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    I like the idea that WatersMoon110 put forward. One issue that I see may happen with MM is the amount of time necessary to keep it updated. One of the earlier posts spoke to that also. I really like having groups by maker and by function would be my choice if possible. But like Ketchup, I will support what ever Blackliquid brings to the table.
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    @Bartender good point, I copied it to the other discussion
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    There's nothing we can do about the Debug tool itself to fix it. It's magic abilities are hidden from us. Since the Materials (in Banished 1.0.6) or the Minerals (in Banished 1.0.7) kind of steals the Coal flag, what you described is exactly what will happen. The debug tool isn't really adding a specific item to your inventory, but a category. Since in vanilla, Coal was the only resource in that category, it worked like you would expect. But when you add multiple things to a category that used to be single, little weird things happen.
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    omg, its the banished version of Kowloon walled city, circa 1950s reference:
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    Hello friends. I've just gotten over being a bit unwell so apologies for not being around the last week or 2. Those of you who were members on our old forums will remember we were developing a new game. It's still going ahead. Recently we added a dedicated programmer to our team, who basically pointed out that there's a much better way to do things than we had been developing. Well, I mean to say we teamed up our teams together. Yes I think that's more accurate lol. So, from learning unity engine we have now shifted to using unreal engine as a base. We have a lot of ideas for code and a rather large feature list but essentially we want to make something awesome. Initially I can share that we are extremely interested in optional multiplayer Co op. We will have animated buildings. We aim to allow modding to be very modular and we want to encourage it long term. By that I mean we hope this is an ongoing project for many years that can keep growing and being interesting. Other than this, I don't have much to share right now. Oh, im designing a full new set of 3d content customised to the new game. This will be done with a passion that I never put into CC, not because I didn't want to, but because cc has always been a hobby and not something we fully own, relying so much on Banished... So that's it for now. In the future we'll be looking for suggestions and such but for now we have colonial charter modular version to do and I have some new ideas for some themed sets
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    yup it does work that way for some odd reason...I'm just a bit wary of too many mods atm lol....might give it another go once I'm sure my game is stable again after all the hassle this week just wanting to relax and while away some hours
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    I posted this originally in another thread and will bring it here... Hi guys, So @Ketchup I am by no way any good at modelling and am still figuring it out but I might be able to help you with the swaying of the leaves. I managed to do it with my trees and was very excited to see them sway in game. It is down to your UV maps. If you look at the model of the fig tree example, it has 3 UV channels. 'UVChannel_01' is your texture mapping, 'UVChannel_02' is your AO, and 'UVChannel_03' is the swaying. I'll show you the spruce tree. So we have three UV channels for our tree. The first UV channel is for the texturing. In this tree, I've used two materials, one for bark and one for branches. I've scaled the tree trunk rather large to make the bark look detailed... in vanilla trees it is very stretched. The second is for the AO. I've used the 'Smart Project' unwrap to get this, then baked the OA. The third UV channel is for the swaying. There are two things to note. In this, I have used 'Reset' unwrap to make all of the branches a square, piled on top of each other, filling the whole UV map. My branches in this example are only 1 face each, I've not yet tried doing more but that is what I want to do next. If we zoom in on this one, that dot is my tree trunk. This makes it not sway in the wind! I added this channel last, so the only way I could do this was to scale the UV coordinates down until they were all on one spot. And that is pretty much it. As for the leaves dropping, I think this is the 'BillboardMaterial' that is referred to in the 'Models/MaterialInstance/FigTree.rsc' of the example file... MaterialInstance resource { Material _material = "Material\Billboard\BillboardMaterial.rsc"; Texture _textures [ { String _name = "diffuse"; ImageBuffer _texture = "Models\MaterialInstance\FigTreeTexture.rsc"; } ] } I used this for my maple and aspen and the leaves appear in spring, sway, always face camera, and disappear in winter. Again, I think this reads the 3rd UV channel, so you have to have the tree trunk at 0'0'0 otherwise it will also sway and disappear... maybe. I might go to 2 materials for the maple and apsen to make the leaves look better because I don't like how they look in game at the moment. Oh and the billboard material also makes them change colour in the autumn... it made mine change and I never did anything for it so it must be this. There is a camera, target, and armature in the scene of the fig tree example, I have no idea if this does anything, but I decided to keep all of those things in my files just in case. As for the Spruce, that uses the 'Models/Trees/MaterialInstance/PineTree01.rsc' from the Resource file in the mod kit. MaterialInstance resource { Material _material = "Material\Foliage\FoliageMaterial.rsc"; Texture _textures [ { String _name = "diffuse"; ImageBuffer _texture = "Models\Trees\MaterialInstance\PineTree01Texture.rsc"; } { String _name = "snow"; ImageBuffer _texture = "Terrain\TerrainSnowTexture.rsc"; } ] Constant _constants [ ] } I think the 'FoliageMaterial' makes them sway but not disappear and grow during the seasons. @Bartender I agree with @jesta, I don't think you need spheres. Try using a dome instead? You could probably cut out some faces and not loose any visual detail.
