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  2. @stiles the two buildings in the second pic are the maple boiler and cider press . They are small lots, both 1x3, with a basic pot over a fire for the maple and a small apple press for the cider. They are meant to be small little things you could pop in a court yard or a yard of a house or something. We're thinking tiny industry here! They will both produce a respectable amount of syrup and cider, but not too much. I might make larger versions for the Sherbrooke set. A still... yes. I was going to use the turpentine still as a base for whiskey still. It will be smaller than the current turpentine still, but a bit larger than the maple and cider buildings. I'm thinking 2x2 or 2x3. Hunter... yup can do, would be a nice addition. Storage and market... there is one storage building at the moment, I used the turpentine still and took away the stove and still, it makes a great double level storage for materials and textiles. I definitely want some small storage bits too, I get so tired of seeing stock piles everywhere! I can't decide between general storage with a few F-variants or resource specific storage. What would you prefer? Residences... love the idea of ones that can be placed 'above' the humble industry. I will definitely give those a go. Fur trapper... I found a nice pelt texture the other day and thought about it. I kinda want to wait and see if @ShockPuppet or someone comes up with something for that, I know the discussion is on how to implement it with respects to just producing something out of nothing or actually having a wild resource to harvest. I like that lodge idea, I thought about something similar a while back but wasn't sure how to implement it. I also guess you could have the traps spawn like wild foods, and then when harvested they produce a type of pelt. All good ideas! Isn't there a trout lake out there too? A lake would be interesting, even from a decorative point of view too.
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  4. After you select the mod, be sure to say YES when it asks about reloading the main menu. Then, after it comes back, EXIT the game completely. Then restart it. SHould be fine.
  5. what is the 2nd pic down? was hoping for more pics of the cider press and sap bioler. keeping with the forrest theme: how bout a small still? and we need a hunting lodge.could do as a storage place or market. could expand it to b modular and have additions to the sides for hunting and gatherer, add residences to upper floors. still need a fur trapper.add it as wild game,and then process for more meat cuts.ranning could give us both leather and furr. furr and leather coats giving more warmth and better trade values.similar to what "the north"mod does with reindeer coats.could do a 20x20 ghost square of a forrest with a lodge in the center. randomly get furs,logs,the pine pitch,sap,etc. with this way u can add animals for the furrs without having to make them animated. going back to the fishing: u could do a lighthouse as a residence. and a fishing pond or small lake.the 1 RED has with the NMT mod is too nice. we need 1 igger and "rougher"looking.say big enough we could use a rowboat in.mayb a small dock and a shack with some tree stumps in the lake.
  6. @Raerae, the mod has been updated with fixes for the dory builder and all other things! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2nh4ixEBQ-kS1hlUjVROG5kejQ As usual, I am very grateful for all of the feedback and bug reports - so have added the Sherbrooke Church to this update! Enjoy.
  7. I have the same issue. Downloaded the pack put it in the right file/order and it is shown in the mod menu - i can activate it and its is shown as enabeld (green background in the mod list) but as soon as I start a new game there is nothing - just the normal banished setup. But no modes,buildings etc.... Hope you guys can help! Becuase the collection of mod is awesome!
  8. I have the same issue. Downloaded the pack put it in the right file/order and it is shown in the mod menu - i can activate it and its is shown as enabeld (green background in the mod list) but as soon as I start a new game there is nothing - just the normal banished setup. But no modes,buildings etc.... Hope you guys can help! Becuase the collection of mod is awesome!
  9. On Linux its taking at least five minutes to start up (I go and make a hot drink or something while I wait) and then usually another minute or so to actually start a village up
  10. @Ketchup thank you, much appreciated! So the humble industries are moving in, and the pine industry is also expanding. We have a few new additions to the town... A humble loom to fit in with the other small industries, a wood version and a nice yellow version. It produces canvas from hemp and linen from flax. That makes a loom, blacksmith, tailor, and lumber cutter so far. I cheated with the loom and the tailor by making the shack bigger and having most work done inside. I couldn't think of what to put for the tailor to work outside, that would look good, and I couldn't be bothered to make a loom (although I will probably go back and do that at some point because I think it will look cool). I've also gone very Canadian (how could I not eh?) and added a back yard maple boiler, who will turn maple sap into maple syrup, and a back yard cider press, that turns apples + maple syrup into good old hard cider. Our little pine forest industry community is looking pretty thriving right now! So now a question or two for the crowd, what would you like to see added to a small forest industry set or a humble industry set like this? I'm open to suggestions. So far, I have been concentrating on a few buildings that I need for the production chains, hence the pine resource buildings, lumber cutter and the loom. I've also thrown in a blacksmith and tailor, may as well have the original vanilla industry represented here and add some variation. I would also like to keep expanding these two styles to include a few more buildings, so figured I'd see what you all would like! I'm up for most things if they fit, and am already thinking about adding some small civics and houses at some point that continue the theme so you can have a whole town in the forest. Perhaps even give the hunter, gatherer, and forester a make over to fit too (although, there will be a 'gatherer' type building to collect specific material resources for this chain (pine boughs, pine resin, flax, possibly hemp), perhaps a food gatherer (apples, maple sap) and also a forester type building to plant specific trees for these chains too (maple... apple... pine)). Building sizes are small shacks and coverings, and if possible things to be displayed on the outside. The idea is that anything that can fit in the forest gets 1 wood version - unless it will also look good in a town setting (like the four humble industries) in which case it also gets a nice colored version. At the moment, they are in two tool bars, one for the pine set and one for the humble industries, but I might make them all into one small industry toolbar for ease.
  11. Digging through my stack of memory sticks... so many images  9_9

