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  • Recent File Comments

    • They do not "conflict".  They turn red because they each affect the same code - but they still work just fine together.

    • the mod conflict with the other MegaMod 0.07, what to do?

    • why this MegaMod 0.07 is not uploaded to steam, only the old version 0.06 in steam. how i can download this version to my steam mod files instead of 0.06. any help please. thank you

    • Hello, in my mods window after activating megamod2, the load order column is not reflected. And I can not enable or disable other modes (from Tom Sawyer). Sorry for my English. Thank you
    • @Estherhb Thank You for takiing the time to find out which file number it is listed in!.  I did get it fixed..  

      As to my issue with Idle,  I don't think its the mod that has created that but the game itself.  I have to micro the micro, that helps some, if your having this issue.  but it doesn't fix all. I think they've done something in the engine to create more idle to counter all the overpowering mods that make labor more powerful and since I don't use them, I'm getting hit by it harder then others that do use them.. this has to be the answer, because it is the game most likely that is causing this action.  Watching them hold on to stuff that needs to be dropped off. so they don't have to deliver full loads to the building area, is what makes me think its a game engine issue.. I sometimes get them holding 9 wood and going to the stockpile and just picking up one wood to deliver makes it take forever to get done..  they don't drop their loads as they should when ever they go to the stock pile they drop so so to it and pick up the delivered part already holding on to what they got while out harvesting..

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