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    something cool and unintended, 2 creek bridges beside each other
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    as ive been working on @The Pilgrim colonial houses ive been inspired to update the textures for our existing saltbox houses
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    *waves wildly* Hi everyone! I'm still Vrayna, I'm still very French, still rather crazy (in a goof goofy way of course) and still addicted to chocolate. I finally made my way over here from the old forum. I took a bit of a detour on the way for health reasons, but now I'm back! Let's have cake to celebrate!
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    I would love to see a way more starting to conditions if at all possible. I saw a mod like it before but it was never compatible with any of my other mods so I stopped using it. here are a few I was thinking of, Start with 30 or more people with different level of food. Farmer start with multiple seeds and livestock and nothing else Fisher start with docks already built no seeds no livestock plague start with citzens already sick And I also would love to see some new professions and building. love the painting school idea Jewerly making ( could use the gold gems pearls from game) asian style housing and building more food type buildings tea house more unsaveroy type of building so we can make a "bad area" of town ,like the smugglers dock edit: also just had another idea, could it be possible to make the tropical food Ipineapple, guave, etc.) into seeds for purchase that only really grow on the tropical climate maps. I have the green house but it never makes enough to justify putting a worker there although it does get rid of the unused bonemeal i have. or if you could expand the green house production that would be great. Hope these suggestions spark something. Would love to see any of these but even if none of them are used the game is already amazing. you guys are awesome
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    I'm obviously biased, so this will all be written with CC in mind, but it should be transferable to any mods. First, a little background information. Banished loads mods from the top down. So the very top mod will be fully loaded, then the second from the top, and so on. If two mods conflict, the mod that is one top will be fully loaded, while the lower one will not load the conflicting portions. If you enable a mod, and it stays green, it doesn't matter where it is in the load order, because it will be fully loaded no matter what. So the rest of this will be with conflicting mods in mind. To know whether a mod has to go above or below CC, you just need to do a little critical thinking. There's basically two kinds of mods: an Override mod, and an Add-on mod. I kind of just made these names up, but their descriptions are apt. An Override mod is something that changes an already existing element of CC. An Add-on mod is something that adds a new function, like a new building or crop. Override mods need to be loaded Above CC, so that they are fully loaded, and the conflicting portion of CC is not loaded, so only the Overrides code is running. If you want to load, for example, the Ridiculous Storage mod, then you have to think, 'Is this an Override, or an Add-on'. Since it changes an already existing element, namely the storage capacities of the buildings, it's an Override mod. So you place it above CC. Add-on mods need to be loaded Below CC, because they require a piece of the CC code. This actually brings up an interesting point. One mod can borrow the resources of another mod, but only if it is loaded below it. If you want load, for example, the new Stable mod, then you have to think 'Is this an Override, or an Add-on'. Since it has a brand new building, with a brand new function, it's an Add-on mod. So you place it below CC. This is a good example of mods sharing code. In the Stable mod, the code for the Domesticated Animal doesn't exist. It's borrowing it from the main CC mod. But if you were to load the Stable above CC, the game would crash because it can't find the Domesticated Animal. In the code for the Stable, there exists an empty placeholder that says ""Here's the Domesticated Animal code"" but it's a big empty hole. When the mod is compiled, it throws up an error that says ""Hey, this spot is empty"" and I just tell it to ignore the error. So if it's placed below CC, when CC is loaded the Domesticated Animal code is loaded. And then when Stable is loaded, since the Domesticated Animal is already loaded, the game won't load the empty Domesticated Animal code, and everything is good. But, on the other hand, if Stable is loaded first, then the big empty hole is loaded first, and when CC is loaded, it won't load the good code, because the game thinks it's already loaded, and it will crash when you build the Stable. So. If that makes any sense, then you should have a general understanding of whether or not to load things above of below CC. tl;dr: Overrides go above. Add-ons go below.
