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    Version 1.1


    Despo20 Medieval - D20 Medieval Houses "Large and nice medieval houses with optional accessory buildings" The Mod includes: - New 2 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of six. 2 F key variants; - New 3 story Medieval House that accommodates one family of seven; - New Accessory Storage with 2 F key variants; - New Large Accessory Storage; - Compiled using the new Community Mod Tool Bar. Coming soon: - Other types of accessory buildings; - More F key variants. The Accessory Storage is designed to be integrated with the 2 story house, but it was modeled to be used also alone. In the same way the Accessory Storage Large can be integrated with the 3 story house. Acknowledgements I would not be able to realize this Mod without the help of this magnificent community! Thanks @Discrepancy, @Ketchup, @Kralyerg, @Necora for sharing your knowledge with me. Thanks also go out to all who have supported me during the development of this first Mod (I hope this will be the first of many ).
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    * Housing by Despo, Turbulence is a WiP by Necora
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    Here some more with this new technique...
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    Another week has passed, so it's time for sneak peek #3! This week I have worked on quite a few different things, mainly consisting of bits and pieces for several ideas. Coincidentally there is a recurring theme though.. water! I guess @Necora inspired me with his wonderful riffle mod! Firstly, the reeds of last week received an upgrade (they now have leaves), and I started work on the first variant. This one is a Phragmites australis, a widespread species which is commonly used for thatching. Secondly, I have been looking at other ways to improve the natural look of the rivers. I am currently testing the automatic spawning of rocks on the riverbed. These are decorative only, the bannies can't reach them, and they don't block the construction of bridges or semi-aquatic buildings. The current meshes were not intended to be water rocks, so if you think they look a bit weird then we are in agreement. Just see these screens as a 'proof of concept' ;). I intend to make other meshes that are flatter, as the erroding power of the water would make them. Thirdly, the plans for the thatch production chain are taking shape nicely, and it's definitely going to be included in the next version of the mod. I will share more information on how the chain is going to work exactly once there is something to show . And then, last but most certainly not least, I have made a very exciting discovery yesterday evening. While I was testing an idea for one of the buildings of the production chain, I created something that I didn't even think would actually be possible. I made a little video of it being placed, just to prove that this is not a late April fools joke . https://webmshare.com/play/rZw9D Indeed, it is a placeable pool of water! It looks exactly like the normal water, though ofcourse it is entirely decorational. I have not yet tested if this could be used to make custom rivers and such, but theoretically it should be possible. I will have to play around a bit to see if I can make connecting pieces. If I manage to create such a 'custom water tool' it will not be a part of Natural Diversity though, as it wouldn't fit within the focus of this mod. I'm thinking about adding it to the decoration pack that I promised, or just making it a separate mod all together. That's it for this week, please share any thoughts or ideas !
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    Here's a 1-page list of all of the storage capacities for Trade Buildings, Markets and Storage Buildings. There are several new buildings in CC 1.75.
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    Sorry, I'm out - I cannot help any further, morally or technically. Please get a licensed copy.
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    Hi I'm new here and french (so, please, be indulgent with my not totally good english but you can correct me, I'm in an english community to learn, too ) I like the Banished game since his release but I'm not a big player. I play one hour a day, one hour a week, or not at all for a long time. So, I often do a new game, lol ! And, I never finish a CC mod But I really like CC mods I'm not a modder, just a totally fan of Black Liquid Team work on Banished game. So, nice to meet you all
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    I have two so far (very large, lakes) that I like because of the rivers, streams and lakes. The top one because you can almost get like a 'coastal city' in the Northwest part of the map and almost every lake is connected to the main river so no canals needed for traders. Some inconvenient hill locations but I don't mind those. And this second one has a pretty decent sized island in the river bend.
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    Turns out according to a report put out by a group of geologists early this year I'm living on the eighth continent which is technically also known as a "drowned continent" which probably explains why New Zealand keeps being left off maps
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    Greece ........ ouzo , tzatziki , pita gyros .....ooppaaaaa
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    Thank you :)! I posted a short tutorial on how to use the water texture over at WOB. I'm very curious to see what great things are going to come out of this .
