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About This File

Maritimes Header.jpg


PEI Shore Fisheries and Dock Set

Based on small fishing huts in Prince Edward Island, Canada.


  • Dock Set. 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 dock pieces with corners, T-s, and stairs. Some with covered and roped F-variants.
  • Small shore fishing hut that produces your choice of mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, or seaweed. Has 5 F-variants.
  • New food items (to the vanilla game) including mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, and seaweed.
  • A general storage (2000 units) and an edibles storage (1000 units).
  • A small lighthouse that provides happiness.
  • All buildings have two versions, a worn look and a fresh look. For the shore fishing huts, each version has its own toolbar instance. For the lighthouse, general storage, and edibles storage the different versions are F-variants.

Shipbuilding Industry

Dock based rope maker and boat building to start a maritime ship building production chain.


  • Rope maker - makes rope from flax.
  • Dory shed - makes small boats (dory) from lumber and rope.
  • New materials (to the vanilla game) including lumber, dory, rope, flax+.

Crystal Cliffs Farm

A farm set based on Crystal Cliffs Farm, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  • Crystal Barn - 11,000 units of general storage. Costs lumber, stone and building supplies to build. Footprint is only 2x4, but it over hangs to a total of 4x8. This is so that it can fit above...
  • Crystal Milk - A 4x6 milk pen which can sit as either a stand alone building or be placed beneath the Crystal Barn to make them look like one building. Costs lumber, stone and domesticated animals to build, takes up to 3 workers, and produces a fair amount of milk!
  • Crystal Stable - A 4x6 stable which can sit as either a stand alone building or be placed beneath the Crystal Barn to make them look like one building. Costs lumber and stone to build, and will rear domesticated animals for the building of the milk pen. Domesticated animals are produced using either barley+, corn+, oats+, or wheat.
  • New food items including Barley+, Corn+, Milk and Oats+.
  • New materials Building Supplies+.
  • New dry good Domesticated Animal.

Port Royal Habitation

A town set based on the 1700s Acadian Habitation at Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  • Port Royal Housing - various housing combinations including single level houses and modular double level houses that can either make corners or be built above the town hall and school.
  • Port Royal Civics - A school (capacity 15), a town hall, and a chapel (capacity 20).
  • Port Royal Food Production - A grist mill that takes oats+, corn+, barley+, and wheat and makes flour and a Bakery to turn that flour into bread.
  • Port Royal Industry - A blacksmith and tailor which make Vanilla cloths and tools, and a lumber cutter who makes lumber from wood at a steady rate.
  • Port Royal Storage - Some storage options for this set. A warehouse to store materials, stone, iron, and fuel. A storage loft that sits above the warehouse to store dry goods, cloths, and tools. Finally, a storage cellar which stores all edibles.
  • Port Royal Fort - a few fort pieces to decorate your town with, including a gate house, palisade platform, and cannon platform.

Peggy's Cove Inshore Fisheries

A set of inshore fisheries based on Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  • New dock fisheries building, with F-variants. Need lumber and dory (made from above buildings) to build and will harvest your choice of lobster, herring, mackerel, shrimp, or tuna.
  • New dock general storage building.
  • New food items (to the vanilla game) including lobster, shrimp, herring, mackerel, and tuna.


  • This whole set will appear in a new tab on the main tool bar, with a maple leaf icon. Within this, there are a few sub-menus, one for dock buildings, one for farming buildings, and one for the Port Royal set (which itself has sub-menus for each class of building).
  • This set will also change vanilla coal limits to material limits, and vanilla textiles limits to dry good limits, as with CC


Usage Notes - Important!

+ This mod will work stand alone. However,  while a range of new resources has been added to the game, if used stand alone the following items will be available through trade only. The list... building supplies, barley, corn, oats, flax. If you want to produce these items yourself, you will need to use CC or another mod that adds any of these resources. Some will be released in later versions (for example I want to add wild flax and some wild oats etc.), others probably not. I do think needing to trade for certain things does add a nice bit of realism/challenge to the game!



> CC and others - Compatible. You will get red warnings in your mods list if you use it with CC or any other mod that adds some of the same raw materials (mussels, building supplies etc.) however this will not effect functionality. I have purposely made my raw materials match the CC ones so that they will work together. The harvesting rates, values, etc. are the same so load order just depends what icons you prefer!

