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    View File Journey A complete gameplay expansion. After countless hours of development and testing, we are proud to bring you Colonial Charter 1.7 - Journey Manual Download: After clicking Download you will be redirected to google drive files and see this icon at the top right corner of a new page. Click it to download. Steam Workshop Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849019386 Installing: Disable/Delete any previous version of Colonial Charter, enable Colonial Charter Journey in the mod menu. NEW GAMES ONLY: CC: Journey does require a new game. Introduction: Journey reflects a maturation of development of the Colonial Charter mod for Banished Game. Unlike in previous versions where we overhauled production and resources, with Journey you have more access to new buildings that utilise the existing chains. Many of the existing buildings have been revamped or replaced in entirety. In CC: Journey you'll have an opportunity to build a truly rustic themed settlement in entirety, or using the new city wall kit and related new buildings you can build your own mini empire. We have added in all new pine tree models to the game as well as some new map types to expand the flavour of Colonial Charter. New start conditions are available that offer a variety of new challenges. We also remastered the forest audio, to allow a more natural, serene atmosphere. We hope you'll enjoy playing Colonial Charter 1.7 - as usual, it was a lot of hard work involving many hours of creation and testing. Easily our most challenging mod to date. Friends and family were ignored for prolonged periods of "One... More... Turn..." as well as "I think this would look good... what happens if we add this new feature?". We hope to put the same amount of distance between you and your loved ones, for all the right reasons of course! Special Thanks in no particular order to the following people: Estherhb, Mystitsu, Paeng, Vrayna, Denis de la Rive, Mizana, RedKetchup, Discrepency, OwlChemist, kica, Rageingnonsense, Delver, MrFlopsie, Maal, The Pilgrim, Necora, AzemOcram (any names missed, not on purpose!) Submitter ShockPuppet Submitted 01/23/2017 Category Current Version  
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    Version 100


    Version 100 - 8th May 2017 I don't have any pictures yet... they will be coming soon! The Maritimes Collection - Maritimes Riffle V100 A collection of ghost, free to place decorative pieces to build streams, ponds, and lakes on land and to enhance game waterways. Introducing the Maritimes Riffle Collection - Version 100! This collection provides a range of decorative items, which are all free to place and ghosted. All of these decorations can be used to create streams, rivers, lakes, ponds etc. on land and to enhance the water ways in game. This set includes... Stream Riffles - decorative pieces that enhance game rivers and streams Steam - this will make a particle point that produces steam from the water, using a modified smoke particle. Ripple - this will make a particle point that produces a ripple effect on the water, using a modified boat wake particle. Warning - due to the nature of these pieces, they are invisible! So some trial and error will be needed to place them properly. Unfortunately, I've not found a way to incorporate placement helpers. Once placed, if you click on the middle of the point (where the particle is emitting from) you will find an invisible square so you can delete it from the UI that pops up. 4 Turbulent textures, each with 3 angled variants. These are simple textures which have the foliage material applied, making them move in the water. This will allow you to place turbulence along shore lines, dock buildings etc. Stream Decorations - 4 sets of stream decorations are included, to build streams, ponds, lakes etc. on land. Each set is at a different level, so 0m (ground level), -0.25m, -0.50m, and -0.75m. Each includes... A center water tile. A corner water tile. An edge water tile. A diagonal water tile. Pebbles (3 variants). Drift wood (lots of variants). Transition Pieces - these allow you to transition between the various depths mentioned above. Sloped transitions - a gradual slope between each step. Waterfall transitions - a waterfall between 0m and each lower level. Digging Pieces - a terrain leveler for 0m, -0.25m, -0.50m, and -0.75m. Must be placed then deleted. All decorative items are ghost and free to build! Toolbar. A new toolbar icon will appear on your main toolbar. This is a community tool bar space within which future releases from all modders can have their own menu. Within this new toolbar, you will see the Maple Leaf icon - this is my little corner of Banished... Welcome! And Enjoy your stay! There is a decorations tab (a goat with a fence) where you will find a maritimes riffle tab. Within this sub menu, there is a tab for each of the sets above. Note, all Maritimes modular sets will be able to be used completely independently of each other, you don't need one to run the others (although, in some cases it will be beneficial ). It would probably be safe to run the most recently released mod above the rest. Compatibility. This mod does not change or add any core files, and therefore should be compatible with all other mods. Use only with Banished v107 BETA. Acknowledgements None of my mods would be possible without the help, support, and general amazing nature of the Black Liquid Crew. This includes especially @ShockPuppet for modeling help and @Kralyerg for super coding magic. Thanks also go to @Discrepancy for his awesome intro to modding tutorial, and @Ketchup for modeling and coding help throughout, and of course the toolbar! Thanks also go out to all who have participated in the development thread with comments, suggestions, and beta testing. There are too many to name individually, and I'm worried about missing people out. So here's to you! Alternative Download Link Coming Soon
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    all food industries from NMT and all my other mods always adds something : double the amount of food, add a +1 in value, and sometime combine all nutritive elements from the raw materials so at the end, even if the bannies eat everything, you are not a loser ^^
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    try this link. it has several lilacs,daffodils and other trees and flowers.http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=652.0;attach=13417
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    @Jafar_the_Barmecide, ah ! Dans tous les cas, tu as un très bon français écrit Pour l'accent, c'est surtout une question de pratique et d'écoute. Ecouter attentivement, ça aide beaucoup, même si c'est pas toujours facile Pratique le plus possible, même si on te dit que c'est impossible à écouter, demande qu'on te corrige, qu'on t'aide à parler plus naturellement, il y aura toujours des gens pour être d'accord. Qui n'aime pas qu'on s'intéresse à sa langue et à sa culture ? D'ailleurs, une bonne application pour savoir si tu parle si mal ( ) c'est HiNative, tu peux t'enregistrer parler et le soumettre à des gens dont c'est la langue natale, qui te diront si c'est bien et te donneront des conseils dans le cas inverse Je fais ça avec l'anglais et je le ferais avec le coréen quand j'en connaîtrais plus
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    the NAT DIV and NECORA'S pine mod are must haves ,ESTHERHB. after that it depends on playstyle and tastes.
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    Something to do with the spices they put in it that just drive me mental for it.
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    wow, I never knew you could get it in a can! I did try haggis when I was in Scotland. I wasn't a fan, I doubt I would be now either. I always liked spinach in a can though... I must be popeye. makes me want to watch the french connection...
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    I've never had bad Haggis. I've even had canned Haggis, came out as a giant fat hot dog.....and was still delicious.