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Maritimes Pine Set V103 103.01

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About This File

Flax bug squished... all good to go :)

Updated to Version 103 - 1st April 2017


The Maritimes Collection - The Pine Set V103

I needed woodland production chains for future fisheries/boat building things, one thing lead to another, and this set happened! This is a big set, and I am bound to have made mistakes, so treat this initial version as a trial/public beta.



Introducing the biggest (so far) installment of the Maritimes collection, the Pine Set.

  • Small prodution buildings including blacksmiths, tailors, looms, spinners, and lumber cutters. All small, all slow, all with 2 F-variants, one colour and one wood.
  • New forestry production chains including a turpentine still and a pine pitch kiln.
  • New storage options including some small food cellars, barns, and material storage.
  • New forestry lots. 3 1x1 forester towers, one vanilla, one with a new maple tree set consisting of maple trees, aspens, apples, and oaks, and one with a new pine tree set, including fir, spruce, and white pine.
  • New gatherer and forager resources... see the read me in the first reply to this topic below for more details.
  • New fur trapper and skinner... see the read me in the first reply to this topic below for more details.
  • New foods (to vanilla game) including Game (meat), eggs, cranberries, maple syrup, and more.
  • New alcohol (to vanilla game) including cider and maple whiskey.
  • New materials (to the vanilla game) including feathers, lumber, hemp, flax, pine boughs, pine resin, turpentine, pitch, charcoal, and more!
  • New fabrics (to the vanilla game) including linen, canvas, yarn, and twine.
  • New civic buildings including church, school, town hall (all with F-variants) and a hospital.
  • New housing including an up-gradable cabin in wood and colour versions, and an up-gradable lodge. More housing will be added in the future.
  • And probably a load of other things I forgot about! When I remember, I'll add them.
  • Compiled using Banished Mod Kit 107 Beta including the new resource flags and limits.
  • Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar.


A new toolbar icon will appear on your main toolbar. This is a community tool bar space within which future releases from all modders can have their own menu. 
Within this new toolbar, you will see the Maple Leaf icon - this is my little corner of Banished... Welcome! And Enjoy your stay!
Note, all Maritimes modular sets will be able to be used completely independently of each other, you don't need one to run the others (although, in some cases it will be beneficial  ). It would probably be safe to run the most recently released mod above the rest.

There are a few issues to note...

Maritimes.pkm - Incompatible! This set should not be used along side the full Maritimes mod.

Colonial Charter Journey - Compatible with the newest edition of CC!

Modular Maritimes Sets - Compatible! You will get red warnings in your mod list - ignore them. This set does not need the Maritimes Tree mod as it is included.

All other mods - Compatible! I don't know of any instances where this will not work. 


None of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew.
This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @Kralyerg for super coding magic. 
Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @Ketchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar!

Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you!



Alternative download for Pine Set V103

What's New in Version 103.01   See changelog


Pine Set - Version 103.01 Change Log - 2nd April 2017

- Squished a bug in the flax that was causing the game to crash when it was spawned in the forest.

This update is primarily to improve visual aspects of the mod, rather than balancing. A major balancing update will come sometime in the future.

New Content - Various Tools - 3 new types of tool have been added to the pine blacksmith. These are 1 - Bough Tools made from pine boughs and have half the durability of iron tools Need 2 pine boughs to produce. 2 - Pitched tools, which are basically iron tools treated with pitch for added grip and durability. These have the same durability and value of vanilla steel tools, and require 2 wood, 2 iron, and 2 pine pitch to produce. 3 - Twine handled tools. These are iron tools with twine handles for added grip and durability. Again, they have the same durability and value as vanilla steel tools, and need 2 wood, 2 iron, and 2 twine to produce.

New Content - Canvas and Linen Clothing - Two new clothing option, canvas or linen clothing. These are made by the pine tailor, and take 2 canvas or 2 linen to produce, depending on the type. They have the same value and warm as vanilla leather and wool coats.

New Content - Furriers Hut - A new building which employs a tailor to produce clothing and coats out of pelts and fur.

New Content - Pelt and Pelt Clothing - A new resource, pelt, has been added as a lower value type of fur. This is produced by all trappers, and made into clothing at the Furriers Hut. The clothing from pelts have the same values as vanila leather and wool coats.

New Content - Fur Coat - A new clothing option, fur coats, has been added. Made by the Furrier's Hut, these are very valuable coats that act as warm clothing.

New Dynamic - Trapping and associated Natural Resources - The trapping chain has now changed. There are two new types of trapping mechanism. In vanilla forests, and the forest spawned at the start of the game, various wild animals occur. These include fox holes (fur), rabbit holes (game), nests (eggs), and beaver lodges (pelt). With the pine and maple forests, traps will spawn instead of these wild resources, apart from nest (eggs) which will still occur in pine forests only. There are three types of trap, each producing a different resource, game, fur, and pelt. The trapper can collect all of the above resources, and will collect slightly different things depending on the forest type you build it in. This change has negated the need for the skinner, as the trapper not produces all resources directly from the forest.

Removed Content - Skinner and wild animal resource - The skinner and wild animal resources are now redundant and have been removed.

Model Improvement - Raw Materials - The models of all raw materials have been improved, and re-textured for much better visual represetation.

Model Improvement - Natural Resources - The models of all natural resources have been changed to remove things like barrels in your forest and replace them with more natural things or items representing the work needed to get them. For example, Pine Resin now appears as a small collector bucket that would be stapled to a tree, and then turns into a barrel when harvested.

Model Improvement - Trees - All trees have been given brand new models!

UI Improvement - Raw Material Sprites - All raw materials have new sprites, which are small screen shots of themselves. This looks much better in the menu than the previous icons I was using.

Balancing - Church - Pine church capacity increased to 50.

Balancing - Pine Harvester - Rate of flax gathering increased.

Balancing - Maple Forager - Rate of apple gathering decreased, and rate of maple sap gathering increased.

Balancing - Pitch Kiln - Work required has been reduced, and the high/low create values of pine pitch have been increased.

Balancing - Turpentine Still - Work required has been reduced, and the high/low create values of pine pitch have been increased.

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@ Necora .My favorite set. Many new colorful buildings and resources. Fantastic work thank you:hand1::hand16:

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