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  3. Ooh, it's like the fish sorting building, kinda. Sounds cool!
  4. FrançaisE! Et en vacance, donc pas très présente ici Pour l'anglais, ça m'a l'air de rouler. Surtout si je regarde le machin qu'on me demande d'éditer aujourd'hui, et qui est pourtant écrit par un Irlandais... Yikes.
  5. First vacations since Forever. I'm even forgetting I have a laptop in my bag! Taking naps is SO distracting. ^_^

  6. Hi! I noticed that in the model for the Gable House that where there is a road marker on the building plans, actually there are walls being built there. As I built it on an existing road the path citizens take is unchanged and as can be seen on the screenshot below, people are simply walking through the walls. Not sure if this was intended with the design of the house, but in this case I thought it looked a bit silly. I was wondering if this was something that would be changed in a following update? I'm running CC Journey 1.71 from the steam workshop at the moment, I see there is already a version 1.75 on this sight but looking at the changelogs i didn't notice any mention of the gable house or any fix in there. Is this a known issue and is there maybe already a fix for it?
  7. That's a sweet little outpost, thanks for sharing @Zanzibar42
  8. Description says "mossy stone road" so should be one stone per length. I fixed the chart. Thanks for pointing this out
  9. @lady_quila haha, of course Never mind the crazy lady, lol ... Thanks for the help & explanation, I appreciate your time ;D What ... whoa ... no Banished at Work! You need to take that up the chain ... hahaha
  10. @maddiplanet as the MM evolves so too the CC version that's included (which has been what historically has happened), and so you may find in a future edition of MM the new CC (what ever version it is at the point) will also be included. For now though, it's a simple case of running both MM 0.07 & CC 1.75, with the following load order: Keep in mind - this is the load order for players playing with Banished 1.0.7 The CC 1.75 Journey will automatically override all previous versions (included in MM), and will fix any previous bug fixes. You will not lose any of the preexisting content as CC Journey is an upgrade to the previous CC.
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  12. Is there a way to remove the version of CC currently with MegaMod? I'd like to keep the rest of the mods included because there are so many, and have the Journey mod as well.
  13. I should have recognized it instantly since I live in California - it's the San Andreas Fault!
  14. @QueryEverything You can set up 5ish camera locations in the menu first menu (Next to the set priority button I think. Sorry at work right now can't look at the game.) Then to get back to the exact same screen you press the appropriate key, for example z for the first one. I hope that makes sense. It's useful for taking pics of the same spot in different seasons or for the progress image like this one.
  15. Hi @Kerlyssa the answer you seek is in the description It's no more complicated than that - it takes unnamed vegetables, then changes them to game veggies It's a small quirky fun mod to add another dimension to the game.
  16. Thank you @estherhb now it works
  17. very welcome
  18. this issue with the flags seems to be happening to several buildings.my dock wood finder was storing all sorts of stuff the other day.
  19. the trader fix is so a merchant doesn't come onto the map and cause a error and crash. somehow some merchants are appearing with nothing in their boats causing the game to get confused.i have not seen that happen that i know of. i did have a crash that i did not solve though. i figure better safe than sorry so loaded the mod. i also did a overhaul of my mod since. the compatibility mod is the new 1 for CC and 1.07.it helps avoid errors and conflicts with the new limit flags. CC recommends it i believe even when using the megamod. i do actually use both compatability mods. without the older 1, many buildings i have don't show up in my toolbars. going back to your topic,it is neat to see how everyone plays different.i like going thru other players' mod lists sometimes to see what i may be missing.i recommend some pics along the way with some TH info screens.food graph,inventories,or production. they give more info on how the town works or its history.
  20. Hopefully these suggestions will fix the problem: MegaMod includes CC 1.71 which includes everything CC New Frontier has and more - so get rid of CC: New Frontier. MegaMod also includes Renewable Resources so get rid of that too (you're using an old version BTW.) Note that MegaMod version 7 indicates "(1.0.6)" after the name. That means that you need Banished 1.0.6 for it to run. At the bottom of the screen, it shows you are running 1.0.4. Upgrade to 1.0.6. There is a second file that contains all of the decorations that you should load if you want those: Megamod .07 Deco. Never heard of Season FX, but it indicates it's for Banished 1.0.4 - it may not work with 1.0.6 and could cause problems. It probably isn't doing anything since you've placed it under MegaMod. (There is a newer CC - 1.75 that can be played with MegaMod. It requires a Compatibility Mod and Banished 1.0.7 Beta. Let me know if you want instructions for loading this.)
  21. And all of Maritimes mods I think these are very good ones to include in the mega mod.
  22. Using her standalone mod is working pretty well. Thanks for all the help, guys
  23. I believe that is a crack in space-time. Look out for prisoner 0
  24. I also had a proper LOL moment, just after 20 mins and a reference to Batman You'll know it when you hear it I'd like to watch some of the videos from the BL community, I think a couple of members have channels.
  25. I had this earlier in May too
  26. Nope. Sorry english isn't my language... I meant: "My videos would be definitely boring". Yes, Keralis is very hilarious
  27. Hahahaha, at about 11:52 ... "Dang it" ... I just about snorted my drink!! https://youtu.be/SsSU46Ft38o?t=11m50s He's hilarious, I have subscribed But, @despo20 do you have a channel??
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