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Maritimes Collection - Prince Edward Island Shore Fisheries 104

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About This File



The Maritimes Collection - Prince Edward Island Shore Fisheries

Updated! Version 102 - See Change Log for Details.

Based on small fishing huts in Prince Edward Island, Canada.



Introducing the first modular set taken from the Maritimes collection, Prince Edward Island Shore Fisheries.

What is new?

  • 5 Small shore fishing huts that produces your choice of mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, or seaweed.
    • All 5 versions are F-variants of the same building, so have the same output etc. You can choose what item to produce from the drop down menu of each UI.
  • 3 Colour themes to choose from.
    • Each colour theme has it's own tool bar icon. There is no functional difference between the three themes, only visual.
  • New advanced placement options.
    • The buildings fit the docks completely, for the most part. This gives the player the freedom to use any dock piece to connect them together and the the land. They can also be used with other dock sets, such as CC or DSSV etc.
  • New food items (to the vanilla game) including mussels, clams, scallops, oysters, and seaweed.
  • A general storage (2000 units) and an edibles storage (1000 units).
    • The colour variations of the storage units are as F-variants.
    • Unlike the fisheries huts, storage units have stairs etc. attached to the front.
  • A small lighthouse that provides happiness.


  • All buildings have been remastered, which includes...
    • General cleaning up of the models,
    • Improved texturing,
    • New Ambient Occlusions.


  • Compiled using Banished Mod Kit 107 Beta


  • Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar. 
    • A new toolbar icon will appear on your main toolbar. This is a community tool bar space within which future releases from all modders can have their own menu. 
    • Within this new toolbar, you will see the Maple Leaf icon - this is my little corner of Banished... Welcome! And Enjoy your stay!
      • Note, all Maritimes modular sets will be able to be used completely independantly of each other, you don't need one to run the others (although, in some cases it will be beneficial ;) )



Compatibility Issues and Usage <<--- READ ME!!

There are a few issues to note...

  • Maritimes.pkm - Incompatible! This set should not be used along side the full Maritimes mod.


  • Colonial Charter Journey - Compatible! 
  • Modular Maritimes Sets - Compatible! You will get red warnings in your mod list - ignore them.
  • All other mods - Compatible! I don't know of any instances where this will not work. 


  • Needs a dock set to work!!!!! 
    • This set only includes the buildings, any connecting docks will be in a seperate mod. So you either need to download the Maritimes Dock Set or use CC, DSSV etc. if you want to have these buildings fully on the water. You can position them on the shore, as long as access is given. Access to all buildings is via which ever side has a door.



None of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew.

This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @Kralyerg for super coding magic. 

Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @Ketchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar!

Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you!



Alternative Download for Version 104

What's New in Version 104   See changelog


PEIShore - Version 104 Change Log


Balancing - Edibles Storage - Storage capacity of the edibles storage has been increased to 5,000 units.

Balancing - General Storage - Storage capacity of the general storage has been increased to 5,000 units.

Core File Update - Traders -

Vanilla and PEI trade post have been updated to allow the new flags. Previously, they would only buy the new flags and not sell them. Inedible foods were also not sold. Details...

Edibles Merchant - 
    RawMaterialFlags _sellFlags = Edible | Fruit | Grain | Protein | Vegetable;

Goods Merchant - 
    RawMaterialFlags _sellFlags =  Wood | Stone | Iron | Fuel | Tool | Textile | Clothing | Alcohol | CoalFuel | Custom0 | Custom1 | Custom2 | Custom3 | Custom4 | Custom5 | Custom6 | Custom7 | Custom8 | Custom9;

General Merchant - 
    RawMaterialFlags _sellFlags =  Wood | Stone | Iron | Fuel | Tool | Health | Edible | Fruit | Grain | Protein | Vegetable | Textile | Clothing | Alcohol | CoalFuel | Custom0 | Custom1 | Custom2 | Custom3 | Custom4 | Custom5 | Custom6 | Custom7 | Custom8 | Custom9

Save Game Compatibility - Yes but you might want to re-build the trade post to make sure the new boats arrive.




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  • 5

@ Necora .A fantastic set. Seafood is what adds charm to "Banished" thank you.:D:shape13:

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