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  2. An update can have changed what Kapersky flags as unsafe. And even disabled, if something is on its naughty list, I'm not sure it regains access to your Documents folder. How full is your Save folder by the way? It's in Documents/Banished/Save. It can be a good idea to clean out all the old towns you will never play again now and then. A super full folder can cause crashes when saving, and a couple of people have reported that it also can cause issues on loading. Never seen that first-hand myself, as I delete old towns regularly.
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  4. I keep getting crashes every time i try to select house from New medieval houses , multilevel ones. Everything else from this author works properly, but the moment i select icon to build any multilevel house game instantly crashes.
  5. Thank you I have no idea why this is giving me such trouble. But that you for trying to help.
  6. Hello. Is it possible to return a white fence, which can be located on the road (along the edge). This was in MM 7. Sorry for my English, I'm writing a translator through Google.
  7. Kralyerg is working on a Zip file for you. It will be almost 2x the size of the Rar file. Will post a link when it's done.
  8. Yesterday
  9. That doesn't seem to be the problem. I've played all the time with the same antivirus (Kaspersky) running in the background. Also I just tried with turning it off, but I still get the same crash. What is also weird, is that only every second attempt to start the game it actually loads in the time I was used to. Like I start the game the first time and it seems to load infinitely, so I tab out and close it, restart and then it works as before. When I close the game then, it just does like the first time, takes like an infinite time to load, so I just close it and restart it again.
  10. The first thing you must understand is that this mod is a collection of most of the mods created for Banished, and by definition makes it easier to play. What has been done is to make the different mods compatible, not change how they work, ie production chains, work required or building costs. There are several starting conditions that make the game harder, but it is not possible to alter many of the functions you mention without changing every mod included, and that is not the purpose of this mod. It is also not possible to change certain functions as the modders don't have access to many of them. You can play around with several options to create your own challenge, climate, map size, map type. In some cases this can create very difficult games. There is a tendency to want mod designers to do everything for the players, but I think most challenges can come from the player. With a bit of imagination you can make the game harder, simply by not using certain functions, like trading, or omitting certain production chains. Why not a prohibition mod, no alcohol, or no buying of seeds. You can also create a culture where certain restrictions apply, field size, no schools, no churches, no nomads. Just because its included doesn't mean you need to use it. This can apply even more to this mod which is a collection of almost everything under the sun. You can also use time as a challenge, have the type of tools you use depend on how old your village is, gradually introduce modded buildings, an production chains, or game functions. There are historical examples of societies that have failed simply for keeping with the old ways, rather than adapt to new survival strategies, a well known example is the vikings of Greenland. If you look you can find others, like the early years of colonies like Jamestown. I have read that The North, includes many challenges that can make the game very difficult. It is not included in MM, because its changes as so different from many other mods that it would have to be completely redone, and that is not the purpose, nor intent of this mod. Those changes as so extensive that it is difficult to use with most other mods, not just CC, or MM. You can find it Here. Hope this helps.
  11. Is it possible to change the balance of the game within this mod ? I like it to build my villages without looking how i can survive, with easy settings. But this is a survival game and with hard settings it could be a little more difficult. My village has 800 citizens. All the effords (fields, trading ....) to get enough food is ok. But tools and clothes is too easy (and all the other things does'nt really mater). Both should need more ressources and buildings to get enough ...... And no clothes should have more negative consequences (like no tools). And luxury and the other stuff should get mor importance ..................... But thanks for this mod, i like it very much !
  12. Lately those "crash when saving" issues have been caused by antivirus updates that flag Banished as a threat and restrict the game's ability to access your Documents folder. Check out your antivirus, especially the "quarantine" or "threat" lists to remove Banished from there, and/or put the Banished Application-x64.exe in the list of things to trust. The place and way to do that depends on which antivirus you use, so I'm afraid I can't really help more. Using Avira, I've never had any issue with that.
  13. This isn't an error message I recognize so I looked on the web. The only thing I found that might apply would be if you are using a browser other than Chrome or Explorer? Other than that, I don't have a solution.
  14. I read on the internet (aka take-this-with-a-grain-of-salt ) that the composer is the brother of the game developer Luke Hodorowicz --Joseph Hodorowicz. I love the music also: reminds me of Pachelbel or something else late Baroque.
  15. nothing works I tried everything I found on internet
  16. Community Toolbar, Kid, Themed Sets: His "Build a Tiny Row House" appears individually, and also under the Row Houses icon.
  17. I am using Busy Pastures. I did the test and I had confirm that it was Busy Pastures that was causing the problem. Sorry for the confusion.
  18. Hey there, I know that crashes seem to be a frequent topic for various reasons but I haven't found anything on that so far, that's why I'm asking here. Don't even know whether it's a typical Banished thing or MM related, but here we go... So the thing is, the crashes when I try to save or the game tries to autosave the current map I'm playing on. Haven't had any problems with other maps so far. Here are some details: Mod list: MM RC3 one year is one year SeasonalFX BetterRain Current map: [CC] Lake Waters Small map Mild weather no disasters [CC] Nuevo Arbol Lite - Adam & Eve start Just playing for like 20-30 years (lol), got around 20 bannies and I guess that's it. Do you guys need the dump file as well? It's just with this save tho, haven't had any problem like this before. Some infos on my computer as well, if you need it: Windows 7 64 bit 16GB RAM GeForce GTX970 Intel Xeon E3 @ 4x3,4 Ghz
  19. When I tried 7-Zip I got "Cannot determine correct stream type?" and the problem is that I cannot extract anything from the folder. Is there maybe another download mirror or the files zipped in another format
  20. Because that's exactly how it originally came. Druidic is an unfinished mod set, so not everything was complete.
  21. Thanks, Kralyerg! I appreciate that you let me state it and didn't doubt you for a minute. What you said made sense.
  22. Last week
  23. In the Druidic toolbar, a mod from red ketchup, you have 4 extra icons for the hunter cabin. But the cabin is replaced with flowers/plants .
  24. It says it's supposed to include 300 food, 3 clothes, 3 tools, 2 leather and 20 Firewood too! Somewhere on their way to being banished, they must have used it all up. We'll try to find out what happened to it.
  25. I assumed that was supposed to be the starting condition. Seeds and nothing else. If you want a challenge, this is your starting condition!
  26. I tried this start. I checked for crop seeds by placing a small crop field and a small orchard in the cleared area - I had 2 crop seeds and 1 orchard seed. However there wasn't a storage cart - so no food, tools, clothing, firewood or leather. I'll let Kralyerg know that the cart is missing.
  27. First, love Love LOVE all y'all's work! I'm having a problem with the starting condition Stranded with Seeds. I've tried multiple times with different maps, terrain types and sizes, but still have no stuff (food, tools, etc.) I just tried to start a new game to see if I actually had seeds since I forgot to check that as I was focused on the lack of tools, but I had to use task manager to shut it down after 15 minutes. That might be my issue, though, and not a bug. I'm only reporting consistent lack of starting supplies. Thanks for looking into this!
  28. option => keybinding. maybe some of keybind are wrong and been replaced ?
  29. Im having problems when I want to zoom out a little, when I try to zoom out it only zoom to maximum distance and when I try to zoom in it zoom to minimal distance. also when I try to scrool in buildings same thing happen it scrool to bottom or top cant control it.
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