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  6. Early game, firewood is still a solid trading choice. Also wooden statues, flax, feathers, bone meal, and any other random crap you have laying around. If you have a way to get wool, it's still good to trade directly or as wool coats. I typically transition to trading charcoal, statues, and perfume. What I don't trade away is food. Ever. So that means I never trade ale. I've seen way too many famines over the years of playing to ever believe my food surplus is large enough. I will litter my landscape with massive barns, all stuffed with surplus food, because eventually I know I'm going to need it.
  7. The first thing you should know is that there isn't a single right way to play. IMO if you're still getting used to megamod it's worth using the Appalachian Forest starting condition. Why? Because you get rice & eggs. You can immediately place a rice paddy and a dock chicken breeder, which will give you grain and protein right off the bat. And if you also send your laborers out to gather wild foods once or twice a year, the food situation will be sorted and you can focus on other things. Like smelting iron. What I do is start with firewood and later on transition to charcoal. I typically make a little "neighborhood" with a log vendor, firewood producer, fuel refiner, small iron smelter, and one of the blacksmiths. I tend to prefer the RK medieval blacksmith that sits on a corner. Early on, I only staff the log vendor when I need to fill it up. Until I get some iron, I just make wooden, stone, or rough tools, but I only make what I need immediately, because I don't want to waste iron ore. And note that while some of those buildings have an unhappiness radius, I've never noticed that it's a problem as long as the residents have enough to eat, and a coat to wear. You can throw in a small cemetery too, if you like. For little local cemeteries, I'm a fan of the wooden fence one. I also wanted to point out that there are now more ways to make cheap coats. There are two or three workshops that can make coats directly out of gathered flax. Plus there's the reed & feather survival coat. Finally, because megamod has so many options, I strongly suggest that you create a throwaway game, in which you use Debug to free build one of every single building so you can look at them all to see what they do. You'll find that different bakeries, butchers, blacksmiths, tailors and...well, everything, have different recipes. I find this more realistic, and also way more flexible.
  8. You can make Rough Tools from Iron Ore and Logs. To make Iron Tools, you need to convert Iron Ore into Iron. Since I'm most familiar with CC these are the buildings you need: an Iron Smelter (or Small Iron Smelter) which needs Furnace Fuel from a Fuel Refinery/Small Fuel Refinery. Furnace Fuel can be made from Firewood or Charcoal. There's an awful lot of stuff in this game that can be used for trade. I start with trade items that don't require a chain (and several workers). Stone or wood statues from the Statue Carver are good (I eventually buy Marble or Jade for him). Then there's Furniture (later you may need it for Housewares). Selling Reeds (from a Reed Farm placed on a river or even a stream) or Duck Meat from a Hunting Blind work for me. Once you have people, Perfume is good, so is Ale and Wine. Survival Coats are great if you need to get rid of feathers. Once you find all of the Domesticated Animals and build a Stable to make more, DA make great trade items. So do Trade Livestock (raise them in a pasture, but instead of getting meat, you get an animal that can be used for trade).
  9. Im more confuse w/ the fuel to start making tools. I know I have to smelt iron ore first but I dont really know the supply chain for fuel stuff. Idk what to prioritize then. For trade goods, what do you stock up to barter traders with?
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  11. Just like vanilla at first. After securing food and logs, I build a School, Blacksmith and Tailor (or if I have chickens build the Dock Reed Farm and Dock Workshop so I can make Survival Coats). I build a Sawpit so I can make enough lumber to build a Stacksburner. It produces 11 charcoal out of 1 log vs the Woodcutter only producing 4 firewood from a log. I build a CC Town Arrival so I can get stats. I like to start trading so I try to produce something for trade. Maybe add a 2nd person to the Stacksburner to produce extra Charcoal. The Reed Farm produces over 1000 Reeds a year - not bad. Maybe build a couple of CC Abbeys to produce Ale? and a Tavern to store the ale in. Making Perfume is great too. I push to add a small Iron Smelter and Small Fuel Refinery buildings so I can make Iron Tools. My 1st trading posts are either CC's Farm Supplier or kid1293's ALotOfSeeds.
  12. and HOLY HECK, I am overwhelmed. I don't even know where to start. I played with RK's collection before and took me a while to get used to smelting iron ore first. So my question is, what is the best way to start up a new megamod game? What do I prioritize after food?
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  14. If you are referring to Necora's Maritimes Pine Set, the answer is: No, it isn't included in MM. None of Necora's mods were included because he never sent Kralyerg the code for any of them.
  15. game is wild game comes from the pine mod trapper.if you have blank tags then you have a mod issue.looking at your list it is possable that the pine is not included with the MM. i don't use the MM.
  16. I cant believe I have been downloading at least half of the included mods myself and figuring out how to get them to work properly together. No can do.. Thank you so much
  17. Thanks to all. I can see I'm going to have to build everything just to test what it does. Love the Megamod.
  18. yup Training Camp Mod offer towers which employ an hunter. the hunter stay at top of the tower, not hunting but create from thin air a bunch of new meat i wished one day to have. now i have some of those, real animals like bears, geese, ducks, bisons....
