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    Version 1.1


    Despo20 Medieval - D20 Medieval Houses "Large and nice medieval houses with optional accessory buildings" The Mod includes: - New 2 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of six. 2 F key variants; - New 3 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of seven; - New Accessory Storage with 2 F key variants; - New Large Accessory Storage; - Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar. Coming soon: - Other types of accessory buildings; - More F key variants. The Accessory Storage is designed to be integrated with the 2 story house, but it was modeled to be used also alone. In the same way the Accessory Storage Large can be integrated with the 3 story house. Acknowledgements I would not be able to realize this Mod without the help of this magnificent community! Thanks @Discrepancy, @Ketchup, @Kralyerg, @Necora for sharing your knowledge with me. Thanks also go out to all who have supported me during the development of this first Mod (I hope this will be the first of many ).
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    Thanks @KevinTheCynic! Ok guys! The time has come! In the download section you can find "D20 Medieval Houses" v1.0 Report to me any problems
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    Version 2


    Makes all buildings that produce unhappiness have a red radius circling it. Nothing is actually changed in the radius area or unhappiness behavior. This only creates a circle that you can see. It was always there, just invisible. It's mostly the Mines/Quarries and industrial buildings that have an unhappiness affect. Place above CC or NMT to use.
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    I made a trade boat passable piece, and also some corners and more stairs to make it all neater. Now there are 11 bridge parts, a dam, and the mill. And I decided I absolutely hate how Bannies cut corners.
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    congratulations Despo !! beautiful work !!
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    Quick update... I pulled the Sherbrooke Mill apart and made it modular. Now, you can place it wherever you want and with what ever bridge you want. At the moment, traders will not pass under the bridge, but I will add a wider center piece that should let them pass. Also, I've been playing around with the smoke particle system and managed to make it so it looks like spray is coming out from the wheel. Hopefully you can see it in these shots! (oh and forgive the shadows on the bridge pieces, something went odd with the AO).
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    Ohh looking at that shot from @Bartender, @despo20 I love the way they over hang in random places and make a non-uniform lay out... diagonals would look fantastic with these.... we can have some proper medieval crooked winding streets!
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    I just tried to see what a medieval city street could look like with these.. It's beautiful! I would love to see more buildings in this style, it's absolutely amazing. I've found one tiny bug by the way: there's a little piece of texture missing on the big house.
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    This would realy be great and would open a whole new game for mining. Right now i use mines only if i go for some realism, cause otherwise they are very ineficient, especialy those precious mines with their ridiculosly low yeilds. I really wanted to build a sort of a colonial outpost focused on mining for gold and silver but had to give up on the idea when realising that a miner eats few times more value than he mines. Had to switch to tin mining and tinneries and tinware production to brake even. And still its a lot more profitable to just buy ores. Problem isnt so much in mineing yield but the fact that miners cost of living is the same as any other bannie, probably even more if they use more tools than average. So, bigger yield based on location would be an awesome addition to the game, but considering game limitations its probably imposible without some serious workaround. Maybe the way the fisheries produce more if theres more water in their radius, mines could generate more if theres more mountains in their radius. Or have mine upgrades that result in bigger yields. * i am still on CC and coresponding MM so maybe i am unavare of some changes in mining
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    Very cool, thank you. Yesterday I wanted to use this, but there was no creek nearby. Btw I love your creations. <3
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    bah when you assign a texture to a box/plane/cylinder/sphere.... you click and assign ? you do same with other box/plane/etc to another .png.... and at the end you mix everything up in one single mesh (blender has its own way and menu as 3dsmax do too on its way) and then in your materialInstance folder, you have a .png .rsc and a Texture.rsc file for your 1st texture, you do the same file with your 2nd textures (you can have 200 of these .png .rsc. Texture.rsc , there is no limit)
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    @Bartender I've had that error many times. It is one of the ones that I end up just re-writing a load of files because I can never figure out exactly what caused it. Actually, I was getting this crash then I had foliage material and billboard material for different parts of the same mesh. That was all that I changed, one material from the standard opaque material to a foliage material. I have no idea why it gave it to me, because this is something you should perfectly be able to do. Sorry, I can't help much but just keep trying things. Also, have you played around with the UV on the billboard material? I use it for my leaves for the aspens etc., and after a lot of messing around they now look just how they should in game. I project view from the top, move the lay out over 0'0, then scale it around until it looks right in game.
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    congratulations ! an homerun at first time at the bat !!!
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    Looks great! and such a well presented mod download page
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    Ah, I see the problem with the Medieval Barns and the Gen Textile & Dry Goods storage - they are both mods created by different artists that have been included in MM and but have not been update for Banished 1.07 and the new flags/limits. You can download that newest version of the Gen Textile Storage mod, and run it as a separate file, above CC & MM in the load order, and they will be added as a separate toolbar. @Discrepancy has 2 newer mods for storage that uses the new flags: DS Small Village: Storage this is the one that you have been attempting to use for Gen Textiles DS Storage Beta ver5 From what I understand @Ketchup who did the original Medieval Storage is working on updating more of his mods, and this may be on his todo list, I know it's a much loved mod!!