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    Thanks for all the kind words! @stiles It is indeed as Necora says, nothing more complicated than adding one line of code per mesh into the template. I already have all of these working ingame. I'm currently only focusing on those area's where I feel that there is a lack of diversity, which are mainly the wild growing resources. I don't plan on replacing the trees or the crops for example. I will be looking at other ways to improve the natural feel of the environment though, so I'm not excluding anything either. @Necora @Ketchup For the most part I get the textures from photographs of flowers, leaves and stem, which I then cut out, polish and simplify. For common plants such as these it's pretty easy to find free pictures to use. As for the polys, I managed to keep most of them under 200, which I guess should be more than ok. The only ones that are perhaps a bit steep are the seedbearing dandelions, as I used two spheres to make each flowerhead. The 3-head variant has over a 1000. How many polys would you guys say is too much for a mesh like this?
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    Bit of an older thread, but I was just reading this and thought: oh my god.... the one trader I usually have sometimes already drives me nuts.... LOL
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    That depends on what you want to get out of the game. Personally I always have disasters off because I'm more focused on building and designing my city, with the actual survival of my people being more of a shaping force than a desire for challenge. That being said, I wouldn't mind factors that limit or change what resources you have access to. Maybe have something like a geology setting when you make a map that determines what kind and what quantities of minerals are generated for the map. Forget steel, if the only metal you have in the region is copper, you better start either importing iron, or get used to copper housewares and importing tin.
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    I find that Banished end games to be boring. There is no tension/dis-balance once you have a large city. It'd be nice if public policy options could be set that would modify behavior of the peoples. For example, "forced work" where no idleness is allowed to get things done quicker, but then this causes their health and happiness to decline. Ability to set tax rates. buildings, materials, foods would deteriorate, decay, or rot. Soil depletion from over-farming -- renewed when used as a pasture, fallow, or orchard for several years. perhaps different class levels with different attributes, like serf, aristocrat subsurface minerals are determined by the map seed, which could be generous or scarce. Some, many, or all of the minerals available, or none. You'd have to make-due with whatever minerals your mines generate on that map, not what minerals a building generates Horseback level view for you, the governor/barron -- and ability to point-and-place new construction from that view. They didn't have drones/helicopters until after the 17th century. ;-) That the peoples have personalities/motivations (not mindless ant-like automatons) thus have needs that affect their happiness, health, or behavior. It could be some conflicting desires too. Some desire taverns; yet some desire religion and that you ban all taverns. Some are lazy and do a poor job; others kick butt but demand greater order/luxuries. The Governor/Barron/aristocrats could desire luxuries. Yet some are loyalists to the governor/Barron, and others are trouble makers wanting to throw-out/overthrow the governor/Barron. Revolts or agitation if unhappiness drops too low.
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    Hi Guys. I was able to do "testing" ( I was playing") this weekend, and I found a few strange things: (using MM + MM Deco + CC 1.7 + MM 1.07 Patch all lasted versions) 1. Some trader just want to sell me 1000 units of nothing at a cost of 1, there was no name on the item and no icon.it happen on a Small General Trader by Kid. 2. The other strange thing, is related with livestock for trade by BL team, both Trade Beef Cows and Trade Deer Pastures are producing Trade Horse (they are listed has diferente trade horses). Case #2 seams a problema of string name, #1 it seems tricky if I get that situations again i will try to find some more info. If you guys need some Help, private msg me, I'm a programmer (but no 2d/3d modeling just puré code) , maybe i can Help.