> Wild Flax mods - Incompatible - The wild flax mod at WOB uses a different name for the flax resource, and therefore will not be used by the rope maker in this set.

> Save Game - Incompatible. I have made a lot of changes behind the scenes and re-textured the buildings so this is not compatible with previous instances. You might get away with deleting all instances of these buildings before loading this mod up...


See the development thread here... and give me feed back!



Alternate Download Link for V104.3 --->> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2nh4ixEBQ-kdlVTRVgtcWUxR3c

What's New in Version 104.3   See changelog


UPDATE ALERT - Maritimes Version 104 - Port Royal Habitation and Peggy's Cove Inshore Fisheries 


Bug Fix - Squished some bugs in the Dory Builder.

Bug Fix - Sorted out the drop down menu UI - it now displays ingredients and even little icons for any building that needs it.

Bug Fix - Sherbrooke tailor house smoke has been moved forward .5m so should now come out of the chimney not the roof.

Minor Adjustments - Added the option of an extra worker to all Blacksmiths, L2 Fisheries (Peggy's Cove), and Grist Mill (Port Royal).

Minor Adjustments - Changed the worker UI of the Crystal Cliffs milk pen and stable so that you can adjust the number of workers, it was previously fixed at 3.

Download here --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2nh4ixEBQ-kdlVTRVgtcWUxR3c



Bug Fix - Port Royal Loft Storage now has a remove icon in the UI. If you want to destroy this building, you need to click on the building and use the trash icon in the UI.

Bug Fix - Spelling/Typo's.

Bug Fix - Coal is now a material, not a fuel, and will work in the blacksmith with or without CC.


Introducing the next version of the Maritimes Mod.

Lots of new buildings...

>> Port Royal Habitation - A set of buildings based on the Port Royal Habitation, Nova Scotia, Canada. Including houses, civic buildings, light industry, food production, and fort structures, this will let you build your own 1700s fort style settlement.

>> Peggy's Cove Inshore Fisheries - The next level of fisheries, inshore fisheries will let you catch your choice of Lobster, Shrimp, Herring, Mackerel, or Tuna. Building inspiration taken from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Cananda.

All details in the main mod info page... Enjoy!


UPDATE ALERT - Maritimes Version 103 - PEI Shore Fisheries


>> Bug Fix << The docks were overriding CC docks when placed above in the mod menu, and causing fatal access violations when placed below CC. Both have been fixed by renaming all files to 'MaritimesDock...' rather than just 'Dock...'.


UPDATE ALERT - Maritimes Version 102

Captains Log.

An update to the basic shore fishers... introducing a new texture set and some minor tweaks.


...Model Updates...

> New texture set! There is now a new building, with the same 5 F-variants as the original, this time featuring a 'fresh' looking wood texture version of all buildings.

> The two sets have their own menu icon, so you don't have to scroll through 10 F-variants to get the one you want.

> New docks! The way of building and texturing the dock pieces has been updated, firstly to reduce the file size (5 new buildings, yet the file size has decreased!) but also to make it look better and easier to scale to bigger buildings which are to come in the future. All buildings and dock pieces in this set have been updated with the new docks, so should all blend seamlessly together (so he said...)

> Removed the chimneys. I could not get the smoke to work in the correct place for all F-variants, so for the time being I have removed the chimneys until I figure it out.


...Function Updates...

> The resource output has been altered slightly. Firstly, all as the buildings are F-variants of the same thing, the output is identical. So the two story buildings produce the same as the smaller shacks, and they all employ 1 shore fisher. General outputs are as follows...

---> Seaweed = 600 (uneducated) to 900 (or more if you are lucky).

---> Mussel, oyster, clam, scallop = 450 (uneducated) to 800 (or more if you are lucky).

> Both texture versions are also identical in terms of output.

> 1x1 Dock Pieces cost 4 wood to build, 1x2 cost 6 wood, and 1x3 cost 8 wood.

> All shore fisher buildings cost 20 wood to build.



