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  4. Thanks for the Wiki recommendations. However, I'm really not going to do another Wiki any time soon if ever. Maybe someone else will see it and want to do it.
  5. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki This is the best wiki according to Google https://wikimediafoundation.org/ Is the same type of wiki as wikipedia. Please, make a wiki and I promise I'll make pages about the Whale Blubber and pages what that are related to whale blubber in any form. You need whale blubber for the Blacksmith. You need it for mining, the last stage, where lamp oil is needed. Then whale meat, horse meat/cheval and all the uses of that, surstromming (I sense some sweedish here), in norwegian it's sursild. Sour Herring. Fermented I think, along with various spices or onion. And Hangikjot is "Hanged Meat", I guess in Sweedish, here it is Speke-(whatever salted meat is being hanged to dry). And I'll do Sand with links. And Mud Road. And I'll check for vandalism every day.
  6. I do want to do SOME of it. Don't be so certain none at all in the universe wouldn't want to give a hand. As I mention below: The only thing is that one of you guys, eighter devs or mods or admins or something. Someone have to do the hard work to click at some free wiki (Wikia? I'm not so into wikis these days, but I've done some work on Wikipedia - about the part of Norway I'm from, history topics about the classical and dark age) So I RESIST your claim that NO ONE want to do it I'm willing to do some work, I've done some projects on Wikipedia earlier. And the advantage that already exist is to use the forum wiki here is that everything is already written about it! It's MOSTLY a matter of changing things that already exist on the web or in the game, into another web -format., but are there images of all the different bulidings and items? Like 100x100 pixel big pictures? Do any of you got files for the items? I've seen a very nice picture of the houses in CC, in a poster. If not: max zoomed in versions of these houses built in game, with all versions of said building, and both sides, or a kind of image wiki along with it where and cut into a standarized squares, to be used in a standarized way in wiki pages, with explanations (that there's already loads of in the forum wiki!) have links for the production chains where this and that building is or is not connected to. I do think if one - devs or the mod/admins - cause it must be one of you that potentionally will have to start the wiki and own it, then having whomever that want, if none, or if some or if many make posts there.... I'll be happy to spend some hours to hype it up by linking it in post on Steam Banished Forum, on Twitter, Facebook groups etc. to notify that there's a new wiki in existence, that need volenteer work, that's basically ctrl+c and ctrl+v work and picture work, and making of some early standarized posts, would totally make the fingers itch to do their share - I'm sure many will want to help, don't you think? Having a "Black Liquid Software Wikis" as a frontpage, really do suggest that you post a link to "DONATE" (Lately I've seen people use thousands of dollars to be mentioned in some Game of Thrones discussion stream on youtube and I'm sure there's much, much worse to be seen there). I'm sure many appriciate your work. Think Patreon is a method many prefer, and then links to regular Banished, CC, MM and other mods, for those willing to do what work? Personally I wouldn't mind to put in some work for Colonial Charter, I'm really thankful this mod exist, and that I can go here and post my "let's play videos" and also figure out stuff in the forum wiki, needed for my work.
  7. Banished Colonial Charter 1.76 EP07 - Workload & Worker Imbalance. 100 Population Yet something new learned, to not set too much to be built without having the laborers workers and materials to do the work. Having lots of buildings awaiting completelion, and that way divide up the workforce and materials into too many buildings at the time, just make it slow down to a grind, where it take ages before some of the buildings start becoming complete, is hard to avoid, since there's loads of things that have to be built. It's better to build some at the time, or set some on pause while you build the most important. It's also vital to focus on having more homes then families all the time and adding new food producting, and make sure the food production is growing just like the population, and slow down if you run out of laborers and workers. It's also vital to get educated workers with steel tools as soon as possible, along with stone and brick roads to multiply the speed everything is done. It's beginning to become complicated with all the production chains, the last one was homewares, where you need a workplace for making homewares and fancy homewares, and then two other workplaces, as in my case I needed furniture maker anda a pottery just to make the homewares: A construction material that's needed for larger homes buildings. With more population I will need to build out blacksmith industry, to forge other things, and 10 different minerals that kan be made into luxuries, gold and silver coins, and other metal items. Also need a ropery, seeds to start to make cloth. etc. It's complex to see how all fit together, but it's not impossible, and it's also great fun to master a village that got about 100 in population now. AN Everything that I have been constructing have gotten into the same speed as I have workers able to build it, it's easy to give to many tasks and then materials gets scattered around loads of buildings sites and it create a kind of bottleneck. Soon a baby boom being educated as workers with steel tools. Have reached a stable 100 in population, food and population is both growing, and I'm working on building the biggest and most productive buildings and houses, by getting ready planks first and now homewares, and I will need a glass smelter and 10 types of minerals for everything to reach the highest buiding level. Still no decorations, not even a sculptor, I'm rather thinking of - if I get to buy some rice, I can build rice fields in the lake for 100 rice each, houses, marketplaces and a little part of the village in itself.
