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    Version 1.0.1


    Alternative download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-ZePVZCUPiuamo5S2JnSHpyamM Aim of the mod Natural Diversity is my attempt to make the world of banished resemble real nature more closely. I try to achieve this by increasing the realism of existing elements of the game, and by introducing new elements that I feel are lacking. Version 1.0 of this mod is only the start, and improves some aspects of the game’s natural environment. My plan is to continue development, and cover the other parts in future updates. Usage details This mod requires the 1.0.7 Beta version of the game. When copying this mod into the banished folder, it will replace the Natural Diversity Beta mod if you had it installed. This is intended, do not change the filenames as this will cause the mod to crash. This mod will require a new game in order to fully function. Load this mod above any other mods that alter the default start conditions or introduce new ones, such as CC. If you wish to use this mod together with mods that add resources that get spawned in the forest, such as Necora’s PineSet, this mod must be loaded below the other mod. Content Meadows The most impactful aspect of this mod is the introduction of a new biome in addition to the forest that is already present: the meadow. Meadows will spawn naturally in the world from the start of the game (note: only when using the default ‘easy’, ‘medium’ or ‘hard’ start conditions). They mainly consist of ‘grass’, which gives ‘thatch’ as a material when harvested by the citizens. A ‘Collect Grass’ option is added to the menu for this. Thatch is needed to construct buildings with thatched roofs, such as the ‘Storage Barn’ or ‘Wooden House’, and can be used as a fuel by the citizens to warm their houses. Furthermore, the meadows will spawn herbs, roots and onions. The latter two no longer spawn in the forest, as this is not their natural habitat. Thatcher’s Shed and Thatcher profession To be able to let citizens harvest and replant grasses automatically, the ‘Thatcher’s Shed’ is added to the game. It employs a maximum of two ‘Thatchers’, and has a work radius of 20. Seasonality for natural resources In unmodded Banished, all natural resources are treated as if they would not be affected by low temperatures, while in reality some of them would. With this mod, all Mushrooms, half the Herbs and half the Roots will die as soon as the temperature drops below 0 C (32F). Though the other resources will not die, their appearance will change according to the season. In Spring, herbs and onions will grow flowers. In Autumn, their flowers will wilt again. Many new models for herbs, onions, roots and mushrooms One of my biggest points of critique for the base game is the lack of attention that was given to the models for the natural resources. Not only are some of them completely unrealistic (onions do not grow lying in bundles on the forest floor!), it is also rather boring to see the same model many times over. Therefore this mod introduces 24 new models for herbs, 6 new onions, 18 root variants and 12 mushrooms. These will replace the old models. Their behaviour is as follows: Herbs will grow naturally in the forest or in the meadows. The annual herbs die if the temperature drops below 0 C (32F), the others only lose their flowers or decolour in Autumn. Onions will grow in the meadows, and lose their flowers in autumn. Roots will grow in the meadows, and the annual ones will die if the temperature drops below 0 C. Mushrooms will grow naturally in the forest, and die if the temperature drops below 0 C. Future plans As mentioned before I intend to continue development on this mod, reworking other aspects of banished’s natural world and introducing more variety. Below is a list of features that I intend to include in future updates. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with me! Reeds (growing on the water’s edge) More berry bushes, including an update to the blueberry Twigs and branches in the forest (for firewood) Updates to rocks and ores Extended production chain for thatch, to add more uses. Information for Modders Anyone who wishes to make mods that work together with Natural Diversity, for example to make use of the Thatch resource for buildings, is most welcome to do so. Below is a list of relevant filenames that are added in this mod, so that they can be referenced. In case you have questions about any specifics of this mod, feel free to contact me. Grass: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivGrass.rsc Annual Herbs: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivHerbAnn.rsc Meadow Herbs: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivHerbGrass.rsc Annual Roots: Template/NaturalResourceNatDivRootAnn.rsc Thatch: Template/RawMaterialNatDivThatch.rsc Acknowledgements The development of this mod would not have been possible without the help and support of many people in this wonderful community. Therefore I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to anyone who has ever written a tutorial, answered a question, given a suggestion, tested the Beta or has expressed their support for my work in any kind of way. You are a lovely bunch of people. Furthermore, I wish to express a special thank you to @Necora and @Ketchup for the many times that they’ve answered my questions with lengthy and detailed explanations. Not only are they highly skilled modders, they are also kind and patient enough to share their sometimes hard-earned knowledge with beginners like me.
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    all old bricks (CC style) are done next move will be redo all the footprints with a blue arrow showing which way the river will be flowing
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    How about some fresh teasers to help us with the wait?
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    Cobbler/Shoemaker makes various shoes to warm people.
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    all the credits goes to @Bartender
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    Hi Everyone I have used the site for a couple of months now and never introduced myself. Im Malc from the Midlands here in England. Love Banished, and similar ilk. Like it better than the likes of Cities Skylines as you can build the exact building you want, rather than just zoning. If I could take one thing from Cities and put it into Banished, it would be curving paths or at least angled paths. Would make the game more realistic than hrizontal/vertical paths.
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    Version 3.0.0


    NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7 The first upcomming part of the famous New Medieval Town 3.0 Series. this mod adds and fixes all the Clay chain production with the new 1.0.7 limits : Claypit will use stonecutters and produce 1 to 2 clay. 24 wood to build. Kiln will use 10 clay and will produce 10 bricks or 10 rooftiles. 20 stones to build. Pottery makers will use 3 clay and produce 2 to 3 pottery. It can be upgraded for better production. 48 wood, 4 stone, 4 iron to build (upgrade: 16 wood, 32 bricks, 16 rooftiles) Clay is now a material limit. Bricks and Rooftiles are now construction limit. Pottery are now Misc. NB.: if you put CC ontop: the kiln will only produce 3 bricks from 10 clay instead.
