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    In large towns it's also worth building whatever herb seller you might have from the various mods, somewhere close to the hospital to reduce the distance the ill person has to travel to get treatment. This can help to stop them infecting other people as they travel to the hospital.
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    Herbs and Herbalists are no help with disease epidemics (Mumps, Dysentery, Fevers etc.), for those you need a hospital manned with a Physician. Health basically depends on - - a varied diet (some of all 4 food groups) - a local herbalist, to treat small ailments and wounds with herbs (get at market, bring to herbalist) - a hospital, to treat epidemic diseases (beyond a herbalist's abilities) More thoughts here: http://banishedpeople.freeforums.org/about-health-herbalists-and-hospitals-t293.html
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    oh, I did not realise steam was not updating my game to the newest beta, now it seems working. thanks
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    Thanks for your expansive testing Kevin! This is very helpful . The blueberry problem: I've given this some thought and done some testing, and I've figured out what the problem is. It's actually an interaction with @Necora's Pine mod, and it's not going to be very easy to fix until he comes back from his Robinson Crusoë trip. Essentially what happens is that both our mods are editing the original blueberry template, which creates a rather lethal combination. We can change ours, so that his blueberries won't spawn in such crazy amounts anymore, but it won't be possible to only have one of the two spawning I'm afraid. Herbs: I expect that as you say, the blueberries are to blame here. Nothing has been changed to the herb spawnrates at least. Reeds: I've checked it against CC, and I've identified the problem to be a copying error on my part. I named our file RawMaterialReeds.rsc while the one in CC is named RawMaterialReed.rsc, and that single s makes all the difference . Rebellious Crops: As I mentioned above the blueberry problem is related to something else, so this seems to be working as intended. We'll still need to check if it is indeed causing the problems with certain CC spawns.
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    NMT has not been completely updated for Beta. Red Ketchup has released two parts of the NMT3 Series so far - Canals and the Clay Chain. I'm not sure whether you can use the 1.0.7 Compatibility Mod above it to make it work. Maybe @Ketchup knows that and can tell us how close he is to releasing the rest? It's really one of my all-time favorite mods too.
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    there is a blog somewhere with info on how the bannies handle the herbs. seems they go get the herb then go see the herbalist. if you are seeing bannies bypass the hospital i would assume that is why. they need to go get the medicine. everyone plays different. i usually start sm,all and use a dock herb grower. boost the herb limit up to 1000.if i hit the limit or after so long and adding herbalists to forest sets,i will up that limit.if yiou get an epidemic you will want all the herbs you can find. i have found the more the bannies are busy the less death and sickness you have.if they are loitering around with nothing to do,especially winter months,then you have more chance of sickness or just odd deaths. as you play you may find other odd quirks like that. others may argue those quirks don't exist. i have seeen odd things happen enough to wonder if there are things hidden deep in the game code that we are not aware of. i'll give you an example. nomads is supposedly completely random. if you do not get nomads in under 5 years do something. anything. see if all of a sudden they show up.i'll leave you to figure out what "anything" means or is though. no more clues.
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    When I develop a new township area, even just a market radius away, or a forestry outpost, I will always add a hospital, even if it's only a small one that can take 10 patients, and I add a herb market there (a small 1x2 in the Puzzle Market), so far my outbreaks have been reasonably contained this way as there is a doctor in each outpost. Generally if I have over 5 hospitals, I won't have more doctors, but increase their numbers just before I take in nomads. It's not perfect, but so far I haven't lost everyone this way.
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    LOL me too! thanks for the gigglesnort; made my afternoon. doesn't seem to matter which disease it is, influenza, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, etc, the best thing that helps my towns is a decent (full size) hospital. it's one of the very first things i build after food and firewood is stable. upwards of 20-30 people may fall ill, but about half the time no one dies, and if they do, usually only 2 or 3 folks die. tolerable. small clinics and herbalists just don't have as beneficial effect (imo).