  19. By "conflicted", I think you mean they are red? Red just means they both affect the same part of the code. Several tried to get Luke, the developer to change the color so people don't think it's bad but he didn't. The two mods I would drop to see if it fixes the missing item names is Unlimited Mines and Quarries and the More Stable Population mod. Both are old. Unlimited M/Q isn't really needed anyway. CC mines and quarries can be updated 2x then are unlimited - I don't know about the ones produced by others. However, Unlimited Mines and Quarries would only affect the vanilla mines/quarries - and putting that mod below MM won't affect how they work anyway since the mod on top takes over. The Fast Food Stand may be produce Chicken Nuggets. I think Red Ketchup's Training Camp mod (which is part of MM8) may include a hunting stand (not sure what it is called) that produces bear, hare, maybe geese and some other different meats.
  20. Thanks for your answer. Understand that nothing I said above makes the game unplayable. I was just curious as to why my butcher can make roast goose or hare stew if I can only get a very limited supply once every five boat trips or so. Why bother? It would make more sense just to buy them when available rather than have an idle building, or more likely 5 idle buildings waiting for a scarce supply. Frankly, if I can't make something on my own, ( even if I'm supposed to be) it gives me a way to trade all my excess things I do make. Having said that, here are my mods in my load order: MM8.01 part 1 enabled conflicted MM8.01 part 2 enabled conflicted MM8.01 part 3 enabled conflicted MM Decopack 0.07 not enabled fast food stand enabled and conflicted MM 0.07 not enabled unlimited mines/quarry enabled and conflicted tree growth and life not enabled more stable pop enabled and not conflicted Next game I will play without the two conflicted mods and see if anything changes, Thanks.
  21. The spreadsheets only cover the Colonial Charter mod. There are over 200 other mods in MegaMod that aren't included in the spreadsheets. Wild Shepherds ONLY bring in Domesticated Animals that are found on the map. Those eventually run out. There are quite a few items which are trade only, but with over 200 mods, there's also a lot of unique items produced. I'm really not which buildings from who's mod produces what. - Sorry. You shouldn't have any blank items; that's usually caused by a conflict between mods - are you using Banished version 1.0.7? Are you using the most current version of Megamod (8.01?). Are you using any other mods? If so, what are they (include version #) and what is the load order?
  22. I recently started playing the Megamod and have a question about some food items. The food trade ships often bring the food items boar, bear, goose, hare and some others, including one called game, that neither my hunters or wild shepherds ever bring in. Are these items by trade skip only? These ships also bring in roast chicken, chicken nuggets and spiced pumpkin pie that I have never seen available in any bakery, kitchen etc. And lastly, the ships show up with goods I can trade for that do not have a title at all. Simply blank. Chef's surprise, perhaps? The spreadsheets do not list any of these item, so I guess these are modded items? Thanks for any info.
  23. We see a lot of problems when people use a lot of mods, especially when the mods are old or above CC when they should be below it. Glad you were able to fix it.
  24. No, the field was definitely producing eggs. I let the game run for a while and saw a steady decrease in my citizens' health, because they weren't getting any veggies in their diet. Plenty of eggs though. I did figure out what was wrong after some investigation and tinkering; the Soup Kitchen mod was in the wrong place in my load order. Everything works fine now that I've moved it under CC.
  25. It doesn't. Apparently the current farmer worked as a chicken herdsman previously and the boxes show what he produced not what the field produced.
  26. Another couple of maps where all the lakes are joined by a water source.
  27. Soooooo yeah. Check out this screenshot. I'm using Banished 1.07 beta, and CC 1.76 Journey. Here's my complete list of active mods and the load order. Bakery Plus Better Stock Piles Irrigate BETA Mini Buildings Soup Kitchen Inedible Beef Inedible Bison Meat Inedible Charki Inedible Cheval Inedible Mutton Inedible Pork Inedible Venison CC Hot Crops Inedible Barley Inedible Butter Inedible Canola Inedible CoffeeBeans Inedible Cream Inedible Flour Inedible Oats Inedible Rye Inedible Sorghum Inedible Sunflowers Inedible Tulips Inedible Wheat Jade Quarry: A CC Mod Marble Quarry: A CC Mod Hunting D20 Medieval Houses Debug Menu Happiness Radius Legalized Marijuana Less Food 50 Renewable Resources Beta 2 Unhappiness Radius RoadBound CC: 1.76 Journey Tunnel Mine (CC version) PirateCove Build Monuments Tropical Greenhouse Flatten Terrain Tool Storage Shed Tighter Roads: Extended Edition Edit: Started a new game, and my Friesian cows are also producing eggs instead of milk. Haven't tested anything else yet, but something is conflicting really badly here.
  28. Facepalms...How did I miss that!!!! I though they were governed by the food limiter...I guess I was wrong!
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