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  4. Not sure what is wrong, but have you done all of the following? Make sure you are using Banished 1.0.7. The version is shown at the bottom of the opening screen. Make sure you have extracted the .rar files to .pkm files and have put them in your Banished > WinData file. After you select the mods, it will ask if you want to restart. Say yes. When the game comes back, exit completely (helps prevent crashes). Make sure the mods are still checked and start the game. The mods should be in this order: Compatibility Mod 1.0.7 CC 1.75 (optional - MM contains 1.71) MegaMod .07 MegaMod Deco .07
  5. Hello all, as I am new here please excuse any ignorance on my part. I've played Banished for a couple hundred hours or so and have mostly used CC but recently started using the MM. Well the frustration of keeping the foods I want to put into production out of the greedy lil hands of my villagers became too much and I found the Inedible Mods. I have a few related questions: Can you introduce the Inedible Mods to an existing save? Are the Inedible Mods compatible with MM? Which goes on top in the loading order: MM or the Inedibles? Are there any other things I may not be doing in order to make these mods work together? Is it possible in future installments of MM to build the Inedible Mods in so you could choose what foods you want the general population to avoid by say adding a checkbox next to food items? Thank you in advance for any help.
  6. I have solved my issue. In short, I need to fill my markets with goods of each tag. If all the other tags are full, and remain full, the vendors will focus on moving only the things I want: four food groups, fuel, tools, and clothing. I wasn't setting a high enough Max Limit for a few specific items: Construction, Industrial Fuel, Fuel, Iron and Raw Materials. Also, I need to let these goods build up to a decent sized inventory for each market I have placed. What I was doing was making all those goods "on demand". Tool Production, for example, requires Industrial Fuel, Iron and Logs. I kept my Limits on these items very low. As these items were produced they were turned into tools. My markets constantly attempted to stock these items at EVERY market rather than stocking what I wanted. Instead, now I will produce large amount of these items (and others) and keep each stockpile high. Now the markets stay full of Fuel, Industrial Fuel, Iron, Lumber etc. and focus on bringing in other things.
  7. on this version,can i save game without crash?
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  9. What I have learned is that in order for the standard markets in CC to work I need to make my towns MORE focused on a single good. As my examples and videos show the Colonial Charter standard markets only work to distribute four food groups in my town that only produces Broccoli. This functioning exists because the market doesn't get clogged up attempting to acquire the wide variety of goods present in Colonial Charter; only broccoli is produced, nearly everything else is stable. In the unmodded game this issue is significantly less of a problem because of how few goods are created in the unmodded game. No other markets in CC function to distribute food groups.
  10. I'm glad your towns work fine and that we could clarify how the CC markets work (compared to what you had hoped).
  11. The idiosyncrasies I am struggling with are from Colonial Charter, not Banished. My towns work just fine. The markets of Colonial Charter simply do not serve what I understand to be their intended purpose.
  12. One of the challenges in playing Banished is figuring out the game's idiosyncrasies and using those in the best way to create a successful town. Sounds like your insistence on creating specialized, one product, towns isn't working well. Reminds me of the saying that Einstein is credited with: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I know this is frustrating, but now that you know what your options are, you need to decide if you want to adjust how you are playing or live with the results.
  13. I considered doing the Resource Depot option but sadly most of my towns are vastly more complicated than Broccoli Town. The Resource Depot method would take a vast amount of micromanagement. I like Banished because I can do nothing while my people work. Resource Depot means I have to do something. The issue is Market Carts do not function for food variety, Standard Markets get hung up collecting the wide variety of small quantity goods that inevitably pop up in CC games, and Edible Markets merely move the closest food closer. Here are two towns of mine that have clear issues: CheesyBreadIsLife uses regular markets but they function poorly because of all the other small quantity things made. One side of the river has bread, cheese and beef. The other side has Fruit/Veggies. I could redesign the town and get a little of everything everywhere. At that point I wouldn't need markets at all. Independence has tried every possible market. The town doesn't trade and is vegetarian. That means lots of Gathering Stations and lots of spreading out. I can't figure out a way to get a diverse diet into any of the spread out communities. Again, the regular market get clogged with other stuff. The Edibles market fills up with the closest food.
