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  4. thank you for your help governor!
  5. Nope. That was created by someone else, using different software.
  6. Housing is included in the Construction Spreadsheet.
  7. thank you for the spreadsheet.. i was wondering if there is also one for housing?
  8. thank you for the spreadsheet.. i was wondering if there is also one for housing?
  9. hello, just wondering if there is an updated list of stuffs with infos like https://www.silisoftware.com/tools/banished-colonial-charter/building this one from here?
  10. Last week
  11. @Bartender are you still in the modding business? Haven't seen any posts from you since 2017 and I was wondering whether the mod will be updated to include your planned additions, as well as to make it compatible with MegaMod 8.01 and CC starting conditions. This mod looks beautiful and I'd really like to play it with CC Shipwreck.
  12. Beautifull mod, this and also all the livestock mod in this section. I know it's not good to make requests as soon as I've arrived, but would it be possible to have all 6 animals (llamas, pigs, bison, duck, friesian cow and horses) in one standalone mod?
  13. Hi everyone, i'm a new Banished player, and i play vanilla version, but now I'm looking for some mods that make the game more engaging.
  14. My pleasure. It only took me like 10 hours banging my head into a wall and getting grey hairs about it. Being stubborn is one of my better traits Busy playing since =)
  15. The mausoleums and fence are part of Red Ketchup's Creepy Cemetery mod which is included in MegaMod 8.01.
  16. I first said "Yep, they're just for hunters." but that's misleading. Animals that are actually walking around such as deer (or Bison in the Frontier start) can be hunted by hunters. In the Wild Things map, the animals are not moving. All of these, and the other foods found on the map, can be gathered by Laborers when you highlight them using the gather wild foods tool. The only animals you can put in a pasture are those you buy from a merchant who visits the trading post or animals from another pasture.
  17. Woah, how did you make this? Are those mausoleums?
  18. With a Wild Things map, there are every kind of livestock just walking around... can I not corral them into a pasture? Are they just for hunters?
  19. The reason the saves aren't compatible is that Banished was updated back in 9/2017. At that time several new "flags" (think "categories) were added that are used to categorize items, some flags were eliminated, and several items changed flags. CC 1.76 uses the new flags and can't do any kind of updating to the previously used flags in an old save. That means it simply crashes. If you use any mods other than CC 1.76, make sure they were created or updated for use with the new version of Banished (1.0.7 build 170910).
  20. 375 olives certainly sounds like enough to make veggie oil from olives. You could raise your food limit up some more just in case you are periodically hitting the limit without noticing it. Also make sure you have room for the oil in nearby barns. Since these don't sound like likely culprits, could you send me a picture of your oil press with the info screen open?
    Thanks so much for making a great game utterly Fantastic with all of the mods offered. You guys ROCK!!!
  21. I have no idea how to solve this and I'm stumped. My oil press will suddenly stop recognizing that it's got olives. The road is clear, there's 375 olives in the building, it's been pressing oil happily for months. And I've got about 2000 leaway left yet before the food cap is met. Yet I'm getting that annoying little circle with a slash and nothing's being produced. I'm only running mega mod. I have been 'fixing' this by switching to seed oil for a few game months, usually that seems to jar it into recognizing that it's got olives. But that's just annoying and the olives just keep stuffing the barns and I want the oil for trade right away. Any suggestions of where I need to look? Or what you need for me to screenshot for you to give me suggestions? If it were happening all the time I'd just yank the press and rebuilt it elsewhere but this is intermittent which makes me think it's something I'm doing or something I've got set in the village that needs to change.
  22. Earlier
  23. 1.55 saves are NOT compatible with 1.6 or 1.7
  24. I'm a fresh player and playing the game with CC1.55. I built some CC1.55 buildings in game, but now I would like to install the CC1.7 and remove 1.55... Is available to do that? Coz I juz downloaded and installed but it shows error...
  25. Kralyerg looked at the code and found some issues caused by the addition of the tiny map. Apparently the map is sometimes asked to put too much of something somewhere. MM can't get it to work and it just keeps trying - the result is that the game doesn't load. There's also an issue where not all of the terrains have settings for "tiny" maps which creates other issues. You are the first person who has brought this issue to our attention so it can be fixed. Thanks for letting us know.
  26. There is one other thing you could do. Before the stable was added to CC, Kralyerg created a different stable you could build to produce Domesticated Animals. It doesn't require Domesticated Animals to build it. It requires Oats, Corn or Barley to produce Domesticated Animals. You can find his mod HERE. Place it below CC.
  27. New game started today using Banished 1.0.7 build 170910 and CC v1.76 from the Workshop, no other mods. I've been letting my stock of Domesticated Animals climb via the Wild Shepherd, who seems to have topped out at about 12. I used a couple to build a chicken coop then had a milking barn in progress "holding" the rest of my stock when I noticed the Stable is supposed to produce them. I canceled the milking barn and all the Domesticated Animals vanished when the plot was removed. Am I now stuck building a trading dock and praying for someone to bring me some?
  28. Interesting issue. Valleys and Mountains and Small maps (also Medium and Large maps) are all part of original Banished, so I would kinda assume they would work together. Not sure which (or whose) mod adds Tiny maps to MegaMod (it isn't part of Colonial Charter), but I did let Kralyerg know so he can take a look at this and fix the problem in MM9. (Kralyerg is the member of the Black Liquid Team who puts MM together.)
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