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  3. The Rice Planter doesn't require Sand - you need 100 Rice, which you should be able to buy Rice from a merchant, and 20 Logs. (By the way, Sand is usually produced by a Shore House and is used for making Glass. There are several mods that have Shore Houses including CC, Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice Mod and Embx61's Village Production Set.)
  4. It should be consumed. What mods do you have? What order? What are the version numbers?
  5. A few game-time years ago I traded for a supply of coffee (not coffee beans, but the prepared beverage) from a merchant for my coffee house. It was promptly moved to the coffee house, but none of it has been consumed. More recently I traded for some pipe tobacco and it seems to have the same problem (though I haven't given it a few years' trial). The mead that is stored in the same coffee house is regularly consumed, but the coffee and pipe tobacco just sit there. Do I have to manufacture a luxury in my town for it to be consumable? Is there some way to trigger consumption?
  6. Great mod, just one thing I use the dockset in a non CC game, but when I want to build the ricefarm for the docks, it needs sand, and I cannot find a building in which a worker can produce/acquire sand. Am I missing something?
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  8. How do I keep my coffee house from taking all my honey? The brewers would like to use the honey to make mead. EDIT: I needed to hire an ale wench. A coffee house without staff will end up with non-luxuries (honey, berries, etc.) stacking up inside.
  9. yup no sub-folders allowed here
  10. Excellent! Thank you very much, works like a charm.
  11. The ColonialCharterJ.pkm file needs to be in your Banished > WinData folder and not in a subfolder. Banished won't read anything that's in a subfolder.
  12. After extracting "ColonialCharterJ.1.76.rar" to the Banished sub-folder "WinData" I start the game click on the "Mods" button in the main menu and it's empty. This is the method(s) I have used to install the mod: Completely uninstall Banished... registry, everything... all gone! Re-start computer (probably unnecessary) Fresh install of version 1.0.7 build 170910 using GOG. Extract mod to Banished/WinData folder. Check contents of WinData folder and it is: ColonialCharterJ.1.76 (sub-folder) data0.pkg data1.pkg patch0.pkg patch1.pkg and the contents of the ColonialCharter.1.76 sub-folder is: ColonialCharterJ.pkm Start Banished and click on "Mods" button "Mods" is empty. Close Banished and GOG. restart computer (again probably unnecessary) Start Banished and click on "Mods" button No Joy!!!!! all suggestions will be appreciated
  13. Thanks! I remembered that the chart gave temperature limits, but I forgot that it had number of seasons to maturity as well. I'm guessing it would be best to have field fruits that need only two seasons; like strawberries, for example.
  14. This chart shows the temperature ranges that fruit trees and crops grow well in. It also shows the number of seasons it takes for fruit to mature for harvest. It's kinda old, but it is still valid. Temperature Chart
  15. I'm also trying a very harsh climate (so I hope you don't mind my jumping onto an old thread). I have no fruit yet aside from berries, and I'd like to know if there's any difference in yield between different types of fruit. I've noticed that some crops grow faster than others (for example corn seems to grow faster than wheat), so is there a particularly fast-growing fruit? I'm including all fruits, field or orchard.
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  17. Hey shock


    i just reminding... here on steam you uploaded the CC 1.71 version



    it would be nice if it can be upgraded to 1.76 :)


    See You, bro


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    2. Ketchup


      sweet :)

      Thanks you Shock :)


      btw, did you heard from kralyerg lately ? i didnt from months

    3. ShockPuppet


      He's around, he said he's always looking but not talking

    4. Ketchup


      Oh ok thanks you !!

  18. Thanks very much I will try that and report back.
  19. Sandbox map creation video:
  20. This thread
  21. really ? i didnt know this. i thought they were still functional by their own
  22. To play MegaMod 8.01, you must enable all three files - each one is just 1/3 of the code needed and aren't designed to be used separately. I know it's confusing, but when mods turn red it doesn't mean they conflict; it just means they contain code that affects the same thing.
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