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    Version 0.07


    Brought to you by the creators of Colonial Charter. Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. This download is a .RAR file. You will need a program like 7zip or WinRar to open them. Don't put the .RAR file into your WinData folder. You need to extract the .PKM and put it in WinData. About: Have you ever wished you could download all of the most popular Banished mods compiled into one comprehensive package? Welcome to the mother of all Banished mods. The MegaMod - the ultimate Banished mod experience. 120 mods and counting. Thanks to the hard work of all the modders who have contributed. RedKetchup, Kid, Discrepancy, embx61, tanypredator, TomSawyer, Wintin, Maal, Elfecutioner. This is a completely standalone mod. All of the listed mods are completely included. Do not use any of the included mods alongside MegaMod. You're welcome to use your choice of Aging mods, Storage mods, Resource quantity mods, or other mods of these types, as they are not included. There is no guarantee that future versions will be save game compatible with this beta version. Things happen. Toolbar entries are color coded by which modder made them. Toolbar buttons with a colored border will open another toolbar. The color of the border indicated which modder made all of the entries inside that toolbar. There will be periodic updates to this, as mods are updated, and work is done to continue to make them all cohesive. It's going to take a long time to load a mod this large. Be prepared for a black screen for several minutes while it loads.
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    Below are links to the Production, Construction and Storage spreadsheets for CC 1.75. To print, make sure you specify Landscape and Fit Columns on One Page. (Best to print preview before printing so there are no surprises.) CC 1.75 Construction Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Production Spreadsheet: HERE CC 1.75 Storage Spreadsheet: HERE
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    Version 1.0.1