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    @Reino check out these 2 links. It is common for gatherers & herbalists to become laborers. https://steamcommunity.com/app/242920/discussions/0/619573787587434342/ http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/157028/which-jobs-are-dependent-on-seasons-and-how
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    Hi There! Any news regarding Shock? He is gone a long time now, hope everything is ok.
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    Snort ... funniest post i've seen all day +1 for good sense of humour & don't feel stupid, we've all done things like that.
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    Version v2


    Requires Banished 1.0.7 Did you upgrade Banished to 1.0.7 and upgrade CC to 1.72 but still want to use MegaMod? Well this is your lucky day. This little mod should allow you to use MegaMod 0.07 with CC 1.72 and Banished 1.0.7. (I say should, because this is extremely untested. ) It will let the items with new flags be processed at the old production buildings that would otherwise have issues with them. It does not change the little limit spinners on each of the buildings, and this little mod never will. There's may still be some weird incompatibilities between CC and MM, but hopefully this should smooth a few of them out. Load this above CC and MM. And load CC above MM. Like so: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.72 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack Let me know how buggy it is, because again, it's extremely untested. Thanks estherhb for doing the boring parts while I was at work so I could get this done faster. And if you complain that it turns everything red, I may just slap you.
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    Thanks for the super sleuthing @Necora I think the real problem lies with the fact that many of the CC filenames don't match with the strings. So when Discrepancy made his hemp, he gave it the logical name, but it doesn't match the CC unlogical name, so you end up with 2. I hope to fix all these weird filenames in the next major release of CC. (Not in the 1.7x bug fixes, but the next major increment)
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    Yeah, it's a baby conflict, but I thought it worth mentioning. Thanks @Necora
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    Hi. New to the site. Love Banished! 'Merica!
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    I've never really tested burning in the past, so I don't know what it might need. I had a very quick look, and all the cc dock buildings have a use point but some don't have a create. Or maybe I'm remembering it backwards. But they're missing one of them.
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    This is coming from someone who hasn't actually been playing the game a great deal lately, but I like the idea of the Mega Mod toolbar having "All similar types of buildings together, regardless of originating mods (all housing together, all markets together, etc)" .
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    Anyone know how ShockPuppet is doing?
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    I'm not sure. Everything looks good. I don't know why it wouldn't be getting stored in the Tithe Barn. Does it get stored anywhere else?
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    Well, to figure out which version of Banished you have, just load it up. Your main screen should look something like this: If you look all the way at the bottom, it says "Version 1.0.7 Beta - Build 170212". That's what version you have.
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    Get well soon.
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    darn, I'm only seeing this now.... We already talked on Steam for awhile, but I just want to say: I hope you'll be back on your feet soon, take your time to recover *big hug*
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    Oh my... hoping it's just a "minor" thing - get well soon!
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    Keep those positive thoughts going! And try to find something to laugh about, laughter really works, I can testify to that as it's saved my life at least twice. After all, what would Banished be without our Shock!!??!!
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    Hope all is well shock!!
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    Sorry you're ill! Hope you're well and back soon.
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    Well, technically I could fix it myself. But it is a bug from the Mexican fantasy mod itself. Not sure if there's going to be another release of MegaMod for 1.0.6. I'm working right now to update CC for 1.0.7, and many of the other modders are doing the same, as well as using the new modders toolbar that necora did. So a 1.0.7 version of MegaMod will need a big overhaul to work correctly again.
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    Hey everyone, I am Jesse from Windsor, Ontario. I have been using the CC mod for a while now and love how much it adds to the game. Brockenspectre informed me I should be on here in case I have any bugs to report.
