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  4. got it had to copy them from the folder 7zip put them in back into windata very excited to try it out
  5. Check your Banished > WinData folder and make sure all 3 parts are in there.
  6. when i go to enable the mod i only see part 1, how do i load the other two parts? i used the 7zip and have the mega mod file with the 3 parts in it as stated above, but only see part one on the mods section of the game. what am i doing wrong
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  8. nm figured it out
  9. yep that exit completely and restart the game is vital. next step would be to pull up the task manager and exit any program that you do not need. this should give power for the computer to run the game otherwise all those other programs are using ram. have you tried to run the game not full screen? did you disable the auto saves? after that you could try some graphic changes. ohh what DX did you run it under? 9.0 or 11? i would try both. i don't use steam for banished but you could also try disconnecting from the internet and force the steam to run in off line mode. this would stop all the online features of steam from running and save that power drain. good luck
  10. Subscribing to a mod from the Steam Workshop should be the easy way to load this mod, but if that didn't work for you, I think you should download it from here. Before you do that, make sure you have unsubscribed to CC 1.76 from the Workshop. Then go to your Banished > WinData file and make sure the only files are data0.pkg, data1.pkg, patch0.pkg and patch1.pkg; you don't want a copy of 1.76 to already be in the folder. When you download 1.76 from here, it is a compressed .rar file. You will need to extract the .pkm file from that using a program that does that and put it in your Banished > WinData file. I think Windows 10 has a program that will extract the .pkm file, but if not, 7-Zip can be downloaded for free from the web. Start Banished and select CC 1.76 from the list of mods. Then exit the game completely before starting a new game. This will help prevent crashes. Please let me know if this works for you.
  11. Hi all, I know that there are other threads for this particular problem so I apologize for any redundancy. But I could really use someone's help. I posted a discussion on the Steam page of Colonial Charter 1.76 but no one has seemed to reply or maybe they don't know what I am talking about. But, to start off, please know that I am not super advanced when it comes to tech speak, that was my main issue with some of the other threads on this topic, I just simply could not understand what some people were talking about. I would say I'm intermediate at best. I love Banished, it's an amazing game and I finally bought it a few months ago on Steam. I keep it up to date and do not have any issues with gameplay in Vanilla mode. But I wanted some variety and tried to install Colonial Charter 1.76 about a month ago. The startup was normal, no issues. But after I tried to enable the mod and the game tries to restart, I get a "Fatal Access Violation" message and my game crashes. I have tried to look up tutorials on installing mods, thinking I was just missing something, but all the ones I have found are the same or download the mods from the Black Liquid website, so they weren't helpful. I have no other mods installed or subscribed to on Steam. I am playing on a laptop and thought that might be the problem but others have told me it works fine on laptops so I just don't know what to do. Please, please help if you can. Again I am sorry about the redundant thread but I'm getting desperate here. My computer specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5, CPU @1.60 GHz 1.80 GHz, RAM 8 GB, 64-bit operating system, Windows 10. Please let me know if any of you have ideas on what I can do or if I should give up on trying mods. Thank you for your time. Also, I did get it to load up one time but as soon as the game saved, it crashed again and I haven't been able to get it to work again since
  12. Looks as this issue is due to trying to enable 2 different releases together. If you are loading MegaMod 1, MegaMod2, & MegaMod3, make sure you are unchecking previous MegaMod released including the Deco pack. Everything is in the 3 newest files.
  13. Luke posted another update on November 9th. It's rather technical (maybe an understatement) but interesting reading. go to: Shining Rock Software
  14. i bought too forest village...but i asked refund immediately :-D. I was lucky, now it sucks
  15. yes you can "unrar" the file using 7zip (built in with most windows OS, or Free) Winrar - Better but not free. once you take the file out of the "archive" you can then load it into your mod directory. double click or right click the .rar file to locate "extract" or "open with 7zip"
  16. You can use 7-Zip which is free from 7-zip.org.
  17. it only loads as a rar file but it has to be a pkm file to work on banished. any ideas as to how i can convert it into a pkm file?
  18. welcome !
  19. Hello! Spent a good deal of time playing banished (remember quantity does not equal quality) and am very excited to have found a group of people who also really appreciate the game! I live in Michigan of the United States, with my fiance and four cats. All our cats are named after FFX characters because that's the kind of people we are. I play Colonial Charter, but I do it for the objects and resources, rather than the starting options. My favorite podcast is Lore, my favorite book is Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, and my favorite movie is IT (2017) even though I'm a big scaredy baby. Also, big thank you to the developers and admins. Ya'll are the real MVPs that make places like this possible!
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  21. Welcome to the Banishing madness
  22. this is bannished. the bannies have minds of their own rule is whatever you expect or want them to do ,they will do the opposzite,i have had single females refuse to live with anyone. they went on to have kids.later when a friend died across the road, she moved in with the widowed husband and his kids. i think some has to do with placement of the house by the job place and the style.it is so intermitten it is hard to diagnose. these odd behavior issues can make for fun games thou.
  23. I've seen a couple of playthroughs on YouTube and it looks interesting but not a lot of content. I don't know if he's going to make a mod kit or how soon. I bought Forest Village when it first came out as an "early release". Mistake. I understand it has gotten better, but I still haven't tried playing it again. Made me swear off of early releases. However, I'm weak. Not too long ago, I bought Depraved as an early release. Really love it; now waiting for a full release. Banished does have A LOT of great mods and more are made all the time. I think you'll enjoy playing it for a long time.
  24. If you have more houses than you have adult male/female couples, one parent may move into the empty house. It would be unusual for there to be a child that gets added, but stranger things sometimes happen.
  25. sorry to jump on your question. I forget what its called. anyway. I sometimes see in my houses Single Parents'?? is that a thing on Banished? I know it is a single parent and not two people started tog in the house. and one died. I monitored this house from building to inhabited until a male had a 0child born in the house. is this just a fluke, or a quirk of Banished?
  26. Looked at it and I will say it looks to be heading the right way. I'm not up for jumping ship on Banished or it's developer yet, as it has been a great game and was a stepping stone to the next one coming. At $20 now I may purchase it to mess around with all the doo-dads and see what it can do when he gets it moving along. A little leary right now from ready comments on his post, as he is not consistent with working on it. Banished is still got a lot in it I haven't even tried and I've been in it for a few years.
  27. Hi. New to banished. Still playing the vanilla version. But loved the diversity in this mod seen in some YouTube videos. Will download this mod soon.
  28. Black Liquid does not create translations. They do provide the String Tables for their Colonial Charter mod so others can create translations of that mod. However, MegaMod is a compilation of over 200 mods and they do not provide String Tables for that. I do not know if that will ever be available.
  29. Queria mucho jugar con el megamod, pero no se ingles, entonces vengo humildemente pedirles que hagan alguna traduccion para español
  30. welcome
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