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4 files

  1. Lowers forest ambience sounds volume. Place above Colonial Charter mod in your games modlist for it to function.




  2. Changes the status icons in banished to a brown colour.
    Works fully with all Colonial Charter Versions. 
    Place ABOVE Colonial Charter. 
    Made by request


    1 comment


  3. Changes the yellow radius circle to an easy to see Blue colour. 
    Requires a new game start. 
    This was made as a request.




  4. Replaces Rain with a light occasional rain. Does not affect snow. 
    I made this for use with the "[CC] Marine" Climate, where it only ever rains. I like to use this climate with "[CC] Antilles" starts (Palms only) and the "[CC] Desert" or "[CC] Sand Lakes" maps. 
    Removed the fogs (mostly) and stopped it getting dark when the light rain sprinkles down. 
    This mod can be used with any climate and start type, I just had those in mind when making it.




  • Recent File Comments

    • not sure it matters to this. the main differnce in the versions is flag limits.we now have more than before.just because a mod shows red does not mean it won't work either.many mods now show red that do work fine.did you try the mod in game?

    • What version is the mod intended for. I have Banished 1.0.6 and CC 1.7.1 and this mod is incompatible with CC according to my mod menu. Thanks.

    • Everything works fine with the Lite version. What are the main differences between the Lite version and the complete one? Also, is there a plan to have this work with all the CC starting scenarios? Right now it only works with easy, medium, and hard. 

    • hmmm interesting.normally the nat div gives you meadows here and there.you is right the nat div should be top mod.check some of the screenshots and make sure it is working with the north mod.you could try the lite version of the nat div mod to see if it helps more.i actully went back to the prior version because of lag times.do you see thatch on the map anywhere? that would be best way to find out if the mod is functioning.

    • Is there any way to lover the density of the trees? I started a new game. The only mods I am using are The North and this one. I placed this mod above The North due to it crashing my game if it was below. When I started a new game my entire map was covered in trees except a small circle where I spawned. Is this normal?

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