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    Hello stiles, I'm on version 1.0.7Beta, Build 170212
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    Hello everyone ! Jon T. here from the northwest of UK I've had this game since it came out back in Feb. 2014, so I'm not sure why it's taken me around 3 years to find you guys, anyway I'm pleased that I finally have. I love this game and still play it quite a lot, it's very addictive and once I start I can be at it for many hours at a time, I've not added any mods to it before so I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of difference can be made to the game. It's going to take me awhile to catch up with most of you guys but anyhow, I'm here now. Oh yea, and thanks to all you very clever people that have made so many interesting additions to Banished, I've had a quick check through some of the stuff that's going on here and it's amazing.
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    That would all be very nice. I've thought a bit about stuff that I'd love to see in Banished 2 and clothing that changes with profession was definitely on my list. But I'll take it one step further. Different models for different professions. I'd love to see the miners and blacksmiths get bigger (stronger) if they stay in the job for a length of time. I'd love to see cooks get fat and I'd love to see old people who actually look old. At the very least I hope their hair might turn grey or white with age. I know that would probably eat into performance, but it would be such a huge improvement over Banished. Perhaps as an optional extra? Please do give this some consideration. Apart from visual differences I'd also like to see them get better at their job the longer they stay at it. So a blacksmith with no experience would be able to make basic tools but after a few years he or she might be able to make better tools and other more complicated stuff. A teacher might be able to teach faster with more experience and a farmer might be able to get a slightly bigger harvest. A trader who has been in the job for longer might be able to get a better price for goods bought and sold.
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    Firstly, let me say, I'm genuinely keen to see how this unfolds I have possibly a time consuming request ... That the clothes become dynamic? Gatherer - red & purple, yellow staining around cuffs & front, and, if possible, a pinafore or apron (apron for men), because they get stained etc when harvesting all the berries Miners (all) - leather apron, large gloves, dirtied with coal & stone stain, iron flecks etc Farmers - similar to gatherers, etc; women with hats or hankerchief head coverings etc Doctors - white coats Teachers & Officials - the base setup (as your pic). That sort of thing, so when their profession changes, that triggers a texture change to their outfit. You could create a production line based around for each item, or just have the clothes as a 'texture change', design rather than function.
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    So, what is the new game going to be? I can't remember what was said about it on the old forums.
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    And lastly a row of rose bushes at the village market. Most of my plants come in several colour variants so you can do things like this without it looking monotonous. There are a couple of clumps of mixed flowers in there too. They were a gamble. Before I saw them in game I though they might turn out horrible, but they aren't too bad at all.
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    I feel real bad for the merchant going up stream.
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    *applauds & cheers wildly* well done, that's amazeballs!!!
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    now that new cc 1.7 finaly arrived i stop playing this city..and because it havent been any land left for development.....last update for this city.....final population 24068
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    999 definitely intrigues me But I seem to have problems with Large Maps. I keep getting Fatal Access errors and can't figure out why. I even get them early in the start of a game
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    They turn around and try to find another way to exit the map.
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    Large map versions of the map seeds I listed above. Note that the "Medium Map" title on the image is from the mini-map mod I am using and is not the starting conditions. Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - Large Map Seed - 777, 959 and 999 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map. Map Seed 777 - Large Map Map Seed 959 - Large Map Map Seed 999 - Large Map My personal preference is for 999 simply because it has some usable islands.
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    I wonder if it would make a similar looking map on Large size? I haven't actually tried that because I always expected that the map would be quite different and as mentioned, I like to have the biggest map I can get (I can't even remember the last time I played on any map smaller than Large!) But that gives me an idea to try some of the three seeds I mentioned at Large size instead of Very Large... so stay tuned My only issue with the Very Large - Seed 959 combination is the starting point. I played this map for a little while last night and ended up making the town east of the start point, along the banks of the main river (rebuilt the storage barn and stockpile). I had some citizens starve because I didn't get food production started right away due to the move and so the food stockpile got used up really fast but I had about 20-25 people at that point. For all the trouble at the start, I really like this map.
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    While trying out some new mods I figured I'd try some other map seeds. Of course being greedy I went for the biggest map size I could get but this is the result: - Terrain Type - [CC] Lake Waters Terrain Size - [CC] Very Large Map Seed - 959 The bottom of the Yellow Box shows the starting location of the map.