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About This File

Place ABOVE CC and the other listed mods for this to work.


Allows your Blacksmiths to produce a wider array of tools, including Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, and Carbon Steel Tools. Borrowing files shamelessly from NMT for cross compatibility. :)


Affects Vanilla, CC 1.6, NMT 2.0, Mini Buildings Blacksmiths, Small Town Blacksmith, Old Blacksmith . The only tool producer this doesn't affect is the Dock Workshop.


Here's the individual breakdown of which Blacksmith building can produce what.

Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron

Large Smithy Country Smithy Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone

Mini Workshop Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron

Medieval Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron

Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 1 Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 2 Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 3 Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone

Small Town Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone


And down here, for informations sake, is the breakdown of tool use quality.

Wood Tool 50

Stone Tool 75

Rough Tool 40

Iron Tool 100

Steel Tool 200

Bronze Tool 265

Carbon Steel 400

Gemstone 1000


These are the original numbers from CC and/or NMT and were not changed for this addon. Some of the numbers may seem odd when compared to the others in this list, and that's because they were balanced independently of each other. This mod also includes the mod called "Blacksmith Storage", so you don't need to use that one if you're using this one. Let me know if there is any problems. As always, I don't really test things too thoroughly. :D

What's New in Version 6   See changelog


Updated for 1.0.7

Added DS Small Village Blacksmith, Work Place Toolsmith, CC City Blacksmith.

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User Feedback

can this mod be set to override all other blacksmiths?? i use it a lot especially in the beginning of games but it is very limited to what blacksmith i can use. i have it above my other blacksmith mods. it works great with the mini-buildings. doesn't work with the tool shed mod or sets from WOB. always thought a mod higher in the mod order would over ride the mods below it.thanks

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Anyone know if there is a mod like this but for clothing? Not the one list here with just the clothes and warm clothes options. Looking for something to do similiar to this mod where the clothing is normalized across the popular mods, cc, nmt, mm, etc, but allows for the varied levels of clothing. ie, reed, leather, cloth, silk, etc.

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i think clothing has like 2 options warm and warmer. there are survival coats<reeds+feathers>hide coats,wool,fur,and pelts now.under CC with the NFT there is many more options also.

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Edit: Nvm, works with new game.


Any way to get this to work with 1.07 Compatibility+cc 1.75+mega 0.07?

Enabling this leads to an endless load screen for me

Edited by Banished&Used

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Glad you got it to work @Banished&Used:)


@critspirace no there isn't one like it - which is a shame as I'd love for an override one as well, make our tailors all show all the different coats etc.
If there is a particular mod though & tailor you really do like, but doesn't show a recipe you really want, you could always make a note of it and ask for it in a thread, or if it's another modder, ask them in their own topics, many have topics on forums etc. and would be happy to have a chat. :D

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I got this via the Megamod 8 recently (upgraded from MM 0.07) idk if its the same mod here that's included in MM8 though.

idk if its a glitch but the regular Blacksmith also pruduces Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone tools [& muskets], just like the small town smithy [muskets too].

Same is true for the CC Modular: Stacked Shops and Houses: 1st floor blacksmith, which I'm happy about. the Stacked houses/shops are some of my favourites to use. (Was really excited to see new options on upgrading, just wish there was a tavern though.) The mideval smith & mini workshop seem as listed. Some of the other MM8 Smiths seem to vary between vanilla tools and having all the options. I haven't used all of them yet.


On a side note: It seems to show them with steel tools, even if I'm making rough tools. (at least in the citizen's personal menus)

sorry for rambling, just wanted to share :^)

Edited by treylw

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yep they still show as steel but will wear out quicker as stone. this mod does affect some BS,but not all. KID has several different options with his mods.some will also make muskets but again not all.different tailors will work the same way with some making a varietty of clothing,and some are 1 type or a few options.

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