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  2. Bricks cost more to make than they do to buy when you just consider the raw materials used - and even when you have an educated worker However, when you produce your own clay and furnace fuel, do you really need to consider how much you could trade them for? There's also the advantage is that once it is producing bricks, you don't have to worry about whether your merchant is going to bring any bricks to buy. Having an Industrial Trader helps. Once I have plenty of extra laborers, the chance of accidental death is something I've really never worried about but I can see your point.
  3. OK, so it might still be best to import bricks. Thanks for the clarification.
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  5. Basically. There is some sort of random "accident" generator in the game that decides when it is time to have an accident and chooses which profession has the accident. I believe each profession also specifies the likelihood that profession will be chosen - that's why those that work in mines and quarries have accidental deaths more often than others. The description of the accidental death is in the code and always remains the same until the code is modified. When modders add a new profession, they can describe the way that profession dies if there is an accident.
  6. did you find our notes on loading issues? we have offered many ideas control alt delete keys, check the status of cpu usage during game play.if you are maxing this out with MM and after closing every other program you are not using,then i would recommend going to the CC J and loading individual mods. also i would turn off the auto save. the 1st time loading after changing mod order or adding a mod can be slowr.the next load may actually be faster.it takes time for the comp to re-write the registry on the initial load.good luuck.
  7. maiden,are you using MM? have you tried burning thatch or fodder grass as fuel? depending on mods and mod order this might be easier.it is a good way to use up the excess grass.definetly handy at game starts when logs are needed for construction. is charcoal a historically correct way? i have heard overseas in some areas grass or sod was.
  8. safety hole mod which helps save miners also helps lessen other deaths.doesn't stop them but does make them happen less often. it is like giving the bannies safety training. happiness does not matter much to banished. uness you use the north or norseman mods. most buildings don't even show this radius.roof tiles can be imported.
  9. Reply to Worker. at step 18 it was a last ditch attempt, I figured if I get one loaded, then i can add two, and then three. it did not work. At which time I just gave up too tired to keep trying. I haven't yet tried to load MM8 or any other mods right now , I figured I would give mods a rest, and started a new map, to achieve the uneducated, nomads, tombstones, and 900 pop, then my list of Achievements will be completed. And I will go back to mods, after Rick has gone over the computer.
  10. Last week
  11. I realized I suddenly had an addon called "DS Timber Mill" - it was this that caused the conflict! Thanks for clarifying
  12. A couple of things: 1- Step 18:Starting MM 8.01 Part 1 wihout part 2 and 3 WILL most likely crash. You need all 3 parts. Part 1 on its own is not a complete mod. A real test would be all 3 parts of MM and nothing else at all. 2- when you say you enabled MM and other mods and it seemed to work, but you crashed on quitting the game: Had you loaded and enabled the mods then started a town instantly, and did you crash when you tried to exit that town? If that's the case, it's a "normal" issue that can happen whenever you make any change to your modlist and then playa town without first taking the extra step of entirely quitting Banished and restarting it before starting a town. One way to get around that is to launch banished wiht mods disabled (Keep CTRL pressed to get the options first and pick "start with no mod" or however that option is called), then go in the mod menu, enable the mods you want, confirm the changes when exiting, then quit Banished and restart it. You might get to enjoy the "long loading screen" then. After that, try starting a town and you should no longer crash when exiting it. Otherwise one thing you could try is start with CTRL pressed to bring up the options window. In the video options swtich from DirectX11 to DirectX9, then start with mods diabled and do the above steps to enable the mods and force the game to load them cleanly with a restart. DirectX9 usually means longer loading screens, but is more stable for quite a few people.
  13. OK, so just to confirm: the program randomly decides it's time for someone to die, then decides who dies, and then decides how - in that order? So someone who is a kilnman is in no more danger than anyone else?
  14. SoftwareSimian has created a really terrific database. Note that this information is also available in spreadsheet form here on the forum, CC Spreadsheets, in case you wish to download these and print them out for use while you are in game. There is also additional information in the forum's Wiki.
  15. It's great that your computer can handle CC 1.76, RKEC and other mods, however all of those are much smaller than MM. Since it appears that you have tried running MM8.01 with no other mods and that doesn't work, I would recommend you use the larger mod of your choice and add the mods you especially prefer to use which can still result in an excellent modded game.
  16. Thanks for the update, guys. Shame to lose the town but I wasn't over 200 pop yet so it's not the worst thing imaginable.
  17. So I just went through your data list. WOW! You did a tonne of work to compile this data. I already knew I loved Charcoal for fuel. But you proved it is the best value going. it is coincidentally the highest value of the whole list. heh. guess that makes me a good guesser eh. Thanks for doing this, it was very interesting. informative, I won't be using no more chicken meat at the tinnery. and those fire bundlers, and wood choppers, handy at the start, but not a good bet to fuel hundreds of houses, or service the Fuel Refinery. Besides, it is much easier to use a log vendor to feed the stacks burner, or bricksworks. and then feed the charcoal as the only fuel going, so the fuel vendor can stay fully stocked up to feed the Fuel Refinery, and the markets don't overload trying to stock every type of fuel going. And, two or three stacksburners vs the multitudes of staff required to build bundles or firewood. I preferred Charcoal for its low labour costs. even if at the time I thought it was a higher cost overall. after all convenience usually has a steeper pricetag.
