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Saved Games

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Please mention any required mod(s) for the save game to function.

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  1. A newish town built on an awesome seed.  I cant make mods or anything cool like that, but I do try to be organized and tend make great towns to play.  Using CC 1.7 and Bug fixer as my mods.  Hope you like it.




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    • what bout using it for the fort ,charter company ,and trades? doesn't the old smelter still do gold?

    • 12 hours ago, elangesh said:

      making gold from gold ore is missing

      Well. Kind of.  Yes it's missing, but at the time it was a conscious decision.  There's no actual use for processed gold so, at the time, it was decided to disable it, with the intention of enabling it when there was actually something that could be done with Gold besides trading.

      I just went in an re-enabled Gold processing. So it will be an option in any future updates.

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    • Hi, it appears that making gold from gold ore is missing. I am not using Mega Mod. I just use CC 1.76 and it's companion mods. Please refer the attached screenshots for more information on this. Your help on this would be much appreciated. Not sure where I should report this. If anyone knows it please provide the more information to me so that I will act accordingly.


      No Gold In Forge.png

      No Gold In Foundry.png

    • Hi

      is it possible/simple for a modder to add "walls and buildings for your shoreline" and "the old castle"section from cc mod to this ccdocks mod?

      i would be very grateful if someone had the time to do this , i want to build stone docks but dont want the whole cc mod installed at the moment


    • Thank you for your CC standalone mods, you rock! :hand1:

  • Want to add your mod for the community? Submit it to the Forge :)