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    Hello Friends. It has come to my attention that @Kralyerg has received more likes than me so far and achieved Illuminated status before I have. Please remember to tell your family and friends to like my posts more often. And remember, a like for Shockpuppet is a like for us all. That is all.
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    something cool and unintended, 2 creek bridges beside each other
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    These are from some testing. Thanks to @Discrepancy for helping out with these @elemental The tall wooden fence is a great set, thanks for suggesting it
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    What's the overall theme of 1.7? There isn't one. ...well maybe "cool stuff" This may seem a bit strange considering we have often updated with a strong theme. The journey up until Forge Awakens has been a long one. After 1.5 New Frontier, 1.6 was made on 2 strengths: Mining and metal refinement, and simplification of construction chains. We had a very long beta test cycle and I think we were all worn out by the end. For a long time we debated about metals, iron in particular. It took a lot of courage to change iron. It always came down to "well yeah but if you had a pickaxe you could never go for a walk and just grab ready smelted iron bars off the ground". And the need to use iron bars to construct buildings, ugh. So what do they do "here's my nice new stone house, excuse me while I just go and push these 5 iron bars into the walls". We couldn't allow that to go on, it felt stupid. "But maybe the iron is used for nails?" yeah, when? glad those times are over. So, the entire journey leading up to 1.7 has been a long one. I feel we are at our limits as to how far from vanilla we want to push the main cc download. It's for this reason that we plan on going modular with future additions after 1.7 So, where does that leave 1.7? Well, there are many things we've wanted in cc for a long time. Much of the content being worked on now are modular town improvements, as opposed to giant chains of new products. I have a feeling of making places feel "lived in", be they hamlet or city. Think about it. There's no prams for the young or rocking chairs for the old. No kids playgrounds. Where's the life? You know, that feeling that people are more than cogs in a wheel of some production chain. Some things I'm going to simplify, for example the production of salt. Right now there's a saltworks and a mine, but what about simple rock pools that use natural evaporation? Sure it'll be slow, but it's a method as old as the hills. Should be ideal for low production requirements. That's on a to-do list. So what I'm saying is that 1.7 will seem fairly plain compared to previous versions. It won't alter your game significantly, but it will give more options for the look and feel of your towns.
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    Build states are done. They took me a long time. Theres 9 buildings in total, because 2 of them are add-on tower houses (which should be fun to use anywhere, especially beside the new city walls)
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    On the subject of fences, and therefore walls, ive decided at long last to make a tall city wall. This thing is huge, the screenshot doesnt do it justice. Its mapped to be 3 wide by 1, meaning the wooden area is about 1.5 in game tiles wide, and the stone makes up the remaining tile and a half (.75 each side). This is designed like this on purpose, to enable people to actively walk along the wall. There will be a series of steps leading up, gates, tunnels, water crossings (big river bridgings, small river drains) and other goodies for this one. I designed it as a true wall, filled with dirt. Visually it has been designed to extend below ground a long way, this will make it perfect for going over water or anywhere with lower elevation. This set, as always, will come with dynamic ambient occlusion mapping, allowing contrasts in lighting over the different weather patterns and seasons.
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    EDIT 13Dec16: Note that the "Medium Map" title on the image is from the mini-map mod I am using and is not the starting conditions. Hi everyone, after adding some comments to the poll for what would we like to see in CC version 1.7, I figured I should try and post some screenshots of the two map types I mentioned in that thread. I like the larger maps because I like to make a few villages and one or two small towns on the map. These two particular types also give large lake areas that don't look like the normal Banished "circle lake". Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - [CC] Very Large Map Seed - 777, or Map Seed - 999 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map. Map Seed 777 Map Seed 999
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    First off, thank you to all who have answered my questions over the last couple of days, you've been a massive help. Secondly, a huge thank you to @Discrepancy for your tutorial over at WOB. Very well put together. So You may have noticed by now I have been asking a lot of questions. Well, I have been bumbling my way through making a mod, from learning to model, texture, and compile. So far, after a lot of trial and error, I have come up with a house (with F-variants!!!) that bannies will actually live in and doesn't crash the game (well the mod kit version of the game anyway). It is meant to be a shore fisher, but as the tutorial was for a house, that is what we have. Looking through the resources in the mod kit, I even managed to compile F-variants (all huts in the above pictures are F-variants) and make it sit on water without flattening the ground. However, turning it into a production building and making additional walkways were not so productive. Following the apiary example I did manage to get it in game in the food toolbar and employ a beekeeper to produce honey, however after a year nothing was produced and when I built two the game crashed eventually crashed. With the walkways, I could not figure out how to put them into the same instance as the houses only as another mod, and for some reason my 3 package.bat did nothing, well it ran without errors, but I couldn't find a mod anywhere. I will continue my quests to make something functional! I do have a request though, would someone be willing to send me the .rsc files for some dock pieces and things so I can explore them? The examples in the mod kit are pretty minimal (and also quite varied in the lay out and order of items in the template files which really doesn't help)
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    We are looking for some feedback and ideas for CC 1.7
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    Hey there! I don't guess I'm "new" but I certainly haven't been around much. I would check in from time to time to see what the latest update is and to make sure I have the latest (and greatest) mod. I wish I was a modder and/or game designer because I have TONS of ideas, but no skill to do them. I love CC and Banished and world building in general. I'm a 30 year old female living in the Kansas City area in the US. I'm married to a gamer (who's responsible for turning me into a nerd! 🤓). When I'm not chilling with my husband and kiddo, I'm a fantasy writer (hence the ideas...). 😎
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    Sounds like a meeting at my work. Very much sounds like a work meeting. Ok now less so. Again, its back to being a work meeting.
