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Highlights Showcase

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Every now and then, we will highlight images from around the board that we especially enjoy.

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  • Recent Image Comments

    • Thanks ! I try to.
    • Your village is coming along nicely @Takit
    • wow,the fields look much bigger in your pics. that is about what i do. i place fields at 10x10 and average 500 food each. so you have food for 120-150 population based on you farmers.the problem of moving supply can be solved with markets.1 vendor would move a lot of stock closer to population and stop the farmers from filling the closest barns. when i 1st started playing banished, i never liked using the markets cause there really is no money in the game. 1 thing i do also is to stop clearing more land by mid winter so the workers have time to catch up before spring. they can use the extra time to stock their houses up with food and firewood and it makes sure the farmers get baxk to their fields by spring to plant.if they get to their fields late the harvest could be less or none at all. i just had a snowfall in early fall cost me a corn crop completely.stupid thing is the pumpkins take longer to grow yet they didn't get frosted. if you ever find a good balance with CC let me know. i always over produce something  and run out of something before i catch it.
    • I've been messing around with different terrain setting, but I'm liking the verdant plains. I like the color of the grass and the mostly flat terrain. The fields are all around 110-120 tiles so they only require one worker each; I think I have 16 farmers and 5 herdsmen currently. I'm still trying to get a stable production going in the settlement, I seem to always be short of some material. I need to work on it some more to get it balanced.

    • it is interesting to see how others play the game sometimes. can i ask a few questions? how long have you used the verdant plain setting? i'm too used to the  lake maps that terrain plays with my eyes when i try it. with those huge fields how many workers do you have on them and how is your production numbers? it looks good with the wide roads and all the extra mods work well together.