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About This File

Requires Banished 1.0.7


For those that don't like the challenge of the Trading Post lottery, here is a Super Easy Trading override. It makes every trader able to carry every item, and will accept any item for trade.
 It will conflict with CC and other mods that also affect trading. Put this on top of the conflicted mods to override.
 V2 Fix small bug, and slightly lower time between traders in early game.
 V3 Makes it so traders will bring many different items, even in the early game. Quantities will still be low and grow as your population grows.
 V4 Updated for CC 1.6 and Mini Buildings and NMT 2.0


What's New in Version v5   See changelog


Updated for CC 1.72 and Banished 1.0.7

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User Feedback

Since this mod hasn't been updated (yet), it's not working... any suggestions what I should put in the trade post to sell? I have tried a few things, but they don't seem to work... 

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@Sabouma I always have a mix:
Iron (& Iron Ore)
Animal products (meat & other)

Each trader has a different preference and I never know what the next will want, but I keep a diverse mix available. :)

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First, thank you for this mod. It only partially works with RK's Garden Wall Utility. Merchants will carry and sell fodder, fertilizer and perfume... I'm guessing they'll also carry flowers, but I didn't see it. And while the mod will let me list those items for sale, the trader won't stock them in inventory.

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