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About This File

A stable will take feed in the form of Oats or Barley or Corn, and will generate your very own Domesticated Animal resources.


Requires CC to run. Place BELOW CC.

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User Feedback

It should, that's what it was made for.

The icon should be in the "Resource Production" (the one that looks like a tree).

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I have another quesetion. I've noticed that sometimes my animals in the pastures will just slowly die off. Almost like there has been an infestation there, but there is no warnings for infestations, and no infestation clouds. Even when I put more farmers on the pastures, the animals still seem to do a slow die off. Am I just playing the game wrong, or might it be a bug?

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Livestock can get old and die. This is the reason animals left too long at a Trading Post can die even if they are finally moved to a Pasture.  However, the slow die off seems to be happening more often after the Banished update - it's been discussed several times on the Steam forum. Most people think it happens more often with Sheep and Cows.  Prior to the update, I only had it happen once (when I really didn't know what I was doing) and now I've had it happen multiple times.  Most frequently for me it occurs when I split a herd of 10 animals.  I find the animals in the new pasture slowly die off.  There's been no infestation and it doesn't matter if I hadd herdsmen.  If I split the herd again, everything is fine.  The only explanation I've heard is that maybe I was unlucky and all of my senior livestock moved to the new pasture? :( 

Maybe Kralyerg could increase the lifespan of livestock a little to help?

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