    Alternative download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-ZePVZCUPiuamo5S2JnSHpyamM Aim of the mod Natural Diversity is my attempt to make the world of banished resemble real nature more closely. I try to achieve this by increasing the realism of existing elements of the game, and by introducing new elements that I feel are lacking. Version 1.0 of this mod is only the start, and improves some aspects of the game’s natural environment. My plan is to continue development, and cover the other parts in future updates. Usage details This mod requires the 1.0.7 Beta version of the game. When copying this mod into the banished folder, it will replace the Natural Diversity Beta mod if you had it installed. This is intended, do not change the filenames as this will cause the mod to crash. This mod will require a new game in order to fully function. Load this mod above any other mods that alter the default start conditions or introduce new ones, such as CC. If you wish to use this mod together with mods that add resources that get spawned in the forest, such as Necora’s PineSet, this mod must be loaded below the other mod. Content Meadows The most impactful aspect of this mod is the introduction of a new biome in addition to the forest that is already present: the meadow. Meadows will spawn naturally in the world from the start of the game (note: only when using the default ‘easy’, ‘medium’ or ‘hard’ start conditions). They mainly consist of ‘grass’, which gives ‘thatch’ as a material when harvested by the citizens. A ‘Collect Grass’ option is added to the menu for this. Thatch is needed to construct buildings with thatched roofs, such as the ‘Storage Barn’ or ‘Wooden House’, and can be used as a fuel by the citizens to warm their houses. Furthermore, the meadows will spawn herbs, roots and onions. The latter two no longer spawn in the forest, as this is not their natural habitat. Thatcher’s Shed and Thatcher profession To be able to let citizens harvest and replant grasses automatically, the ‘Thatcher’s Shed’ is added to the game. It employs a maximum of two ‘Thatchers’, and has a work radius of 20. Seasonality for natural resources In unmodded Banished, all natural resources are treated as if they would not be affected by low temperatures, while in reality some of them would. With this mod, all Mushrooms, half the Herbs and half the Roots will die as soon as the temperature drops below 0 C (32F). Though the other resources will not die, their appearance will change according to the season. In Spring, herbs and onions will grow flowers. In Autumn, their flowers will wilt again. Many new models for herbs, onions, roots and mushrooms One of my biggest points of critique for the base game is the lack of attention that was given to the models for the natural resources. Not only are some of them completely unrealistic (onions do not grow lying in bundles on the forest floor!), it is also rather boring to see the same model many times over. Therefore this mod introduces 24 new models for herbs, 6 new onions, 18 root variants and 12 mushrooms. These will replace the old models. Their behaviour is as follows: Herbs will grow naturally in the forest or in the meadows. The annual herbs die if the temperature drops below 0 C (32F), the others only lose their flowers or decolour in Autumn. Onions will grow in the meadows, and lose their flowers in autumn. Roots will grow in the meadows, and the annual ones will die if the temperature drops below 0 C. Mushrooms will grow naturally in the forest, and die if the temperature drops below 0 C. Future plans As mentioned before I intend to continue development on this mod, reworking other aspects of banished’s natural world and introducing more variety. Below is a list of features that I intend to include in future updates. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with me! Reeds (growing on the water’s edge) More berry bushes, including an update to the blueberry Twigs and branches in the forest (for firewood) Updates to rocks and ores Extended production chain for thatch, to add more uses. Information for Modders Anyone who wishes to make mods that work together with Natural Diversity, for example to make use of the Thatch resource for buildings, is most welcome to do so. Below is a list of relevant filenames that are added in this mod, so that they can be referenced. In case you have questions about any specifics of this mod, feel free to contact me. Grass: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivGrass.rsc Annual Herbs: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivHerbAnn.rsc Meadow Herbs: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivHerbGrass.rsc Annual Roots: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivRootAnn.rsc Thatch: Template/RawMaterialNatDivThatch.rsc Acknowledgements The development of this mod would not have been possible without the help and support of many people in this wonderful community. Therefore I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to anyone who has ever written a tutorial, answered a question, given a suggestion, tested the Beta or has expressed their support for my work in any kind of way. You are a lovely bunch of people. Furthermore, I wish to express a special thank you to @Necora and @Ketchup for the many times that they’ve answered my questions with lengthy and detailed explanations. Not only are they highly skilled modders, they are also kind and patient enough to share their sometimes hard-earned knowledge with beginners like me.
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    NEW GAME SETTINGS TERRAIN TYPES Valleys original Banished Mountains original Banished Flat Plains CC Lake Waters CC Marsh CC 1.6 Swamp Valleys CC Bleak Mountains CC Verdant Plains CC Sand Lakes CC Desert CC Red Desert CC Swamp Lakes CC 1.7 Water World CC 1.6 Jungle Rivers CC 1.7 Cold Valleys CC 1.7 Note: If choosing a sand or desert terrain, you may also want to choose the Antilles (Palms only) start as well as a no snow / low rain climate. CLIMATE TEMPERATURE Fahrenheit Celsius High Low Tolerance* Variance* High Low Very Mild CC 80 20 1 10 27 -7 Mild Original Banished 80 20 2 20 27 -7 Fair Original Banished 80 20 5 40 27 -7 Harsh Original Banished 80 20 15 50 27 -7 Very Harsh CC 60 -5 15 25 16 -21 Mediterranean (No Snow) CC 90 40 5 20 32 4 Marine CC 83 27 5 5 28 -3 Tropical (No Snow) CC 100 60 5 20 38 16 Warm Arid (No Snow – Low Rain) CC 110 50 5 20 43 10 Harsh Arid (Very Hot & Cold) CC 110 20 10 20 43 -7 Note: some crops don’t grow well in extreme climates. * These parameters are included in the game code; however, the exact purpose is unknown. J TERRAIN SIZE Small Original Banished Medium Original Banished Large Original Banished Very Large CC STARTING CONDITIONS STANDARD STARTING CONDITIONS - All of these starts use only the trees found in original Banished. Easy (original Banished): Start with six families. A large amount of clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided. Homes and storage areas have already been built. Seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 2 of each) as well as a herd of livestock. Medium (original Banished): Begins with five families. Clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided. A storage barn has already been built. Seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 1 of each). Medium+ (CC): Begins the same as a Medium game, except a herd of livestock is included. It starts with five families. Clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided. A storage barn has already been built. Seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 1 of each). Hard (original Banished): Begins with four families. A small amount of food, clothing, firewood and tools are provided in a small storage cart. No homes have been built and no seeds or livestock are initially available. Adam & Eve (CC): Like a Hard start, but with only one couple. A small amount of food, clothing, firewood and tools are provided in a small storage cart. No homes have been built and no seeds or livestock are initially available. SPECIAL STARTING CONDITIONS Missionary (CC): Start with three families – two of them are uneducated. The fenced compound includes a Parish House and two homes. Some basic supplies are provided in a small storage cart and a stockpile (firewood, clothing, tools and building materials). Some seeds for crops and orchards are available (usually 1 of each) and a small herd of livestock. New Frontier (CC 1.5): Start with three families living in a small frontier outpost next to a friendly Native American village. Two log cabins have been built in the fort. A small storage cart and a stockpile contain an initial supply of firewood, building materials, coats, tools and food. A herd of livestock has been provided. In exchange of goods and treasures found at the ceremonial ground, the natives will let you convert their buildings to homes or other uses. Native Village (CC 1.5): Start next to a Native American village with a Ceremonial Ground. In exchange of goods and treasures found at the ceremonial ground, the natives will let you convert their buildings to homes or other uses. Native Village – Hard: Start with three families. A small storage cart contains an initial supply of firewood, coats, tools and food Native Village – Adam & Eve: Start with one couple. A small storage cart contains an initial supply of firewood, coats, tools and food. Silk Road (CC): All Silk Road games starts with the ability to feed and harvest Silkworms for their precious silk. A Silkworm Hut and Weavers have been build. A Dense Orchard has been built and White Mulberry seeds have been provided. Silk Road – Easy: Start with six families. Six homes have already been built. A large amount of clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided in a Storage Barn and Stockpile. Crop seeds are also provided (usually 2). No livestock is provided. Silk Road – Medium: Start with five families. An initial amount of clothing, food, tools, firewood, and building materials are provided in a Storage Barn and Stockpile. One type of crop seed is provided Silk Road – Hard: Start with four families. A small amount of clothing, food, tools, and firewood are provided in a small Storage Cart. El Dorado – Easy, Medium, Hard or Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with new trees only. Nuevo Arbol – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with new trees only, excluding Palms Nuevo Arbol Lite – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Lite version of Nuevo Arbol for improved performance. Antilles – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with Palm and Tropical Trees Only Antilles Sparse – Hard (CC): Same as Antilles Hard but harder because there are fewer trees. Zhu Zhi Forest – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard Starts with Bamboo Trees only. Matacapan Jungle – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC): Standard starts with all the trees in original Banished and CC. Appalachian Forest – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC 1.6): Easy, Medium and Hard starts are standard except you are given Rice and Eggs as your initial quantity of food, allowing you to build a Rice Planter and/or Dock Chicken Breeder unless your citizens eat all the food first. (Adam & Eve gives you Apples as your initial supply of food.) Easy starts begin with a small flock of Chickens or Leghorns as your initial livestock; build a Reed Farm and you’re ready to make Survival Coats! Includes all the trees in Banished and CC except tropical trees and palms. Curse of the Golden Llama – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve (CC 1.4): Curse of the Golden Llama is the closest thing to a mystery in the world of Banished. Towns start near the Golden Llama Monument which provides the option of adventure for the chance of treasure. Includes all the new trees. Other than that, these are standard starts. Bayou – Easy (CC 1.6): Comes with everything needed to get a Dock town up and running: Dock Large Storage, 5 homes (2 Dock Homes and 4 Dock Shanties). Food includes Rice and Eggs, allowing you to build a Rice Planter and/or Dock Chicken Breeder – if your people don’t eat all the food first. As with other easy starts, tools, clothing, firewood and some building supplies are provided. You will receive either Chickens or Leghorns as your initial livestock. Old Castle – Hard (CC 1.6): A standard Hard start; however, the small Storage Cart has been replaced with an Old Castle, offering a huge amount of storage. Some preserved food is included in addition to a small number of tools, coats and firewood. All the Wild Things – Easy and Adam & Eve (CC 1.6): Standard Starts on an extremely easy map. The land is covered in all manner of edible plants and animals – ready to be gathered from the wild using the Collect Wild Foods tool located under Removal and Destruction tools. Stone and Iron Ore respawn. Note that livestock cannot be captured and put into pastures. Shipwreck (CC 1.7): Shipwrecked in an unknown land, your people have only their wits and what they can salvage from the wreck. Shipwreck – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map does not include any Tropical trees. Shipwreck – El Dorado – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map includes only new trees. Shipwreck – Jungle – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map includes only tropical trees and palms. Shipwreck – Northern Pines – Hard: Standard Hard start. Map includes only new and old pine trees. Shipwreck – Medium+: Standard Medium+ start. Shipwreck – El Dorado Medium+: Standard Medium+ start. Map includes only new trees. Shipwreck – Jungle Medium+: Standard Medium+ start. Map includes only tropical trees and palms. Northern Pines – Easy, Medium, Hard and Adam & Eve Starts (CC 1.73): Standard starts on maps with new and old pine trees. Abandoned Village (CC 1.7): Deep in the wilds your people come across the remains of a previous settlement which has fallen on hard times and is now abandoned. You have the same amount of resources that are available in a standard Hard start, however an Old Barn and some houses are already built or partly built Abandoned Village – Northern Pines – Hard: Standard Hard start with a map that only includes old and new pine trees. Abandoned Village – Jungle – Hard: Standard Hard start with a map that only includes tropical trees and palms.
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    Version 1


