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About This File

Have you ever wondered why all the crops are harvested in little baskets, but then the meat is left just laying on the ground waiting for someone to come pick it up? I know at least one of you has.

So this will make it so, instead of meat laying on the ground, the meat is left in little baskets, just like your crops. Yum.

Here's a hunter that just killed a Deer. Baskets of meat, yay.


List of meats that are affected by this mod:


Bison Meat
Duck Meat

Beef Cuts
Bison Cuts
Charki Cuts
Cheval Cuts
Pork Cuts
Venison Cuts

Bear Meat
Bear Steak
Bison Steak
Boar Meat
Boar Ribs
Goose Meat
Hare Meat
Hare Stew
Partridge Meat
Pheasant Meat
Roast Duck
Roast Goose
Roast Partridge
Roast Pheasant

Cured Meat
Dried Meat
Smoked Meat
Salted Meat
Lamp Chop

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User Feedback

Hooray - no more primecuts sitting in the dust! The one says thank you, much appreciated  xD


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