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    • It doesn't work on it's own, but there are plans to fix that. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Kralyerg has a long To Do List he's working on.

    • is there any way to run this mod separately? 

      //i have the same problem with @stiles, it crashed when i click the button


      Edited by huyle
    • Thanks for the excellent work. Still missing the under-building quay wall inside piece tho, that would be awesome :D City Wall Storage is still not built by the workers either. Fixing that was probably not in the scope for this update, but the building looks so awesome that i would love to have it fixed someday :)

      The Lumber Yard now produces "Timber", even tho the Product it should produce is "Lumber". Just a little confusing typo there I reckon, as the item produced is the same.

      Edited by pibbz
    • what bout using it for the fort ,charter company ,and trades? doesn't the old smelter still do gold?

    • 12 hours ago, elangesh said:

      making gold from gold ore is missing

      Well. Kind of.  Yes it's missing, but at the time it was a conscious decision.  There's no actual use for processed gold so, at the time, it was decided to disable it, with the intention of enabling it when there was actually something that could be done with Gold besides trading.

      I just went in an re-enabled Gold processing. So it will be an option in any future updates.

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