    Have you ever wondered why all the crops are harvested in little baskets, but then the meat is left just laying on the ground waiting for someone to come pick it up? I know at least one of you has. So this will make it so, instead of meat laying on the ground, the meat is left in little baskets, just like your crops. Yum. Here's a hunter that just killed a Deer. Baskets of meat, yay. List of meats that are affected by this mod: Beef Chicken Mutton Venison Bison Meat Charki Cheval Duck Meat Pork Beef Cuts Bison Cuts Charki Cuts Cheval Cuts Pork Cuts Venison Cuts Bear Meat Bear Steak Bison Steak Boar Meat Boar Ribs Goose Meat Hare Meat Hare Stew Partridge Meat Pheasant Meat Roast Duck Roast Goose Roast Partridge Roast Pheasant Cured Meat Dried Meat Smoked Meat Salted Meat Lamp Chop Roast Steak
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    Version 1.0.1


    Welcome to life on the water! This is one of CC’s most popular features. Included is everything needed to expand your town along shores and across lakes. Also included are two watery terrains: 'Lake Waters' with multiple lakes and the more challenging 'Waterworld' which is one large lake. The first in a (hopefully) series of themed modpacks from Colonial Charter. And now using the new "Community Mod Toolbar" to centrally locate modded items.
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    Hi, I'm Kedryn. I lived in Kansas until a week ago when my landlord evicted me 3 hours after my best friend and roommate of 23 years died (please, no condolences, they just make me more sad); now I live in Nebraska with my Mom. I don't normally overshare like this but I'm still angry and bewildered. I bought the game when it first came out and played it for many hours; I started playing again about a week before Chris died and now I'm trying to create the 'perfect little village' that he would have loved to live in. I like to tinker with other people mods for personal use (although this personal tinkering once led to me creating a bunch of 32bit tiles for a rogue-like game. It's a little harder to tinker with these mods because a lot of the things are inaccessible but I did manage to modify the bloom time for (Red)Ketchup's wonderful Garden Walls Utility:
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    Hello there! New members please take a moment to introduce yourself. If you're an existing member perhaps you can spare a moment to give us an update I live in Australia with my pet doggo Stevie. I enjoy city building and base building games. I also enjoy turn based strategy of all kinds.
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    Version v17


    This requires Banished 1.0.7 to use. This gives all the various storage buildings in The Forge Awakens a very high storage volume (5 times the capacity). Place above CC on the mod list. V2 Includes the Specialized Storage Yards that weren't working in V1. V3 Updated to include Excellent Adventure storage buildings. V4 Updated to include Golden Llama storage buildings. V5 Updated to fix a bug where Materials couldn't be stored in the generic stockpile. Also tweaked some incorrect storage capacities. V6 Updated to include the CC:GL Market Carts that got left out in the cold. V7 Updated to include NMT 1.1 storage buildings. Also bumped up Stockpile storage by popular demand. V8 Updated to include CC:NF buildings. V9 Updated to include CC 1.6 buildings V10 Updated to include NMT 2.01 buildings. V11 Updated for CC 1.61 V12 Updated to include Fuel Market Cart V13 Updated for C 1.72 and MegaMod 0.07 V14 Fix Fuel storage bug.
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    Version 102


