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About This File

Fix weird crop stuff that happens when mods and game mismatched versions occur.

If a mod was made that uses custom Materials, and used the 1.0.4 modkit to create it, when that mod is used by the 1.0.5/1.0.6 game, it will show up as invisible, or possibly as a shadow on the ground.  This mod was made to counteract that effect, and force the old mods to use the new Materials that Luke created in the updated game.


It includes fixes for:

Colonial Charter 1.5x

NMT 2.0

Slinks Cotton and Cotton Tunic <- New to version 3

Wasabi Crop <- New to version 3


Most mods have been updated to make use of the new Materials, but in some cases, the modder has moved on and isn't around to update it.

You may have download this previously, but version 3 now has two more fixes, as listed above.

Place this mod above the listed mods.

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User Feedback

Thank you! Thank you so much. I could run the vanilla Banished with no problems, but at some point my crops were only shadows on the ground if I used a CC mod. I pulled all the mods and got CC to work as it should. Today I was going to start going through the mods to find which ones were causing the problem; thankfully I looked here first. I haven't played Banished in awhile so I'm really looking forward to micro-managing tiny people's lives again.

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Thank you @Kralyerg, do you know if it will affect @Darkbibou Tree of Life mods with the "Wild Animals", changing the meats to normal meat products?
"Wild Chicken = Chicken" etc.  

I don't always use ToL but I occasionally go back to it for the varied Wild Animal hunting with the different types roaming the map. :)

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This mod doesn't do any of that.

Some older mods have things that invisible when loaded with the newer game. This fixes that. But it has nothing to do with Meats of any kind.

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I don't know if you created the wasabi crop mod but I wonder if it its name can be corrected since this is how it looks it mine. Untitled.png.9e6db0ee45371668b3ad22080d4912e7.png

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That's from a separate mod you are using; we do not have access to their code. 

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