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    Version v17


    This requires Banished 1.0.7 to use. This gives all the various storage buildings in The Forge Awakens a very high storage volume (5 times the capacity). Place above CC on the mod list. V2 Includes the Specialized Storage Yards that weren't working in V1. V3 Updated to include Excellent Adventure storage buildings. V4 Updated to include Golden Llama storage buildings. V5 Updated to fix a bug where Materials couldn't be stored in the generic stockpile. Also tweaked some incorrect storage capacities. V6 Updated to include the CC:GL Market Carts that got left out in the cold. V7 Updated to include NMT 1.1 storage buildings. Also bumped up Stockpile storage by popular demand. V8 Updated to include CC:NF buildings. V9 Updated to include CC 1.6 buildings V10 Updated to include NMT 2.01 buildings. V11 Updated for CC 1.61 V12 Updated to include Fuel Market Cart V13 Updated for C 1.72 and MegaMod 0.07 V14 Fix Fuel storage bug.
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    Version 6


    I didn't thoroughly test this, so be careful. All of your Livestocks can fit twice as many animals in the Pasture. They will reproduce twice as fast, and and give their bonus resources (Eggs, Wool) twice as often. Probably a little cheaty, but hey, that's how some people roll. Load ABOVE CC to use.
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    I have an idea after working on the Colonial House mod with kid. What I would like to do is create a historically accurate architecture pack for the American colonies. It would be divided between the 3 colonial regions (New England, The Middle Colonies, and The South) and also between the 3 main historical periods, (The Early or Post-Medieval Period 1600-1670, The Colonial or Georgian Period 1670-1780 and the Federalist Period 1780-1820). I would like to focus at first on housing and I have in mind to do some houses of different sizes with f variants and on house from each category that is unique and could only be built once (ie The House of Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts, from the Early Period in New England). I would be more than happy to do the research and 2d design of the buildings, but my modeling skills are non existent. After the housing, if there is enough interest we could ad churches, schools, town halls ect. Would anyone like to help?
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    @Discrepancy and @ShockPuppet thanks for the words of encouragement. I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for both your help throughout! For all who are interested I uploaded the new version to the forge this afternoon while on a quick coffee break. It is the new and improved shore fishers, still working on the next set of buildings. Talking about next buildings... anyone fancy a sail loft? I decided to see how it looks as a modular building, built around the dory builder and designed to sit 'on top' (aka the lot is 1x3 and goes beside the dory builder but the building is above). Texturing of the roof needs adjusting and there are a few bits out of line. I'm also not keen on those windows. I don't like the way slapping windows on looks, but not sure of another way. Maybe I need to try a few different styles.
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    Hello all. I realized I never really introduce myself on forums, I just lurk in the shadows and ask a question every now and then when I get stuck. I've been a bit more active here, and am trying to put together my own mod, so thought I'd officially say hi. Hi! I'm a 20 something (very soon to be 30 something) dude living in Nova Scotia, Canada, although I have only been here for a couple of years. I'm originally from Portsmouth UK. I've been playing these city building games since sim city something, really got into SC4, but then kinda stopped playing games around the time Simpeg disappeared. I was a long time lurker on the Simtropolis and Simpeg sites and one bored winter day remembered seeing a topic on Simpeg about Banished. Lucky enough it was on offer on Steam so I decided to give it a go. I lasted about a day before getting CC and have not turned back. I gotta say though, I would have given up with the game a long time ago if it was not for the mods BL and co have produced, and the community that grows around them. IMO if is CC and the guys over at WOB who make the game worth playing. After having a go at modding myself, I gotta tip my hat to you guys. Some serious effort goes into this, so kudos to you all. IRL I am a marine biologist who loves doing anything outdoors, which is good really because the long cold winter nights are a great excuse to get lost in Banished!
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    Sounds like a meeting at my work. Very much sounds like a work meeting. Ok now less so. Again, its back to being a work meeting.
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    @Feneris you know I was thinking a similar thing after I posted that reply. I will make some of the buildings because they are integral to fit into the set, but as far as raw materials are concerned I think for the time being I will rely on CC as a dependency until I get the set together then as you said maybe add them myself to make it stand alone. @stiles sorry, no red lumber, just the building is red. It will be just general lumber... perhaps someone wants to introduce paint! The icons and things will be different to CC, but the value etc. will be the same so as @AzemOcram said, while there will be a red conflict, it won't change the working of either mod. It doesn't matter if this mod is above or below CC, just the visuals will change not the resource itself. I am planning everything I make that overlaps with CC to be the same (or close) so that there are not two instances of materials and they both have similar values so can be used for all production chains the same. I made some F-variants for the wood cutter, just new textures. I like the 'fresh' texture much more than the one I used in the sample shore fishers earlier. With the shore fishers F-variants, @stiles to answer an earlier question, I think I will package them up so that each texture set has its own icon in the toolbar, that was you don't have to flick through 10 F variants to get the ones you want. Any buildings where the F-variants are structural differences as well as texture differences I will do the same thing for, but for things like the lumber cutter, roper etc. there will only be 2 F-variants which will be different textures.
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    Here are my notes on starting conditions... far from complete, but it's a start
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    @ShockPuppet and @KevinTheCynic thanks! I am slowly learning what can and cannot be done, and what looks good and doesn't look good in game. Gotta figure out using transparent textures now. So I managed to have a play with the sail loft again, added a bit of decor to it... Also added a new texture to the rope maker and dory builder. I figured they are more advanced than the shore fishers (i.e. they need lumber to be build) and so deserve a splash of paint. I went with a blue for the dory builder... and a black for the rope maker.. as a third F-variant for each. I won't be doing F-variants for the sail loft for now, I want to concentrate on getting more buildings together for the next release. Talking about a release, @estherhb kindly let me know some CC values for various production items, so I have coded the newest buildings up to reflect this. I will release them for testing in this thread as soon as I get some more fisheries buildings done (lobster!) as I would like people to run them for a year or so to see how much they produce. Production values should be relatively low, I'm hoping it will take some time to build this set in game.
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    Little shacks that will grow resources. Think ""Foresters Lodge that can grow stone out of the ground"". There's one shack each for Stone, Iron, Coal, Dense Trees. Dense Trees will grow densely (hence the name) but will not spawn any wild foods or herbs. But they should be a great source of logs. Note: This mod is fully included in MegaMod.
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    Version 2