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    @Discrepancy and @ShockPuppet thanks for the words of encouragement. I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for both your help throughout! For all who are interested I uploaded the new version to the forge this afternoon while on a quick coffee break. It is the new and improved shore fishers, still working on the next set of buildings. Talking about next buildings... anyone fancy a sail loft? I decided to see how it looks as a modular building, built around the dory builder and designed to sit 'on top' (aka the lot is 1x3 and goes beside the dory builder but the building is above). Texturing of the roof needs adjusting and there are a few bits out of line. I'm also not keen on those windows. I don't like the way slapping windows on looks, but not sure of another way. Maybe I need to try a few different styles.
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    Hello all. I realized I never really introduce myself on forums, I just lurk in the shadows and ask a question every now and then when I get stuck. I've been a bit more active here, and am trying to put together my own mod, so thought I'd officially say hi. Hi! I'm a 20 something (very soon to be 30 something) dude living in Nova Scotia, Canada, although I have only been here for a couple of years. I'm originally from Portsmouth UK. I've been playing these city building games since sim city something, really got into SC4, but then kinda stopped playing games around the time Simpeg disappeared. I was a long time lurker on the Simtropolis and Simpeg sites and one bored winter day remembered seeing a topic on Simpeg about Banished. Lucky enough it was on offer on Steam so I decided to give it a go. I lasted about a day before getting CC and have not turned back. I gotta say though, I would have given up with the game a long time ago if it was not for the mods BL and co have produced, and the community that grows around them. IMO if is CC and the guys over at WOB who make the game worth playing. After having a go at modding myself, I gotta tip my hat to you guys. Some serious effort goes into this, so kudos to you all. IRL I am a marine biologist who loves doing anything outdoors, which is good really because the long cold winter nights are a great excuse to get lost in Banished!
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    Heyo! A check-in from Denmark, where I play Banished, Cities Skylines, Anno 1404 and the like. Been playing a spot of Train Fever previously as well, though I've recently gotten Transport Fever as well, so I've spent a lot of time on that as well. I first got Banished a few years back on Steam, and I thought to blow the dust off of it and give it a whirl again, and of course trying out the CC mod is almost a must! I remember trying out an earlier version, and being utterly confused by it, but I think I've gotten a better grasp of it this time!
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    Hello everyone. Been playing various versions and mods for the last two months so thought I would join and say hi. Im 45, live in Manchester (northern city) in England. I'm partnered and have two dogs. Work in I.T and love this game. Been playing on computers and games since 1982 (ZX81) and not looked back. Just like to say a big thanks to the team(s) for producing such a fine mods and giving me additional reason not to leave the house...lol Brilliant Game, Brilliant Mods, Brilliant Attitudes . . . Antony
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    @Feneris you know I was thinking a similar thing after I posted that reply. I will make some of the buildings because they are integral to fit into the set, but as far as raw materials are concerned I think for the time being I will rely on CC as a dependency until I get the set together then as you said maybe add them myself to make it stand alone. @stiles sorry, no red lumber, just the building is red. It will be just general lumber... perhaps someone wants to introduce paint! The icons and things will be different to CC, but the value etc. will be the same so as @AzemOcram said, while there will be a red conflict, it won't change the working of either mod. It doesn't matter if this mod is above or below CC, just the visuals will change not the resource itself. I am planning everything I make that overlaps with CC to be the same (or close) so that there are not two instances of materials and they both have similar values so can be used for all production chains the same. I made some F-variants for the wood cutter, just new textures. I like the 'fresh' texture much more than the one I used in the sample shore fishers earlier. With the shore fishers F-variants, @stiles to answer an earlier question, I think I will package them up so that each texture set has its own icon in the toolbar, that was you don't have to flick through 10 F variants to get the ones you want. Any buildings where the F-variants are structural differences as well as texture differences I will do the same thing for, but for things like the lumber cutter, roper etc. there will only be 2 F-variants which will be different textures.
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    It makes sense to me, but the problem is most of us won't know what code you have put in and what code you have left out of any particular mod. But if you write in your mod descriptions ADD-ON or OVERRIDE or STANDALONE and continue to let us know where to place it then all should be good. You could also put load order placement instructions in the mod description that is visible from the in-game mod screen. That should (hopefully) make it foolproof.
