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    These are from some testing. Thanks to @Discrepancy for helping out with these @elemental The tall wooden fence is a great set, thanks for suggesting it
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    something cool and unintended, 2 creek bridges beside each other
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    Yes, taking your time is a good idea... For that, playing at x10 is not a good idea... I have thousands of hours, and I never play at x10, not even x5. Opposed to what others may say, I recommend to play the vanilla achievements - not to get the achievements, but they are a good way to learn the ins and outs of Banished - like an extended tutorial. Once you have "won" the Mountain Men, you probably know all about food shortages, assigning jobs and controlling population growth.
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    All these other people must think we're crazy, talking about a radio station. But commercial radio was mind-numbingly boring and the Jays had swearing DJs and songs with rude words in them and songs and bands that you've never heard of before - and no ads! What else could young people want! I also remember Uncle Dougie (who started out on Double J, surprise surprise) and his various characters. Some of his old stuff is on youtube.
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    Yeah Double J was not a station that I had any connection to because they only broadcast in Sydney and I was on the other side of the country. I was living in Sydney in the mid-80s and by that time they had changed to 2JJJ and were morphing into Triple J, however they weren't any better than the other stations in my opinion and I didn't listen to them much (my personal fav Sydney station at the time was Triple M with the likes of Doug Mulray & Johnno Coleman as DJs). By the time Triple J had began broadcasting nationwide I was living in Kalgoorlie and when you have two radio stations, one local and one the government owned national broadcaster, Triple J was something pretty damned new & amazing for most folks in a country town. Triple J wasn't anything new to me because I had lived in a a few other places by then (Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Sydney) but for those people who'd only lived in Kalgoorlie or thereabouts it was a big deal.
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    Hey there! I don't guess I'm "new" but I certainly haven't been around much. I would check in from time to time to see what the latest update is and to make sure I have the latest (and greatest) mod. I wish I was a modder and/or game designer because I have TONS of ideas, but no skill to do them. I love CC and Banished and world building in general. I'm a 30 year old female living in the Kansas City area in the US. I'm married to a gamer (who's responsible for turning me into a nerd! 🤓). When I'm not chilling with my husband and kiddo, I'm a fantasy writer (hence the ideas...). 😎
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    Thank you I appreciate it. I'll check out the mussel files this week as I get a chance. @Discrepancy that is cool, I think they will go well together esp. as I am going for more ocean fish (I pretend that the river is connected to the ocean just around the corner!). I have to say though, this modeling is addictive.... (I know - the smoke is in the wrong place on one of them... it is late)
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    @cainacol12 Do you visit WOB? Kid and Discrepancy made a Christmas mod which includes some Christmas door wreaths. Kid and I are working on some non-Christmas wreaths and other door decorations at the moment. My job for this week is to finish some textures and send them to him. They'll probably be out before Christmas. One thing about them though is that they are quite small, and unless you use zoom hack you don't see a lot of detail. I do like your doormat idea. We might be able to include some doormats at a later date, but it won't be straight away.
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    @Discrepancy Sort of like these. I can't remember what they are called. I know they are very popular for holidays but where I live in ct, people have them all year round. All different styles and colors to match themes, holidays, and seasons.
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    very nice idea. I have a couple of Welcome Signs in my mod: DS Fences & Decorations v1.2 also there are some Direction signs, but I like the idea of some door mats or similar... one day I will do this. What do you mean by 'front door pieces' ?
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    Could I interest any of you wonderful modders out there to make a whole bunch of welcome mats, signs and front door pieces. I've been really wanting some for my newest town. They just seem like they would be the perfect touch to some of my weathier houses. I know they mostlikey dont fit the time but hey who cares.
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    Exactly what I had in mind, got to keep those "Bastonais" away from my cities in New France!
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    Ghost cannon eh? Alright, but it will have to be specific to this wall type
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    I dont know if I could do a full game at x2. I think I would go crazy!! Challenge accepted!!!
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    I played at 1x and plan on sticking to that. I threw it up 10x only to see what was going to happen with the stockpile! I didn't even save it at that point because to me, 10x made me miss too much. But, now I know what to fix.
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    Welcome to the Life of Banished
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    OK, I figured it out! It was simply my lack of experience and woefully wanting management skills. I threw the time scale up to 10x and waited. 2 years later, they got around to it, though they piled resources all around the village, first! I still need to get to know the game better. Nuance is everything, I'm guessing.... I need to take it slower, I think, and not create a backlog of projects for my people!
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    Not really a known problem... did you wait for it to be completely demolished, or did you try to re-build it while demolishing was still going on? If so, you might have just "confused the system"...
