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    all food industries from NMT and all my other mods always adds something : double the amount of food, add a +1 in value, and sometime combine all nutritive elements from the raw materials so at the end, even if the bannies eat everything, you are not a loser ^^
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    You certainly don't need to hurry into processing food for your Bannies. Except for demanding Sugar Cookies, my people don't seem to care what they're fed. There are some processes that result in more food. Items made by the Tinneries are one of those. For example, it takes 20 Beans + 1 Tin (worth 27) to make 36 Tinned Vegetables (worth 108). Not only do you make a profit of 81, but you have 16 more veggies than when you started. Whether you sell them or not, you come out ahead. Making Hardtack also increases the # of food. It's a two part process: It takes 20 Barley of other grain to make 14 Flour (a loss of 6 food) Then it takes 5 Flour to make 20 Hardtack - an increase of 15 food. The net increase is 9! (I used the production #s for educated workers.)
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    Because there are so many new mods, that's the reason I started the post to see which one or two people especially like. Didn't work.
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    Yeah, that's hard to answer anyway - there are mods I absolutely "hate" while other players can't be without them, and vise versa...