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Theme Sets

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3 files

  1. An expansion based on the Tiered Houses found in CC. This space-saving mod allows you to build residences above various types of businesses. You can also build single or multiple-family residences of 1-3 stories.


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  2. Welcome to the Final Frontier... No, not space.
    As your civilization pushes into the unknown, build a Fort to protect them, or barter with the Natives for a more peaceful route.
    Included is the themed Fort Set and Native Buildings from Colonial Charter, as well as a few new buildings.  There are no terrains included, but there are a series of themed Starting Conditions that come from Colonial Charter.
    As with the other sets, this uses the "Community Mod Toolbar".


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  3. Welcome to life on the water! This is one of CC’s most popular features. Included is everything needed to expand your town along shores and across lakes.  Also included are two watery terrains: 'Lake Waters' with multiple lakes and the more challenging 'Waterworld' which is one large lake.
    The first in a (hopefully) series of themed modpacks from Colonial Charter.
    And now using the new "Community Mod Toolbar" to centrally locate modded items.


       (3 reviews)



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  • Recent File Comments

    • For discussion, please go HERE

    • You should be using the most recent version of Banished - version 1.0.7 Build 170910. You can find the version of the game you are using at the very bottom of the 1st menu when the game comes up.

    • what recomended version banished to download that


    • Red doesn't mean "conflicting". It's just a poor choice of color to show that mods affect the same code. Be sure to put BL No Smoke above Journey. Should work just fine.

    • Hi there,

      new to the forum - and already have a complaint ;P

      Trying to squeeze a bit more performance out of my game. Attempting to get Banished 1.0.7 (build 170910) + CC Journey 175 (1.0.7) + BL No Smoke ver. 12 to play nice with each other.

      The two mods light up red - which I understand means are conflicting. Strange considering BL No Smoke 12 explicitly states it is compatible with CC 1.75.

      Is it maybe because I have the GoG version of Banished?


      Looking forward to your reply


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