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    i need that !!! (once rdy to share ^^) with that i can start the NMT 3.0 Series : Canal System.
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    I'm from Germany near the Netherlands border
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    That is correct. They weigh 1, flagged as textile. They are basically an IOU between the trader and yourself and a trader... They can only be 'produced' at the 'New Styth Tower', the old tower will not generate them.
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    The Netherlands here! Don't worry about living on a drowned continent @catty-cb, I'm currently residing at 0.8m below sea level, and everything's fine .
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    Portugal, Lisbon. Near the most western part of europe (continent)
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    I used to be irked by that, too... but it's the way it goes in Banished... I now take upgrades slowly, 1 by 1... so I hit the upgrade button for one building only, then move on and just do my thing... before I know it, I have restructured whole areas, without actually seeing a single rebuild...
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    Thanks! @Necora Actually the water doesn't appear by itself, only if you would lower the ground very close to an existing river or lake. I had to adapt the RiverMaterial.srsl to be able to create it manually, the mesh is just a plane. For the sloping bank I used a floor mesh like the quarry does. Then I used the decal to make it show the right terrain under the water.
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    They are the shore rocks and should be right next to the older CC rocks in the ghost deco menu. If I remember right there are three buttons, large rocks, small rocks, and shore rocks.
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    Professions Here’s a list of the Professions used in Colonial Charter. Professions from original Banished are indicated in blue; these professions may also be used in Colonial Charter’s professional buildings as shown. Profession Description Locations Adventurer A brave adventurer who looks for artifacts in dangerous temple ruins. Golden Llama Monument, Ceremonial Grounds Ale Wench Tends to customers at the public Inn and Garden, Taverns and Coffee House. Tavern, Small Tavern, The Local, Inn & Garden, Coffee House, Pub Kitchen Apothecary Creates medical concoctions for unhealthy people to take to a Herbalist building for consumption Apothecary, Herb Grower, Herb Mender Baker Operates the ovens that bake breads and pastries. Bakeries Beekeeper Tends to beehives. Apiary Blacksmith Produces new tools and other items made from iron and steel. Blacksmith and upgrades, City Blacksmith, Small Iron Smelter, Forge, Foundry, Metalsmith Bootlegger Can be found hanging around back alleys, procuring items for a price. Bootlegger, Smuggler’s Dock Botanist Plants seeds and grows seedlings and vegetables. Greenhouse Brewer Brews ale and mead. Brewery, Quay Brewery, Ricewine Still Builder Builds buildings, roads and bridges. Temporarily assigned to locations needing their skills. Butcher Cuts up meat into different products, including meat cuts, tallow and sausage. All butcher stalls Carver Carves statues from Wood, Stone and other materials. Statue Carver Chandler Makes candles in the old fashioned way. Chandlery Charter Deputy A trader who assists with the exchange of goods and resources at the Chartered Trader building Chartered Company Cleric Tends to the religious needs of the community; bring happiness to citizens Churches, chapels, Seafarer’s Shrine, Courthouse, Watershrine Curer Cures tobacco for consumption as pipe tobacco at an Inn and Garden or Tavern. Curing Barn Dairyworker Processes milk into dairy products such as cheese, butter and cream. Old Dairy, Dairy Parlour, Milking Barn Distiller Makes stronger alcoholic spirits at the Distillery building and bottles them for consumption. Distillery Dock Worker Performs a range of simple work at various dock buildings. Dock Workshop, Dock Chicken Breeder, Reed Farm, Rice Planter, Driftwood Scavenger Dredger Harvests Mussels, Oysters, Crayfish and Seaweed Tidal Pool, Water Scavenger Farmer Plants seeds, tends to crops, and harvests fruits, vegetables and nuts. Crop fields, plantations and orchards Fire Bundler Makes fuel from a range of organic