  8. Let's Play Banished Colonial Charter 1.76 EP06 - Preventing Tool Death Spiral. Nomads Accepted. Sorry for the cut in the end, only way I could do it to prevent the video from reaching almost 60 min. As title tells: I had a struggle to prevent a total collapse of the colony, when I tried to upgrade the blacksmith, and didn't notice how long it took. Gladly I figured out why the building of all the buildings were so delayed, and that was a lack of stone, so building two quarries, and also a iron mine for the blacksmiths, where I can also mine coal and start making steel tools, with the new forge. I've got most buildings ready now, hospital and boarding house was just in time, as I got 7 nomads, and 2 of them were sick. Got church finished, smoker, dairy, schoolhouse, and 8 11x11 fields producing 4 different crops and I only lack a couple animals to have them all. Food have been rising steadily for 5 years now, so I can start focusing on things like building materials and other non-food buildings. Also to start overproducing something valuable, to have for trading directly into food. This way I might produce more food then what I'm making with all my farms, orchards and pastures. I added a new forestry node, and will probably add a third one, outside the reach of the market. I like how densely I've gotten everything built, and with children getting educated and potentionally steel tools the next episode, as well as all the brick roads I've built this episode, the production is going to be enourmously improved. I'm thinking that I might add more nomads, but in small numbers at the time, like the 7 I accepted now. Anything 15-20+ is potentionally going to set the colony into a death spiral that can't be stopped. I really need a growth of children and educated adults, so I will check the work-places and whether or not more housing is needed closer to them. All in all, after surviving the total lack of tools, and getting tools for everyone again, I feel I can reach my goal. In one of the episodes soon I'm hoping to build a new lake-district, using all the docks buildings for production and the homes that also can be built on water. I still haven't reached 100 population, but I'm thinking it's going to be more easy to go from 100-200 then 0-100 etc. I'm thinking I will need time to get the population to 900 though, and hoping that all the Colonial Charter buildings and Production Chains will make sense and seem logical at that time. Thanks to everyone that follow the series. I'm going to have to continue some of the other series I'm working on soon, and also introduce other, interesting games. Worked out ok in the end, need a new blacksmith soon. Overproducing food. LOTS of buildings that have to be built, and mining have become required, so things are moving a bit slow, but I'll go for an educated baby-boom the next episode.
  9. MM and RKEC are not compatible with 170212.
  10. You should obtain the update to Banished to the current version (1.0.7 - Build 170910) from wherever you bought Banished.
  11. My build is 170212. Which mod pack would be best for me?
  12. Also, if you aren't using MM 8.01 (only MM8), please update that.
  13. Thanks. will check tonight
  14. launch the game, wait it load. then at the menu, at bottom of your screen, in middle, it is written the version and the build. it needs to be .170910
  15. Otherwise I will just take the newest CC mod. Is it more or less the same? I just want more building options!!!! Hahahhaha
  16. I only have the mega mod 8. no other mods. I have v1.0.7, but dont know which build. where do i check that.
  17. While it's possible, it isn't probable. Right now, Kralyerg is working on MegaMod 9 and still has lots of work to do. To make this a separate mod, all of the items required to build the wharf need to be included as trade items; otherwise, the buildings that produce Lumber and Hull Components need to be added too or the items would only be available through trade. The 4 items produced by the Wharf need to be included in the mod too. Note that the Whale Blubber won't be able to be used for candles. All of this info is contained in various separate files. At this time, it is unlikely that a single building will be turned into it's own mod. However, at some point in time, Kralyerg may make additional CC mods that contain groups of buildings with similar functions like he did with the Docks.
  18. A new Wiki would be nice to have, but I'm not sure one will be accomplished any time soon. This forum appears to be rather limited as to what it can do to create a wiki. During the time that Black Liquid was regularly creating new versions of Colonial Charter, there were several of us who helped add items to the Wiki. It was lots of work, but dividing it up really helped. When the host of the forum was changed, moving the Wiki over required a lot of re-entry. Many of the pictures and most of the cross-referencing was not re-done - it was just too much work. These days, MegaMod has the spotlight. However most of the individual modders do not have a single resource that provides Wiki-type information, pictures, etc. So, if a Wiki was created for MM, it would take a lot of time and effort. To do that, it would really take 3-4 people with extra time on their hands, who are willing to work together to do that - and it would take someone to work on finding a web site/program that could accomplish the type of Wiki you describe.
