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  2. Thanks for the kind words! It's time for another sneak peek: This time I've been working on some annual herbs (which will die in winter), which are a thistle and a papaver (poppy). Next to that I've started working on some new meshes for the onions, of which this is the one I'm most happy with. The original onions are extremely unrealistic (onions do not just lie in bundles on the forest floor!), so I'm hoping to improve on that. Some other notes: @elemental please forget what I said before about the non-compatibility with Cold Realism; the visuals-only version of Natural Diversity will actually be compatible with Cold Realism. As for the full version of the mod, I still intend to make plants and shrooms die or survive winter based on what would happen in real life. This means that in winter, all Mushrooms will die, half of the Herbs will die, and half of the Roots will die. Onions and Blueberries will not be affected. It turns out that making perennial plants die only under extreme winter conditions as I originally intended would be very difficult to balance, so I'm putting that plan on hold until I have done some more research on spawn rates and the like. I'm also looking at some other ways of improving the realism of the game though nothing concrete enough that I can share yet. Suggestions are welcome though!
  3. Looks nice , but have you ever thought about buying food for some high value trade items instead of building so many fields and pastures?
  4. Today
  5. A toolshed there is a great idea, that side of the house looks a bit empty compared to the rest.
  6. I downloaded the mod on 3/22
  7. Link doesn't working
  8. I finally understood how to accurately position the model in game! Now the road fits perfectly with the building. Maybe I can add a road tile in point (1) and a toolshed or something like that in point (2).
  9. awesome !!!!!!
  10. Thanks! I'll try to build on yours tips! For now I made it in this way:
  11. that would look amazing leading up to a lakeside asian inspired garden! The tress & deco would need to be ghosted though And cos I know @Paeng loves them (me too), some could be placed diagonally. I see them all now, and it's beautiful, a stunning sanctuary
  12. OH ! And Welcome in the Community Toolbar
  13. you just add a new line in your MyModResources.rsc like this ExternalList resource { External _resources [ // toolbar - references building and everything else - nothing else need be listed here "Japanese.rsc:JapaneseCherryTreeWhiter" "Japanese.rsc:JapaneseCherryTreeWhite" "Japanese.rsc:JapaneseCherryTreeRose" "Japanese.rsc:JapaneseCherryTreeRed" "Japanese.rsc:JapaneseBambooTree1" "Japanese.rsc:BambooRoad" ] }
  14. It is simply by making another template file for the building and all required model files etc. In your DespoMods/D20House/D20House.rsc file, you can simply add another toolbar call section like this: Toolbar D20House2 // this needs to be called up in your D20HouseResources.rsc file like the first entry { Toolbar _parent = "Game\D20toolbar.rsc:Housing"; // this calls up your community game/toolbar button int _sortPriority = 200; // change this number to set the location of this button in the toolbar. Action _action = Tool; ComponentDescription _tool = "Template/D20House2.rsc"; // this creates the link to the building template file. bool _autoHotKey = true; } as long as you are calling up all building like this you should have no problem. If you are referring to adding more than one building as an F-key variant, you will need to create a similar template file to the WoodHouse.rsc or StoneHouse.rsc in the modkit. Create the model and materialInstance files for each new house and then call up them files in the single template file like the WoodHouse.rsc. I see you made your community toolbar, great job!
  15. @despo20 love the buildings Where the dirt is in the footprint will you have that as road tiles, or blank, so we can place road tiles or decorative pieces there? (please ) Can't wait to try them out
  16. So as I think more and more about city builders, I come to a common problem. Is it better to have specific resources (salmon, granite, mangoes) or generic resources (fish, stone, fruit.) Generic resources have the advantage in that they keep things simple, and make it easier for wide-encompassing production chains. Specific resources have the advantage in giving more life to a game and allow for more variety in harvesting. Now some of the best games use a variety of these. For example, Banished has specific foods, but generic fish, herbs, stone, and wood. But what do you guys thinks, what's the best way to implement resources in city builder games?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Community Toolbar = done! Now it's time for the second house! I want to build 3 or 4 houses before releasing the mod, so in the meantime I can improve my first model with what I'll find out. I have another question for you modders: How do you put several buildings in one single mod? I'm sure you have discussed and explained it somewhere here or on WoB, but I haven't found it
  19. Thanks, I figured it out after posting
  20. Just curious it seems all the resource gathering on the doc buildings produces a lot more resources than normal buildings? Is this by design for water worlds? Just curious it really makes building the traditional counterparts seem silly after noticing how 1 worker on a dock can output 3 or 4 from a normal building.
    @ Necora .A fantastic set. Seafood is what adds charm to "Banished" thank you.
  21. @ Bartender.I like these herbs though I do not know about modeling
    @Necora .I love this set, love the sea, rivers, oceans of fish and everything that is associated with water. Adding fish and seafood great idea. Maybe a little pub where you can eat fried fish and drink beer? This is just my imagination, and maybe you also invent something new? You are very creative. Thank you.
    @Necora . Buildings are wonderful and colorful. Adding goats - Bravo. Maybe goat milk add to the dairy? Thank you
    @ Necora .My favorite set. Many new colorful buildings and resources. Fantastic work thank you
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