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    I see that Banished is on sale on Steam for 75% off - just $4.99!! No reason to still use a bootleg copy or to refuse to buy your spouse and kids their own copy
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    Natural Diversity 1.1 Beta release (for Banished 1.0.7) After months of work, several weeks of testing, some more days of adjusting things, and a few hours of wondering how we should start this sentence, our work has finally come to an end! @despo20 and @Bartender proudly present the Natural Diversity update 1.1 Beta. As it is a beta version, bugs will be likely to occur. If you encounter any, please kindly let us know in this thread or through a PM to either of us, preferably including screenshots. Sightings of real life bugs are unfortunately not of any relevance, and we would not appreciate receiving pictures of those. The file can be downloaded here. Below is a summary of the content of this update. A detailed explanation of each feature will be provided upon full release. Thatch Production Chain The production of thatch is now a two step production chain, introducing four new materials and five completely new buildings. The old thatcher building has been removed from the mod. The reed farm and fish trap can be placed on small rivers, introducing a new utility for these. Natural Resources Two new resources are added into the game, Reeds and Branches. Reeds spawn on the waters edge and give reed bundles (CC compatible), while branches occasionally fall from trees and give firewood. The Blueberries recieved an overhaul, now occurring as bushes that drop harvestable berries in summer. The bushes themselves give firewood when cut. Lastly, the rocks received new meshes and new textures, greatly increasing their diversity. Rebellious Crops All vanilla crops and orchard trees have a small chance of spawning seedlings outside their fields. This functionality was requested by @QueryEverything and is based on the currently obsolete Pesky Produce mod by OwlChemist. Aesthetics Rocks have been added to the rivers, to give them a more natural look. These rocks are purely cosmetic; the cannot be harvested, nor will they block construction over the water. Harvest wild foods & herbs Toolbar Buttons Along with new toolbar buttons for the introduced buildings and resources, toolbar buttons have been added for the collection of wild foods and herbs. Start Conditions The vanilla start conditions have recieved a [NatDiv] prefix, to signify that these include the resources introduced in this mod. Furthermore, the easy condition has 100 Thatch added to the stockpile on start. Updates to existing content All natural resources included in version 1.0 have received a visual update. Parts of the models will sway in the wind, and the winter behaviour has been changed to provide a more accurate winter landscape.
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    Hi, I'm 29, sandbox lover, and a helpful Steam comment brought me here. Apparently vanilla game would only break my heart, so better set it up straight away, right? Thanks for running a lovely community as well as for all your developing efforts. To me that's magic (because if I believe developing is magic, then I can justify not doing the hard work myself, right?). But seriously, thanks for making our lives better, more fun and prettier!
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    I'is very close Absolutely not!
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    yes, i have it; i did mention above: "besides some houses and deco, i use CCJ 1.75, MM 0.07 and its deco, compatibility, maritimes, and NAT DIV. i also have the "more per SWILs" (more x per y, stone, wood, iron, and leather versions) but have only enabled for more wood per tree." altho' i do only have one version of compatibility, i'm not sure i need both. i don't have a separate NMT, i am fine with Red Ketchup's medieval town 2.04 that is part of MM 0.07 i am generally quite happy with my game. smooth, decent temps, adequate loading times, no issues, nothing missing. maybe when i go in tonight they will suddenly decide they like charcoal and it will "fix itself." LOL, that'd be nice!
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    What info are you missing @KevinTheCynic or have you caught up? If you need anything specific call out, or even PM, I've been offline the last week, and will be offline/online again for a few more days after this afternoon (pending outside situations), but have most of the info of the released mods if you need it. Don't tell me we lost you to some nonsense Steam Summer Sale game? Hubby has been trying to find me an alternative to play when I can't get my groove happening, I can't find anything. Kind of like the saying "I've got nothing to wear", same thing, "I've got nothing to play". I know the exact game I want, and I know how it should be done (for me), but can't find one that matches up, so far only Banished, Wurm Online, Rome (something, I can't remember exactly) are the only ones that have tickled the spot. I do play Sid's Civ games with my family though, which is hilarious, we can only play on school holidays because they take forever ... hahaha Offline, it's card games (Munchkin & Exploding Kittens) and chess, we tried Monopoly & Trivial Pursuit, but they end up in tantrums, oops. LOL I hope @Necora is doing good Science
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    Hey @BuildHappy that 4.6 hours is just the average across the week yes? It makes a hell of a difference if you can spend one day of the weekend just playing Banished, I've spent some weekends playing the game for about 10-12 hours on the Saturday with a another 6+ on the Sunday. Banished is one of those games that I start playing in the afternoon and then find I'm feeling hungry, look at the clock and see that it's 7 in the evening. Then I figure I'll play for a few more hours in the evening and then realize it's midnight already. However I too need a break from it and there's other games that I love too much to not play (the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of sci-fi horror-survival games being the primary one). I have a tendency to build a city to a certain point and then decide that I'd like to see it on a different map and so I start a new map. Or there's a new mod that gets released and I simply MUST have it so I start a new city so I can include the new mod. Oh, I forgot to ask before, @TuffDwarf how much closer to 1100 hours are you now?
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    @BuildHappy judging by what I can see here, it will depend on how the modder, in this case you marked @Discrepancy & @Tom Sawyer mods, coded their houses, as to what fuel the house will use for heating - not all houses use the same fuel sources. Some houses will only take 1 flag of fuel, whilst some others will take 2 (I can't remember the exact flags, Fuel | Fuel2 , so some will be affected by the lack of firewood. For those playing just with MM & CC, this shouldn't be a problem (I can't speak to all the MM houses) - but, certainly for those outside of this forum, you may want to make sure you always keep Firewood on hand, even if it's only 1 or 2 choppers, in a remote outpost There was a conversation over at World of Banished about making all houses accept a 'structured' standard of fuel, but I don't know if that was put into place (I don't crack the code ), so it may be worthwhile if you notice only a few houses freezing to go to the modders thread on WoB and just dropping them a comment there asking if they included all Fuel types, or creating a post here and tagging them Some do read their tags I'm not convinced that this is a mod load order issue, and I'm sure I've posted before for you the load order for Banished 1.0.7 (included if I haven't), and MM / CC orders. Your other mods are fine to leave above them all, not sure how you have the Pine Set and other PEI mods listed, so if you're unsure, or you're also running Bartender's Nat Diversity, I can also post the specified load order to get them to all work together as well - so you have more goodies at startup. If you're still having problems, let me know I'll see what I can help with. But, first thing is - if it's the same group of houses that don't use the other fuel, then I'd say that's a code issue, and only the modder can choose to change it or not.
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    by "charcoal mod"i ment a mod that included the charcaol.the pine mod does have charcoal in it. i wouldn't think that was the issue since you didn't use the pine mod to get the charcoal.i can see though that you have several different mods. i would recommend the 1.07 compatability mod. that is designed to override and fix conflicts. by using it i can run the 1.06 NMT and the new CC ithout issues. the brick and roof tiles works fine and are totally interchangeable.be sure to run the 1.07 compatable mod above CC. the older compatability buildings mod goes below.i do use both.
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    In CC 1.75, Coal cannot be used to heat homes so there's no need for the No Coal Mod. It would need to be converted into Coke first.
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    Thanks Thanks and Thanks again
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    Thanks very much. You have all worked very hard. I do appreciate all of the good work