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About This File

A Tropical Greenhouse will take Fertilizer and will give you tropical foods, or foods that there are no seeds for.

Version 2 no longer requires CC to use. It is standalone.


What's New in Version 2   See changelog


Updated for 1.0.7.

Made standalone, so CC is not required.

Changed Bonemeal for Fertilizer.

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User Feedback

i realize some are busy setting up the new site. much appreciated as well. can someone overhaul this mod??? the production is too low. i wish the texture could b redone as well,mayb a semi-opague glass with plants growing inside?? also what about a version that propagates seeds instead of fruits?? say the local wild seeds: apples,wild onion,various beries,roots,herbs,etc. takes bonemeal n gives a new seed set every 2 or 3 yrs. would give u a way to go from just gathering n hunting to growing wild crops b4 u are ready to trade.

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As far as I know, there isn't a mechanism in the game to generate Crop Seeds in any way other than the trader.

I couldn't get it to be semi-opaque. I tried.  It's possible I was just doing it wrong, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. :) I may look at it again in the future.

I can also take a look at the production numbers and see what's up.

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thank u. also couldnt it b set as a trader as u said but "exchange" bone meal for various seeds ?? similar mechanics as RED'S train mod??  only problem i forsee would b setting it to only give certain seeds instead of all seeds. rather it would allow u to b specific as to which seeds to allow it to develop.

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That's not really how it works.  The train mod just says "input coins, output item".  The crop seeds aren't an item.  You can't tell any building to make them. 

The only way to get them is from a trading boat at the trading post, because there's special code that we can't see that let's them carry them.

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we can control the cost of the seeds then we could make a "trade post" look like a greenhouse. then it would "trade" bonemeal for seeds. if we could limit the type of seeds better yet. we can change terminology and fake the program but the results would b the same. whats a mini-hunter produce in bonemeal per year? multiply by 3 anda worker at a GH "trades" that amount for a seed automatically.or mayb a seed and 250 berries or something. just so later in game it would still have a function.

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 Kralyerg:DThank you very much for this mod, it's great. You are a great man and I respect you very much and I admire you for the effort and creation of fantastic mods. I am sorry that I did not answer your questions and @ Redketchup - but I was busy testing the different variants for 4 days, until the computer changed color to "red" !!! Although I like this idea - you exchange a bonemeal for fertilizer and it works great. My problem still exists. - because all CC pastures - produce bone meal and feathers - chickens and ducks. I noticed that during testing CC1.75 Journey and CC1.76 mods - when adding mod "Tropical Greenhouse v1 [1.05B] - there was an error - employees take" cube "from the warehouse and go back to the warehouse - nothing happens - there is no example of banana production - Mod is set below CC - if it is set above CC - the game hangs - there is a mistake I have no idea what to do with bonemeal and feathers - but my problem still exists. Bonemeal was added to mods CC1.75 and CC1.76 ? is not applicable only if we add the TG mod - for me it is pointless - production is not profitable in the sale - for the value of {1} Feathers - I can add clothes or bedding to the product, but only how CC1.76 is higher than RK E Choice - eg production for 4 years - 528 is a lot with chickens - 28 - you also sell is low only - values [1] . I do not produce clothes "Sherbrooke Tailor" - Down Coat [Leather + Feathers] - @ Necora. I'm thinking about how to raise this problem. Greetings @ Kralyerg and @ Redketchup and I apologize for the trouble:D:$

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6 hours ago, taniu said:




TropicalGreenhouse v1 -1.05B.jpg

Edited by taniu

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1 .Pasture Chickens - [ chicken + feathers +bonemeal + eggs ]

2. a worker wearing bonemeal - no effect

we still have a production building CC-Dock Chicken breeder - [Eggs + Feathers + Chicken], Egg Pen [Eggs + Feathers] -, "Jetty Chicken Coop" DS - [Fertilizer + Eggs + Chicken]

good news - that there is no conflict in the mod MM- 8.01 -Tropical Grennhouse v 1 - works well

Ideas - maybe benemeal - as a valuable waste to sell with a higher value of 2.3  4.5? - that way it will pay off - a small profit - the same with Feathers?
or a mixture of benemeal + feathers = briquette - a opal for heating homes for firewood
I do not know if this is a good idea, I'm choking on your opinions @ Kralyerg, @Redketchup. Cheers!:D



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we need a composter to get rid of feathers and bonemeal and get fertilizer. thing is this exchanges 1 item for another. you can make survival coats with reeds from the dock set.or just trade them away to get them our of the barns. when you said you have CC above the RK and were using the TG,did you have the TG between the 2 big mods? the conflict might have been with the greenhouses from the RK. have you tried TOM's patch to get rid of feathers for the North mod? it might work without the North and be a work around. bonemeal is used by the apothecary.

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@Kralyerg:DAfter many tests with various mods, I finally came to what was the reason that "Tropical Greenhouse" v 1 [1.05B] did not work. This is an old mods and he did not want to work with CC 1.75 Journey and CC1.76 mods. You need to add Mod "Compatibility 1.07 v2" everything will be ok
1.Compatibility 1.07 v2
2.CC1.75 or CC1.76
3.Tropical Grenhouse v1
4.RK E CH - Light

mod "Feather Patch v1" above CC1.76 -  feather value 1 on value 2

4.RK E CH - Light - it can be set higher than CC 1.76 there are more animals in the forest then. Greetings :D

 am not currently playing with The North, I will test later - @stiles - Greetings :D

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