    1. Discrepancy


      So many great images :) it is thanks to you that I was able to use cheat engine.

      I enjoy taking screenshots of Banished. It has such a nice warmth and beauty.

      The more I explore and mod the game and find the limitations the more I still appreciate the simple aspect of the game that can make it enjoyable for so many hours. It has what few games I have played have... lasting game-play.

      Edited by Discrepancy
  12. Seasonal Trees

    From the album Crossover Fun

  13. Crop Circles

    From the album Crossover Fun

  14. Ale for Orcs

    From the album Crossover Fun

  15. After a boring speech by the mayor and receiving their Citizen's Document along with a generous gift of fresh clothes and soap, they gather in a meadow for a spontaneous "Dance of Happiness" - Now the villagers are not sure if that was such a good idea -
  16. Right of course, I completely forgot there were more than one version of the trees! Thanks.
  17. The NaturalResourceTree.rsc has a bunch of different kinds of model files so that the map can be populated by all of the different variations of trees equally. I suppose it was easier for Luke to make a master tree file instead of trying to balance the spawning of 3 different trees simultaneously. Just load up NaturalResourceOakTree.rsc and copy that one, since it just has the 1 mesh file referenced. I just ignore that camera thing in the fbx file. I suppose it may do something with lighting or something, but it doesn't have any effect on the actual model. I don't really know how to make the actual tree. @ShockPuppetis the resident tree expert. I'm not sure how to connect the tree model with the falling down animation part.
  18. Hello, I want to add a couple of trees to vanilla, that will be planted by a forester. I don't really want them in an orchard, and I don't want them growing wild, just planted by a new forester building. I want them this way so they spawn specific resources for some production chains. I've looked at the fig tree supplied with the mod kit, and modeled a (poor) fir tree. However, I have no idea what the camera, or other parts of that .fbx are, where they need to go, etc. Also, a bit confused about the three UV channels needed. It also doesn't help that the tree template in the resource refers to 4 spruce and birch models (but only one oak model). Why? Would someone mind taking a bit of time to put together a blow by blow on how to model a tree and put it in the game? I think I get coding it into the game, apart from the 4 models, but not sure about actually building it. Cheers
  19. Love that little buggy.
  20. Yesterday
  21. You mean my little Amish buggy? Yeah, would make a nice decoration <hint>
  22. Haha I like the stage wagon!
  23. the little window UI you have is a "group empty" so your _insertAt = "PageTabGroup" is not showing. your groupEmpty use usergroup0 so use that one for your upgradeUI and it will show up ObjectType _type = UpgradeUI; ElementDescription _element = "Dialog/Upgrade.rsc:trashupgradeButton"; String _insertAt = "userGroup0"; DialogControllerConfig _config = "upgradeConfig";
  24. First thing I thought. It reminds me of the Trappers Homestead from the Long Dark (survival game).
  25. be advised i played this way for 35+ yrs. the last yr has been full of fatal errors . with constantly saving ,i could get the game to play forward and was not able to force the error so to diagbose why or what was causing them. in the end i bought bloom which is iron ore in the north mod.when the bloom is delivered to a storage pile then it fatal erros. do not buy bloom. however,that does not explain the errors throughout the last yr. i may try to go back 1 more save point n continue this game.
  26. This morning, somewhere in Banished lands...
  27. That moment when i saw demon hunter Valeera skin, but i forgot that i can't afford for it. Because my BN wallet is 2.45 Euro. T_T

  28. @KevinTheCynic yup... I just assumed that CC named their building supplies 'buildingsupplies' and never bothered checking... they didn't ha! Never assume anything... Even though, the Maritimes version should be available from the trade post. It will be changed in the next update, as soon as I figure out how to sort the gate house out.
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