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  2. I am pretty new to the mega mod but I have been playing my current town for about 10 years and I still have not seen any trader stopping at my alotofseeds trading post offering agave seeds for sale. Is there another way that I must get them to grow agave for the agave masher?
  3. Welcome @JosEPh_II
  4. Hello long time Banished player. Can't wait to try The Journey 1.76. Have all the previous CC Mods. Love them. Thanks to the Team for making these! Big Thumbs Up!
  5. Yesterday
  6. I'm assuming the change in the color of the grass and the brown roads are what is left? Or is that a highlight caused by the Flatten Power Tool? This looks like you placed roads through the market that need to be removed using the road removal tool. Could the change in the color of the grass be from using ghosted terrain squares from the decorations? Try clicking on a square and see if something pops up, allowing you to delete the squares one at a time. If that isn't it, let me know if you are using CC 1.75 and any other mods.
  7. So ran into an issue after removing a central market where part of the footprint appears to remain after being deconstructed. I've tried every "remove X" function and nothing seems to clear out the ghost footprint which renders the area unusable.
  8. depending on the mods you have you may have a couple options. if you only have CC and no age mods,add a townhall,market,and trade post. that will help bring nomads.i would recommend building your tool,clothing,and food up as you build those. i use the propertime mod.i find it better balanced.the bannies age at the same rate as food is produced.vanilla i think is 6-8 years per game year. the propertime mod is 1:1.the bannies graduate school and become workers about the same time as they can have babies and move out as couples.with it i can judge my housing needs easier. i build a house per every 2 adult workers. you also might like the mini mod.it is great for starting games.has a small workshop to make clothing or tools.its tiownhall doesn't need other buildings to bring nomads.it is very good at bringing small groups early but every 4 or 5 years apart.this gives you time to build houses and resources in between groups,
  9. You can try to remove houses that may just have females sub level 40 in them and they may move in with other males that are able to have babies. When I first started to play Banished I messed up doing that as well. Good rule of thumb is to constantly check the houses and see how many kids are of age to move out. I can't remember the minimum age but I try to wait until they are 15/16 then start making houses for "new couples". EXample: 16 male 17 female and 17 male just make 1 house not two until you can get another female that is old enough (obviously you can have them move in sooner I just wait a bit so I don't feel as creeped out lol).
  10. What can I do to recover? I_ am getting a few births each year so there must be some fertile females.
  11. do i see 18 homes for 7 families ? 1: you probably waited too long to make the houses. at 40y female citizens cannot have babies anymore. 2: doing an home when not needed, you push your people to divorce.
  12. Hello, I am playing the latest version oh CC. A screenshot is attached of my village. I have everything I need, I think, but my population will not grow above 17/18 people. I have had it playing at 10x for a while but they die as fast as they are born, any advice?
  13. Ah that makes sense!
  14. The Root Cellar is designed so it can be placed partially in a mountain. I'm guessing that is why the back end of the model is slightly longer than you might expect; however, I'm not able to talk to the person who created the model to confirm that. Thanks for pointing it out.
  15. I'm in the middle of a game using CC and about 40 mods, so I decided to load up MegaMod on my husband's computer/Steam account. Little did I realize that he hasn't played in quite a while and still had 50 or so out of date mods loaded and had never uploaded MM. It was incredibly slow to start especially considering that his computer is better than mine. So I switched him from DX9 to DX11 and crashed the game. Heck Ned. Anyway, I finally got it running so I could check out the Foresters. Apparently MM8 includes the Improved Foresters mod - but it doesn't apply to all of the Foresters. It modifies the vanilla Forester under SR (ShiningRock) and also found under the Resource tab on the Main Menu. It also affects the other forester shown in your picture. It does not modify the Colonial Charter Foresters found under the Resource Production tab on the main menu, such as New Trees, Pines, Palm Trees, etc.; they do not have storage. I didn't check the Foresters made by other modders.
  16. Was just wondering if this had been noticed. The root cellar model seems to be off a bit from it's build footprint. Nothing but a visual issue, really, but definitely noticeable.
