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4 files

  1. A series of Forester buildings that will exclusively plant and grow the orchard tree that is chosen.  These orchard trees will then grow the fruit or nut that is associated with your selection.  Then you can build a special Gatherer building that will automatically go around and collect these foods.
    You know how the regular Forester plants regular trees, and those trees will grow Berries and Roots and stuff, and then your Gatherer collects them?  Exactly the same concept.  Plant some trees. Grow some fruit. Collect with the Gatherer.
    The Orchard Gatherer is the first icon on the list you see below.  It is special in that it is the only one that will automatically collect these orchard foods. The Orchard Gatherer will also act like a normal Gatherer if you place it in a normal forest. Because these are still Forester buildings, when the trees reach maturity, they will be cut down for Wood and a new tree will be planted in its place.


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  2. This mod is a standalone version of the Flatten Terrain tools as well as the Terraforming mod.
    Be careful with these, as they can't be undone.


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  3. Here is a standalone compilation of all of the Roads and Bridges from Colonial Charter.
    Because this is standalone from Colonial Charter, you don't have any way to make Bricks or Lumber, which some of these would normally use. So I slightly modified them to use Stone and Logs instead. So you need Stone to build a Brick Bridge.
    Brick Road Red Brick Road Gravel Road Soil Road Quay Road Moss Road Sandstone Road Country Road Dock Road  
    Stone and Wood Bridge Stone Bridge Split Stone Bridge Draw Bridge Brick and Wood Bridge Brick Bridge Creek Plank Bridge Rock Bridge Dock Bridge Covered Bridge Old Creek Bridge  
    Alternate Download Link From Google Drive


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  4. This is a standalone compilation of only the Terrain options included in Colonial Charter.  The Terrain option only changes what the ground looks like (color of the land, number of rivers/lakes).
    Valleys Mountains Flat Plains Lake Waters Marsh Swamp Valleys Bleak Mountains Verdant Plains Sand Lakes Desert Red Desert Swamp Lakes Water World Jungle Rivers Cold Valleys


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  • Recent File Comments

    • For discussion of MegaMod 8 RC3, please go HERE

    • hmm.... for some reason my game won't start, after unsubbing from CCNoSmoke and putting the new file in the folder... 


      EDIT: scratch that, got it to work after all

    • thanks for the updated version, @Kralyerg ^_^

    • I asked Kralyerg whether it works or not:

      Me:  Will the No Smoke Mod work with MegaMod?

      Kralyerg:  Well, yes and no.  There's some generic smokes that people use, like the house smokes. So if they're just using that, then it still works for that one.  But if they made their own special smoke, then it isn't updated for that. 

      Me:  When you add it in the middle of a game, does it turn smoke off for all or only new buildings?

      Kralyerg:  Well..  If you have, say, a production building that has smoke, then it will continue to have smoke. Unless you click the Work button to turn it off and then back on again.  I think of it like.. It's not that the building needs to be new, but the instance of smoke needs to be new.  So when the smoke is shut down and restarted, the new smoke will not be there.  But old smoke will still be there.  Does that make sense?  Houses should be the same, if you can turn off the smoke by pretending to demolish it or something.

      He is updating it as I write this to include MM 8. :)



    • Hope it works!


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