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About This File

Adds "Trade" versions of all of the livestock. Instead of meat, all of your livestock will produced Trade livestock versions that you can then take to the Trading Post. No additional resources (eggs/milk/wool) are produced.

Place Above CC.

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User Feedback

I Kralyerg.

Your Mods are amazing :) thx for all the hard work you and all teh guys are putting into it.

Regarding this mod that is great to use with traders, I was thinking if it is possible to twick a little bit the values.

The value of each trave version should take into account if they are small, medium or big animals.

Also 250 for each trade duck or chicken is a little too much something like 150, 250, 350 depending on the size could be more fun.

I using it on a megamode map where I have all type of trade itens and the big and medium trade versions I olny have a small pasture for them.



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That's true.  I think someone suggested that on the old site.

I'll take a look at the numbers before the next version of MegaMod, and update this and that at the same time.

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Just want to  reiterate this suggestion. Currently, only trade chicken/leghorn are worth keeping, due to their high reproduction rate.

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It depends @Banished&Used if you are also using a pasture booster.
If you are and you can fit cows etc into a 10x10 then certainly they can be a good trade item as well.  

What I have found, the trade off (pardon the pun) between the ducks, chickens etc - is that whilst you can have a small pasture, and you can fit more in, they can sometimes take just as long to fill a pasture as say cows or llamas etc.  

I would suggest having a play around with the numbers, use a Pasture Boost if you can, and see what you can come up with.  It's been a whilst since I've bred Trade Stock.

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