    Updated to Version 102 - 8th May 2017. The Maritimes Collection - Crystal Cliffs Farm version 102 Inspired by an 1800s farm down the road from where I live called Crystal Cliffs, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. The name comes from the gypsum that makes up the cliffs, which erodes out and covers the beach in 'crystals'. Introducing Crystal Cliffs Farms. The main pieces of this set is a large, 11000 capacity general storage barn. It comes in 3 F-variants, red, white, and gray. The barn overhangs, so that it can be placed above either of the following two buildings that will make the stone foundation. Crystal Milk Pen. A large milk pen, capable of employing up to 3 farmers. Needs domesticated animals to build and corn to feed the cows. Produces milk at a decent rate. Acts as a stand alone building or as the foundation for the Crystal Barn. Crystal Stable. A large stable, capable of employing up to 3 farmers. Produces domesticated animals from various grains (corn, barley, wheat, oats). Acts as a stand alone building or as the foundation for the Crystal Barn. Small Animal Hutch. A small back yard (1x1) animal hutch. A drop down menu allows you to select from either Eggs (chickens) or Pelts (rabbits). Needs domesticated animals to build and corn to feed the animals. Comes in 3 F-variants, yellow, red, and brown. Small Animal Pen. A small back yard (2x2) animal pen. A drop down menu allows you to select from either Milk (goats) or wool (sheep). Needs domesticated animals to build and corn to feed the animals. Comes in 2 F-variants, blue and brown. A decorative goat! Ghosted, 2 F-variants, straight and diagonal. 3 sets of Decorative Fences. Ghosted, red, brown, and white. Each colour has its own sub-menu and includes a 1x1, 1x2, 1x3 straight pieces, a diagonal piece, a style, a small gate, a 1x1 farm gate, and a 1x2 farm gate. New materials (to the vanilla game) including feathers, lumber** and domesticated animal. New foods (to the vanilla game) including milk, goat's milk, eggs, barley**, and oats**. Resources marked ** are trade only unless used with another mod that introduces ways to produce them. Compiled using Banished Mod Kit 107 Beta including the new resource flags and limits. Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar. Toolbar. A new toolbar icon will appear on your main toolbar. This is a community tool bar space, within which future releases from all modders can have their own menu. Within this toolbar, you will see the Maple Leave icon - this is my little corner of Banished... Welcome! And Enjoy your stay! Note - All Maritimes modular sets will be able to be used completely independently of each other, you don't need one to run the others. It may be safe to run the most recently released set above the rest. Compatibility. Maritimes.pkm - Incompatible! Do not use with the full Maritimes mod. Only modular versions. Colonial Charter - Compatible with the newest edition of CC! Modular Maritimes Sets - Compatible! You will get red warnings, ignore them. All other mods are compatible that I know of! AcknowledgementsNone of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew.This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @kralyerg for super coding magic. Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @RedKetchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar!Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you! Alternative Download Link for V102 Coming Shortly
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    Version 4


    Allows your Bakery to produce the following: Hardtack [Flour] Bread [Flour] Fruit Cake [Flour + Apricot] Nut Bread [Flour + Walnut] Cheese Bread [Flour + Cheese] Sugar Cookies [Flour + Sugar] Croissant [Flour + Butter] Donut [Flour + Vegetable Oil] Flatbread [Flour + Salt] Garlic Bread [Flour + Herbs] Bagel [Flour + Egg] Muffin [Flour + Blueberries] Cake [Flour + Honey] (from NMT) Apple Pie [Flour + Honey + Apple] (from NMT) Cherry Pie [Flour + Honey + Cherry] (from NMT) Pecan Pie [Flour + Honey + Pecan] (from NMT) Affects CC and NMT Bakeries. Place ABOVE CC or NMT to use.
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    Version 2.1