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    As Cainacol said - you waste the time already spent on education... plus the kids who leave school will never return, so be uneducated for the rest of their life... it's really a "last resort" measure, I'd always see first if there are other professions that you can reassign temporarily, e.g. fishermen or gatherers, or even a blacksmith or a tailor or such (who can do other stuff for quite some time before tools or clothes are really depleted)...
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    And this is exactly the way most people have typically dealt with these sorts of things, this is the basic idea of tolerance - as in "I don't personally like it, but I do not believe in interfering with those people who do like it". What @rejectedegg talks about is basically how we as adults should be dealing with these situations, for example one of my friends reads his wife's supernatural romance novels and enjoys them, I don't enjoy supernatural romance stories but I don't believe that I have any right to dictate what he reads and enjoys. In regards to these sorts of mod, it's typically been a vocal but small group who have railed against them and unfortunately, to keep the peace those people who made/supported the mods have either stopped talking about it or stopped making them and that means that those of us who don't have a problem with them end up missing out on new content - and that is what annoys me the most!
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    Please do many more then!! These are great!!
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    Actually, it does help. Currently, I only have 1 student (I built it very early)! I don't know why I didn't consider closing it as I've closed other buildings, depending upon the season and their stock. Thanks. I'll do it as soon as I start up the game again.
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    @Trasd told you to play with caution lol For the school problem you could wait until they all graduate but if your really in a pinch you can close the school (i.e turning off the work button) and all of the children will imediantly become laborers. plus side: you get your workers up quickly and you can fix it if you have been to quick to build a school before your ready (I'm guilty of this a lot of the time) Down side: all those children will not be educated when they go back to the work force so you end up wasting the time you spent starting their education and still having the problem of uneducated workers. Things to consider: I only do this when absolutely needed. If you have more than one school they will first move to the other school if it has avalible spaces. If there are not enough spaces they will fill the empty spots and then go to be laborers. A strategy I like to use ,now that its avalible to me, is to build the mini school (holds 5 students ) for early game. This get filled very quickly and then any other children will go directly to laborers. This gives you a pretty good balance of educated and uneducated laborers going into the mix. You end up getting the workers you need to maintain early growth while still having some students being educated and lessening the education gap. hope all this info helps.
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    Double J was well before my time. But I did hop on board after they'd gone to the other capitals but before they went regional. For that we can thank Keating. He loved the J's.
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    Ive decided to include a placeable stream bridge. Should go nicely in rural country settings.
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    The only current railroad mod is the Choo Choo mod by RedKetchup. Downloads here: http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=113 (login required) Choo Choo is also included in MegaMod (http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/category/8-megamod/)
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    A Dairy is where Milk produced by Friesian Cows is converted into Cheese, Butter and Cream. All three products get made automatically by the Dairyman when Milk is available, and can then be used directly as food, or as an input product for the Bakery. Size 8 by 8 Construction Requirements: 60 Logs, 14 Stone and 60 Work. Profession: Dairyman Number: default 1; 2 max View full article
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    Cracking... I was wondering what the floor was all about when it was giving me errors...
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    The various types of butchers make meat cuts specific for the type of livestock they use: The Bison Butcher makes Bison Cuts The Cow Butcher makes Beef Cuts The Deer Butcher makes Venison Cuts The Horse Butcher makes Cheval Cuts The Llama Butcher makes Charki Cuts The Pig Butcher makes Pork Cuts The Sheep Butcher makes Mutton Cuts Classification: Edible, Protein Trade Value: 2 Weight: 1 View full article
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    While I am one of those you spoke of, I do however agree with what you spoke about here. I think everyone has a mind of their own, a set of morals they follow or don't follow so on and so on. We are all different and to me that is Great While I am not a Lesbian, I do have some pretty awesome friends who are While I am not Black, I do have friends who are I am not prejudice, but I also just don't want how someone else lives their lives to be forced upon me. I will even most likely use some of what is being discussed here. I however will not use and don't like the Brothel part. Sorry If this can be made a stand alone mod, I am all for it. And even if it's not..... I don't have to build the Brothel... Simply put! We all have a mind of our own, and we all have the freedom of making our own choices (at least on a game we do).
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    Well, I do like the different character of The North - the start conditions, the different balancing, chains, climate changes, monetary and trade systems and whatnot... and, last but not least, it's small size - I really enjoy an occasional game with a completely different system, different challenges, less overhead... I don't really need or want just about everything rolled into one mod... the more if we get more variants like Inka Pyramids, Rise of the Pharao, Amazon Jungles, The Blue Lotus, Castle Ichikawa and so on... why would I load up styles and eras that are completely unrelated?