> Save game compatible? I am not sure, someone let me know... but I doubt it. As I am still learning how to mod, I am developing my way of doing things and the best way to organize everything behind the scenes. That means I will have probably changed something that will prevent simply updating a save game, at least until I get to a stage where the skeleton of the mod is in place and I am simply adding new buildings. I do suggest trying to destroy all instances of this mod before loading up the new version, that way you might still be able to keep your current games.

> CC?? NMT?? DSSV?? Other Mods?? Yes. This mod should be fully compatible with all other mods, however any mod that introduces seaweed or mussels etc. (such as CC) will show up with a big red conflict warning - feel free to ignore it. Depending on if you place this mod above or below CC, the icons will be different. There may also be slight differences in the production rates of certain species so keep an eye on it. 


Previous Update - Maritimes Version 101

Captains Log.

Buildings now produce all five species - I figured out a way to get the huts to produce a range of items. You will now find a drop down menu in the UI where you can select from mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, or seaweed. This way you can build one instance of each F-variant and have it produce a different species, or you can have them all produce the same species, depends if you fancy flooding your stores with scallops or oysters.

> Note - I did the wrong file last time, sorry if you were expecting the drop down menu but couldn't see it!

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User Feedback

Mod is nice, but an error occurs first message Maritimes v 1-

a fatal error has occurred and the application cannot continue. Failed to allocate to allocate memory. Either too many packages [mods] are loaded ,or error has occured

Martimes v1.1 - 

statement ; a crash dump has been saved to D\ Gry\GOG\Games\Banished\win64\crash.dmp. a fatal access violation has occurred in Runtine x64 dll and the game cannot continue

Banished 1.06 ,win64 I do not know anything about modeling. Please help if someone besides me has the same problem?



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taniu,whother mods are you using? my guess is a conflict has occured due to similar mods and similar terms. a mod list will help the modder find it.

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@taniu hmmm... to be honest I have not tested it thoroughly. I did just boot it up in the regular game with CC:TFA, Debug, More Wood, and some others I can't remember now, and it works just fine.

What were you doing when it crashed?

I do wonder why it is saying Maritimes v1.1 though, it should only be Maritimes, no version stuff attached. The file in the mod folder should be Maritimes.pkm

Edited by Necora

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I have Banished v 1.06 Build 160521.Only - Windata data0.pkg ,data1pkg, patch 0.pkg , patch 1.pkg , Maritimes.pkm - I can not start the game. 

I play with a lot of mods and I had no problems

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That is so strange. I just ditched everything from my Windata apart from the exact same list as you and it started just fine.

All I can recommend at the moment is to try downloading it again, in case the download was corrupted/damaged some how.



Is anyone else having this issue?

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Check the size of the file download.

It should be nearly 58Mb in size however whenever I tried to download the file directly from this page, the download would cut out anywhere between 37 and 47Mb. The mod appears to be complete but it is not and it will cause the game to screw up when the mod is used.

@taniu I don't speak Polish so please forgive me for using Google Translate.

Proszę, wybacz mi za pomocą Google Translate, nie mogę mówić po polsku.
Sprawdź rozmiar mod w folderze WinData powinno być 59,206 KB
Jeśli nie jest to wielkość próby pobierania mod z alternatywnego linku (Dysk Google Link)
Używam wersji Steam gry zainstalowane na drugim dysku, więc nie jestem pewien, czy folder Windata będzie w tym samym miejscu.
Mam nadzieję, że to rozwiązuje problem dla ciebie


Maritimes file size.jpg

Edited by KevinTheCynic

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1 hour ago, ShockPuppet said:

Work good for me :)


Haha! Obviously "your" website doesn't like those of us from the other side of the country! xD


I tried about 10 times to download from the Black Liquid site and it would always finish at between 37 and 47 Meg, then the one time I try the alternate link, it worked first time. So my theory being, if one person had this problem, others may be having the same download problem (especially when someone describes the game crashing after installing the mod when nobody else is has had the same problem).

This is not the first time I have had problems downloading a small item (other mods of less than 100Mb) and it's only been certain websites e.g the German Train Fever fan website which wouldn't be such a problem... except they have all the best Train Fever mods! :face29: This leads me to the conclusion that it's an idiosyncrasy of my internet connection when trying to access certain sites. But as mentioned, if it happens to one person, it could be happening to others - the easiest way to find out, is to check the file size of the downloaded mod.