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    This is not part of the poll, but something I really think the mod needs desperately. A shipping/receiving depot, or a tweek of the distribution barns. (I mentioned this over on Steam too). My community of 500 has a large agricultural area that supports the surrounding towns and villages, and also provides goods for trade. The game really becomes bottle-necked once you reach a certain level. All my barns are at 100% and I can't seem to get the stuff moved out into the towns or magazines, and on to the industrial areas that depend on certain goods. I tried the distribution barn and love the idea, but I spent quite a bit of time watching workers, and they just shuffle things around and don't really move things out of the area. I've never tried the choo choo mod, so I'm not sure if it's set up to move large quantities from one depot to another, but that is really something the game needs, a way to move goods large quantities of goods, longer distances than just the closest storage area, and drop it off at the next depot. The way it is now, workers waste a lot of time wandering around with a basket of goods looking for a place to put it, instead of working. This kind-of defeats the purpose of building little communities next to the farm fields, keeping workers close to their workplace, to increase productivity. Maybe a progressive storage system, more complex, could be designed that moves goods in a certain sequence... Barn to magazine, then magazine to distribution barn, then distribution barn to markets and specialized warehouses. Something to keep the goods moving out. I don't know if this is even possible with a mod, but it sure would make the game a lot more enjoyable and rich. Thanks! And I love the mod, by the way!
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    The Tier 1 buildings look good. I was thinking that there should be an F variant of the building (the one with the blue door) where the triangle under the roof was wood instead of stone. Maybe use a different, more angular (such as stone brick) stone texture for the rectangular base. The Tier 3 and Tier 4 buildings with towers in the front are based off real rowhouses in Bath (in England) so should come in brown and pale stone varieties. Here is a picture of Bath so you can see the predominant color of stone in the area.
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    @AzemOcram so I gotta hold of your models, and am going to give texturing them a go. I don't know how many I will be able to do, but at least it will get things going for you. So far I have been playing around with the two smallest row houses. I skimmed over an earlier post where you uploaded some textures, so didn't know what sort of thing you are looking for. Anyway I googled 17th C row houses USA, came up with some pics from modern Baltimore (no idea if they are actually 17th C or styled that way or what) and used them as a bit of inspiration to come up with this... Is this the sort of thing you are going for? Let me know what you like/don't like, and any preferred textures. I figured to start of with wood for these smaller ones then progress up to brick based on your build requirements above.
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    Alright, so I took away that porch, replaced it with some roped dock. I also added some metal supports to the base of the upper level, and improved some texturing. I have plenty of space in the UV this time so will add some more decals to it at some point, but was too excited to see what it looks like in game... Gotta sort out the production chain for sails but looks good so far. I figure this building will make sails from rope and linen, which will be used to make a stuff for the largest fishing docks (which are well down the line atm). Here is the sail loft and dory builder side by side to see how it works (for those unfamiliar with RedKetchups houses)... It will also sit above the rope maker, and probably many other buildings to come so it will offer a fair bit of diversity!
