it plays for a bit then I get the crash dump error. I have The North above CC and Mod. I also have the following mods on (see pics) Can anyone enlighten me why its crashing, is it a load order problem, or is it simply too many mods? (pic 3 is the same as pic 2 except I couldnt get CC mod on pic 2) Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  18. I am using mods from Worlds of Banished. They all seem to works. With CC 1.75 I got further. I can enable the mod. Pressing OK brings me back to the menu with the mod enabled. I all works well until I come to point 10 in your list. When I start a new game the application crashes. At least I don't have to wait very long anymore. I use a 32 bit system (Win 7). I also tried it with Task Manager enabled to see if there are any issues with memory alllocations. It all looked normal (memory not fully used). I have a dual CPU system (Intel Pentium G3260 3,3GHz) and they were working at maximum.
  19. @QueryEverything Sorry, I don't have access to my pc right now. But the settings are 1920x1080, DX11, full screen, vsync and everything else at max. Graphics card is Radeon R9 380X.
  20. but gtx 950 is a very very good card... alot better than mine ! i have a gtx 750ti
  21. I have tried all 3 reflections settings but still disappears.
  22. x10 treating you like it's x1? Ugh, I know that feeling @Banished&Used, haha! Glad to read that you're doing well. Please let us know if something happens again.
  23. Thank you @KevinTheCynic @Bartender I'm going to post this, then hide ... hahaha I was wondering, if for a future edition, you had wondered about adding in flowers? I use @Ketchup's mod "Garden Walls", simply for flowers, and I would love to see flowers flowering in start conditions - in amongst meadows. They wouldn't need to have to do anything, they could just be 'pretty', but, if they were to do something, they could go on to be many things: Florists (in RK's mod); Rose Hip Tea (using an apothecary, teaming with Embx perhaps and adding a recipe there) for health; Posies (Health or trade); Dyes; Paints etc etc etc *scampers off before trouble catches me
  24. Very much so, indeed. 50 years, 1000 pop into a new map and still the running beautifully. Just wishing my pc was better, as 10x ain't no more fun
  25. When you are ready to upgrade it's a rather simple process, but it's always best to backup everything @Snapphanen The influence comes from a change of the way the game handles the flags / limits. The core stays the same, so food, log, stone, iron - but the modder community addons have changed. A lot of the older mods have been updated for the new flags & limits, and a lot of the modders are releasing newer content. The BL team here have released the updated CC version 1.75 which have the bug fixes, and also works on the Banished 1.0.7 without too many issues (some very tiny bugs, which are listed on the mod download page as people pick them up, but far less than 1.71). It also depends on what mods you are currently using as well. Is it only the BL mods, are you using mods from World of Banished or BanishedInfo? A lot of the modders will have updated, but some haven't. If you can produce a list, I can go through over the weekend and quickly see if any will cause a major issue or not. Ultimately it is up to you, but the modders are now modding for the new update, and their mods are truly marvellous!! Further reading: How to generate a list of your installed mods, without typing them out: Mods for Banished 1.07 at World of Banished http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads
  26. No, I mean this one
  27. As an afterthought, it's worth mentioning that if you have crop fields or orchards with no open land around them, you won't get any wilding plants from those fields/orchards. For example I have a crop field that is bordered by other fields and by a river and a stream and none of the plants from that particular field have been able to "cross the border" and take advantage of the Rebellious Crops mechanic and escape into the wild - because there is no open land for them to escape to!
  28. Thanks for your help. I have 1.0.6 but I will give the 1.0.7 Beta a try. Will this influence other mods?
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