    DS Tunnel Mine (CC edition) new v2.1 - 28/11/2016 Fixed issue with Mine upgrades only allowing 4000 resource production - changed to correct amount (6000) as stated in UI text. Changed build cost of Mushroom Farm - lowered cost of Logs & Stone, added in Mushroom build requirement. Should be save-game compatible, as long as you haven't built the Upgraded Mine. If you have, Upgrade that mine into the Cellar or Mushroom Farm. You should then be able to update the mod in your WinData folder. Build a Tunnel Mine in your town: Random production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal and Stone randomly. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) Select production version - produces Iron Ore, Coal and Stone, select production via UI. Employs 1-8 Miners. (*allows 2000 resource production) once depleted, or if you like straight away, you can upgrade the mine to any of the following: Upgrade option 1: Tunnel Mine upgrade - upgrade the mines for further Iron Ore/Coal/Stone production. Employs 1-13 Miners. (*allows 6000 resource production) Upgrade option 2: Old Tunnel Mine Storage Cellar - stores all Foods, total capacity is 20000 by weight. Upgrade option 3: Old Tunnel Mine Mushroom Farm - Grow Mushrooms in the old mine. Employs 1-3 Farmers. You will find the DS Tunnel Mine menu button in the Resource Production menu. Installation: Download file "DSTunnelMineCC_v2.1.zip" 'Unzip'/'Unpack' file, and copy the file "DSTunnelMineCC.pkm" to your Banished WinData folder. Enable mod in mod list. Place below Colonial Charter TFA / Mega Mod / The North Thanks to Kralyerg & BlackLiquid for use of Iron Ore Resource files enjoy. Change Log:
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Maritimes Collection - Port Royal Preamble Inspired by the Port Royal Historic Site in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Founded in 1605 by France, it was the first French settlement in North America and was capital of Acadia for a brief time before being destroyed by the British in 1613. The French relocated to a new Port Royal further down the Annapolis river at where is now Annapolis Royal. In 1939 the fort was re-created as a replica in its original site using duplicate plans recently discovered in France, where it still stands today as a vibrant visitors attraction. Included in Port Royal... Row Housing - a range of row houses have been made, modeled on the Port Royal buildings. While most of the original housing on site seems to be in quarters rather than individual houses, I've used the general look of the fort to style these houses. Small single story house Single story inner corner house 2 story over hanging house - right and left version - to be placed above the smaller house 2 story central house 2 story inner and outer corner houses - inner corners have 3 F-variants to transition between heights Town Civics, all which can be built in the row setting. Town Hall Church School Industry, all which can be built wall to wall. Blacksmith Forge - to make iron out of iron ore (also introduced in the set if you don't already have it) Lumber Cutter Tailor Food Production Buildings Bakery - makes various tasty breads Grist Mill - a mill to be placed besides a stream, that will grind various grains into flour. This is based off a replica Grist Mill near to the Port Royal site, which was the location of the first wheat field and mill in North America. Storage and market options Edibles storage cellar Large materials/construction warehouse Dry storage loft to be placed above the warehouse A central market building Various fort decorations including towers, palisade walls, and a cannon platform. Compatibility Issues None to report. Acknowledgements None of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew. This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @Kralyerg for super coding magic. Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @Ketchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar! Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you!
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    Here's a list of the Mods in Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions. Also listed are those mods in Shocks Lab and Official CC Companion Mods. Clicking on the Name of the mod will take you to the download and additional information. Click on Name for Download Description Placement Notes USER INTERFACE & SETTINGS CC Beta Fix Fix weird crop & materials stuff that happens when mods vs game use mismatched versions Above CC Only use if still using CC 1.5x and Banished 1.0.5 together CC No Smoke Removes smoke from all buildings; may improve lag Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Debug Men Enables the Debug toolbar built into game. Gridlines Use to make a 25x25 grid to help plan layout of structures Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Happiness Radius If a building produces happiness, can see happiness radius as a purple circle Above CC or NMT Requires Banished 1.0.5 Icon Recolour Changes the status icons in Banished to a brown color. Above CC Immortal Your citizens will never die of old age (just accidents) Above CC Not compatible with other aging mods, or with Less/More Food mods Iron is Iron “Iron Ore” is replaced with “Iron” (as in vanilla Banished) Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 and CC 1.6x Light Rain Effect Replaces rain with a light occasional rain Above CC Quiet CC All pasture animals are quieter and talk less frequently Above CC Radius Recolor Changes the yellow circles to blue Above CC Restore Menu Music Restores the original music that plays in the main menu Above CC Seasons Down Under Changes season names to months and adapts them for the southern hemisphere weather Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Short Toolbar Makes toolbar shorter – good on smaller screens Above CC Toolbar Buttons Puts the Priority Tool, Remove Structures Tool, and Flatten Terrain Tool on the main toolbar Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Unhappiness Radius Gives a visible red circle to all buildings that produce unhappiness Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 ROADS, BRIDGES, TUNNELS AND TERRAFORMING Brick Tunnel Same looking tunnel – but takes bricks to build it Below CC Color Roads A colorful set of roads Anywhere Included in MegaMod. Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grassy Roads A set of 14 Different kinds of roads Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Terraform Raise and lower terrain. Very beta! Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 TOWN SERVICES (Community, Worship & Health) 50-50 Nomads Both Town Hall buttons will say "Allow Nomads" but one Accepts them and one Denies Below CC Cathedral Large church building based on Red Ketchup’s Monastery Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Many Town Arrival Lets you build more than one Town Arrival Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Simple Tombstones Replaces head stones with simple white crosses Above CC Town Arrival Nomads Enables your Town Arrival to attract Nomads Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 RESOURCE GATHERING, HUNTING AND FORESTRY No Wild Ducks Removes Wild Ducks so only Deer are hunted Above CC Reqires Banished 1.0.5 Renewable Resources Little shacks that grow Stone, Iron, Coal and Trees Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 CROPS, ORCHARDS, ANIMALS Busy Pastures Fit 2x animals in pastures; produce 2x more eggs, wool, etc.; not fully tested Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grow Ginger Adds seeds to purchase to grow Ginger as a crop Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grow Herbs Adds seeds to purchase to grow Herbs as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC Grow Mushrooms Adds seeds to purchase to grow Mushrooms as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC. Grow Onions Adds seeds to purchase to grow Onions as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC. Grow Roots Adds seeds to purchase to grow Roots as a crop Anywhere Hot Crops Allows all crops to grow in all climates Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Inedible Foods A set of mods that make individual foods not edible Above CC May Require Banished 1.0.5 Legalized Marijuana Cure Hemp at Curing Barn to make Marijuana Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Less Food 50 Citizens only need to eat half the food they used to Anywhere Incompatible with aging or schooling mods Less Food 75 Citizens only need to eat 75% of the food they used to Anywhere Incompatible with aging or schooling mods Livestock for Trade Produce livestock that can be traded instead of meat; no eggs, wool or leather produced Above CC More Food 125 Citizens need 125% of the regular amount of food Anywhere More Food 150 Citizens need 150% of the regular amount of food Anywhere Rice Crop Let’s you buy Rice Seeds so you can grow Rice Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Seed Diversity Adds additional models of crops Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 and CC 1.6x Stable Produce your own Domesticated Animals (required to build wool, milk & egg pens) Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Steak Buy Steak Seeds and grow Steak in your Crop Field Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Tropical Greenhouse Grow tropical foods in this new building. Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 STORAGE, MARKETS & TRADE A Little Bit Ridiculous Storage Increases storage in storage places by 2.5X Old Market Override Return to the original market texture/colors Above CC Lost code in hard drive crash Ridiculous Storage Increases capacity in storage places 5X Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Slightly Ridiculous Storage Increases storage capacity in storage places by 2X Super Easy Trading Every trader able to carry every item and will accept any item for trade Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Traders Accept All Traders that carry different things, but they will all accept any item for trade Above CC FOOD & RESOURCE PRODUCTION BUILDINGS Bakery Plus Bakery produces a lot more products Above CC Affects CC and NMT Bakeries Basic Clothes Tailor and Clothier produces only “Clothes” or “Warm Clothes” Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Blacksmith Tools Produces a wider array of tools Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Build Monuments Allows you to build the Golden Llama or Ceremonial Grounds Below CC Fast Food Stand Create fast food items such as burgers and pizza Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Firebundler Firewood Allows Firebundler to produce Firewood Above CC Fish Farm Edit Changes color of roof & water; citizens no longer idle there Above Fish Farm Mini Buildings Set of mini, 1 person, versions of basic buildings Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Pirate Cove Give the Pirates some alcohol and they might show you where their buried treasure is. Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Soup Kitchen Makes various kinds of soups and stews. Below CC Requires CC to use. Lost code in hard drive crash DECORATIVE ITEMS Covering Ghost decorations designed to go over stockpiles but can go anywhere Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Impossible Trees A set of colorful trees not seen in nature Anywhere Lost code in hard drive crash Irrigate Decorative lowered-terrain canal Anywhere Lost code in hard drive crash Mission Bell Tower Decorative mission bell tower Below CC Thanks to kid1293 for recoding this Statue Plus Adds more variations for existing decorative statues; includes statues from RedKetchup's Decorative Items mod Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5
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    Version 1