products which are then useful for heating homes or converting into furnace fuel at a Fuel Refinery. Bundling Shed Fisherman Catches fish for food. Fishing Dock, Quay Fishery, Dock Fishery Forester Plants saplings and cuts down mature trees to produce Logs. Forestry lodges Fuel Refiner Takes house fuels such as firewood or charcoal and converts them to Furnace Fuel for industrial use. Fuel Refinery, Small Fuel Refinery Garrison Performs military duties in defensive and supply positions Block House, Work Camp Gatherer Searches for roots, berries and other foods growing in the forest. Gatherer’s Hut, Wild Shepherd, Stone Gatherer, Iron Gatherer Gemcutter Cuts and polishes Rough Gemstones. Gemcutters Glassmaker Uses furnaces and meta equipment to melt sand into glass. Glassworks Grove Tender Tends to white mulberry trees. White Mulberry Grove Herbalist Collects herbs and cures minor ailments. Herbalist, Herb Mender Herdsman Tends to livestock. Pastures Hunter Hunts wild game for food. Hunting Cabin, Duck Blind Joiner Makes furniture out of wood which is needed to construct some advanced buildings. Joiner Kilnsman Creates a stack historically known as a Clamp, which burns Charcoal or fires Bricks. Stacks Burner, Brickworks Laborer Performs easy work such as clearing areas and moving produced goods to storage. Not assigned to a building Melter Converts Gold and Silver Ore into Gold Guilder or Silver Pfennig, currencies used to purchase goods or for trade. Melting House Miller Operates the mill and crushes grains into flour. Large Windmill, Small Windmill, City Windmill, Watermill Miner Digs iron ore from out of the ground Mine, Iron Ore and Coal Mine, Precious Mine, Placer Mine, Tin Ore Mine Shaft, Copper Ore Mine Shaft Monk Contemplates existence and produces your choice of Ale, Blueberries or Herbs. Abbey Official Collects taxes in the form of Silver Pfennig for use in your town. Governor’s Office Packer Packages various goods for distribution to the construction sites of advanced buildings. Building Supplier, Homewares Supplier Physician Heals sickness and can help increase health of citizens Hospital, City Hospital Potter Creates Pottery, an item needed for the construction of some advanced buildings. Potter Preservist Makes preserved foods out of a variety of meats, fruit or vegetables. Preservist Presser Presses by-products into vegetable oil or seed oil Oil Press Quartermaster Responsible for the procurement of military goods and resources. Quartermaster Roper Makes rope from plant fibers. Ropery Sailor Embarks on dangerous voyages upon the high seas procuring the bounty the ocean has to offer. Wharf & Ship Salt Boiler Boils down seawater that has been pumped into a saltworks, turning it into salt. Saltworks Shipwright Builds Hull Components needed primarily for the construction of advanced ship and trade ship buildings. Ship Yard Shoreman Gathers sand or clay, or hunts for frogs or turtles at the shore. Shore House Silk Farmer Cultivates silkworms for cloth and food. Silk Hut Soldier Performs military duties in front line and forward positions. Forward Post, Musket Range Stableman Takes care of various animals and crates them to be sold as domesticated animals. Stable Stonecutter Quarries stone from the ground. Quarry, Small Quarry, Stone & Salt Mine Sugar Boiler Boils down sugar cane, maple sap or sugar beets into crystalized sugar. Sugar House Tailor Creates warm clothes to ward off the effects of winter. Tailor, Seamstress, Tailoring Company, Seamstress Guild, Uniform Maker Tanner Processes raw animal skins into tanned leather and other textiles. Tannery Teacher Educates young citizens so they can create more resources from the same work. All schools Tinnery Worker Folds tin sheets into tin cans and fills them with food. Tin cans are welded shut to preserve freshness. Fruit Tinnery, Protein Tinnery, Soup Tinnery, Vegetable Tinnery Trader Collects and distributes goods. all trading docks Vendor Collects and distributes goods. All markets, Water Tower, City Water Tower, Windmill Pump Vendor (Stall) Manages an individual market stall, much like a regular market vendor. All market stalls and market carts, Dock Wood Finder Vintner Presses and barrels wine. Winery Weaver Makes fabric products from plant fibers. Weaver, Fiber Watermill Woodcutter Chops Logs into Firewood or Lumber. Wood Cutter, Chopper, Saw Pit, Lumberyard, Sawmill, Waterwheel Sawmill Worker Can assume a large variety of jobs.
