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    • The Rice Planter doesn't require Sand - you need 100 Rice, which you should be able to buy Rice from a merchant, and 20 Logs.  :) 

      (By the way, Sand is usually produced by a Shore House and is used for making Glass. There are several mods that have Shore Houses including CC, Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice Mod and Embx61's Village Production Set.)

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    • Great mod, just one thing I use the dockset in a non CC game, but when I want to build the ricefarm for the docks, it needs sand, and I cannot find a building in which a worker can produce/acquire sand. Am I missing something?

    • Thank you very much, I am totally blown out with all the additions this mod provides. It helped me to discover a lot of nice mods.

      I do find it difficuilt, tho. Too many buttons, mod organized quiet chaotically. I appreciate that it should be difficuilt to pack so many things together, its just a bit too much. Well, it is really MEGA mod. But personally I will be dowloading mods I liked separately, becase I find that there is a lot of unnececarry stuff (for me) too. Thanks for providing with the list of mods used.

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    • I tried the hot crops mod above Megamod 8.01 cc 1.7 (or latest one at least). I picked climate mediterranian (no snow) and my hemp didnt grow above 90 degrees :'(. Is there an upgrade mod?

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    • It goes above it.


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