  19. There is hardly anyone who has successfully made an animated animal for the game. Shock Puppet made a few and found it really difficult and frustrating. Unfortunately he seldom visits the forum these days and is primarily working on a new game with some others. Red Ketchup has a contact who gave him several animated animals for the game which he included in his RKEC mod. I believe he is contacting him to see if he can help you with your efforts. Hope you are successful - it would really be wonderful to have someone who has learned the key to modding more animals for the game.
  20. Sounds like you have a conflict somewhere. Please verify that you are using MegaMod 8.01 and Banished v. 1.0.7 - Build 170910. Are you using any other mods? If so, what are they and what version #.
  21. Hi. Has anyone experienced an issue with the game crashing when you enter the menu where the nomad well is? Every time (5times) it crashed when I entered and moved to click nomad well. The last time it crashed as soon as the menu for that department opened. I think its the government building menu. Anyone that can help me?
  22. Earlier
  23. I'm at the end of my rope trying to figure out how to get an animated animal to work in game. Its skinned, rigged, has a perfect little animation that works inside Blender. Unfortunately, when I add the animal to a pasture, it just sits there and doesn't perform any of the actual animations, its as if they weren't exported within the .fbx at all. The animal model loads in but it remains in the place it generated at in the pasture and spins left or right sometimes. The smaller scaled ones grow larger with time but none of them actually move (for the walk animations or the idle ones) besides doing their little spin in place maneuver. I feel like the Blender .fbx export isn't creating the animations right or I've got some setting somewhere that I'm missing. Can somebody please take pity on me and tell me just the settings involved? Or if maybe I need to transfer the blender file to a different 3D Editor tool and export it from there with better working .fbx export settings? It's frustrating because I've done all the legwork- learned how mod, learned how to create meshes, learned how to skin and rig them, learned how to animate.. but the darn thing won't MOVE =(
  24. Having updated and creating more exceptions in the antivirus, the bug is fixed! hopefully this'll help someone in the future
  25. most often people cannot "embrace" how long and how much so much work it represents to make a wiki. i know, i am the one who made RKEC.... when it is other people, when usually want them to spend 1000 hrs to make our fancy wikis... we take it for granted and we think if the people dont want to do their wiki for their mods, they dont deserve people playing with it.... but when you ask the people if they want to spend 1000 hrs to help make it ? they will never say Yes ! with whatever their reasons they will find to not help or doing it because very well they will have to spend so much time and so much effort to do it.... but when it is other people ? it never bother us. modders need to make their wiki! It is a long post, but i want to try to make people realize thats so much work. you know, we are not paid. we are not working in a job, a game company, and earn 80,000 per year... all is free, all has been made purely and graciously free with our free life time. Donations ? i will tell you, donations, people dont do donations, 1 on 1000 people will maybe give a 2$ or a 5$ while the 999 other will never give a single cent. We dont do it for money, but making things can take so much work and so much time. and personally i dont want to spend 1000hrs in my next 3 months to lose this time to make a wiki for RKEC. i added a lot of info already, i know i didnt finished yet, but i still can add an hour here and an hour there in the future and maybe in 20 years, my wiki will be finished lol i have almost 60, pretty sure lately, my corpse has entered in a "cancer" mode.... i really doubt lately i will last till next cristmas... do i want to spend all the hours i have left in my life for that ??? the answer is no. would you like Elvenkind to spend the next 1000 hrs of your life on this ? i want to say i am very sorry, i am french, english is not my home language, so sometime what i try to say can sound differently of what i have intended. for sure i dont want to seems harsh or anything. i try to be most friendly possible and sometimes my english can mislead people... so in advance, i beg for pardon.
  26. yeah thats important, the 170608 is not good, it is a beta, not a final release. make sure you upgrade it to 170910.
  27. Hullo, you adorable rabble! I'm nearly 60, and I live in Norfolk, England. I am retired, somewhat earlier than anticipated. I play many different types of games, Banished is one of my most-visited. I read, using my PC screen, as well as that weird compressed carbon, china clay, and bleach, compound that was so fashionable once. I dig sci-fi, political thrillers, revenge stories, and Damsels In Distress stories ( you have to be what passes for "an adult" to read them). I don't like crowds, noise, or being too hot. I found Black Liquid's work on Steam, and was considerably surprised. I've found that, whatever the source code, the mods for many games just make things worse, rather than better. Colonial Charter, and a couple of others, actually work well, and bring something essential to the game.
  28. That's always been a great idea. It's just a ton of work and no one wants to do it.
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