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    I made a video on AO and Banished. Some important information: AO needs to use UVW channel 2 Make sure your textures are not applied to your mesh, and that you are using just a basic light grey material. The default material in 3d studio max is fine. I am using 3D studio Max, but the principle is the same for all 3d editing software Because im using Nvidia Mental Ray renderer, I choose "Ambient Occlusion (MR)" in the video for the "Output". You will choose "Diffuse" or "Lighting Map" if you dont have an AO selection in your software. It works just the same as long as you put a white (255) light in your scene.
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    Hello to everyone. I live in Texas with my husband. He just looks amused and shakes his head at me when I tell him I'm building towns! lol I've been playing Banished for a couple of months now. I was about to give up the original game when I stumbled on this amazing thing called "mods"! So, looked up what mods were (not much of a gamer I guess!) and now the game is so much more entertaining! Love the Colonial Charter.
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    i remember that! the better your shipment back home, the "more valuable" your new people would be (better educated, more valuable skills, etc.) come to think, it did "feel" a little like banished... i stopped playing civ at IV, so i can't speak to what it's like now... but i remember "chipotle."