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About This File



Despo20 Medieval  -  D20 Medieval Houses

"Large and nice medieval houses with optional accessory buildings"




The Mod includes:

- New 2 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of six. 2 F key variants;

- New 3 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of seven;

- New Accessory Storage with 2 F key variants;

- New Large Accessory Storage;

- Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar.


Coming soon:

- Other types of accessory buildings;

- More F key variants.




The Accessory Storage is designed to be integrated with the 2 story house, but it was modeled to be used also alone.


In the same way the Accessory Storage Large can be integrated with the 3 story house.




I would not be able to realize this Mod without the help of this magnificent community!

Thanks @Discrepancy, @Ketchup, @Kralyerg, @Necora for sharing your knowledge with me.

Thanks also go out to all who have supported me during the development of this first Mod (I hope this will be the first of many :) ).


What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


- New Building: Accessory Storage Large

- mesh and texture glitches fixed in the 3 Story Medieval House model

- code bug fixed in the Accessory Storage

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User Feedback

Looks great! and such a well presented mod download page :hand1:

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congratulations !

an homerun at first time at the bat !!!

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:face44:First mod and what a corker it is, I've been waiting for someone to create something like this. Thank you!

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Thanks to everyone! I'm glad you like my little houses ^_^

I've released the version 1.1 with the new large storage and some fixes ;)

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I really love your houses.

I've got only one thing to say: Wouldn't it be nicer to access the houses in the regular "houses" menu ?

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Hi @Takit

If you use a few mods it's convenient to have the buildings in the original categories, but for those who have installed many mods this could create confusion. After reading several topics I decided to use the community toolbar as most other modders ;)

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Hi @despo20,

Thanks for the answer. I guess that's a good reason, but I just don't like it to be outside the regular menu. :(

For now, I only have your houses in the "community toolbar".

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If you try some mods from RedKetchup, Necora, Discrepancy and the others you will see that the toolbar will fill a lot!

Anyway if there will be a new MegaMod version, probably my mod will be part of it (or at least I hope so :P ) and it will be in the regular menu ;)

The people decided so xD 


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I have added these houses, I really like the look of them and they do fit in well with Ketchup's stuff, I am mid game now but next time I will add Necora's stuff too. I can't wait for some playthroughs on you tube with the latest, I tend to watch and play repeat, learning as i go. I would definitely watch you play @despo20.

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Very nice work here! :)

Great looking models, the texture choices are excellent.

Really well done!

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