    The Marble Quarry lets you excavate Marble. When it runs dry, you can upgrade it for more resources. After upgrading it twice, it will not run out again.
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    Here is the list of mods that are included in MegaMod v0.07 This is the list from v0.06:
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    Cobbler/Shoemaker makes various shoes to warm people.
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    The village of Beagleville was unfortunately destroyed by marauding wild tigers (and a rumored walrus). The two lone survivors Adam and Eve Hound escaped by jumping on an Industry Supplier's passing boat and sailed upriver, spending many weeks on deck, grieving over their lost neighbors and lost reserves of fancy homewares . After giving the trader their last bucket of sand, they were forced to leave ship. Only with the clothes on their backs and 150 apples the Hounds started anew. Being a prideful sort, Adam Hound named the new settlement Houndtown. Eve Hound frets over the cumbersome size of the stockpile but with four children, one of them still 0 years old, she has more pressing matters on her mind as of late.
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    Version 2


    This little mod increases the quantities of the basic resources that you collect. Stone, Logs, Iron, and Iron Ore. Increase Stone from 1-2 to 3-5. Increase Iron from 1-2 to 3-5 Increase Iron Ore from 2-3 to 5-7 Increase Logs from 3-4 to 5-7. (Logs was already increased in CC from 2-3 to 3-4. This is even higher.) I had posted this in a random thread a while ago, so if you had downloaded that, this is exactly the same, just compiled for final 1.0.7.
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    Version 1


    The Jade Quarry lets you excavate Jade. When it runs dry, you can upgrade it for more resources. After upgrading it twice, it will not run out again.
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    I'm obviously biased, so this will all be written with CC in mind, but it should be transferable to any mods. First, a little background information. Banished loads mods from the top down. So the very top mod will be fully loaded, then the second from the top, and so on. If two mods conflict, the mod that is one top will be fully loaded, while the lower one will not load the conflicting portions. If you enable a mod, and it stays green, it doesn't matter where it is in the load order, because it will be fully loaded no matter what. So the rest of this will be with conflicting mods in mind. To know whether a mod has to go above or below CC, you just need to do a little critical thinking. There's basically two kinds of mods: an Override mod, and an Add-on mod. I kind of just made these names up, but their descriptions are apt. An Override mod is something that changes an already existing element of CC. An Add-on mod is something that adds a new function, like a new building or crop. Override mods need to be loaded Above CC, so that they are fully loaded, and the conflicting portion of CC is not loaded, so only the Overrides code is running. If you want to load, for example, the Ridiculous Storage mod, then you have to think, 'Is this an Override, or an Add-on'. Since it changes an already existing element, namely the storage capacities of the buildings, it's an Override mod. So you place it above CC. Add-on mods need to be loaded Below CC, because they require a piece of the CC code. This actually brings up an interesting point. One mod can borrow the resources of another mod, but only if it is loaded below it. If you want load, for example, the new Stable mod, then you have to think 'Is this an Override, or an Add-on'. Since it has a brand new building, with a brand new function, it's an Add-on mod. So you place it below CC. This is a good example of mods sharing code. In the Stable mod, the code for the Domesticated Animal doesn't exist. It's borrowing it from the main CC mod. But if you were to load the Stable above CC, the game would crash because it can't find the Domesticated Animal. In the code for the Stable, there exists an empty placeholder that says ""Here's the Domesticated Animal code"" but it's a big empty hole. When the mod is compiled, it throws up an error that says ""Hey, this spot is empty"" and I just tell it to ignore the error. So if it's placed below CC, when CC is loaded the Domesticated Animal code is loaded. And then when Stable is loaded, since the Domesticated Animal is already loaded, the game won't load the empty Domesticated Animal code, and everything is good. But, on the other hand, if Stable is loaded first, then the big empty hole is loaded first, and when CC is loaded, it won't load the good code, because the game thinks it's already loaded, and it will crash when you build the Stable. So. If that makes any sense, then you should have a general understanding of whether or not to load things above of below CC. tl;dr: Overrides go above. Add-ons go below.
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    Version 4


