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    All of the mills from Colonial Charter, now standalone. Small Windmill, Large Windmill, City Windmill, Watermill. Convert your Corn, Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats, Sorghum, Rice into Flour. I know the toolbar is a little weird, but that's how it fits into the standard CC toolbar.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Here are some things it could be: Make sure you are using Banished v. 1.0.7 Build 170910. The version can be found at the bottom of the opening menu. Everytime you add or delete mods, you should go in and check the mods, then exit the game completely before starting a new game. Make sure you don't try to load an old game. You can also try changing from DX 9 to DX 11 or the other way around. I find DX 11 loads faster while others say their game crashes. (Keep Ctrl pressed while starting Banished. That brings up the Options screen. From there you can select DX 9 or DX 11.)
  6. I made a little addon mod. FewFlowers.pkm The flowers will grow the same in the forest, but when you pick them, you will only get 1 Flower in your inventory, instead of 15-20. This should be savegame compatible. It won't do anything to what you already have in inventory, but anything new that is collected should be way less. Make sure this is above MM. And of course it's going to turn red, because it's modifying MM files.
  7. I have MM8, three files in the correct order. i have all other mods disabled. The game will load. As soon as I click on the toolbar to build something. the game crashes. Any suggestions?
  8. Oh, yes, that would be fine!!
  9. So, currently the CC mills should process Barley, Corn, Oats, Rice, Rye, Sorghum and Wheat. If I were to make a standalone version, I would want to keep all of those options intact. But this will cause your traders to also bring all of these items. (They wouldn't bring seeds, just the raw resource). Is that okay with you?
  10. you can delete CC too !! CC is included in MM !!
  11. I'm assuming that you are using the current version of MegaMod? Flower production has been lowered somewhat from when it was first added and most people seem to be happy with the current production chain. Since perfume is a luxury, you need to have storage for luxuries such as taverns or those that say they are for storage. If you are producing too much perfume, you can stop work for a while. Do you have another question?
  12. Could this be made as a standalone mod, so we can make rice flour outside of CC Journey, using the CC Docks mod?
  13. Are you running tons of other mods? Could be conflicts. What's helped me go from unplayable lag, to relatively smooth: 1. Deleted all other mods besides CC and Megamod. I also deleted in file explorer, so it's just these 2 mods, although I think CC has 2 files. I also removed all the old saves and switched to DX11. This took initial load time from 10+ minutes to 1 or 2 minutes total and game is running smooth, not as smooth as vanilla but very much playable. Good luck
  14. I'm getting the feeling the whole chain is borked somehow. Seems way too much flower production, problems with storage, and generally over produced, almost makes everything else obsolete.
  15. Make a smaller barn or cellar storage for luxury items, it will be deposited there, to be picked up by your traders. Industry and markets will also pick it up from the cellars.
  16. This chain is way OP. At first I was happy but after a while you just get tons and tons of the flowers, and perfumes and flowers are the only things I ever need to trade. Even if I wanted to ignore, I can't because they fill up my warehouses so quick, it's insane. Is there any way to tone this down? Seems like a good idea but geez, a little challenge anyone?
  17. Last week
  18. Could someone please make a grinder/mill that processes the rice from CC into flour? Seems a waste to have rice, then have to go get another grain for flour. Could make it standalone for use with other CC standalone mods? Pretty please??
  19. It was that price at GOG too!
  20. the hemp grows but the plant visual does not show up, it is only a shadow. I only have CC running, debug menu, & this mod. I have this mod on top then cc then debug menu. please help.
  21. The Steam Summer Sale started today. Banished is only $6.79!
  22. The CC Terrains mod ONLY includes terrains and won't affect the climates
  23. you could look into adding the CC terrain addon mod above the others.it might solve the snow issue,if that is 1 of the terrains.not sure if t would overide the RK fodder grass thou.
  24. I'm guessing that's the case since any of the 3 above CC 1.75 could have code that takes precedence over 1.75's code.
  25. I have RK's mod above CC. If I don't put his first, then I don't get green grass, but instead get his brown dirt look. Odd that having his mod above CC lets the green grass show without all his fodder and flowers, but if CC is first, it get's Red's terrain of brown earth, but not all his fodder and flowers. I also am using a mod called Multi-start, that has various population starting conditions. Load order: Multi Start Rk's Editor's Choice Medieval town 2.04 CC Journey Maybe having such a mix will make unexpected things happen.
  26. I was playing the Mediterranean climate no snow start, and in the second winter, it snowed! I am playing CC Journey along with Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice Mod, but I don't think that would make it snow.
  27. Thank you!!!
  28. I don't have the code for the standalone version anymore (hard drive crash a while back) but I had uploaded it to BanishedInfo https://banishedinfo.com/mods/view/869-Labor-Window
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