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New England Colonial Buildings 1.0.1

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About This File

Welcome to 17th century New England.  In the decades after the arrival of the Pilgrims at Plimouth Plantation, tens of thousands of settlers arrived from England.  Struggling through bitterly cold winters, war with the indigenous Algonquian population and internal conflict, the colonists forged a new world.  

Encompassing what we today know as Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont, New Englanders created a distinct culture and architecture. 

This first set of homes are base houses and several lean-to additions meant to be build directly abutting the houses.  Further updates will include more options for additions as well as cottage industries, more homes and several freestanding buildings. 

Special thanks to (in no particular order..) @AzemOcram for turning my 2d designs into 3d models, @ShockPuppet for his exquisite texturing, and @Kralyerg for coding and packaging. 



What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Shock made a quick fix on the lean-tos.

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User Feedback

They look fabulous, downloading now, thank you.
What are their warmth factors etc?  Same as starter wood or stone? 
I know you wrote "base houses", but I'm still learning the lingo :D  

Fun times ahead!!

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may i make a suggestion. the jump from using wood to lumber seems quick. could we do the double cape and the small colonial in logs but higher count than the plain capes? say 24-30 for the double cape and 36 for the small colonial?could the small leanto be set to logs ? the texture to the 3rd "f" variant i take it is suppose to b stone? to me it looks off,blotchy? i do not use the zoom cheat mod,in case that affects it. any future plans with the hoxie house texture to be expanded on?? also with the white "f" would a darker trim be better??? was the roof textures set to each color on purpose or was the roofs suppose to interchange?  could the icon be placed before the storage buildings after the road icon like the NMT mod?? seems odd having it after the town service icon. i'm just throwing ideas guys. i do know you have done a lot of work in a short time for this. i'm anxious to see this whole mod  idea expand.

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i discovered a problem. one of the textures is interfering with the CCrow townhouses texture. it's forcing the fronts to be white and not changing with the "f" variants. the sides change so you can see that the house should be a different color.

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@stiles. I mentioned your comment to shock.  I didn't know textures could interfere like that, but if anyone else would have an answer it would be him. Would you mind, if you could, taking a screenshot of what you are experiencing? 

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ater further research your mod is not causing it. now i am completely stumped as to what is. i took all mods out except CC NFT and it doesn't look right. only thing i can figure is its between the last update or the last game update.

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since this mod adds houses and not work places,then yes it will be fine with 1.07. there is talk of PILGRIM expanding this set.i do hope he does.it was included with the upgraded CC as well.

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