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  2. Thanks! It must have been the bridge! As soon as I added one they showed up. Thanks again!
  3. Which version of Ridiculous Storage are you running? It should be v16. If you're using anything lower than v13, weird things will happen. The One More Wood, Stone, and Iron shouldn't be affecting things. That's a fairly old mod and these are all newer resources, so the one shouldn't even know about the other.
  4. It was actually hidden in a single line in one of the changelogs. As of 1.74, I believe, there are 0 building requirements for nomads. Just build the Town Hall. That's it. Then you have to wait for a while. There's a 2-4 year waiting period between when nomads will show up. And make sure they can actually get to your town hall by building bridges across rivers.
  5. Something like this?
  6. I was wondering what the requirements are for Nomads in 1.75? I have been checking numerous posts, and not sure if I have built the proper thing. What I've built: Town Hall Central market Boarding House Trading Post (on big river)
  7. Is there a Megamod version that contains 1.75 CC? I just installed 1.75 and realized what i really wanted was the Megamod. Let me know
  8. Are you sure you're using Ridiculous Storage v16? You're right that doesn't seem like much, but everything looks right on my end. The Old Town Market should be holding 75,000 weight worth of goods.
  9. Yes, it is a new game I started after downloading CC 1.75. Here are the other mods I have which are above CC: One More Wood, Stone, and Iron. (Maybe this is a conflict???) One Year is One year. Ridiculous Storage Then 1.07 Compatibility CC 1.75 Mega Mod Mega Mod Deco Then below CC Safer jobs Fish Farm Tunnel Mine I will try a new game without using One More Wood, Stone, and Iron as that may be the problem. I will let you know. Thanks!
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  11. What order are the mods in, and are those the only 2 mods? Was this a new game that you started or did you update mods or your game midgame? You're right that Furnace Fuel should be Industrial Fuel.
  12. Yes, Rice Seeds get planted in a Crop Field, and it produces Rice to eat. Rice is used as a building material to build the Dock Rice Planter, because we can't make it require a seed to build.
  13. I am using CC 1.75 along with .07 Mega Mod and the latest Banished Beta. I made an Industrial Fuel Stockpile but nothing is being added to it. I am assuming furnace fuel is considered to be industrial fuel, correct? However, furnace fuel is added to the Minerals Stockpile, not to the Industrial Fuel Stockpile. Is this how it is supposed to be or is this a bug? Thanks!! Donna
  14. Is there a difference between rice and rice seeds, I understand how to use the rice, each planter requires 100 rice. But how exactly do I use the seeds, do I just plant them in a pasture?
  15. Actually I didn't use a herbalist at all even though I have one built I didn't have a worker in the building and I had one before and it really didn't do much. Adding the honey worked great though, they slowly went back up to full health after a few seasons of the honey being introduced. Not sure what's in that honey but it must be amazing. Only other food items I had where from the gatherer, and I fished for a moment but I don't think the fish had anything to do with it. I really just had food coming from gatherer and the beehive and went up to max with just those 2 sources when previously I had the gatherer, the fish and vension and they were just staying at 0 health...gotta be the honey. lol
  16. alright , i guess i ll do that just finished what i ve been asked : Japanese cheery trees in 3 different models (1 normal, 1 in a umbrella shape, and 1 in between), in 3 different colors (white, rose original, and red) now i need to make a bamboo forest
  17. Blender is new for @Ketchupaswell. He can give you all the help you need in 3dsmax though! Aaand somebody figured out something new regarding AO. Great! I'll be home from my 2 week vacation tomorrow and i cant wait to start putting everything i learned to good use. Oh, and... Gorgeous house!
  18. Yeah, we can probably meet in the middle by saying that having all 4 food groups improves health... you can see that if you go without e.g. grain for a period of time, health decreases, but it's a gradual, slow process... then, once you bring in grain, health improves, again slowly and gradually. Meanwhile, with the herbalist you see an immediate effect, health jumping up half a heart right away.
  19. I think I use mods from all of the modders who have made replies in this thread and with the look of that building @despo20 I'm going to be adding another name to the list very soon! I'm also one of the people who likes buildings with odd angles, nooks and crannies so I'm really looking forward to your ideas for future mods.
  20. Two of my favorite buildings that used to hold a ton of items are now full with just a few items. I'm using the new extra storage mod written for 1.0.7. I know the Market isn't a storage building, but it used to hold way more than this.
  21. @Ketchup I agree with some of the others here, I'd like to see more Asian themed buildings and I think your models would work well for that. I think calling them "Asian themed" would stop the criticism of them "not being Japanese".
  22. Make sure your mod folder name (D20House) is the same as the toolbar file name (D20House.rsc) and also the Package.rsc file has the same name at the top "PackageFile D20House" Also I sometimes get that if I haven't edited the .bat files with the correct file names.
  23. i am not sure if having 4 diet "increase" health. i rather think it "prevent" the lose of health. and only herbalist will "increase" it. But if it is increasing faster than losing... and if you arent losing any ..... should be better with time.
  24. I tried that months ago, and it's still sitting there under "Invitation Sent". Never a response.
  25. I noticed on Steam that he was playing Rimworld so I sent a Friend Request. Problem is, I think he may only speak Japanese as he mentioned that he translated the mods using an auto interpreter. He did two houses (thatched roof vs tiled roof) and a boarding house (called it a row house) in one mod. The other has a Temple, Shrine and School.
  26. -grabbyhands at japanese cherry tree- give, yespls, do want, ketchup does such nice works!
  27. @stilesYou really should say things very clearly when you're describing a problem. When you say "trader" it seems like you're talking about the Trading Post, but most people call the boats "traders" not the building. And if you're not playing with the latest versions of everything, there's not a lot we can do help you. I think all of the issues have been fixed in 1.75, but if you insist on playing with 1.71, but with other 1.0.7 mods, things will be a little screwy.
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