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Saved Games

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Please mention any required mod(s) for the save game to function.

No files in this category yet.

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    • Please help.

      I have downloaded MegaMod.0.07 and MegaModDekoPack.0.07. I have open this with 7zip and copied both of .pkm file in the windata - folder of banished. But in the menu of banished only exist the MegaModDekoPack.0.07. I don`t know what i make false, that the MegaMod.0.07 is not to seem in the mod-list!? I should like play with this mod. Banished is my favourite Game, therefore its important for me.

      Sorry for this english (its not my first language).

      Please help me anyone.


    • Always find myself gazing at my stockpiles when starting game, great work!

    • i think clothing has like 2 options warm and warmer. there are survival coats<reeds+feathers>hide coats,wool,fur,and pelts now.under CC with the NFT there is many more options also.

    • Anyone know if there is a mod like this but for clothing? Not the one list here with just the clothes and warm clothes options. Looking for something to do similiar to this mod where the clothing is normalized across the popular mods, cc, nmt, mm, etc, but allows for the varied levels of clothing. ie, reed, leather, cloth, silk, etc.

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    • On 5/27/2017 at 11:41 PM, stiles said:

      whamod is the marble quarry in????

      as to your conflicts: are you using the compatibility 1.07 mod??

      Marble Quarry is from Colonial Charter I believe.

      And yes I am, hence why I'm reporting the bug here in the compatibility mod page.

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