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    Below are the Fruits that can be grown in Crop Fields; there are other fruits that are grown in Orchards. The chart gives you the price of seeds, the temperature range this crop will grow in and the number of seasons it takes for the crop to mature (also called “Time” on other charts). Description Price for Seeds Temperature Range # Seasons to Mature High Low Blackberries 2500 90 40 2 Blueberries 4000 90 40 2 Raspberries 4000 90 40 2 Rockmelon 3500 130 40 2 Strawberries 4000 90 40 2 Watermelon 3500 130 40 2 View full article
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    Pears are grown on trees in an Orchard, using seeds obtained from a merchant. They are one of the original Banished orchards. Pears can be used as food or to make other products: The Brewery can use Pears to make Ale. The Fruit Tinnery can use Pears + Tin to make Tinned Fruit. · Classification: Edible, Fruit · Trade Value: 1 · Weight: 1 · Price of Seeds: 2500 View full article
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    Plum Trees are grown in orchards and produce Plums, an original Banished crop. The seeds can be purchased from a merchant. Plums are used as food or to make other products: The Winery can use Plums to make Wine. The Fruit Tinnery can use Plums + Tin to make Tinned Fruit. Classification: Edible, Fruit Trade Value: 1 Weight: 1 Price for Seeds: 3500 View full article
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    A fruit grown in orchards. Seeds may be purchased from a trader. They can be eaten or used to make Fruitcake at a Bakery. (Colonial people would often break open the seeds and eat the kernel.) Buildings that use apricots: Bakery: Fruitcake = Apricots + Flour Fruit Tinnery: Tinned Fruit = Apricots + Tin Classification: Edible, Fruit Trade Value: 1 Weight 1 Cost of Apricot Tree Seeds: 3000 View full article
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    Mead is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water. Sometimes various fruits, spices, grains or hops are added. Mead has been produced since ancient history throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Mead is made by the Brewery from Honey produced by the Apiary. Mead is stored and consumed at a Tavern, the Inn and Garden or the Coffee House. Flag/Limit: Luxury Trade Value: 8 Weight: 1 View full article
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    The Brewery makes Ale from the following: Blueberries, Cherries, Peaches, Pears, Pumpkins, or Wheat. Mead is made from Honey. The Brewery does not stock alcohol, this is done by a Tavern, the Inn & Garden or the Coffee House. To build: 20 stone, 30 lumber, 90 work. Size: 5 by 6 Profession: Brewer Number: 1 View full article
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    The Ropery is where Flax, Hemp or Reeds are made into Rope. Rope is used as a building material for several buildings including the upgrades to the Dock homes, or for trade. Flax and Hemp can be grown in the fields while the Reeds are harvested in the Shore House or Dock Reed Farm. To build: 15 log, 10 stone, 40 lumber, 60 work Profession: Roper View full article
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    The Weaver makes Cloth out of Cotton, Linen from Flax and Silk from Silkworm Cocoons. These fabrics are used by the Tailor and Clothier to make clothing. (New model in CC 1.7.) To build:10 log, 30 stone, 30 lumber, 60 work Profession: Weaver View full article
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    A Pig is a Pasture animal that can be raised by Herdsmen. · Purchase Price: 550 · Pasture Space: 16 squares per Pig; for example a 10 x 16 Pasture will hold 10 Pigs Products: When a Pasture is full, extra Pigs are slaughtered, producing: Pork Leather Bonemeal View full article
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    Here's a list of the Mods in Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions. Also listed are those mods in Shocks Lab and Official CC Companion Mods. Clicking on the Name of the mod will take you to the download and additional information. Click on Name for Download Description Placement Notes USER INTERFACE & SETTINGS CC Beta Fix Fix weird crop & materials stuff that happens when mods vs game use mismatched versions Above CC Only use if still using CC 1.5x and Banished 1.0.5 together CC No Smoke Removes smoke from all buildings; may improve lag Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Debug Menu Enables the Debug toolbar built into game. Gridlines Use to make a 25x25 grid to help plan layout of structures Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Happiness Radius If a building produces happiness, can see happiness radius as a purple circle Above CC or NMT Requires Banished 1.0.5 Icon Recolour Changes the status icons in Banished to a brown color. Above CC Immortal Your citizens will never die of old age (just accidents) Above CC Not compatible with other aging mods, or with Less/More Food mods Iron is Iron “Iron Ore” is replaced with “Iron” (as in vanilla Banished) Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 and CC 1.6x Light Rain Effect Replaces rain with a light occasional rain Above CC Quiet CC All pasture animals are quieter and talk less frequently Above CC Radius Recolor Changes the yellow circles to blue Above CC Restore Menu Music Restores the original music that plays in the main menu Above CC Seasons Down Under Changes season names to months and adapts them for the southern hemisphere weather Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Short Toolbar Makes toolbar shorter – good on smaller screens Above CC Toolbar Buttons Puts the Priority Tool, Remove Structures Tool, and Flatten Terrain Tool on the main toolbar Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Unhappiness Radius Gives a visible red circle to all buildings that produce unhappiness Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 ROADS, BRIDGES, TUNNELS AND TERRAFORMING Brick Tunnel Same looking tunnel – but takes bricks to build it Below CC Color Roads A colorful set of roads Anywhere Included in MegaMod. Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grassy Roads A set of 14 Different kinds of roads Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Terraform Raise and lower terrain. Very beta! Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 TOWN SERVICES (Community, Worship & Health) 50-50 Nomads Both Town Hall buttons will say "Allow Nomads" but one Accepts them and one Denies Below CC Cathedral Large church building based on Red Ketchup’s Monastery Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Many Town Arrival Lets you build more than one Town Arrival Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Simple Tombstones Replaces head stones with simple white crosses Above CC Town Arrival Nomads Enables your Town Arrival to attract Nomads Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 RESOURCE GATHERING, HUNTING AND FORESTRY No Wild Ducks Removes Wild Ducks so only Deer are hunted Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Renewable Resources Little shacks that grow Stone, Iron, Coal and Trees Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 CROPS, ORCHARDS, ANIMALS Busy Pastures Fit 2x animals in pastures; produce 2x more eggs, wool, etc.; not fully tested Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grow Ginger Adds seeds to purchase to grow Ginger as a crop Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Grow Herbs Adds seeds to purchase to grow Herbs as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC Grow Mushrooms Adds seeds to purchase to grow Mushrooms as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC. Grow Onions Adds seeds to purchase to grow Onions as a crop Anywhere Incorporated into CC. Grow Roots Adds seeds to purchase to grow Roots as a crop Anywhere Hot Crops Allows all crops to grow in all climates Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Inedible Foods A set of mods that make individual foods not edible Above CC May Require Banished 1.0.5 Legalized Marijuana Cure Hemp at Curing Barn to make Marijuana Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Less Food 50 Citizens only need to eat half the food they used to Anywhere Incompatible with aging or schooling mods Less Food 75 Citizens only need to eat 75% of the food they used to Anywhere Incompatible with aging or schooling mods Livestock for Trade Produce livestock that can be traded instead of meat; no eggs, wool or leather produced Above CC More Food 125 Citizens need 125% of the regular amount of food Anywhere More Food 150 Citizens need 150% of the regular amount of food Anywhere Rice Crop Let’s you buy Rice Seeds so you can grow Rice Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Seed Diversity Adds additional models of crops Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 and CC 1.6x Stable Produce your own Domesticated Animals (required to build wool, milk & egg pens) Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Steak Buy Steak Seeds and grow Steak in your Crop Field Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Tropical Greenhouse Grow tropical foods in this new building. Below CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 STORAGE, MARKETS & TRADE A Little Bit Ridiculous Storage Increases storage in storage places by 2.5X Old Market Override Return to the original market texture/colors Above CC Lost code in hard drive crash Ridiculous Storage Increases capacity in storage places 5X Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Slightly Ridiculous Storage Increases storage capacity in storage places by 2X Super Easy Trading Every trader able to carry every item and will accept any item for trade Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Traders Accept All Traders that carry different things, but they will all accept any item for trade Above CC FOOD & RESOURCE PRODUCTION BUILDINGS Bakery Plus Bakery produces a lot more products Above CC Affects CC and NMT Bakeries Basic Clothes Tailor and Clothier produces only “Clothes” or “Warm Clothes” Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Blacksmith Tools Produces a wider array of tools Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 Build Monuments Allows you to build the Golden Llama or Ceremonial Grounds Below CC Fast Food Stand Create fast food items such as burgers and pizza Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Firebundler Firewood Allows Firebundler to produce Firewood Above CC Fish Farm Edit Changes color of roof & water; citizens no longer idle there Above Fish Farm Mini Buildings Set of mini, 1 person, versions of basic buildings Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Pirate Cove Give the Pirates some alcohol and they might show you where their buried treasure is. Below CC Lost code in hard drive crash Soup Kitche Makes various kinds of soups and stews. Below CC Requires CC to use. Lost code in hard drive crash DECORATIVE ITEMS Covering Ghost decorations designed to go over stockpiles but can go anywhere Anywhere Requires Banished 1.0.5 Impossible Trees A set of colorful trees not seen in nature Anywhere Lost code in hard drive crash Irrigate Decorative lowered-terrain canal Anywhere Lost code in hard drive crash Mission Bell Tower Decorative mission bell tower Below CC Thanks to kid1293 for recoding this Statue Plus Adds more variations for existing decorative statues; includes statues from RedKetchup's Decorative Items mod Above CC Requires Banished 1.0.5 View full article