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Forge (Community Mods)

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Mods by members of the community

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  1. PEI Shore Fisheries and Dock Set
    Based on small fishing huts in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

    Dock Set. 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 dock pieces with corners, T-s, and stairs. Some with covered and roped F-variants. Small shore fishing hut that produces your choice of mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, or seaweed. Has 5 F-variants. New food items (to the vanilla game) including mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, and seaweed. A general storage (2000 units) and an edibles storage (1000 units). A small lighthouse that provides happiness. All buildings have two versions, a worn look and a fresh look. For the shore fishing huts, each version has its own toolbar instance. For the lighthouse, general storage, and edibles storage the different versions are F-variants. Shipbuilding Industry
    Dock based rope maker and boat building to start a maritime ship building production chain.

    Rope maker - makes rope from flax. Dory shed - makes small boats (dory) from lumber and rope. New materials (to the vanilla game) including lumber, dory, rope, flax+. Crystal Cliffs Farm
    A farm set based on Crystal Cliffs Farm, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Crystal Barn - 11,000 units of general storage. Costs lumber, stone and building supplies to build. Footprint is only 2x4, but it over hangs to a total of 4x8. This is so that it can fit above... Crystal Milk - A 4x6 milk pen which can sit as either a stand alone building or be placed beneath the Crystal Barn to make them look like one building. Costs lumber, stone and domesticated animals to build, takes up to 3 workers, and produces a fair amount of milk! Crystal Stable - A 4x6 stable which can sit as either a stand alone building or be placed beneath the Crystal Barn to make them look like one building. Costs lumber and stone to build, and will rear domesticated animals for the building of the milk pen. Domesticated animals are produced using either barley+, corn+, oats+, or wheat. New food items including Barley+, Corn+, Milk and Oats+. New materials Building Supplies+. New dry good Domesticated Animal. Port Royal Habitation
    A town set based on the 1700s Acadian Habitation at Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Port Royal Housing - various housing combinations including single level houses and modular double level houses that can either make corners or be built above the town hall and school. Port Royal Civics - A school (capacity 15), a town hall, and a chapel (capacity 20). Port Royal Food Production - A grist mill that takes oats+, corn+, barley+, and wheat and makes flour and a Bakery to turn that flour into bread. Port Royal Industry - A blacksmith and tailor which make Vanilla cloths and tools, and a lumber cutter who makes lumber from wood at a steady rate. Port Royal Storage - Some storage options for this set. A warehouse to store materials, stone, iron, and fuel. A storage loft that sits above the warehouse to store dry goods, cloths, and tools. Finally, a storage cellar which stores all edibles. Port Royal Fort - a few fort pieces to decorate your town with, including a gate house, palisade platform, and cannon platform. Peggy's Cove Inshore Fisheries
    A set of inshore fisheries based on Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    New dock fisheries building, with F-variants. Need lumber and dory (made from above buildings) to build and will harvest your choice of lobster, herring, mackerel, shrimp, or tuna. New dock general storage building. New food items (to the vanilla game) including lobster, shrimp, herring, mackerel, and tuna.  
    This whole set will appear in a new tab on the main tool bar, with a maple leaf icon. Within this, there are a few sub-menus, one for dock buildings, one for farming buildings, and one for the Port Royal set (which itself has sub-menus for each class of building). This set will also change vanilla coal limits to material limits, and vanilla textiles limits to dry good limits, as with CC.   
    Usage Notes - Important!
    + This mod will work stand alone. However,  while a range of new resources has been added to the game, if used stand alone the following items will be available through trade only. The list... building supplies, barley, corn, oats, flax. If you want to produce these items yourself, you will need to use CC or another mod that adds any of these resources. Some will be released in later versions (for example I want to add wild flax and some wild oats etc.), others probably not. I do think needing to trade for certain things does add a nice bit of realism/challenge to the game!
    > CC and others - Compatible. You will get red warnings in your mods list if you use it with CC or any other mod that adds some of the same raw materials (mussels, building supplies etc.) however this will not effect functionality. I have purposely made my raw materials match the CC ones so that they will work together. The harvesting rates, values, etc. are the same so load order just depends what icons you prefer!
    > Wild Flax mods - Incompatible - The wild flax mod at WOB uses a different name for the flax resource, and therefore will not be used by the rope maker in this set.
    > Save Game - Incompatible. I have made a lot of changes behind the scenes and re-textured the buildings so this is not compatible with previous instances. You might get away with deleting all instances of these buildings before loading this mod up...
    See the development thread here... and give me feed back!
    Alternate Download Link for V104.3 --->> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2nh4ixEBQ-kdlVTRVgtcWUxR3c




