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Official Companion Mods

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  1. For those that prefer not to have Iron Ore, and keep Iron production as it was in vanilla Banished.
    - Iron surface deposits that are harvested will yield Iron instead of Iron Ore
    - Mine will produce Iron instead of Iron Ore
    - Iron Ore & Coal Mine will produce Iron instead of Iron Ore
    - As of Version 3, the Blacksmith requires Iron instead of Iron Ore to build
    Place ABOVE CC 1.7+ to override. Requires Banished 1.0.7 Beta or above.




  2. This should allow all of your crops to grow in any of the Climates from CC 1.6.
    They will grow in temperatures up to 130 degrees, and die when it's freezing. If your climate choice never gets freezing, the crops won't die in the field.
    Place this ABOVE CC for it to work.
    V3 Updated for CC 1.6
    V4 Forgot Tulips
    V5 Added crops from other mods
    V6 Added Sweet Potato crop.
    V7 Added Agave and Brussel Sprouts
    V8 Added Carrots by Discrepancy




  3. To be used with Colonial Charter 1.6 and above versions only.
    Duplicate seeds were removed from Colonial Charter 1.6, this mod puts them right back in again. Especially useful if you enjoy 7 different looking kinds of lettuce (and more!)
    Place BELOW CC 1.6 to use. Requires Banished 1.0.5 Beta 2 or above (as does CC 1.6)




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  • Recent File Comments

    • No problem @Kolja7 :D

    • thanks very much! been struggling to find it, thought it may had something with climate and that :D

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    • On 4/26/2017 at 11:01 PM, marikohime said:

      Awesome site btw. Loving the mods and appreciate the work that you all have put into it!

      I seem to have some problems with the inedible mods. I put them on top of CC but they still appear red and warn about conflicting content. Is that supposed to happen?

      The version I'm running is 1.0.6 - Build 160521 (Playing on Steam)
      CC: 1.71 Journey

      Edit: Quick question. If I get the MegaMod, can I disable the CC mod? 

      Hi @marikohime

      Re the MM & CC question.

      Depending on what version you are running, then yes (maybe no).
      What version MM?  What version CC?

      You are running Banished 1.06, do you plan on upgrading to 1.07 - or waiting until it's out of beta?

      After you have organised your current files, and you are wanting to play with MM, the most current MM can be used, but you will also need to have another mod installed, IF you are running Banished 1.07.  The confirmed mod load order is listed here:


      On 3/14/2017 at 2:28 PM, QueryEverything said:

      Brilliant, thank you so much @Kralyerg ! ;)

      Will this have the same load order? 

      Instead it would be:

      Thank you for your hard work!!!!


      In the event that you still only using Banished 1.06 then you won't need the Compatibility mod (which is here), and load the remaining mods in that order.

      It is my understanding that there is active work on a new MM, but for now, that's the confirmed way to have your cake, and bake it too :)

      Edited by QueryEverything
    • Hi @Kolja7:)


      Bear Meat
      Bear Steak
      Bison Steak
      Boar Meat
      Boar Ribs
      Goose Meat
      Hare Meat
      Hare Stew
      Partridge Meat
      Pheasant Meat
      Roast Duck
      Roast Goose
      Roast Partridge
      Roast Pheasant

      Can only be achieved by using @Ketchup's mod from World of Banished - Training Camp - Main for v 107  Here :)


      Training Camp Part 1 : Main. This mod contains all the main buildings from the Training Camp Mod.

      Changed log : I split the RK Training mod into 3 part and added many things to it. People if they desire, they can only pickup a part or everything.

      This mod contains :
      - 2 model of a watch tower (1x90, 1x45 degres) which is worked by hunters. they watch for enemies and also for animals to hunt.
      - 8 new meat can be gathered by the hunters : bear, bison, boar, hare, duck, pheasant, partridge, and goose. they can also catch venison.
      - hunters can also get leather and a new one : furs.
      - A new butcher tent with a new profession : butcher 
      - - the processed meat are : Bear steak, Bison steak, Boar ribs, Hare stew, Pork chops, Lamb chops, Venison roast, Beef steak, Roast duck, Roast goose, Roast partridge, Roast pheasant. The butcher take 12 meat and generally process 16-24 meat from it.
      - A field hospital that can be built from leather and fur (4 wood, 16 leather, 8 furs). It acts exactly like the vanilla hospital. 3x4 tiles.
      - A new tailor house which can take leather and furs to make cloths and new warm cloths. cost 48 wood.
      - new tailor patterns : 1 fur + 1 leather = winter coat, 2 furs = fur coat.
      - 2 new models of house tents: 1 simple tent good for a family of 3 (3x4 tiles, cost 4 wood, 6 leather, 2 furs.) and a double tent good for a family of 4 (5x4 tiles, cost 6 wood, 10 leather, 4 furs). The warm efficacity is of 60 fuel per resource starting below 50 F.

      « Last Edit: February 18, 2017, 09:12:44 AM by RedKetchup »

      Training Camp - Deco is here & Training Camp - Storage is here

      It uses Banished v107 to compile with, also it installs into the new Community Toolbar (created by a group effort), you don't need to install that - it already is done when a new mod uses this code. :)  It's a fan favourite over on WoB :)

    • sorry for being such a newb, but in which climate can i get all of these meats at the same time... for some reason, i dont get bear meat, dont know why... :(

  • Want to add your mod for the community? Submit it to the Forge :)