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    The reason this mod turned out to be about the colonial era is because it just fit the vanilla game so perfectly. I can't say I was that interested in the North American colonial era before I got on board with this mod, but after researching a lot of buildings, I fell in love with the architecture and style, particularily the earlier colonial era (the frontier). I'm a history buff so I don't really have a favorite historical setting. Being swedish, of course I am fond of vikings, but also high and late medieval stuff. But since so many strategy games/city builders already take place in a medieval setting, I am glad that this mod chose the colonial setting. The colonial setting is what I've had in mind since I bought the game anyway, the style was already there. Antiquity is a pretty interesting period, with Greeks and Macedonians and Persians and then the Romans and Carthaginians. Wouldn't mind if we would go on to do an ancient Greek mod at some point, even if that might already be a done subject (in stragety war games, at least. Age of Empires being a childhood memory.) I also like the time around late 1800-early 1900, but that has more to do with fashion and technology rather than architecture. And since Banished is a game where we build a heck of a lot, the architecture has to be interesting. I think something that would be interesting to do in the future, and to keep it with the Colonial Charter theme, is to look at colonies elsewhere than the Americas. How about African colonies? European colonists in Asia? The contrast between native architecture and western architecture? I'm not that interested the orient to be honest, except of course, after western influences and industrialisation. Which I am guessing is not what people like to think about when they think of the beautiful and mystic east. Another frontier I am interested in is also the outer frontier... you know... out in space. And I don't mean it in a sci-fi kind of way. Or well, yeah, it has to be sci-fi because we haven't landed people on planets yet. But I'm talking about a mod based on concepts and plans of NASA and other space agencies. How would a Mars colony actually look like? How would it survive 50 million miles away from Earth? I am actually drafting a concept of a potential mod like this. We'll see if it ever gets further than just the drawing board.
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    I am suddenly hankering to play a jungle town
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    Yep, I've made one in 3D studio before I love them too. I don't especially like colonial style, it just sorta happened My favourite is generic medieval fantasy. Rustic. Dirty. Haphazard. Personally, I'm a fan of history, especially antiquity (ancient Rome, Carthage, Greece). I'm not especially interested in their architecture, more so their societies. Ancient Persia (Mesopotamia) another favourite. I've created medieval 3d content for a long time. I used to mod for Oblivion. Actually before then it was scifi, I released a few mods for some space strategy games. I deviated from the original question sorry about that
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    Thank you my friend So a little update, I've made 5 new plants. They are tropical shrubs. There will be a new kind of jungle start that uses them across the map. I intend to make some kind of primitive stone idol that will also appear across the map on this new jungle start. There will be a great many rivers. It should be an interesting option and if nothing else, at least that'll be 5 more decorative ghost plants for your maps.
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    Righty-O I'll see what I can do. In the mean time I had a go the next level up... (I liked the blue door in the texture folder you uploaded, but unfortunately the image is too small so scales badly. I couldn't find an adequate replacement in a brief google search, so you get the TARDIS door instead... which I kinda like and might use for some of my dock buildings...) If you have any specific preferences/ideas of what each building will look like, such as brick/stone type, color, trim color, door color etc., please make a few notes of it and it will give me a bit of direction... I'm kinda winging it at the moment! The textures are pretty easy to switch out so it is no problem to change things.
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    The stone foundation looks perfect! I meant to say greased paper windows, which can easily be textured by giving the windows a brown tint, preferably with a dark wood trim.
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    How about this? Should the stone foundation be larger?
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    The colonial theme suits this game well, but when I'm playing I don't feel that my town is actually a colony of some great, far-off power. I think I mentioned this before, but for me the game exists in a world that's partly real, partly medieval (or later) fantasy. It's a very fuzzy time-frame, but it's a time when food was fresh and locally produced, the air and water was clean (let's ignore all that smoke) and physical labour was the norm. A pastoral village simulator would better describe how I see it. My interests in history more or less begin and end with TV shows set in other times and cultures. HBO's Rome was great. I loved The Tudors, too. The Borgias, Vikings, Marco Polo. Even something like Penny Dreadful which is more horror/fantasy than reality. Historical accuracy isn't absolutely necessary but I do like to see different periods in history brought to life. Basically I appreciate TV that can show me a world that I wouldn't normally see.