  2. Welcome to 17th century New England.  In the decades after the arrival of the Pilgrims at Plimouth Plantation, tens of thousands of settlers arrived from England.  Struggling through bitterly cold winters, war with the indigenous Algonquian population and internal conflict, the colonists forged a new world.  
    Encompassing what we today know as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont, New Englanders created a distinct culture and architecture. 
    This first set of homes are base houses and several lean-to additions meant to be build directly abutting the houses.  Further updates will include more options for additions as well as cottage industries, more homes and several freestanding buildings. 
    Special thanks to (in no particular order..) @AzemOcram for turning my 2d designs into 3d models, @ShockPuppet for his exquisite texturing, and @Kralyerg for coding and packaging. 




  3. DS Tunnel Mine (CC edition)
    new  v2.1 - 28/11/2016
    Fixed issue with Mine upgrades only allowing 4000 resource production - changed to correct amount (6000) as stated in UI text. Changed build cost of Mushroom Farm - lowered cost of Logs & Stone, added in Mushroom build requirement. Should be save-game compatible, as long as you haven't built the Upgraded Mine. If you have, Upgrade that mine into the Cellar or Mushroom Farm. You should then be able to  update the mod in your WinData folder.
    Build a Tunnel Mine in your town:
    Random production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal and Stone randomly. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) Select production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal and Stone, select production via UI. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) once depleted, or if you like straight away, you can upgrade the mine to any of the following: Upgrade option 1: Tunnel Mine upgrade - upgrade the mines for further Iron Ore/Coal/Stone production. Employs 1-13 Miners. (*allows 6000 resource production) Upgrade option 2: Old Tunnel Mine Storage Cellar - stores all Foods, total capacity is 20000 by weight. Upgrade option 3: Old Tunnel Mine Mushroom Farm - Grow Mushrooms in the old mine. Employs 1-3 Farmers. You will find the DS Tunnel Mine menu button in the Resource Production menu.
    Download file "DSTunnelMineCC_v2.1.zip" 'Unzip'/'Unpack' file, and copy the file "DSTunnelMineCC.pkm" to your Banished WinData folder. Enable mod in mod list. Place below Colonial Charter TFA / Mega Mod / The North  
    Thanks to Kralyerg & BlackLiquid for use of Iron Ore Resource files enjoy.
    Change Log:




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  • Recent File Comments

    • I have the game and downloaded the mod and it loads up fine but when im in a game i cant see any of the modded items in the game aswell as in the mods menu the name and description for the mod do not appear i dont understand and i have tried everything to fix it.

    • place it above CC

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    • It Don't Work With CC TFA :( !!!!!

    • Is there a way to know if the mod is enabled? I downloaded it, made sure it was enabled and started a new game, but it looks like it always has!

      Nevermind.. derp.

      Edited by Melayne
    • Not sure which mod in particular included in MegaMod 0.6 does this; however when using the 1920x1080 resolution the large overhead map (Tools and Reports > [5]) appears taller than the screen making it impossible to move the map window or close it with the "X" button, also the map appears over top of the button used to open the map which means it can't be toggled off again. (Edit: can simply press '5' to close it again). I did manage to close the window by switching to 1600x1200 briefly.

      Edited by GypsyFlip
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