  14. You could try moving the broccoli not in Trading Posts to Resource Barns where the Market Vendors and citizens can't grab it. The Resource Barn will store 25,000 (based on weight). If you add the Ridiculous Storage mod from Kralyerg's Kave, that will increase storage 5X (goes above CC).
  15. he CC Edibles Market does have an issue, yes. It is set to store the Edibles flag alone, and doesn't concern itself with the food groups. MarketDescription market { float _fillLimit = 0.99; FillType _fillType [ { RawMaterialFlags _flags = Edible; float _ratio = 0.99; } ] } This was done because there are some resources that have a food group flag, but not the Edible flag (like Flour. Grain but not Edible). If it was made to accept the 4 food groups equally, then people may complain that their market was getting filled with food no one could eat.
  16. tl;dr. Why don't the Edible Markets behave like the Regular Markets but only for food items? Edible Markets fill with food nearby. Regular Markets don't. Video Example Citizens only stop at one market for food. Regular Markets waste time with all goods. Edible Markets fill with food. Specialized Carts only stock one food group. None of the 3 work ideally a large and specialized town. I made a demonstration town. The town makes Broccoli. I put a market in the center. I put a few useful buildings next to it. The next ring is houses. The next ring is Barns. The outer ring is tons of broccoli farms. I trade broccoli for everything else: tools, clothing, and the 3 other food groups. I purchase Corn, Cherries and Chestnuts to make it easy. Picture of Town Save Game File of Town When I use a regular market, like this Old Town Market all goes well for food groups. I keep a relatively steady and even supply of each food in the market. Regular Markets work great for this example town: Video Here. This example is the behavior I want: Vendors trying to constantly stock all four food groups at a market. When I use the Edibles Market the markets fill with Broccoli. My people's health suffers because they eat few food groups. The barns where food is imported contain plenty of other food groups. Edibles Markets fail in example town: Video Here. Second Video showing Change from Regular to Edible HERE. I don't want this behavior. When I use a group of specialized market carts the people only use the closest market cart. Again, people's health suffers because they eat few food groups. Specialized Market Carts fail in example town: Video here. I don't want this behavior. The problem is regular markets don't work in my "normal" towns. My other towns produce or own too many goods. The Example Broccoli town works because that town only makes broccoli. The only other goods are imported and there are very few of them: clothes, tools, fuel and the other 3 food groups. The marketers in Broccoli town only have to cart around the necessities. When the markets have more goods the desired effect (stocking all four food groups) fails. My Cheesy Bread town has several Rural Markets. The only fruits produced in Cheesy Bread town are Apples and Cherries. The only vegetable produced is Tomatoes. I bring up the Town Hall and there are a few thousand of each at all times. There aren't a lot, but enough that each market could stock or try to stock some. The problem is the Vendors at these markets are too busy messing with all the other goods Cheesy Bread town produces rather than trying to stock fruits and vegetables. Furnace Fuel, for example, is one of the problem goods. My town imports Furnace Fuel. Furnace Fuel is only used in one corner of town. Unfortunately, each market tries to stock some. The specialized market cart I place next to the Furnace Fuel users won't take Furnace Fuel out of another market. My vendors waste their time stocking furnace fuel, and other similar goods, rather than the Fruits and Vegetables my people need. Here's a Video of Cheesy Bread town Struggling I cannot simply change the Rural Markets to Edible Markets. The Edible Markets would fill with the outrageous amounts of Beef, Bread and Cheesy Bread that Cheesy Bread town produces. That's not a problem in real life but in the game my people need their fruits and veggies. I cannot use the specialized market carts for Fruits and Veggies because a person will only stock their home from one market. Either they go to the Rural Market with little to no Fruits/Veggies, or the Edible Market filled with Cheesy Bread goodness, or to the Fruit or Veggie Cart. The only go to one and don't stop at each. How do I fix this? How do I properly use markets to feed a spread out population with all four food groups? Why don't the Edible Markets behave like the Regular Markets but only for food items?