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    When you load two mods and they turn red, it does not mean they are incompatible, or will crash your game. It's just a friendly warning that the two mods are trying to use the same file and that only the mod that is on top on your mod list will be fully loaded. Here's an example. In Colonial Charter, we have a barn called the Bank Barn. It has a storage of 30,000. I made another mod called Ridiculous Storage that, among other things, increases the Bank Barn storage capacity to 150,000. When you enable both the Colonial Charter and Ridiculous Storage mods, they will both turn red. This is because they are both trying to use the Bank Barn storage information at the same time. But obviously they can't both be loaded. So whichever of the conflicting mods is above the other on the mod list will win. By putting the Ridiculous Storage mod above Colonial Charter, it will overwrite the default Bank Barn storage and work wonderfully. Just about every one of the official add-on mods for Colonial Charter is going to give you a red incompatibility warning. These mods are specifically designed to override CC settings on purpose. On the other hand, there are mods in the above link that require pieces of Colonial Charter to run, and must be place BELOW CC, in order to borrow files from it. If you try and use these mods in the wrong order, they will absolutely crash. It's actually fairly difficult to cause such a conflict between two mods that it will crash the game, as long as they are loaded correctly. Obviously not all mods can work together. If you try and load the More Stable Population mod along with 1:1 Aging, only the mod that is on top of the other will be loaded, since they both manipulate the same variables of the citizens lives. All you really need to do is pay a little attention to your mod list load order, and everything should be great. If this didn't make sense, or anyone has any questions, I would be more than willing to talk more about this. TL;DR: Mods turning red is probably just fine.
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    Hi Guys. What I would like to see in a future version, would be more upgrades to buildings, so they can be more eficiente and produce more stuff. There are already lots of upgrades but I would like to see even more. Some upgrades could required special items like books, muskets, fishing nets. It would be fun to be able to upgrade na hunter cabine using muskets, a fishery with fishing nets, a farm with Books (maybe weather atlas create by a new ancient observatory building). I also would like to have more ways to use raw food, having new receipts maybe. just a few ideas. I will put here some more thougts whenever i dont Forget them.
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    Being from the midwest of North America, we don't have a lot of colonial-age building around here, they are mostly in New England area. I do like them though. Medieval buildings are nice(I love the stone) but there are so many other games that use the architecture of this era that it loses some of its luster for me. I like more pre-medieval or even contemporary-medieval architecture. Vikings, Romans, Middle East, Native/tribal, etc. I don't necessarily have a favorite, I just like seeing these different cultures and the way they were able to improvise with the resources available to them to build their structures. Arctic cultures using earth and stone since there were few logs available for example. Also I don't need everything to be 100% accurate. I like accuracy as much as the next guy, but if the traditional building had 2 windows and the one I'm using has 3 windows, I could care less. Pretty much if it looks cool, I'll go for it.
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    Oh and I have absolutely no idea what wax paper windows are... have any images to show me? Also for the diamond ones... I always have trouble finding window textures for some reason.
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    Grand OK, well the windows will be easy to change now that the UV is organised and set. Just a case of editing the png in photoshop or gimp. I can try to give them a bit of a stone foundation, but I've never tried doing this purely via texture so we'll see how it goes. The UV's don't always scale correctly for some reason, so it is a lot of trial and error to get textures to line up well.
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    These look great! They should have stone chimneys and might look better with a layer of stone around the base but that's up to you. However, I was planning on using wax paper windows for tier 0 and diamond paned windows on tier 1.
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    ive had a little time to add some more textures to the other houses but still has works to do, just i make sure the stone chim has stone, and the shingle building has shingle. This way i wont get confused next time, because its already ready
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    Indeed he has Well done necora
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    excellent. You have done a remarkable job.
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    My interest in history spans all ages and civilizations... but playing Banished there is no particular era on my mind, I'm content to be transported into my private little (and very bucolic) universe, away from politics or warfare... or "reality". So I'm not after any particular "style" either, nor do I care for "realism" - I'll mix anything, as long as it looks good together. Because I can... it's my universe after all... Occasionally I do like to play sort of a "theme" - in Banished mods there are a few possibilities like a swamp setting (wooden Docks), or extreme winter (North), a southern or Mexican fantasy (the Mission) and Agave farms (Tequila), ... we may even see Egypt or Inkas or the Chinese Wall in some future mods - however, those will always be just excursions, not my main game... If I were to choose a direction, I'd probably go for "steampunk" aesthetics...
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    Well for me the proper word would be... Idiotproof