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    I'm from Italy Retsina! (Not an ouzo fan, sorry!) Metaxa for me please
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    Europe. Bosnia and Herzegovina
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    Frenchie living in France here. In Brittany. Can't go much further west than that in France. Drive 30km further west and you'll drop in the Atlantic.
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    Florida now. Grew up in New Hampshire.
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    a fire station is can act as a well ... yes it is possible. but the game doesnt allow a profession/worker assigned to it though, it would conflict a special "hard coded" feature which turn the citizens into "firemen" when a fire appears in game.
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    wow, excellent @Bartender
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    I knew if you went down far enough then water appeared, but how did you get the nice sloping bank and round shape? i tried to do this for a hill but it just raised the whole square... although I didn't try very hard.
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    @Jafar_the_Barmecide @QueryEverything while I visited Ballarat & Bendigo decades ago, I lived in Kalgoorlie for about a decade. If we went for an Aussie mod for the Kalgoorlie region I think we would have to ask for hessian & timber houses for the early buildings and wild (i.e. feral) goats and camels to go alongside the kangaroos!
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    Freo?! I'm just outside Midland, so you're just a short trip down the Gt East Hwy/Canning Hwy from me!
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    The mature person inside says ... possibly, the other more rebellious self says "and where is the fun in that?" ... But, glad you asked cos I couldn't find those 2 either for days, and the ones I did find weren't what I was expecting.
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    I've got family living in Christchurch and I still haven't made it down there to visit them
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    I spent a month in Christchurch ages (20 years!) ago. The North Island is still on my list of places to visit
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    Retsina! (Not an ouzo fan, sorry!)
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    USA,originally pa but have been all over the country.living on the ny-pa border in ny now.
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    United States. California actually.
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    Two tiles.. where am I now or where am I from???
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    Nice idea - I'm partial to the waggon with water barrels, and maybe a horse tethered nearby...
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    If you're using the standalone Tropical Greenhouse mod alongside CC 1.75, then it probably won't work correctly, since the greenhouse hasn't been updated for 1.0.7. You can use the 1.0.7 compatibility mod to force it to work. The compatibility mod was made for MegaMod, but it should work fine with any combination of individual mods that are a part of MM, if you're not using MM itself.
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    @Kralyerg have you ever seen (in Victoria): Sovereign Hill (Ballarat); Central Deborah Gold Mine (Bendigo) and the ever lovely Port of Echuca (Echuca/Moama); they have always been on my wishlist when it comes to Western theme / Gold rush theme Both Bendigo & Port of Echuca aren't replica towns, they are still the original towns & centres, Sovereign Hill is a replica, but it's a working town, everything is built & working as it originally did. Port of Echuca is Australia's largest working inland port, and has one of the largest collections of working, original (some replica, some new) paddle steamers (I had previously requested a model a few months back, haha ) and I think any of these towns would be ideal to fit into Banished It fits a lot of the landscapes, and the themes. Just some ideas ...
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    thanks very much! been struggling to find it, thought it may had something with climate and that
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    North or South island Catty?
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    You can put both if you want Or go with where you are now
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    I don't mind the generic resources but I would like to see specific results when processing them. You can tin spinach and tomatoes but they come out of the tinnery as generic tinned vegetables. You can make wine from grapes and strawberries but you don't get "strawberry wine" just wine. I was just the teensiest bit disappointed when I realised that. It's probably best however that some things come out as just "tinned vegetables" because tinned lettuce or cucumber sounds particularly disgusting.
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    The Tropical Greenhouse, which uses bonemeal, is not part of CC; it's a separate mod HERE. It's included in MegaMod or you can add it separately.
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    Bonemeal can be used by the Apothecary to make Healing Poultices. Any excess can be uses for Trade.