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    I had the exact same thought. If you use MegaMod, and go into the Themed Toolbar, and find the Kave toolbar, there is a whole set of different orchard tree Foresters. Maple Forester is among them. I put things in that Kave Toolbar that are a little bit out there, or unbalancing to the game. Because you don't need the original seeds to build these Foresters, it lets you get any fruit you want for free, basically. Edit: I didn't let it run enough to see them, but the maple trees will grow little tiny buckets of Maple Sap. (I didn't want to make brand new models for them). And then you need a Gatherer's Hut to harvest them, just like other wild growing foods. Or you can manually use the Clear Wild Foods tool to send you laborers to harvest the Sap.
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    I'm all for making "bad areas" in towns Could be a seedy-looking harbour inn, some run-down housing, stuff like that. Too bad we can't actually change the socioeconomics of the game, having actual rich and poor people, divided into districts dependent on the housing and work quality, and people in poor living conditions who decide to do crime. Banished is programmed much too simple for that, modelled to be the perfect socialist utopia where money doesn't exist and everyone has a purpose (and where human greed also doesn't exist.) But at least we can create this artificially, by having certain districts *look* like they are divided into rich and poor, lawful and lawless. Too bad the mechanics can't be there.
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    Ive decided to include a placeable stream bridge. Should go nicely in rural country settings.
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    The only current railroad mod is the Choo Choo mod by RedKetchup. Downloads here: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=113 (login required) Choo Choo is also included in MegaMod (http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/category/8-megamod/)
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    Here is one I'm craving to play (found by Denis de la Rive) - absolutely gorgeous! To my great dismay, shock, consternation, disquiet, distress - it is only available in MM...
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    I always use the same map, because it gives me lots of water and a nice big Island Seed: 92688 CC Lake Waters Large
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    Well, if you're careful, you can use the Terraform to lower the water parts back down. (Not Flatten Terrain, but Terraform) If you lower normal terrain, you just get a big black hole in the ground because there's not water under there. But if you had water originally, and you raise it, you can lower it back down and the water should still be there.
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    Just thought of something else I'd like to see. Some other types of small houses similar to the Tiny Shack. I use the Tiny Shack along with some other "cheap house" mods as temporary housing for early game when I'm establishing the very first section of the settlement. After agriculture and industry are set up I start to build better houses as the resources become available. I'd love to see some different "quick & cheap" homes such as tents, shanties or other hovels to give some more variety to the early game (or even to create slum areas in large towns).
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    While trying out some new mods I figured I'd try some other map seeds. Of course being greedy I went for the biggest map size I could get but this is the result: - Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - [CC] Very Large Map Seed - 959 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map.
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    All these other people must think we're crazy, talking about a radio station. But commercial radio was mind-numbingly boring and the Jays had swearing DJs and songs with rude words in them and songs and bands that you've never heard of before - and no ads! What else could young people want! I also remember Uncle Dougie (who started out on Double J, surprise surprise) and his various characters. Some of his old stuff is on youtube.
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    Thank you I appreciate it. I'll check out the mussel files this week as I get a chance. @Discrepancy that is cool, I think they will go well together esp. as I am going for more ocean fish (I pretend that the river is connected to the ocean just around the corner!). I have to say though, this modeling is addictive.... (I know - the smoke is in the wrong place on one of them... it is late)
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    Of course not All of us are here for one reason - to enhance our Banished Experience...
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    Tomorrow I'll make a fallen tree log bridge. I'm hoping to start on a covered bridge for the big rivers too (sleepy hollow anyone?)
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    Well, it's true that different trees can spawn different things. At this exact moment, they all spawn the same thing, but it could be differentiated, with different starting conditions giving you different trees, and hence, different wild growing resources.
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    That main lake from seed 384395215 is quite interesting and I agree that the small circular one is worth removing/changing. Maybe changing it to a third (or quarter) it's size so it looks like the river has expanded but not enough to make a lake. I've never been particularly good with the terraforming tool so I wonder what variations would occur by changing a number here or there in the map seed? Sounds like a project for the weekend when I've got some time to experiment!
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    Since I also look for large maps with lakes, I'm going to post some seed numbers in here: Lake Waters - Very Large - 610724488 Lake Waters - Very Large - 217535411 Lake Waters - Large - 577451853 Lake Waters - Large - 39831256 Sand Lakes - Large - 243106443 I hope you don't mind, I didn't want to start a new thread for the exact same thing. *grin* I don't have any pictures, but I'll try to remember to take some.