  18. I came onto BlackLiquid specifically for MM8 today. I was and am determined to play with this mod. Step by step this is what I did. 1.. Found MM8.01 right away, clicked and downloaded. it went into my downloaded files, I found right away. no problems. 2. I spent six hours trying to find this windata file. This is where it is exactly on my computer..... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Banished\WinData First I extracted it. Then told extraction to extract to this file. the whole thing, no modifying, nothing. 3. Went into Banished. Disabled All mods, (figured it would be easier to load that way) 4. Found the MM8.01 files 1,2 and 3. Set them up in order, added the fishing boost, the fishing dock, the terrain, fly fishing and hunting. Clicked okay, everything seemed fine. I was prepared for a long wait. no big deal, Everything seemed fine took about ten mins. So then I went to close Banished, and ..... 5. Evil nasty tone my computer gives me when Banish Crashes. 6. Ctrl Alt Delete----->Start task Manager. 7. Banished not responding. Try to close, would not close. 8. Force restart. 9. Fresh start , Repeat steps 3 and four. Disabled every mod except MM8.01 (following other threads with same problem) 10. Clicked okay. then close Banished. 11. Evil nasty tone dead Banished, repeat steaps 6,7, and 8. 12. Repeat same procedure two more times. 13. Decide to unsubscribe from all Mods. 14. No problem, unsubscribed from all mods. click okay. Banished saved and closed. Restarted Computer (just in case eh.) 15. Steps 3 and 4 again, Also added the precaution of closing steam, exiting internet, and closing any hidden programs running. (there were none) Shut down my virus protection. Panda this week,(Computer going to see Rick, could be something different when it comes back. Getting a new vid card.) Same result, repeating steps 6-8 16. Considered smashing computer. 17. Tried only loading MM8.01 part 1. No go . crash bang boom, restarting Computer. I gave up at this point, and decided to start a Vanilla game, to complete the achievements I missed as a newby. Had a wonderful adventure trying to play vanilla, no schools achievement. it is HARD. Anyway. that was my day. So willing to give a step to the Banished adventure. lol. Oh and these are my computer specs.Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 70 °C Kentsfield 65nm Technology RAM 3.00GB DDR2 Motherboard ASUSTek Computer INC. Basswood3G (Socket 775) 49 °C Graphics Panasonic-TV (1280x768@60Hz) 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce 210 (ZOTAC International) 75 °C Storage 298GB Hitachi HDT725032VLA380 (SATA) 47 °C Optical Drives HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-H30L Audio NVIDIA High Definition Audio I loved playing the CC1.76 mod. it is fantabulous. And I have also played the DS mods, and RKEC mods, none of these had issues. all used the fishing mods, fly fishing, and hunting, modbug, single fishing dock. nordic log cabin. and radius recolour. and ironmen. i might be missing something, but can't think of what atm. Any ideas would be awesome. thanks in advance. Sorry for the long posting.
  19. People usually die from old age. They can also die from disease or from being caught by a tornado. There is also a random chance that every so often, someone dies from an accident or a disease specifically related to their profession. If it's a Kilnman's turn, he dies from black lung.
  20. I just had a kilnman die of black lung from inhaling smoke. Does this happen to every kilnman after enough exposure, or is it random like the rocks that kill quarry workers?
  21. Welcome to the madness
  22. As a side note, if you were playing version 1.71 of CC with an up-to-date version of Banished (usually is the case on Steam), you would have had issues in the long run with things not being handled correctly because of flag issues. While the 1.71 to 1.76 update instantly doomed your town without warning, in a way it spared you the heartache of crashes and AI madness at a later date on a larger town. :-/
  23. On my laptop MegaMod used to take over 9 minutes to load before I added more RAM. Blackscreen and nothing apparently happening doesn't mean it has crashed, just that it's taking time to load. When it crashes it usually i s"nice" enough to kick you back to desktop with an error message. Loading MegaMod is usually the perfect time to go grab drinks and food and go to the bathroom to be perfectly ready for a good long Banishing session.
  24. I could be wrong, but I think Bronze is actually in MegaMod but not in CC, where we have rough, iron and steel tools "only". So it's not CC-balancing it's consistency issues between mods.
  25. and still, black screen doesnt mean that it is not working. 4GB of mods like MM8 can take many, many minutes at loading black screen !
  26. welcome @maiden4meldin !!
  27. Make sure you are using the most recent version of MegaMod - v. 8.01. Try loading those 3 mods without any other mods. When you check them, they will turn red. Red doesn't mean mods are incompatible; it just means they affect the same code. After you make the changes to your mod list, exit the game completely; this will help prevent crashes. Then go back in and start a new game. MegaMod is a compilation of over 200 mods; some needed to be modified to ensure they would all work well together. When you downloaded MM 8.01, you also received a .pdf that lists all of the mods. When you add additional mods, they may or may not be compatible with MM. Once MM is working, you can add other mods and see if any of those are the reason you get crashes. Some people find that they can speed up loading by switching from DX9 to DX11 or the other way. From the main game menu go to Options > Video > Renderer and choose the other DX option. I find that DX11 speeds it up; others find it causes crashes. You also can speed up loading by unsubscribing/deleting any mods you aren't using and deleting extra Save files. Let us know if this solves the problem.
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