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About This File

I didn't thoroughly test this, so be careful.


All of your Livestocks can fit twice as many animals in the Pasture. They will reproduce twice as fast, and and give their bonus resources (Eggs, Wool) twice as often. Probably a little cheaty, but hey, that's how some people roll. :P


Load ABOVE CC to use.

What's New in Version 6   See changelog


Fixed bug where Beef Cow and Deer were producing Trade Horses instead.

Changed Trade animals to the Misc category instead of Textile. (NOTE: This change may do weird things if you already have trade animals in specialized storage barns.)

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User Feedback

Silly question ...  


Load ABOVE CC to use.

Where files state the above, or "load BELOW", CC, does that include MM?
I don't have CC installed separately, I run MM instead.

Many thanks in advance!!

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Thanks @stiles, I have been treating the comments as CC, being MM, I just wasn't sure if there would be a real difference if I ignored it?
I think you're right though, treat them as 'the same' when it comes to these warnings :D 

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Hey, I really like this mod and I was wondering if you could make a version where pastures just hold twice as many animals without producing extra stuff. I like building the smaller pastures to conserve space and be less annoying, but even two small 10x10 pastures of cows produce way more beef than I could ever use. Like, I had 50k sitting around at one point.

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you can control that. there is a bar to set the number of animals in the pasture. move it left and drop the number of animals.it is always good to stockpile food early on to handle populatioon growth and nomads later though.

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Hi Kralyerg.

I've tested the new version now and it is working Fine.

Thanks a lot.




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Hello Kralyerg.

can you tell me how to stop livestock dying? especially chicken and duck, even when i sign 4 herdsmen in one pasture, they keep dying from 130-140 

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