    For those that prefer not to have Iron Ore, and keep Iron production as it was in vanilla Banished. - Iron surface deposits that are harvested will yield Iron instead of Iron Ore - Mine will produce Iron instead of Iron Ore - Iron Ore & Coal Mine will produce Iron instead of Iron Ore - As of Version 3, the Blacksmith requires Iron instead of Iron Ore to build Place ABOVE CC 1.7+ to override. Requires Banished 1.0.7 Beta or above.
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    @Banished&Used try this, as a quick fix. Some notes (if you're using my screenshots): - Where you don't have a mod (say, the Flax & New Flora mods, ignore them - the other mods, NatDiv & Maritimes, still are in that same order) - Disregard version numbers, these are screenshots from last month, the version numbers are outdated, however, the load order is still correct. - Make sure that the files are downloaded completely - check the file size - Once you have got the mods in the order that you would like, then make sure you press OK, let the game reload itself, but then you EXIT completely, then load again. ------------- - Beginning of 'game editing mods' - mods that change the way the game looks (UI) or handles - Banished UI: Mod - RK Minimized Status for 1.0.7 - Busy Pastures - Bigger Wheelbarrows for 1.0.7 - FastRoad75 - Better Stock Piles - Blacksmith Tools - Increased CC ** Insert the Rain mods here (as a test) - Quiet CC ------------- - Beginning of 'map start' mods - NatDiv, Pine etc (any in the NatDiv, NewFlora, Pine - would go here, in the order nominated by the modder) - Pine Set - Natural Diversity v1.0.1 ------------- - Beginning of 'game play' mods - themes, buildings, general etc These are only in the remaining copy/paste by modder list, no real order otherwise. Check each modder for special notes. Sometimes Necora, Kid, Embx & Red have notes on which mod needs to be higher due to icons etc, if you have odd icons showing, just changing your load order, put one of their other mods higher than another will help etc, you won't need to alter the whole mod list!! Just 1 or 2 in each modder group. - Maritimes Riffle - Maritimes Storage Collection v100 - Sherbrooke Village - Maritimes Dock Set - Maritimes PEI Shore - NS Inshore Fisheries - Crystal Cliffs - EB Natural Irrigation System - Kid - House Boat V1.3 - Kid - Alotofseeds Trader 1.4 - Kid - Broadway Tower V1.1 - Forest Deep V3 - Tree House V3 - RK StoneWalls Kit1 for 1.0.7 - NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing - NMT3.1Series: Canal Set 1.0.7 - NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7 - Garden Walls: Utility for 1.0.7 - I See Fire v1.0 for 1.0.7 - Inedible (Beef, Bison Meat, Charge, Cheval, Milk, Mutton, Pork, Venison, Rye, Wheat) (just bundled them here for convenience, they are listed in that order from top to bottom) * You could put these up the top, I normally do, before the regular mods, between the - Beginning of 'game editing mods' - mods that change the way the game looks (UI) or handles and the - Beginning of 'map start' mods - NatDiv, Pine etc mods. It makes sure it covers all mods that may otherwise alter the foods, this is an 'umbrella', I'd move them up ----- - 1.0.7 Compaibility - CC: 1.75 Journey - MegaMod 0.07 - MegaMod DecoPack 0.07 ------ - Below, only if they stipulate Below CC- I think only a couple do. If you don't get answers, then save the mods with them above CC, and try the game, see if it works - Cathedral - CC: Light Rain (check, I thought that was above CC for some reason, the quieter mods need to be above, so I thought this did too) - Better Rain sound (again, check if it needs to be above) -- I think you need to put these 2 above the CC/MM chain - Grass Guardian - Time Is Money (Alternative) Remember to help stop crashing: 1) Load Banished 2) Navigate to mods screen 3) Arrange mods into required order 4) Press OK 5) Wait for game to 'enable' the new order 6) Back to main screen 7) EXIT game entirely 8) Load Banished 9) Check mod load order, make sure all is ok 10) Load a new map If you are loading into an existing map, go through 1-9, then for 10: 10) Load existing map 11) Go to mods menu, scroll down until you find the new mod, enable it 12) Go to main menu - SAVE the map, in a new save space 13) Personal preference: I will EXIT & LOAD Banished again, just to be sure, others have said they don't need to - this comes down to personal preference. There you go. I hope this information help you. Please let me know if you have any problems.
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    all food industries from NMT and all my other mods always adds something : double the amount of food, add a +1 in value, and sometime combine all nutritive elements from the raw materials so at the end, even if the bannies eat everything, you are not a loser ^^
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    Well, if you're careful, you can use the Terraform to lower the water parts back down. (Not Flatten Terrain, but Terraform) If you lower normal terrain, you just get a big black hole in the ground because there's not water under there. But if you had water originally, and you raise it, you can lower it back down and the water should still be there.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Instead of gravestones, your cemeteries will contain zombie hands reaching from beyond the grave.
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    Version 1.0.0


    An expansion based on the Tiered Houses found in CC. This space-saving mod allows you to build residences above various types of businesses. You can also build single or multiple-family residences of 1-3 stories.
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    Version 6


    Place ABOVE CC and the other listed mods for this to work. Allows your Blacksmiths to produce a wider array of tools, including Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, and Carbon Steel Tools. Borrowing files shamelessly from NMT for cross compatibility. Affects Vanilla, CC 1.6, NMT 2.0, Mini Buildings Blacksmiths, Small Town Blacksmith, Old Blacksmith . The only tool producer this doesn't affect is the Dock Workshop. Here's the individual breakdown of which Blacksmith building can produce what. Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron Large Smithy Country Smithy Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone Mini Workshop Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron Medieval Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 1 Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 2 Medieval Blacksmith Upgrade 3 Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone Small Town Blacksmith Wood, Stone, Rough, Iron, Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Gemstone And down here, for informations sake, is the breakdown of tool use quality. Wood Tool 50 Stone Tool 75 Rough Tool 40 Iron Tool 100 Steel Tool 200 Bronze Tool 265 Carbon Steel 400 Gemstone 1000 These are the original numbers from CC and/or NMT and were not changed for this addon. Some of the numbers may seem odd when compared to the others in this list, and that's because they were balanced independently of each other. This mod also includes the mod called "Blacksmith Storage", so you don't need to use that one if you're using this one. Let me know if there is any problems. As always, I don't really test things too thoroughly.
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    While trying out some new mods I figured I'd try some other map seeds. Of course being greedy I went for the biggest map size I could get but this is the result: - Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - [CC] Very Large Map Seed - 959 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map.
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    That main lake from seed 384395215 is quite interesting and I agree that the small circular one is worth removing/changing. Maybe changing it to a third (or quarter) it's size so it looks like the river has expanded but not enough to make a lake. I've never been particularly good with the terraforming tool so I wonder what variations would occur by changing a number here or there in the map seed? Sounds like a project for the weekend when I've got some time to experiment!
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    Thanks so much for the hard work that must have went into this modpack! I can see this was a labor of love and you guys have built up a lot of good karma for this. May the Banished community never forget your contribution to the experience! Cheers
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    Version 1.0.0


