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Nellville is a happy place.
Folks have plenty to eat, good clothes to wear, nice houses to live in, and stuff to do.
I worked the town up to my usual 600-700 folks with very good sustainability for all resources without debugging anything but education and no zeroing build cost. I always ‘set all as educated’ because I firmly believe my folks share their expertise generously, and eschew formal indoctrination (a big part of why they left their homeland – they weren’t banished so much as broke away to form a happier healthier community.)
Usually at this point, I quit playing, and the next time I fire up the game I start a new town. Yesterday however, I kept going. I liked my layout, and I saw potential for my jetty/quay areas. Plus, I’m pretty sure I found a new favorite climate: Mediterranean.
Before starting Nellville, I scanned the temperatures chart and converted to text so I could go into excel and sort/filter to my heart’s content.  I wanted to filter for my go-to crops (the ones I use every game) to see which temperatures were my personal goldilocks zone. I’m also a bit in love with Peak’s Valley. It is a great balance of flat for crops, water, and mountains for mining/tunnels.
A screensnip of my chart and map seed details are included in the album.
Once I decided to stay – having conquered the goal of surviving – I clicked on Zero Build Cost so I could go mad with design and deco without having to wait for builders to bring forth my vision. Plus I delved into lots and lots of structures, homes, buildings, etc. that I usually don’t use. Nellville has a different look from most of my towns, prettier and with more interesting little spots that are purely for aesthetics. This album is the result.
Some notes: smugglers’ cave is so cool. I call this one The Dead God of Sauerkraut (they trade for cabbage.)
The details on modders’ stuff are so fantastic. I can see lace curtains in some windows, absolutely makes me VERY HAPPY.
Jetty neighborhoods can be gorgeous; I’m using them more and more.
Sometimes I use mountain mansions on flat ground ‘cuz I love the big fenced yards.
Tunnel varieties are amazing. My new favorite is one of the wooden ones, the entrance looks so nice.
Let me know what you think!
Happy building

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