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    Just for figuring out the water though .. Those wonderful canal walls and buildings are what made this mod great already! I'm happy that I could enable you to make it even better .
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    Hi there I'm Aaliyah from the UK, I play all sorts of games, Fallout 4, The Sims, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Need for Speed and Dragon Age and so many more. got into watching playthroughs of Banished on YouTube, so I bought the game, and played the vanilla version of banished for a while then I got the Colonial Charter mod, and now finally the MegaMod, which is amazing. So thats me.
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    Hi I'm new here and french (so, please, be indulgent with my not totally good english but you can correct me, I'm in an english community to learn, too ) I like the Banished game since his release but I'm not a big player. I play one hour a day, one hour a week, or not at all for a long time. So, I often do a new game, lol ! And, I never finish a CC mod But I really like CC mods I'm not a modder, just a totally fan of Black Liquid Team work on Banished game. So, nice to meet you all
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    Thank you @QueryEverything! Thank you @Ketchup! I had inverted 1 with 0 Now I'm in bed with the fever, but in week I will release v 1.1 with the fixes and the new two story storage And probably the stretched variant of the small storage requested by Mr @Paeng Another beautiful shot @Paeng!!! I love it!
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    is now available. Although it is a stand alone mod... put on top of NMT 2.0 and it also fixes your NMT2.0 with 1.0.7 issues
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    feral camels! sounds terrifying 😨
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    Yes, building at right angles (and so tight together) might be a problem sometimes... Here it could be also that you block more than half the river, just leaving a small "hole" under the bridge... River pathing can be a bit quirky in Banished...
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    the code for this should be like : 00 11 11 0 = Normal | Obstacle, 1 = Normal | Obstacle | Fast | Faster, and the other part ## .. ..
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    sounds like a game play challenge, try posting there? seems like conditions participants could adhere to (honor system) and report/post back on....
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    Yeah, the canal parts themselves are beautiful (I especially like the 'old' looking one), but I catch myself flattening streams and trying to build the canals over them for the water. You have helped complete the look!
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    Hiya @despo20 a little late bug in reporting, but I normally add roads after I've laid down buildings like this, and I hadn't had a chance to really play around with the design of my buildings much lately. But, I have since found this: The storage can't be placed over existing road tiles. Your road tiles are showing ok, but the building itself can't be placed on existing roads. After the building has been placed, I can then road tile over the courtyard, so it works as an overlap, not an underlay. The houses are fine, it is only with the courtyard (which is sweet btw )
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    Wow, (Red)Ketchup, that water looks really nice.
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    Yeah, cool... it's the type of "house rules" I think many of us impose on ourselves once in a while... Though it's not something I would want to play all the time.
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    Well, on such dense populations an outbreak can spread like wildfire... and a hospital can only treat up to 30 peeps, plus you can't staff more doctors (only 1 per hospital), unfortunately. So a mod should maybe give hospitals a larger cap than 30 patients...
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    i have also posted about this (boats going both ways). see this thread for additional discussion and theories. no known solution as far as i can tell....
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    i am not sure if all boats leave the same way they come. the map i am on now,most boats come from the south and leave the same way. i did notice a boat come from the opposite end of the river and cross a patch of dry ground between 2 lakes and continue to the trade post. i did not watch him leave though. to expand on what PAENG said. don't place trade posts opposite of each other on the river either. if you have 1 directly across from the other, you will have a problem. some boats might stop but if a boat is stopped at 1 post,the next boat won't stop across from it. you also will get glitches if you build along a lake farther away from the main river. to me it is part of the game. it is like the merchant doesn't see that you are there.his path being from the mouth of the river to the other side of the lake where the river starts back up. that is his path. building away from it far enough he will not stop. i had a map where this happened, at the time i thought it might be he was a merchant i didn't have a post for.i built down the shore of the lake added another trading post and a lighthouse. traders started to stop at all my different posts.makes things more interesting when the merchants do that.
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    hmm which thought do you want us to answere to?? as to rules. many players over time do try that idea. some try different ideas or "sets of rules" with differernt games. if you are asking if we want a mod to do that,i would say no. most players have developed their own playstyle over time and i belive choose to play by their own rules instead of conforming to a specified set of rules.that is one of the many nice things to banished. there is no rules or forced way of playing. you make your own as you go.and as you play more,your own game play changes as well. as to you being a programmer. there aree many thought to that. there are many modders. each has their own ideas and valued input. new modders are very welcomed. lately 2 new modders, within the last 6months,have changed the game. one has changed the trees and the way our forests look and function. he also finally cracked the coding so modders have their own place on the toolbar. the other has worked on ground plant textures. in so doing meadows have been created around the map. combined and by tossing ideas around, they reinvented water and how it flows or splashes near dock posts. as the information they have figured out is processed by them and other modders,we should be able to dig and create our own lakes and maps. there are many things hidden in the game program code that has not been figured out. the game has limits to what can and can't be done. the water has proven some things can be done that haven't been figured out yet. how crazy do you want to get?? how much time do you want to invest??? the animal animation codes have not been figured out. we could have turkeys,goats,etc.can the vendor cart be changed to be a horse? how do we make houses or bannies use items such as silverware or candles? a practical solution to use the many items we make but can only be traded away?can we get inside the game far enough that happiness becomes more important to the game??? those are just a few ideas.
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    This is my sc. Thank you. I'm pleased it is getting attention