    A series of Forester buildings that will exclusively plant and grow the orchard tree that is chosen. These orchard trees will then grow the fruit or nut that is associated with your selection. Then you can build a special Gatherer building that will automatically go around and collect these foods. You know how the regular Forester plants regular trees, and those trees will grow Berries and Roots and stuff, and then your Gatherer collects them? Exactly the same concept. Plant some trees. Grow some fruit. Collect with the Gatherer. The Orchard Gatherer is the first icon on the list you see below. It is special in that it is the only one that will automatically collect these orchard foods. The Orchard Gatherer will also act like a normal Gatherer if you place it in a normal forest. Because these are still Forester buildings, when the trees reach maturity, they will be cut down for Wood and a new tree will be planted in its place.
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    @estherhbTry this: IncreasedCC.pkm It should do the exact same thing as the one you posted about, with the addition of increasing Iron Ore too.
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    I can't seem to get this working. I put the .pkm file into the windata file, then I launch the game and enable it in the list but when I start up a village I don't have any of the new buildings. I also notice that in my mod list I only have the icon and version number, the name and description do not appear.
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    the way i see this problem is when the game tries to load the start point sets in the middle of a lake. since you cant start in the middle of a lake the game gets stuck in a loop. sometimes it will correct itself and just be slow at loading however many times it will never load. i have used water world and this happens a lot on those maps.
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    999 definitely intrigues me But I seem to have problems with Large Maps. I keep getting Fatal Access errors and can't figure out why. I even get them early in the start of a game
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    They turn around and try to find another way to exit the map.
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    @rejectedegg have you had a play with Discrepancy's DSSmallVillage at all? He has a version 2 Beta that has some starting conditions and one of them is a lake. It works with the normal map sizes but needs to be placed above mods like Colonial Charter. I haven't used it but it sounds like it will make the more realistic looking lakes that we want. Link http://ds-mods.net/downloads/ Look under the DS Small Village title. Be warned however that because this is a Beta it has a few bugs, the most important being that traders can't pass under the bridges provided in this mod.
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    I have solved my issue. In short, I need to fill my markets with goods of each tag. If all the other tags are full, and remain full, the vendors will focus on moving only the things I want: four food groups, fuel, tools, and clothing. I wasn't setting a high enough Max Limit for a few specific items: Construction, Industrial Fuel, Fuel, Iron and Raw Materials. Also, I need to let these goods build up to a decent sized inventory for each market I have placed. What I was doing was making all those goods "on demand". Tool Production, for example, requires Industrial Fuel, Iron and Logs. I kept my Limits on these items very low. As these items were produced they were turned into tools. My markets constantly attempted to stock these items at EVERY market rather than stocking what I wanted. Instead, now I will produce large amount of these items (and others) and keep each stockpile high. Now the markets stay full of Fuel, Industrial Fuel, Iron, Lumber etc. and focus on bringing in other things.
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    Hello all and thank you for having me here. I'm pretty new to Banished. I found about it by chance a couple of weeks ago, while browsing videos on Cities Skyline. Banished was mentioned in a comment, bought it and bamm I fell in love with it immediately! I live in England but I was born in a country way way warmer... When I see my poor citizens endure the horrid weather I feel like one of them I always had a preference for moddable games, I truly enjoy to see the creativity at work.
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    Not like it's your bank website. You think someone is going to hack your account here and post porn or something?
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    In Journey, you no longer need a Market or a Trading Post to get Nomads - just the Town Hall. It can take several years for Nomads to come. Note that Nomads can enter the map from all sides. If their way to the Town Hall requires them to cross streams or rivers that don't have bridges, they won't come.
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    The Excel spreadsheets HERE contain all that info. It's helpful, but sometimes is really too much info.
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    Well, @Ketchup, I didn't know this one. It seems nice and I just downloaded it. Now, I wonder if I'm gonna try it on my current-rather-new game, or wait for the next new one… ( Edit: Ok I put it in my current game. One of my new laborer became back a child. Funny. )
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    Copy all mods you are planning to use into your [WinData] folder. Start up Banished, switch to the mod screen and "Enable" your mods in the proper load order. Now comes a last but crucial step, needed to avoid an annoying crash when using "Quit" (as opposed to "Exit", which closes the game completely) at a later time. After selecting your mods the game will reload - when this is done, DO NOT continue in the menu but immediately EXIT the game. Start it again, your selected mods are still activated and you can now click "Quit" to back out to the main menu anytime, without the game crashing and creating a dump file. http://banishedpeople.freeforums.org/starting-a-new-game-without-crash-t268.html Hth
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    Version 2


    To be used with Colonial Charter 1.6 and above versions only. Duplicate seeds were removed from Colonial Charter 1.6, this mod puts them right back in again. Especially useful if you enjoy 7 different looking kinds of lettuce (and more!) Place BELOW CC 1.6 to use. Requires Banished 1.0.5 Beta 2 or above (as does CC 1.6)
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    this work: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ZePVZCUPiuQ0RHc09VVktyc1k
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    welcome to bannished. yes, play style constantly changes with soo many mods added.it can be challenging and fun both.every person can design their own game. the problem you refer to i am not sure oats was a part of CC before. however there is the new flora mod @ WOB that does give thiose options.NECORA's pine forest mod also adds the flax and gives many other options.be advised mods can make the gamer easier or harder depending on what you use and how you play them. if you concentrate on processing food the yields will be less since it takes more food in to produce out. say flour takes x amount of grain to produce 1 flour.i don't use the MM,always perfer to mess with the load order myself. i also figured the MM would have issues trying to mix so many different mods into 1.plus i feel i have more control by adding mods myself. there is the new compatability 1.07 mod that you may need to add to get some things to function better. as for trading it is a players preference. many use logs and firewood.some like to process and trade higher grade food.i used to trade stone since the value is so high.now i trade clothing. at the game start i adjust the limits up on clothing and tools and firewood. this saves me running out of tools and will build coats to trade. since i have RED's training camp, hunting towers bring me furs as well as the leather.the pine mod gives pelts for coats as well from the trapper.you can also trade furniture if yopu have enough logs or try candles from beeswax. as i say there is many options. have you checked out WOB world of bannished ???there is a ton of mods there.greenhouses,wildwest set,NMT,canals,ertc. did you try the mini mod set? it has a small town hall that will bring nomads to grow the towns faster as well.