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    Welcome to Colonial Charter! (more details soon ) View full article
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    I dont know if I could do a full game at x2. I think I would go crazy!! Challenge accepted!!!
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    Yes, taking your time is a good idea... For that, playing at x10 is not a good idea... I have thousands of hours, and I never play at x10, not even x5. Opposed to what others may say, I recommend to play the vanilla achievements - not to get the achievements, but they are a good way to learn the ins and outs of Banished - like an extended tutorial. Once you have "won" the Mountain Men, you probably know all about food shortages, assigning jobs and controlling population growth.
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    Not really a known problem... did you wait for it to be completely demolished, or did you try to re-build it while demolishing was still going on? If so, you might have just "confused the system"...
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    And this is exactly the way most people have typically dealt with these sorts of things, this is the basic idea of tolerance - as in "I don't personally like it, but I do not believe in interfering with those people who do like it". What @rejectedegg talks about is basically how we as adults should be dealing with these situations, for example one of my friends reads his wife's supernatural romance novels and enjoys them, I don't enjoy supernatural romance stories but I don't believe that I have any right to dictate what he reads and enjoys. In regards to these sorts of mod, it's typically been a vocal but small group who have railed against them and unfortunately, to keep the peace those people who made/supported the mods have either stopped talking about it or stopped making them and that means that those of us who don't have a problem with them end up missing out on new content - and that is what annoys me the most!
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    Yeah Double J was not a station that I had any connection to because they only broadcast in Sydney and I was on the other side of the country. I was living in Sydney in the mid-80s and by that time they had changed to 2JJJ and were morphing into Triple J, however they weren't any better than the other stations in my opinion and I didn't listen to them much (my personal fav Sydney station at the time was Triple M with the likes of Doug Mulray & Johnno Coleman as DJs). By the time Triple J had began broadcasting nationwide I was living in Kalgoorlie and when you have two radio stations, one local and one the government owned national broadcaster, Triple J was something pretty damned new & amazing for most folks in a country town. Triple J wasn't anything new to me because I had lived in a a few other places by then (Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Sydney) but for those people who'd only lived in Kalgoorlie or thereabouts it was a big deal.
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    Please do many more then!! These are great!!
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    @cainacol12 Do you visit WOB? Kid and Discrepancy made a Christmas mod which includes some Christmas door wreaths. Kid and I are working on some non-Christmas wreaths and other door decorations at the moment. My job for this week is to finish some textures and send them to him. They'll probably be out before Christmas. One thing about them though is that they are quite small, and unless you use zoom hack you don't see a lot of detail. I do like your doormat idea. We might be able to include some doormats at a later date, but it won't be straight away.
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    Double J was well before my time. But I did hop on board after they'd gone to the other capitals but before they went regional. For that we can thank Keating. He loved the J's.
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    Yes the fishmonger is in Discrepancy's beta for DSSV V2. The fishmonger building was actually my idea. It takes generic fish from a normal fishing dock and sorts them into 10 or 12 different types of fish. Some of these fish have a value of 1, others have a value of 2 or 3. The output is random (much like a fisherman's catch is random). Eventually there will be some food production buildings that use salmon, trout, and other fish to create foods. The aim is to add a little more realism to the Banished world. It's still a work in progress but you can play with the beta. You can download it from World of Banished. At the moment the fishmonger is rather underpowered and doesn't process very many fish per year, although I think Discrepancy mentioned that he has already fixed that for the next release. The model looks great.
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    The Watermill produces Flour by grinding the following crops: Wheat, Corn, Barley, Sorghum, Oats or Rye. Flour is used in combination with other products in the Bakery to make foods like Bread. Size: 10 by 9 Construction Requirements: 40 Stone and 40 Lumber, plus 130 Work Profession: Miller Workers: 2 maximum View full article
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    The Ropery is where Flax, Hemp or Reeds are made into Rope. Rope is used as a building material for several buildings including the upgrades to the Dock homes, or for trade. Flax and Hemp can be grown in the fields while the Reeds are harvested in the Shore House or Dock Reed Farm. To build: 15 log, 10 stone, 40 lumber, 60 work Profession: Roper View full article
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    The Silk Hut is where Silkworms are raised to produce Silkworm Cocoons. Those are used by the Weaver to make Silk. In difficult times the Silkworms can be used as food. This building uses Mulberry Leaves that are produced by the White Mulberry orchard. You must have Silkworm Eggs to build this building, they can be bought from traders (or later made by your own Silkworm Huts). Historical note, only certain kinds of mulberry trees support the growing of silkworms, so we have chosen to make two new mulberry orchards (one for silkworm leaves, one for mulberries) as a more accurate representation of silk production. To build: 50 lumber, 30 stone, 10 Silkworm Eggs, 60 work. Size: 4 by 10 Profession: Silk Farmer Number: 2 maximum View full article