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Shocks Lab

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3 files

  1. Changes the status icons in banished to a brown colour.
    Works fully with all Colonial Charter Versions. 
    Place ABOVE Colonial Charter. 
    Made by request




  2. Changes the yellow radius circle to an easy to see Blue colour. 
    Requires a new game start. 
    This was made as a request.




  3. Replaces Rain with a light occasional rain. Does not affect snow. 
    I made this for use with the "[CC] Marine" Climate, where it only ever rains. I like to use this climate with "[CC] Antilles" starts (Palms only) and the "[CC] Desert" or "[CC] Sand Lakes" maps. 
    Removed the fogs (mostly) and stopped it getting dark when the light rain sprinkles down. 
    This mod can be used with any climate and start type, I just had those in mind when making it.




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  • Recent File Comments

    • I have the game and downloaded the mod and it loads up fine but when im in a game i cant see any of the modded items in the game aswell as in the mods menu the name and description for the mod do not appear i dont understand and i have tried everything to fix it.

    • place it above CC

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    • It Don't Work With CC TFA :( !!!!!

    • Is there a way to know if the mod is enabled? I downloaded it, made sure it was enabled and started a new game, but it looks like it always has!

      Nevermind.. derp.

      Edited by Melayne
    • Not sure which mod in particular included in MegaMod 0.6 does this; however when using the 1920x1080 resolution the large overhead map (Tools and Reports > [5]) appears taller than the screen making it impossible to move the map window or close it with the "X" button, also the map appears over top of the button used to open the map which means it can't be toggled off again. (Edit: can simply press '5' to close it again). I did manage to close the window by switching to 1600x1200 briefly.

      Edited by GypsyFlip
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