  17. Last week
  18. These are the enabled mods. Below this are the MM mods, no other mods are enabled.
  19. I do have the improved forester mod, but its not enabled for last weeks.. (Real life weeks). And i havent even enabled it on this particular laptop. Im not using iron is iron mod. Im using the small iron smelter ( ill look up the name of this building... - it's actually called Small Iron Smelter)
  20. Are you using the Improved Forester mod by Yanderson or any other mods besides MM 8.01 and Ridiculous Storage? Are you using the Iron is Iron mod? If not, which building are you using to smelt Iron Ore into Iron?
  21. There's a .pdf file that lists the mods that are included that comes with the .rar file. also, you can go HERE
  22. Hey, I started new map but this one got it too. Ps: i always remove all iron ore and stone before using the forester. There is a stockpile on the left for logs only. My last town said iron was low. I had 400 iron so i looked where i had it stored. It was nowhere to be found untill i saw it in one forester.
  23. Thnak you guys all very much. Im gonna try all of the tips. I actually wasnt sure what mods were included in the megamod.
  24. I'm having the same issues. After not having played Banished for a long time, I played it today with all my old mods, including Megamod 0.06. It worked fine, until I decided I wanted my mods up to date. I was very excited to find out about this new Megamod, so I downloaded it when I found it. That's when my troubles began. The game simply wouldn't load. I tried re-installing the game, unsubscribing from all workshop items, verifying the integrity of local files, the whole shebang. Just now I got into the opening screen of the game with Megamod (no other mods installed or subscribed), and it allowed me to start a new map, but while loading that it crashed and I got the message that "A fatal access violation has occurred in d3d11.dll" I have 1.0.7 (Steam version) running on a Windows 10 pc, i5 7400 (3 GHz), 8 GB RAM
  25. Note that in MM, as in CC, the "iron" found on the ground is Iron Ore. Iron Ore must be smelted to make Iron at either a Foundry, Forge or the Small Iron Smelter. Maps usually start with a small amount of Iron and it is easy to use that up. Which building are you using to make Iron? The Forester will gather Stone and Iron Ore while they are clearing the area inside their work circle so they can plant trees. The window for the Forester shows the Iron Ore gathered. However, they don't store it. They take it to a stockpile. Do you have a stockpile with room in it near your Forester? If this doesn't help, please provide a picture of the Forester with the open window showing the Iron that is being stored there.
  26. That is weird.. I tried most foresters i could find even the vanilla one (in the SR tab) the iron gets stored in the foresters, not iron ore.. So i had 400 iron in one forester and they refused to get it.. Only the warehouse to stuff things in with a worker grabbed it. I do have ridiculous storage as a mod. I used to have the improved forester but its not an activated mod. It was not activated the last 3 maps i played on.
  27. if you use all 3 parts of MM and RKEC : dont try to start an extra large (huge) map you will crash even me with my 32GB i cannot. secundo, NMT Little housing 2 is 100% included in RKEC so you can flush that too. tighter road will also mess you up since i redesigned all buildings... tighter wont be working good. i see 2 different mod that edit the same mines... not sure is really ok.
  28. do you have enough of a comp to run that? the MM combined with the RK is going to eat power. can you do things to cause the error? build some building etc? since you actually are getting the game to load i do wonder if it is a calculation situation. wwhere the comp is trying to calculate something and it doesnt have enough power. can you run at 10x,do the bannies run or skip?walk but half freeze and then step again? as to the mod order itsel. why do you have RK animals and horned animals? the RK has enough animals. your start mods should all be above the RK and MM.those are the mods that affect anything that has to do with starts or maps.i would think the zero nomad and hard labior shouold be moved higher.so also the increased resources.you want them to load before the main mods,otherwise the main mods will write into the game instead. you are missing a lot of the RK functions with it below the MM. if you think your comp can handle all the mods then i would try several things. move all those start mods up.load the debug mod. open the game and open the debugger.use it to quick build a townhall.click the star icon that makes all reources or items visible.open inventory from the townhall.how many blank tags? scroll thru the list looking for missing items.this can help you figure out if a mod is not loading fully. you can also add bannies to the 150 that you say breaks the game. you can also build the oil press and trouble shoot it. what doesn't store in the press ,when does it crash,etc.? next step would be to disable all mods above the main mods of MM and RK. most mod orders will take some give and take to function.we gain this and give up that.becomes a trial and error process.
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