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Saved Games

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Please mention any required mod(s) for the save game to function.

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  1. A newish town built on an awesome seed.  I cant make mods or anything cool like that, but I do try to be organized and tend make great towns to play.  Using CC 1.7 and Bug fixer as my mods.  Hope you like it.




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    • I have 4 Shore Houses producing clay in my current town of Possum's Run. All have 2 educated workers. They produced 180 (a partial year), 240, 250 and 260 clay last year. I'm guessing one worker would produce 1/2 that. So 17-19 clay in a year is ridiculously low. In CC, Clay has the Raw Materials flag - make sure you haven't achieved your present limit for Raw Materials; if so you will need to increase it. Also, make sure you have stockpiles nearby that have room in them.  If you are using mods by other people, it's possible that they have assigned a different flag to Clay - do any of them have a shore house, clay pit or other build that produces clay?

    • By the way, the Shore House seems to be producing very low amounts of Clay recently, only 17-19/yr with 1 worker. Is this an intended change, or is that also some conflict with my other mods maybe? :)

    • I realized I suddenly had an addon called "DS Timber Mill" - it was this that caused the conflict! Thanks for clarifying :)

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    • We have not changed the flag for Lumber from "Construction" to "Wood (Logs)".  If your Lumber is being stored in the wrong category, it could be because you are using the old version of Banished instead of the newest version - v 1.0.7 (the version is shown at the bottom of the opening screen.)  If that is not the problem, you may be using a mod that conflicts with Colonial Charter 1.76.

    • Moving the Lumber resource to the "Log" category was a bad move, and ruins a lot of the automation you could get from using Wood Market Carts. Placing these carts next to industry that used Logs was great. Now they fill up with the finished product instead, ruining the flow.


      It also seems like I have a lot of logs available for construction, firewood, furniture and so on, but in reality, its all Lumber. This only causes me to lose control.

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