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    Just A Little Appetizer... Sweet dreams...
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    The new market looks big but its really small, about 33% (1/3) the tile requirement of the vanilla market
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    All hail BL_ShockPuppetCC Dev I saw the reddit asking for folks to help develop icons for upcoming cc and immediately thought of this:
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    Its an old boarding house, enter-able front or rear. Probably the last "Old style" building we are going to do for 1.7
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    Just thought I would put this out there. Love this game and Colonial charter. Some of the generated names names are really funny, Who has found the best one, I will start the ball rolling with my latest town called REDMONSOCKERHONKSON. I do not believe there is anywhere called this and apologies if there is but I did google it and found nothing.
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    Colonial Charter 1.7 - a quick look at some of the Rustic styled buildings that will be available, and also the new Northern Pines start. Northern pines features decorative ground plants, and a whole bunch of new pine trees, fully animated, that are also present high on mountaintops.
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    u know we are goina say we want more!!!??????
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    @ShockPuppet cheers, would be good to see how you made them. I don't really like the metal texture I've used there for the actual cannon, but it does look far better in game and my internet is being a pig for downloading more right now. So going over the final pass of the additions to the Maritimes Mod. I've cleaned up all of the models, and squashed some bugs in the code. Some of the buildings, I must have accidentally hit a short cut and extruded every face on the object. That is why the textures were funky on the roofs in earlier shots. If you hit the 'e' key in blender it extrudes a face, but if you right click to snap back to the original, it keeps the newly created faces. Kinda annoying, so when you accidentally hit it with every face selected, even for a brief instant, you get an extra 4 faces for each original, all piled together like layers of puff pastry. I think I removed 2000 vertices from one small house when removing duplicates! Flour and bread had no names, and for the longest time I couldn't get wheat to show up in the UI for the grist mill. It does now. It should now all run pretty smoothly in game, I had it going for a good few years earlier in vanilla with no hiccups. Adding some last minute storage options, and a small wood chopper, otherwise it will be uploaded as soon as I get some reliable internet!
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    Mod updated in The Forge. Currently only available through the alternative download link (google drive) because my internet is not happy today and times out when uploading straight to the forge. Enjoy!
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    God that is ramshackle. Perfect place for those dirty nomads
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    @ShockPuppet thanks perhaps I'll also make it a decoration that people can put wherever they want. I added one last wafer thin building, a storage cellar for edibles. IT will fit nicely in between buildings, and has a dark wall back so you can either put it up against something or use it between to continue the outer wall unbroken. I also added new doors to the warehouse and loft storage, and gave the deck of the loft storage some more decorations in the form of a winch thing. So it seems, I am pretty much done for this update. I'll do more testing this evening, and either upload it over night or tomorrow from work. Cheers all!
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    oh yeah, it looks awesome well done
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    just don't drink the water. hahaha
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    It's a place to drown smarty-pants
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    Oh why... I'm not gonna be able to make until this release. I want it so bad. lmao
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    is that a swimming pool or a hot tub???
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    @Necora PM me later tonight. I have some ideas
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    CC 1.7 is looking like a whole new game. I will never get any sleep and may even forget what my wife looks like, and her voice will become louder and a bit more shrill. The Northern Pine start will be a great addition. The tall straight pines can lend them selves to the construction of log buildings. Are there any plans to add additional log structures?
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    <<<claps, yeah that does look super.when you add this to the download section can you list each building? might be handy for new players as well as those who don't read all the posts.
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    Correct. The plantation won't change the edibility of the food.
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    Creating new flags only works by replacing another flag. Unfortunately Like (the original game designer) never gave us the ability to create new flags. It has been an ongoing struggle since modding became available.
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    Attached Cannon: Lets call it Open source CannonNew.FBX
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    For variety, did you want one of our cannon models? @Necora
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    I use tiered houses with urban markets all the time. One of my favorite dwelling types, I always alternate the black and brown style roofs for a kind of checkered look, and leave a gap of 1 or 2 spaces between sets to allow for deco items later. Screengrab shows several next to a standalone bakery with a fountain between.
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    The Urban House is a stand alone house that is part of the Tiered/Modular buildings set. There are two variations of this house - use the “F” key to select the one you want. Family Size: 6 Building Size: 5 by 6 Construction Requirements: 32 Logs, 40 Stone, and 60 Work Storage Capacity: 1,200 Fuel Rating: 100 View full article
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    Plantations are terrific. They are a pleasant visual contrast to regular fields. I also use mine for coffee beans, hops, and grains that are not edible until they are processed for bakery (milled into flour).
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    This is just all amazing. you guys are spoiling us.
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    Cool... I always loved that "ice effect"