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About This File


For those that prefer not to have Iron Ore, and keep Iron production as it was in vanilla Banished.


- Iron surface deposits that are harvested will yield Iron instead of Iron Ore

- Mine will produce Iron instead of Iron Ore

- Iron Ore & Coal Mine will produce Iron instead of Iron Ore

- As of Version 3, the Blacksmith requires Iron instead of Iron Ore to build


Place ABOVE CC 1.7+ to override. Requires Banished 1.0.7 Beta or above.

What's New in Version 4   See changelog


Updated to include the All The Wild Things and Antilles Sparse starting conditions.

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User Feedback

Hi @Kralyerg since adding CC for 107 & MM back into the game after uploading to Banished beta 107, this is no longer working, I have Iron Ore everywhere! 
It may be from @Ketchup blacksmith mod as he has it compatible with Iron Ore, but, I wasn't sure if there was a known conflict, and if you were aware that it wasn't working.
I have since disabled the blacksmith mod and still spawning iron ore.  Nuts!!

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10 minutes ago, QueryEverything said:

have Iron Ore everywhere

When you harvest the iron on the ground is it iron or iron ore?

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i didnt add anything to replace the iron (and the iron thats spawn on the ground) i only put RawMaterialIronOre.rsc in my template folder and add a new choice in the menu to take 2 IronOre into 1 iron. thats all.

i didnt played anything with the map generation or the NaturalResourceOre.rsc

Edited by Ketchup
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11 hours ago, QueryEverything said:

Iron Ore.

What starting condition are you using? I just had a quick peek, and it looks like the Antilles Sparse and the Wild Things starts aren't affected by Iron is Iron.

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That answers that, it's been the Wild Things conditions.  I haven't tried anything else currently.   :(
At least we have an answer, lol.  Maybe have an update to the description. :)  Please :)


Thanks @Ketchup I was sure it wasn't your mod as it still did it even after I disabled the mod and reloaded the game. :)  

Edited by QueryEverything

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3 minutes ago, QueryEverything said:

will this be updated to work with Wild Things & Antilles, or will it be left "as is".



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Does it work? Gosh! I've played Adam and Eve and didn't bothered, at first, why the "iron" was colored red? Until I built my first forge and realized that there was iron ore everywhere! Lol! Must try it, hope it work :(


ps: nope, it doesn't work

Edited by okkisafire

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Did you place the mod above Colonial Charter?  Are you using any other mods?

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