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    Silvery Moonlight... Do You Dare To Enter the Realm of the Dead...
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    Well now - let's go slow about this It's not like we have suddenly unlimited limits <sic> - we have all suffered long from the confusion of many things lumped together without really belonging together... I feel the first order of the day is to decongest our current limits and regroup them in a sensible manner. Once that is done, let's see (and hope) that there are some limits left to fill with "new life"...
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    I don't see that there's an answer here to Kralyerg's questions of "what would it actually do? Just a decorative building that gives happiness?" You can let your imagination run wild creating these kinds of things now. Just take a pub/tavern (for the happiness) and create an outdoor performance area. Build a Journeyman House or an Old Boarding House and pretend it's a house of ill-repute. Stick a well in front and it provides "happiness". Don't forget that "sex workers" assigned by the game can be as young as 10 or in their 70s and beyone, female or male. Honestly, I just don't see how a building implying a crime against women, men and children is "fun" or should provide "happiness".
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    You'll find there was a discussion involving the idea of "locked" content in this thread: - You'll also see that I am one of the people who opposes the idea of locking buildings because I want to be able add any of the buildings whenever I want to and that I also feel there is a pseudo locked building idea in place already with the need for certain production chains to get the resources to construct certain buildings. As for the idea of technologies, I have no idea if the game code allows that but I think that it doesn't, hopefully one of the modders will be able to answer that.
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    The Old Bakery by embx61 and the Bakery used in CC 1.6 were made around the same time and by coincidence they used the same model. In CC 1.7 and MegaMod, that model was replaced with a new one; however the CC 1.6 Bakery (as well as the one used before that) is still available under Themed Sets>Old Buildings. In MegaMod 0.07, there are at least 8 Bakeries (including the ones mentioned above): 5 are listed under Food Refining, 2 listed under Themed Sets>Old Buildings and another listed under Themed Sets>Modular Houses!
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    A building that is "just a decorative building that gives happiness" is fine by me. I play the game as a city builder more than the survival type game it was originally meant to be so decorative buildings fit in with what I want. I don't want to pretend that a boarding house or tavern is a theatre/playhouse, I want a building that actually looks like a theatre. All very selfish of me I know We already have lighthouses that provide happiness and I find these of minor use due to the small areas of water on the maps but a decorative theatre building can be used for almost any town.
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    Had the devs any control of the age for workers, that's a whole different conversation, but they simply can't. And I agree wholeheartedly about the young age group (the older ones, they're on their own, they can defend themselves). If nothing else (I stopped to wonder if this was a legit request anyway), it's opened up a new conversation I've been wanting a theatre for months
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    I wouldn't say that sex work is necessarily a crime (plus... it happened, and it still happens) but by pointing out the ages you just made it super creepy. A seedy tavern with a questionable name could be fun, but now I think I'll pass on the brothel.
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    It could be something as simple as a puppet show in the village square. Happiness isn't really a problem (easy to provide) but more variety in buildings is always a good thing. I'm not against a brothel (and mods are optional, so those who don't like it don't have to use it) but as Kral said, how would it work?
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    jon did u check what version u are using? you may need to upgrade to use newer mods.read the #'s at the bottom when u 1st load the game up.
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    Any thought on having a house of ill-repute? Could be placed near mines and whatnot in order to mitigate some of the unhappiness they produce.
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    I was thinking of medieval/renaissance era European, rather than colonial era America. At the time of Shakespeare, the first permanent theatres were constructed in London and were of two types, indoor theatres (AKA halls or private playhouses) and outdoor theatres (AKA amphitheatres or public playhouses). The indoor theatres are obviously little more than a hall but the first indoor theatre in London was originally an inn converted for the purpose. The following image is plan of a modest theatre that could serve a smaller community - credited to John Webb, 17th Century architect although it's very similar to a theatre designed by Inigo Jones (also a 17th Century architect), to the point that it seems to me that perhaps it's been incorrectly attributed to Webb: - A model of Inigo Jones' theatre: - The most interesting one in my opinion is also probably the best know and is an outdoor theatre - the Globe Theatre in London. Probably better suited for a large town. The model of the Globe in this image appears to be the first Globe, when it was made with a thatched roof (because they couldn't afford the more expensive tile roof). It caught fire and burnt down and was then rebuilt with a tiled roof. And the lighthouse I was thinking of is from Necora's Maritimes mod.
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    The theaters I've seen from Colonial America look a lot like 2-story houses - with maybe a bulletin board on the front. What are you picturing? Any pictures you can share may motivate someone to mod one BTW, the lighthouses are functional; not just decorative items that bring happiness. Red Ketchup's Lighthouse is a town hall and kid1293's Gay Head Lighthouse is a home.
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    i think you should blame all the realms around it who never cares about the earth and has completly disrupted the seasons of your bannies.
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    It's been thought of, but what would it actually do? Just a decorative building that gives happiness?
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    Don't combine MegaMod with the individual mods, that gives you conflicts or duplicates.
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    Yes they are compatible. That's one of the things Kralyerg does when he puts MegaMod together. If you have a problem, let us know.