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39 minutes ago, KevinTheCynic said:

tried about 10 times to download from the Black Liquid site and it would always finish at between

I made some changes earlier to the site that I hope fixes that.


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Well I put the google drive link there for anyone who is having issues with downloading from the site. I remember I had issues downloading larger mods from WOB, so always used their alternative links.

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I downloaded the mod from "drive google" and now works well. I like these small houses  fishing is that you can catch different crustaceans. Thank you and I look forward to further mods of hunting fish. I support this idea is great. This mod grams of CCTFA , DS Small Willage, The North - without conflict.A small note: people blend into the side wall of the building to catch shellfish.

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@taniu so glad to hear it is working! Yup the people tend to blend in because the work location is just inside the hut, I might change that but on such small lots you have limited options as to pathing. Maybe once I add more decorations to the buildings I will change the work locations on the smaller huts, but at the moment when they work on the outside it looks like they are just banging away at thing air!

Good to hear about the lack of conflicts too.

And the crustaceans are coming....

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Well this is frustrating. I'm still having problems downloading any mods from the Forge. Are there plans to update the Google Drive link with the newest version of this mod because I really want to add the new buildings?

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I too am having problems with downloading via Blackliquid, I've being trying off & on all afternoon.  I managed to download from Google only to realise it was the previous version.  Got to laugh, it is Christmas. :D:D:D

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@KevinTheCynic and @QueryEverything that sucks. I thought I had updated google drive to the newest version... let me check it out. 


Is it just this mod you're having trouble with? I can't try at the moment... my internet has gone home for the holidays. I'm trying to add another package to google drive right now for testing the newest fishery buildings, but it is saying it will take 8 hours........

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@KevinTheCynic and @QueryEverything I did update the file in google drive, but I didn't update the link here! Doh!. I added the new link above, it is also at the end of this post. I can't download it to make sure right now, it is taking too long, but just by comparing the file sizes it should be the newest version.


Edited by Necora
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@Necora Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Will have a play tonight and see how it all goes.  Waiting for Christmas lunch now & Santa, wooooooooo :D  

Have a fab Christmas and thanks for getting on to this, it's more than I hoped!!  
Merry Christmas!!

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@Necora No it's not just your file, I have the same problem with any file on the Forge and in fact it's not even this site that's the problem, it's my net connection to certain sites. I have the same trouble every now and then with downloading files from World Of Banished and also from a website dealing with an entirely different game (Train Fever/Transport Fever). I think it's something to do with Google Chrome working with Win 10 that is exacerbated by the old cabling in my neighbourhood (the cables are due to be replaces sometime in the next three years and everyone on the street has sporadic problems with net or phone connections because of it)

Thanks very much for updating the alternate link, it's much appreciated because your Maritimes mod is something I want to have in all my Banished games!

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@Necora I was able to use my save game ok, there wasn't a problem with it at all.  I think the warning is a good one though, in case others do have a problem and it not being save game compatible. :)
Great work, love the new buildings in game.

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Good to hear it. I've been working on some row houses for another mod at the moment. The next step here is to fill out the level 1 fishers with some storage buildings and also modify the models a little bit to make them a tad less box like. I also realized I missed the stairs on the double level one, so will add a ladder or something to it and maybe open up the top so you can see into it now that I am learning more about how to make things look good.

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Mods V101, 102 are super long, long time waiting for this mod. I can not wait, v 103, where I could catch seals or whales? I can say that this mods fit into other parts not only for CC, but "The Nord", "DSS small village, Colonial Houses, etc. Your mods is fantastic because it contains fish, shellfish , boats and it is cool. If there is no flax is small mod "EBOilPress" where flax or you can apply it to make twine, which is necessary in the Maritimes. Thank you  -  You  all the moderators for being so beautiful  mods.

Let every day of the New Year
Bring happiness, good cheer
And sweet surprises ...
For you and for all moderators
Happy New Year!

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@Necora I didn't realize the new version was available yet (ver103) so this is a really great New Years Day discovery for me :D This mod was good at the start and we've seen it get better and better. What started as a small fishing addition is now a major feature of my mod list! :hand1:

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