  17. Sorry I am late to the show. The reason for the variation is the distance his workers have to walk to accomplish various tasks. If the Hunting Blinds, Homes, Storage, Markets and things like Chapel and Herbalist were all compact the variation would be greatly reduced. Production in Hunting Blinds works like Fishing Docks: the only factor is time spent at the hunting blind and some random chance of which of duck meat, feathers, and fish are produced. If the time spent was more consistent by placing all those buildings together consistent results would be produced. In my testing, Hunting Blinds can optimally produce over 1600 Duck Meat per year on a very consistent basis. This number is very powerful. However, Hunting Blinds might not be in the top 10 of "over powered" things in CC.
  18. did you add the recommended compatability 1.07 mod that is step 1. mod order??? pine mod should be at the top. does your computer shuffle the mod order when it crashed? mine is known to do that and it is subtle. might swap just 2 mods,but in mid-game you will find problems.
  19. Ok! ok! ok! I play only with one year one year and MM 07 on mod ..So I had tested all the gatherers except vanilla and only The 3 forest food gatherer don't pick up the fruits !!! of course that was that one i used the first time.. I was testing the pine mod of Necora last week since 4 days...the house and nature was so very beautiful !! first time.. impossible to use and sell this f...g turpine .. So i looking for one issue and take the second mod.. Of course i must begin a second game.. Ok! i need the other Necora mod with all the buildings .. Eureka.. i may sell the production ( turpine and alcools ..bannies don't used too ! )with the Necora traders and MAY change food with SEED!! too much ! only a trouble for the bannies who dont' used the charcoal ...and i must do with coke fuel.. ..and begin a big city... but my computer crashed after every only manuel save only less 400 bannies.. i play only with the low speed of 1 instead of 2 when the population grown.. i had tried 5 times and the save crashed every time.. when i made my first city medieval of 5000 bannies with only MM 06 so .. i stop the Necora mod..
  20. i had issues with the items not being gathered. i think it is due to conflicts with other mods like the pine set. the new hobbit orchard grower mod added with CC solves this issue.
  21. In my try of a Vegans 'town .. I put 3 foresters with olives, walnut ,apple at the beginning .. it's exact that the gatherers don't pick up the fruit.. but i have 5 different sort of gatherer. may be only one works only .. i was trying all the gatherer to see that !
  22. i use it to help with the NMT mod. works awesome
  23. @ Kralyerg I wrote on WOB and I write here now..upgrade "Soup Kitchen", "Fast Food Stand", "Tropical Greenhouse" why? - because Fast iTropikal do not work without CC - secondly lack Lime and Banana and there is only in "Tropical Greenhouse" you have to add Bonemeal. Maybe you add this idea to Colonial Charter Modular, for example,1) buildings + food, such as shops and buildinds maybe a small bar - where there would be pasta dishes, dumplings, potato pancakes? 2) a small industry + mines? Please
  24. The 1.0.7 compatibility mod will help any mod that is part of MegaMod. CC itself shouldn't need it.
  25. are you saying i am special or crazy?? LOL. without the old 1,my cows are confused and lots of buildings don't even show in the toolbar. while we are on the subject though. does the new compatability 1.07 fix issues between the 1.06 mods and the new flags and 1.07 mods even without CC?? i have recommended it but never have heard back how well it helps players who don't use CC.
  26. Well, Yes and No. You only need that very old Compatible Buildings mod in a very specific set of circumstances.
  27. It may be a bit hard to tell, but this the latest background image for my monitors, two 42" tvs, side by side. I had a couple rip roaring migraines lately, and wanted a perfectly dark solid color, but windows 10 is a bit of a jerk. So I made my own camera scroll folder with these. they are just the right black to soothe my head, and the little loading at the bottom reminds me of one of my favorite things to do: Banish. Now all I need is the soundtrack to play very very quietly while I try to sleep, and my head balm would be complete...
  28. He's working on it, but no idea yet when it will be finished.
  29. Any idea if Kraylerg will made new version of megamod, included latest Kid mods for example?
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