    Version 2: Recoded from scratch. Now the Coverings are ghost decorations, meaning you can place them anywhere. Since they are ghosts, you can't remove them with the Remove Buildings tool, but instead must use the Destroy button on their UI dialog box. And, since they're ghosts, there is now a 1 long version available for each of the 5 widths. (not pictured below). Compiled with the new 1.0.5 beta modkit. I don't think it works with the 1,0.4. And it's not going to be savegame compatible with version 1. By popular demand: Various sizes of decorative covering structures. Because this was designed for stockpiles, you can find this in the "Storage" toolbar. There are 5 different widths of coverings. Each different width has 5 lengths as F variants. For a total of 25 different sizes. So pick the width you want and cycle through them with the F key to find the desired length.
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    The old one had pretty pictures of each of the terrain types. I think you may have actually started that thread at the time. And I had typed out what each starting condition started you with. (People, Food, Clothes, Tools, etc).
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    Version 1


    Decorative lowered terrain canal. It doesn't actually serve a purpose and is purely decorative. But it looks kind of nice. Be Careful: The only way to completely remove a a lowered canal is to use the "Remove Building" tool which will get rid of the water texture, but leave the lowered terrain. Then you need to use the Flatten Terrain tool to raise the lowered terrain back to normal.
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    I love this idea, one thing I am missing from Banished is a true visual representation of the new world. You should look towards Atlantic Canada for inspiration too! There is some fantastic new world styles around Nova Scotia which is a mix of Scot, French (Acadian) and Dutch settlers. Around here (Antigonish, NS) a lot of the dairy farms for example are Dutch origin, while most of the churches are Scot origin and the older houses are good examples of 'new world' farm houses and town houses.
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    Ive got the research, format and organization. I'd love to have you do the modeling. I'll send you some ideas for the first bunch later this weekend. I was thinking to do the regions as updates and roll them out over time. I would like to take the time to be as historically, visually accurate as possible.
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    There used to be, on the old site, but it didn't get ported over. Will have to get @ShockPuppetto dig through the archives and resurrect them at some point.
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    Big time ! Count me in, as a stone mason currently living in the New England area and a lover of neo-gothic architecture the idea is awesome ! tele_wireframe.jp2
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    That's a big project I'll help some if @Kralyerg helps Although, I'm not sure about the research side of things (I'm busy), but I can make houses from looking at photos.
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    Well this is frustrating. I'm still having problems downloading any mods from the Forge. Are there plans to update the Google Drive link with the newest version of this mod because I really want to add the new buildings?
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    I revisited the inshore fishers I made a while back and spruced them up a bit. Imported a couple of other buildings into this scene to make sure the scale is good (it wasn't!) and made some adjustments. This is one of the F-variants for the next fisher buildings, complete with lobster traps! (kinda proud about those traps...). The buildings will be based on those in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia and perhaps a few others around, but I took some "artistic licence" with this particular model and added the tower! Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow and will be able to package them up into a Christmas treat for anyone who wants to test them (don't hold me to that though, got a lot of food to cook...)
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    Was there? Hrumm, might have to just type up a new one shouldn't take long