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    Version v2


    Requires Banished 1.0.7 Did you upgrade Banished to 1.0.7 and upgrade CC to 1.72 but still want to use MegaMod? Well this is your lucky day. This little mod should allow you to use MegaMod 0.07 with CC 1.72 and Banished 1.0.7. (I say should, because this is extremely untested. ) It will let the items with new flags be processed at the old production buildings that would otherwise have issues with them. It does not change the little limit spinners on each of the buildings, and this little mod never will. There's may still be some weird incompatibilities between CC and MM, but hopefully this should smooth a few of them out. Load this above CC and MM. And load CC above MM. Like so: 1.0.7 Compatibility CC 1.72 MM 0.07 MM 0.07 Deco Pack Let me know how buggy it is, because again, it's extremely untested. Thanks estherhb for doing the boring parts while I was at work so I could get this done faster. And if you complain that it turns everything red, I may just slap you.
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    It should. Just place this above MegaMod on your modlist and it should work. Previous versions of CC shouldn't not be loaded with MegaMod, but this version should work fine.
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    Well, not goofy... but one of my favorites -
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    [name]was boiled to death in the boiling pan [name]fell into an oil press and got mashed [name]burnt to a crisp (note to the one that wrote this: shouldn't this be "burned"?)
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    They seem just about right to me!
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    That's a good question and I'm not sure of the answer. I don't think the crop fields and orchards are allowed many builders to make it so you won't starve. Each building, when it is created as a 3d model has certain "points" made, where people will stand to do work, where the finished goods are dropped, and where the builders stand when the building is being constructed. The number of builders allowed is equal to the number of points that the modeler puts in. The draggable things (crop field, orchard, pasture, cemetery ) seem to be special somehow and it's hard change their points system. So I really don't know if it's possible to make it use extra builders. For example, I've never been able to make a crop field that requires a resource to be built. It looks like it's because it doesn't know where the people should go to bring the materials, because it doesn't have the correct points defined, so it crashes. I could be wrong about the cause, but there's *something* screwy going on with the draggable buildings that makes them harder to work with.
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    You can directly tag certain people in your posts by putting an @andthentheirname. Like this: @Discrepancy. Now he will get a notification and see your message .
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    Anytime I try to adjust the last few rows of the resource limits added from CC in the menu it causes a crash error. You can also save and reload the game and the new resources will generate random resource limits...
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    I am not sure it can be done, or how it works for each type of building, but I have always wanted to assign more than two builders to pastures. Farm fields and orchards may increase the number of builders to as many as I want, I guess so I can get them cleared fast and start growing so folks don't starve. Other buildings have 1 to 5 or 6 builders each and use my available builders according to proportion and priority, and I can set the max number of builders lower (but not higher) than the "cap" number. But pastures are limited to 2 builders no matter the size, and take for-freaking-ever... If the argument is they can't produce food as quickly, then why are orchards (which take game years to produce) allowed many builders? And when the animal provided is chickens, they DO start to yield food quickly (eggs) more quickly even than crop fields, as eggs seem to start right away, while crops take the season. I love to make 30x30 pastures and when they're done, I raise the number of herders to 5. With storage and butchers nearby, they're pretty happy and efficient. But I sure do wish they could be built by more than 2, and take less than 3-5 YEARS... Any idea if this is moddable?
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    The Lumber isn't showing in construction materials either, so you have a conflict in game/mod versions indeed.
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    Are you using Banished 1.0.7 beta? Which version of CC? Any other mods/version #s? What order?
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    I'm following the conversation with interest! But unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge of the game code to be of help I'm rooting for you guys! To improve the game more and more
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    Hello, I'm not sure it is my roads you are having issues with as i don't have the mixed roads. That might be from the mod 'Road 45 - End Of The Roads' by downloadmyheart. @Kralyergmight be able to look into this for the next mega-mod release.
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    I'm loving your work here, anything that increases the diversity of the landscape is good in my books.
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    As a scientist you'd think that I do the same... but I'm terrible at that. So you said that if you remove the naturalresourcegrass from the weakresource list, then it doesn't spawn? What happens if you harvest all of the rocks on the map, will grass eventually stop spawning?
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    Yes, 1.75 should work just like the earlier versions. CC 1.71 is included in MM 0.07, but all versions of CC above that will work the same, so if your pc can handle it, 1.75 is the way to go.